Angela Fountain AZBN The Evidence Speaks For Itself

If a time comes when the rubber scretches where it touches the world….this be that scretch of ungodly sounds. Board Member Fountain does not live in the bedside critical care world when she praises Dr. Richmond in both negligent death c/c against his lic. We as victims of this AZBN know that Bd member Fountain has little experience in clinical anesthesia. In spite of her credentials anybody associated with anesthesia knows two deaths within a short period of one another should not generate a pass from the likes of this stumbling Bd member who seems to be THAT person who’d sway a vote for no monitoring of an anesthetist that can not regulate the flow of O2. I mean these people are suppose to be experts at airway management, which most anesthesiologists will tell you isn’t rocket science. That is only half of the story…like moving leinable assets before civil filings begin, NOW AINT THAT RICH. Where did they learn to title that big house in Scottsdale to a friend. , not to mention the 250,000 boat now in the hands of some heap big unrelated friend.

This is America and if you are not cheating then your not trying. Conflict of interests??? And way more. These people need to be stopped.

I like the part where Richmond becomes ‘Doctor’ after Bd processes.

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    1. BRNOVICH and Campbell excited about killing another inmate ! After all he is eating 3 meals a day ! (M Brnovich quote ) . Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich praised Tuesday’s decision by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, affirming the decision of the U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona that the scheduled June 8 execution of Frank Atwood tomorrow by lethal injection does not violate his constitutional rights.
      Got an idea, instead of strap him down, just shoot rubber bullets at him make him run around then shoot him as a moving target ! BRNOVICH is so sick he is counting on getting more votes for this. Only one who would love it Angela Fountain ,

    2. Those ads with Mark Lamb in them, are only hurting themselves. Posted by one who knows. Just so you know, we need to stop this corruption !! It is happening in Pinal Cty too Mccormies son DA, husband sheriff’s dept . Keep your eye on this corruption , vote accordingly !!
      My “tags” are being sabotaged to protect corrupt Government Workers because I name names so I have to re post many of my comments to over ride their cyber hacking me. I am also blocked from posting on Governor Doug Ducey’s facebook site, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich has blocked me from posting in his facebook site AND Pinal County Sheriff MARK LAMB has blocked me from posting on his site too. They do not like the TRUTH being posted on their facebook sites
      of course Maricopa County DA will not file any charges against their fellow Government Worker.
      This case should be in the Federal Courts with a Jury Trial… not in the Maricopa County DA’s hands.
      Pinal County DA and Maricopa County DA and their County Attorneys regularly all stick together to cover up crimes committed by their fellow Government Workers including crimes and gross misconduct committed by their Judges who aide in the Government Cover Ups too.
      Pinal County DA Kent Volkmer colluded with Maricopa County DA Allister Adel to cover up all of BARRY A. BISHOP’S crimes who Pinal County released from their JAILS with pending criminal cases filed against him who went on endless crime sprees in both Pinal County and Maricopa County while released out of Pinal County JAILS including attacking and sexually assaulting women and death threatening to murdering off his victims using guns provided to him by Pinal County Sheriff MARK LAMB and his Deputies…..ALL being covered up in both Pinal County and Maricopa County ARIZONA.

    3. karrin robson is BAD news , 91 yr old husband buying a ton of ads to brain wash people into voting for her . Another Brewer loser . Jan Brewer , gov appoints dir (oh and BTW Brewers son worked in the same law firm with wild willy wm ridenour . cozy . Worst devil is Brnovich , good rid of him for sure ! Then Gould another one of those dirty old men , in the kkk kult of creepsville a big NO on that one too . No Conscience , none of them . That ‘s why Beth Campbell loves them , and Joke Ridenour loves to bump butts with the stink .

  1. Richmond is not a ‘DR’ maybe phd degree which is not a medical degree. This very same board used to cite nurses for calling themselves “doctor” , when in fact is is MISLEADING , false info, fraud and down right unprofessional to impersonate a Dr , who has trained in medical school. Fountain is McCormies puppet, she does what she is told. Do not trust Richmond OR Fountain to give anesthesia . She was ‘teaching’ at midwestern , and part of another goons anesthesia group , that a$$hole Randy Quinn, biggest jerk on the planet . The Bd ran like a idiot who thought he was qualified , along with his stupid harem , of females who could only mouth the work “aye”. Like zombies !

    1. Funny , a bd meeting , someone asked if they could call so and so phd , fake Dr , (“DOCTOR)” McNutty bd madame , cause she sucks the most a55 , answered so that means she has to answer any questions . They are told not to , they have to go behind closed doors and make up some real bullchit first , McNutty is such a FAKE , put on . just absolutely fake controlling , bitch. No other words for it . And not because some action , because she is a low life fake bitch.

  2. Someone is connected in these cases . Someone is protecting him. Campbell is salivating to prosecute so it’s not her and she doesn’t have her way at this point. Oh yea “Beth the Bitch a55 ” would love to bring up this with her DRAMA , reporting every detail . But then the victims have law firms with real lawyers who would eat that pretend dimwit up . So maybe it was her , nothing that skank wouldn’t do , and then blame others ! Yea she love running that mouth at the OAh SHAM court ., but she can’t keep up with the big boys.! Instead she is busy fabricating cases that aren’t there .

      1. they all suck Romney, Sinema, Boyer, Flake, Biggs, Gould, Payne , Lamb, no conscience none of them . robots

      2. As biased and slanted as the AZ BON audit was , they still are not complying .
        got caught stealing funds , and not depositing into general fund , not giving nurses or public enough information , secret society , complaints are still YEARS out . This is on purpose to get nurses to sign to get away from this ugly board .
        Board generally issued licenses/certificates we reviewed in accordance with statute and rule but did not resolve some complaints in a timely manner, which may affect patient safety; remit all required revenues to the State General Fund; and provide sufficient public information.

  3. Sunita Krishna, Emma Mamaluy, Elizabeth Campbell all hate white American Males. Sunita Krishna and her CIVIL RIGHTS GROUP when she was in college, too funny. The three of them have crawled out of perdition’s river of sewage. What is so bloody hilarious not one of those whores of perdition is a mormon but they are defining the cult like it was their own, LOL LOL. Too obvious they are part of perditions sewage river, and being paid to do so.

    1. Just like any slimy politician wanting to get the cult creeps vote . Ducey. Koch or cock brothers either one . They know to get a cult member elected is harder so put a catholic up there and get the mo mo’s behind them . Emma sounds like a real mo mo name . you sure ? Joseph Smith’s first wife EMMA .

  4. So here is a nurse who knows the ‘best practice ‘ taking orders from resident who did not put in for a loading dose (STD OF CARE) when initiating
    It is a habit to follow routine orders . apparently the ‘resident ‘ did not order the loading dose. So now the Rn of 7 yrs one facility is getting a DOC . Who stupid again McCormies says ‘it is just a written warning” HOW STUPID ! what is LOC???? written warning . DOC has come very LONG consequences , and McNutjob , whack out stupid McCorney should know this . It will follow someone for life !!! And Hill ‘we can’t have RN”S going around giving things not ordered, how stupid of you , when YOU KNOW , best practice queen , that the only reason for the complaint was because the hospital could not charge the patient !!!! most likely discharged . no bad outcome.
    So you have a RN who grad NP who passed her tests , then did something out of scope , (a month in between , and nail her ) a LICENSED person . But a resident screws up an UNLICENSED , and the RN gets nailed . it’s ok for a resident to practice out of scope under someone but not a nurse. THIS BOARD IS MESSED UP !!! BIG TIME MESSED UP .
    Oh and Smith please do not lead anyone to believe that you have worked critical care , recently if at all ! And that the RN should have called the resident, no one has time to babysit and teach residents . So SMITH are you for mandatory staffing ????? maybe then nurses will have time to make phone calls and babysit residents to ‘clarify” . Stop being on a bd just to save your college from citations by the BON . We can see right thru you ! Hill too !

    1. The pharmacokinetics of amiodarone are unusual and complex. A loading dose is required when
      initiating treatment. This may be given orally or intravenously depending on the clinical situation.

      (read again, required ) the resident should have been written up .

      1. Smith on the BON is trying to act like an icu nurse . And McCormies is taking a due process class ! LAUGH OUT LOUD HERE. She thinks she is such a legal eagle , she makes a big joke of herself every meeting !! Every meeting . This makes all who are related (and don’t get away from her or try to help her) or associate with her , look bad . Hear that Carl ? Angie, Chase ?
        All that stupid McCormies can do is read about her legal malpractice, but she won’t shut up long enough to be educated . moron !

    1. The board investigator has no common sense just like the rest of them , mostly the bon members who are extremely , 0-180 on cases, it all depends on who the nurse is !
      I got canceled by banner for being clocked out on my lunch break with my eyes closed (migraine sufferer here!)
      Nursing Supe comes around sees me in the darkened break room leaned back with my eyes closed with an ice pack over them. Says “If this is how it’s going to be, you’ll need to leave.”
      Got the call first thing in the AM… canceled.
      Later the word was they had over hired travelers after the hospital was bought by a new system. Both the unit nursing manager & hospital HR, and then also the new systems travel recruitment dept had been approving traveler’s without much communication. Or something like that. They were just looking for any little reason to get rid of me.
      But saying she was fired and that is a whole different form of punishment , because the hospital fired ??? Hospitals fire nurses over nothing or make stuff up ! Which only proves the BON is protecting hospitals . Kill a patient or set their mouth on fire ,and your good . They even feel sorry for the nurse .

      1. You can live in AZ a long time and think you know about ‘mormon’s ” when you really do not know the depths of their wickedness and evil ways, until something happens to you . IT is the controlling factor . Even those who are not part of the cult , like Ducey, they association is their and they are their puppets. paybacks . Even they know hard to get one elected to higher office because of how strange they are and weird beliefs , so the get some catholic to run, and control the money and strings.
        Putting a mormon on the AZ BON as president is a HUGE MISTAKE , they love the control and telling others how to live their personal lives , and take care of friends. The thought process brain washing is tremendous . One nurse said she was depressed and the BON thinks they know how to ‘cure ‘ someone.
        Also, if someone is depressed and they truly try what this BON is suggesting, and if it doesn’t work, then what? Lack of faith? Lack of righteousness? God doesn’t love them?
        Honestly, they are taught this kind of mind control week after week after week from the pulpit. God forbid anyone actually feel worth while without paying tithing to mormon god’s organization! They honestly believe that is the only answer because they are told that over and over again.
        Just remember, these people are zealots, robots , repeating the BS beat in to them every week . Nothing normal about those who were raised like this ! Nothing. Randy Quinn got a padlocked around his head, so does McCormies . Just like the ones who were manipulated in love scams they will not believe the person is a fake , they will not believe anything , it is a iron curtain between you . Don’t try . And hope that you never end up in court with one as a judge . satan in robes .

      2. I had many travel assignments, and worked different hospitals with no problems but when Chandler Regional filled a complaint over paperwork while I was on an assignment with them, the investigator put in the report that I was fired from all my assignments. These are the biggest lies that the AZBN likes to write on competent, highly qualified, well educated nurses when their dirty buds dislike us.
        No matter how well we function in other states, no matter how many awards we have, nor the amount of education we have over all of them they are jealous and will lie lie and lie some more to take us out. All there reports are riddled with nothing but LIES.

  5. UH Fountain did it again, votes with her puppeteer Carolyn (McCorney) , oh yea June Bd meeting , 6 I 4 case , went on for an hour . McCorney , is just plain crazy. repeating herself over and over , trying her best to out talk , get louder, insistent that this nurse who did nothing wrong. license revoked remain revoked . Carolyn the “MOUTH” who rags on and on, real reason is she wants to speed up bd meetings and this will bog them down . The more others spoke up the more she argued to get her way. Saying that everyone would want to reverse a revoked. LOL !!! THe BON made mistakes, but won’t admit it . Crazy Cromies said,
    when others said what a good nurse he was , “a good nurse reads their mail” . crazy nut job for sure. he explained it many times over and Crazy Carolyn and her cohort Fountain , who sides with her sister wife on every issue , just kept arguing. Crazy Carolyn doesn’ t like Kimberly Kent anyways. not if it was Klink or another one of the boards favorites she wouldn’t be so fuking bull headed , repeating that MOUTH of hers saying the same thing over and over , waste of everyone’s time ! check out M. Milkovich, Kimberly Kent tape 2 bon meeting , june 2-3 , unreal what a hard headed got to have her way bitch this is . THEN after an hour then table it , she says “WE JUST WANT TO BE FAIR ” lying bitch for sure . she just doesn’t want any case reversed. Kudos to McCoba HILL , for sticking to her guns and not caving like most do . Mann was persuaded . Then Crazy Carolyn said we’ll discuss at another bd meeting when more members are here. SO with that she will talk BOYER the dip shit stupid one who repeats the stupid shit Crazy Carolyn says all the time. Like she is right . Got to listen to these nut jobs waste an hour with argumentive Crazy Carolyn running her mouth arguing with Bd members . go to have her way . This bitch needs to GO !!!! BAD !!
    tape 2 , Kim Kent’s first case ,
    ANd BTW crazy, this is NOT the first time the BOARD revered an order . !! so don’t lie and say presidence ! You really are so stupid !!

  6. board investigator , HAROLD RODRIQUEZ , more like a snoop DOG and rat out nurses . for what ??? A RN AP applicant , had dui dismissed, this is reason for being at bd , she did not claim it as dismissed, that would be like having a BD issue dismissed and trying to use that against someone. WELL Harold who will not work med surg who can’t make it as a floor nurse, tells the Bd members “SHE SIGNED IN AND MARKED THAT SHE WAS AN AP ” . (that was what the case was about. AP applicant. but TATTLE TALE, who acts like the mormon little girls , made she he mentioned it and said I WANT YOU GUYS TO BE AWARE SHE SIGNED IN AS AN AP TODAY . (that’s his update. so he is going to make a great investigator, acts like a low life prosecutor , a real piece of work that never made it out of 7th grade mentality ) . where do they find these POS ????

      1. Yep Those cult members don’t drink coffee and sure hate alcohol. The higher ups just don’t want them wasting money on drinks or tobacco . They want all the money all of it . Notice what they focus on , what ever they were brainwashed about ! . Fountain will do what ever McCormies does , anything , accused of seconding all her motions so now the a hole is making motions, like how hard is that just read the options the BON pulls in the back room deals.
        The BON is just a ‘reader of what ever someone else decided ” puppets . The BON does deep dives selectively . ! They are BIASED and DIRTY ALL THE WAY !!

      2. I think the biggest problem is that ANGELA FOUNTAIN worked at RANDY QUINN’s AZAS anesthesia group . Anyone who can related to this king sized A55HOLE , has got to be ‘quirky” and odd. She sure says some stupid things ! Then when she got on the BON , she separated to make it look like they weren’t ‘working the system” . A system of protecting Quinn’s queer crew of his control , and beliefs , which are ODD like this ODD DUCK . Remember QUINN got that UGLY , ferrot face former lobbiest for the BON , to get a bill passed so CRNA ‘s can be on the BON. Big mistake to allow one of these who mind’s so messed up , to make the decision on anesthesia cases. . Any real DR (who went thru medical school and not nursing school) would have much better knowledge and surely Awful Angela will soon find out . Shameful . But they do protect certain ones and can twist the comments to fit .

      3. Here is one of those instances . You won’t see them on tv , that is for fire fighters who save a kitten, cops who buy a bike, nurses zero’s . They don’t need to strokes but they do not deserve to have their license taken on BS fabrication either !
        Last week I had a sepsis UTI patient get progressively worse over a period of about 4 hours. Came in with encephalopathy, spouse stated this happened when the pt had a UTI in the past. Long story short, this patient was eventually intubated, so things were not going well.
        I call report to the ICU, then RT and I are getting ready to transport when I see on the monitor the pt throws out multiple PVCs and then is in pulseless VTAC. We code them, and then about 20 minutes later when we’re about to leave again, they code again. This happens for a total of 3x, by the third time they are now on vasopressors.
        Mind you, I’ve been a nurse for 4 years, and before nursing I was an EMT for 3. I’ve only been in the ER for the last 7 months though, and I’ve only been on my own since March. This is the first time I’ve had a patient THAT SICK in which I was the primary nurse. I felt very much out of my league and kept having to ask for help and pretty much felt like I was annoying my coworkers at one point but I think that was mostly a me-thing and not based on anything that they were doing, but we were all very busy. It has been weighing on my mind all week.
        Last night, I found out that they was not only extubated, but they were downgraded. After I dropped off another patient to the floor, I swung by to check on them. They were still encephalopathic, but awake and talking and seemed mostly like the way they were before things went south. I walked into the room and the primary was behind me and I said hello and they immediately looked at me and said “I know you! You saved my life!” I know how unbelievable that sounds but the primary nurse was there with me to corroborate or else I wouldn’t have believed it myself. I asked if they remembered me and they said yes, and repeated again saying that I saved their life.
        I burst into literal tears. I have never had anything happen like this in my entire career in healthcare and I honestly felt like I wasn’t cut out for the ER after that day. It has been weighing heavily on my heart all week thinking that maybe if they had another nurse they would have had better outcomes.
        Someone posted last week what the greatest gift was that they ever received from a patient was–for me, it was this.

      4. how much money did AZ taxpayers pay for Linda Monas , side job ? WITHOUT LEGISLATURE APPROVAL ! jokey thinks she is 10 ft tall and bullet proof , about to be cut down to size .

      5. Linda Monas working at the gaming department full time , while pretending to be an employee of he AZ BON . Misrepresentation much ?// JR wanted to nail someone good , she will spend the taxpayers money and lie her head off about it . No one is watching her and auditors are bff’s with the bishops blessing , liars all of them . Standing around in a jerk circle . Another state agency these creeps live off . A real pattern here . Chapman, Weber , think you fool anyone . more Ducey planting them there , repaying who got his slimy carcass in office .

    1. Harold is not only a catty cathy girlie , but gay , wait til someone catches him kissing Brent in the can , both using the same urinal holding each others .

  7. Ever saved a life in nursing . This was presented in a class recently . Then you think back and there were several who would have died, or really had a bad outcome, but you just do it as part of your job. Then you realize that a new grad could not have recognized and acted and saved the person you did . What is really the big twist , on that is the Corrupt AZ BON , who blah blah runs their mouth about protecting the public . Revokes seasoned nurses licenses . NOTHING to do with PROTECTING the PUBLIC. So keep telling your lies McCormies , you got a couple of other ones who are repeating them , but yet have no idea how many lives were saved by one nurse picking up on saying whoa, and recognizing situations where the patient is not circling the drain actually quit the opposite , but there is something there. And reports it .
    Let’s hope that Eliz Campbell , Emma Mamaluy, and Sunita Krishna get that ‘new ‘ nurse . I would refuse all of them . They don’t deserve the kind of care and EXPERIENCE , one has. Oh and then right after ‘catching ‘ many mistakes and near misses , revoke the license . Happens a lot ! It is the prosecutors lawyers BD staff who are incompetent but they get the final blow. (shameful ) .

  8. stayed healed ????? sounds like BON bullsh*t . ‘we want this nurse to be healthy?? another BS line but brain washed McCormies , implying someone is NOT HEALTHY . When she is so far into the twlight zone! seems to be some said by those who hang out with weird board members . Never accuse someone of being unhealthy or needing healing , the only thing they need healing or counseling for is the damage and stealing of any sense of justice by the bon / agency . and their whacked out witches . Strange , that those who can see thru this bd would make the same statements . NV is going on strike NJ is in their 4th week, California went out a couple of places . You can’t do it alone need unions which mormons are against , and they head up hospitals , get their biased butts in mgt. AZ nurses known for being GUTLESS , whiners without action . In fact NO ACTION from any direction. AZ sucks for nursing . And now Banner and Dignity refuse to allow those with AZ license to work as a traveler . (used to be 75 miles now the entire state ) . Getting those from others states only , license fees, to take care of your neighbors , while locals go to northern states. So banner makes money off locals but won’t support them another nasty group. So many suck asses , the atty’s suck butt at the bd, the nurses suck butt , and the bon members eat that sh*t up . GUTLESS , expected out of mormon obedient ones but not those who really advocate !!! REAL ADVOCATORS !!

  9. There is hope. The 9th circuit pretty much knows the corruption in AZ ,
    Roopali Desai, the attorney who has been representing @SecretaryHobbs
    in legal fights with @GeneralBrnovich
    and others, was nominated today by @POTUS
    to 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.
    General , haha this dude is too chicken shit to be in the military for sure , coward . blow hard .

    1. Other states do look at AZ as the backwards state . This is good though.get someone in who can see right through the smoke screen.
      Someone called Joke Ridenour a dinosaur nurse, it was meant as a slam. Nurses who work the floors are ones to ask questions and a resource person. if you have years of experience working direct patient care you can take it as a compliment !, if you are a pencil pusher and dir of a corrupt board of nursing, no one will ever learn anything from , it is meant as a slam, get out retire and do everyone a favor , we don’t need high paid political hacks , aka sociopaths destroying lives. You can only make the big buck til 80 , if it is sitting on your butt and eating bon bons at NCSBN , meetings. yea two votes for AZ one is JOKE Ridenour the other is big JOKE Carolyn McCormies. Such SAD representation for nurses ! Nurses in AZ that have worked and put their own health on the line , and being represented by their big bag of hot air , know nothing losers .

      1. Comical to listen to CAROLYN JO MCCORMIES about go crazy on seeing Dave Hrabe , just crazy HI!!!!!!!!!!!! Dave !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! over the top with mouth and excitement. Well it comes out now Dave Hrabe was the education person who was reviewing EASTERN AZ COLLEGE , you know that BYU , mormon college where McCMormies , puts on her fake face on pictures on the web , laughing for the camera , like ‘see me and my students have to much FUN !! ” that’s the message.
        But the peer instructor who McCmormies got fired and turned into the BON, (of course a non mormon) disagrees , much hated . much . and she is not the only one !

  10. Anyone tell you to contact the Omsbudman ? The comments are right on !! The 2nd most worthless organization in the state . Danny Garone is pretty much fried. Their trick is contact the agency and have a laugh over what ever suits them . Actually the laugh is they tell you to contact the agency .. Anyone have the closed minded brainwashed ones at the BON listen to them??? Here is what others think , just in case Dennis Wells (another dead beat ducey appointed , and danny garone want to disagree !! )
    Zach Cross
    Horrifying that these people work for an agency that promotes social welfare. Here’s a letter from one of their directors toward me– and my response. Unbelievable.

    Ombudsman Letter:

    Mr. Frenette,

    My name is [redacted]. I am the Arizona State Ombudsman. The Ombudsman office is a small agency that handles a very large volume of complaints from across the entire State. In fact we are experiencing a record number of complainants coming to us.

    Time spent with each complainant must be severely limited in order to accommodate the record volume we are experiencing.

    You are being placed on written correspondence only from this point forward. Do not call us as we will not answer your call.

    You have tied up an inordinate amount of our time with your numerous phone calls, and quite frankly, we have been more than patient with you.

    Direct your written communication to [redacted] or myself at [redacted]

    [redacted name]
    Arizona State Ombudsman

    My Response:

    Evening Mr. [redacted],

    What an entirely unpleasant and unprofessional letter! I don’t think I’ve engaged you in a single verbal (or digital) conversation once in my life. I’m sure you must be under an enormous amount of pressure in these unprecedented times. However, if you’re under the impression that a couple of voicemails and trying to reach your office during the limited hours of morning until 2:00 PM (when [redacted] leaves) is somehow “tying up all channels” of communication— perhaps you should petition the state for additional staff.

    I’d like to point out that the directive of your office is to facilitate coaching, assistance, and investigations on behalf of residents concerns— not to punish and belittle people who come to Citizens’ Aide for help. If I needed to pull up my Verizon call records, and highlight all the places where an actual conversation took place with anyone in your office— I could count that number on one hand.

    As it stands now, your office is refusing to engage in an investigation at my request. Even though several weeks have gone by where there has been no communication with the DES offices (and if there has been communication or developments) it’s not being relayed to me.

    I have over seven weeks of unpaid weekly filings, zero open or active issues on my PUA account, and no further requests for documentation from the DES offices. I expect the Ombudsman Citizens’ Aide offices to perform their duties as outlined for those who need assistance.

    I don’t appreciate you limiting me to written correspondence— painting me as an insatiable and unreasonable person who never stops calling, because that’s simply not true. My concerns are completely valid and deserve to have the assistance and investigative capacity available to the Ombudsman offices.

    –Zachary Frenette


    What a wonderful agency. Sticking up for us when Uncle Sam knocks us down. Thank god for Arizona Ombudsman-Citizens’ Aide. I’d be better off with Ted Bundy as an attorney.
    Ken G.
    Ken G.
    9 reviews·2 photos
    a year ago
    This was my correspondence with John Wicus AZCOA for the Ombudsmens office

    Dear John Wicus , …More
    Bobby Oerzen
    Bobby Oerzen
    4 reviews
    7 months ago
    I have attempted to grieve issues with this office for over a year. While I took the time to research and prepare my grievances according to proper procedure, protocol, and Arizona state law, this office has responded to me with condescending and dismissive “findings” like “We can agree to disagree.” When I asked for further clarification, I was ignored and told I was “ineligible” for the grievance process. I would advise anyone considering working with this office not to waste your time. It’s run by a bunch of incompetents (at best) and (more likely) apathetic government employees who have no regard for protecting citizen rights. This office should not exist and I will be doing everything I can to ensure that the truth about these people comes to light. Pathetic.
    J Arizonan
    J Arizonan
    24 reviews·4 photos
    3 years ago
    I have been trying to get them to help me since October 2018. Then when they decided to review the information Mr. Garone only spoke of the information that the Ariona Department of Corrections would give. They know of falsified evaluations in my personnel files that a supervisor wrote during an investigation and are refusing to remove them knowing she forged my name to the documents and wrote incriminating things about me. As a prior state employee I was denied employment through the state but per ARS statue 41-746 I was supposed to be given notice of why I was denied and able to contest the information. Instead they canceled my application and denied giving me records. I do not have a disqualification for state employment in my personnel files but as the ARS statues states I should if I was denied because of a background and served by certified mail the reason. The state of Arizona gets away with this type of nonsense and it seems that the Abudsman office is not a mediator at all, they work with the agencies. I have had problems receiving my retirement and had to go over and over and they told my banking institution to have me sign a form that would be all the funds I would receive, after figuring out the funds they shorted me thousands and were notified. Apparently it was because they were updating their system which has been happening since October 2016. I had to notify the governors office of this and again they did not want to help either, I had to argue just to get monies that I paid out of my check bi-weekly into CORP to receive my second check. One institution blamed the other and told me to get with the other as they have nothing to do with one another, but they are the ones who take are money out. I still am not getting anything resolved and have asked to meet with the Abudsman and have no answers. I filed complaints with the Arizona Department of Corrections outside of the institution and they started to discipline me so I ended up resigning because I didn’t want to have confrontation anymore, lies upon lies about things I did not do. They refuse to make Administration accountable for what they do there. I thought as an entity that works with the Senators they would deal with these issues that happen with the state agencies so it would regulate these types of things from happening. Woman do not have a chance, if they speak up about sexual harassment against an administrator it turns out they become a target of falsified discipline. I have asked and have witnesses and want to speak with the Abudsman and still have not been able to speak to him, I am unable to get employment because of what the Arizona Department of Corrections is telling employers as I have it in writing that they are slandering me to other entities and they are lies. They get away with this stuff and no one is accountable.

    Mr, Garone forgot to mention in the title of their policy
    41-1378. Complaint; investigation; investigative authority; violation; classification
    A. All complaints shall be addressed to the ombudsman-citizens aide. If an agency receives correspondence between a complainant and the ombudsman-citizens aide, it shall hold that correspondence in trust and shall promptly forward the correspondence, unopened, to the ombudsman-citizens aide.
    B. Within thirty days of receipt of the complaint, the ombudsman-citizens aide shall notify the complainant of the decision to investigate or not to investigate the complaint. If the ombudsman-citizens aide decides not to investigate and if requested by the complainant, the ombudsman-citizens aide shall provide the reasons for not investigating in writing. (30 days from the initial complaint, not October 25, 2018 to March 2019) again they do as they wish. Then Mr. Garone stated the ADOA rules for 41-746 has nothing to do with the ADOC but you apply for he job on the ADOA website.
    Words that Mr Danee Garone wrote to me;
    Please do not contact me again about this matter unless it is with evidence to support clear, specific allegations of wrongdoing on the part of ADOC or another state agency.
    Local Guide·225 reviews·3 photos
    3 years ago
    You can give them complaints they do nothing. They’ll just give you a run around. Mean while there isn’t anywhere else for state complaints to go. After filing a complaint then giving the whole story to John wicus he ask what do you want us to do about it. If you give written corespondence the we can check into it. What was the complaint I filed through your system nothing at all. They just some folks cheating the state for money .
    Betina T

    Local Guide·74 reviews·8 photos
    2 years ago
    I don’t understand why the reviews are so low… they were extremely helpful to me. I got the same person each time I called, and, he called me back within 24 hours, every time I called, over the course of 3 months. They gave me the information I requested, plus more. I’m thankful.
    Bea Calvo

    Local Guide·14 reviews·2 photos
    a year ago
    Yvonne just told me the Ombudsmen department is not here to help me. They are here because of state legislation. Whatever that means.
    Wow, Arizona Governor Ducey, really?

    and sadly, not surprised!
    Roving Streets
    Roving Streets
    Local Guide·31 reviews
    a year ago
    Did not help me. Did not even discuss the problem with me and then after 6 months sent an email, not even a call. Total waste of time. Program manager won’t even call. I want to cry.
    Melinda Campbell
    Melinda Campbell
    4 reviews
    a year ago
    Did not help me at all, would not even pick up a phone and tell me, just got blown off through email.
    Christina Horton
    Christina Horton
    50 reviews
    4 years ago
    Awesome. We have an issue with a dcs cm lying and allowing strangers to visit our child. Their office has helped us tremendously
    Jeannette Malika

    Local Guide·140 reviews·6 photos
    4 years ago
    It should be a triple zero stars for lack of response time. Basically they will get to your questions when they choose too. Unfortunately, they don’t like responding when they say they will. Horrible business and only benefits them.
    Response from the owner3 years ago
    Dear Ms. Malika, We searched our database and found no record of you visiting or contacting our office under your name. We investigate only state and some local government agencies, but you referred to us as a business. We are government, not a business. There are lots of ombudsman offices. Perhaps you have us confused with one of them or perhaps we dropped the ball? In any case, I am happy to discuss your concern to see if we are the correct venue for your concern or to help direct you to a more appropriate venue. Please call me at 602-277-7292 or write me an email at or use our website to file a written complaint at . Thank you, Dennis Wells, Arizona Ombudsman-Citizens’ Aide
    LaKeisha Reed

    Local Guide·27 reviews·3 photos
    a year ago
    I’ve been contacting these people I get no response through emails.
    Randy Norman
    3 reviews
    3 years ago
    Corruption paid in part by your your local and state officials

    2 reviews
    3 years ago
    Proponents of Agencies NOT Citizens’ Aide. (NAILED IT )
    Barry M.

    11 reviews
    3 years ago
    Little to no help
    Rachel Schweickert

    a year ago
    Whining short staffed just like JOKEY RIDENOUR . try NURSING JOKEY !!

    1. Here is the tit suckers off the payroll of the state of AZ . (add Elizabeth Campbell to that list too, and Jokey Ridenour !) Danny Garone is pretty worthless, like to just mess with people. Send in complaints to his attn he has time to play games . Maybe when he gets fired he can go to the BON and fit right in ! AZOCA STAFF:

      Dennis Wells (appointed by dirty ducey, fired in Williams AZ
      Joanne MacDonnell
      Danee Garone
      Jennifer Olonan
      Frank Rutledge
      John Wicus
      Yvonne Rothblum
      Alicia Nugent
      Brandon Rosas
      Connor Mueller

    1. just the fact dirty willy was the azna person in charge of grants , is absurd !
      how many of these ‘friends ‘ got grants and how many have messed up at the Bon and did not get their case to the Bon meeting ? Ridenour is a very mormon name, they do have relatives who are part of this cult in az . As one put it : You don’t have friends in the Church. The Church breeds an environment where close friendship is not possible. The necessity of keeping up a “righteous” appearance, of being “worthy,” of putting the Church first in everything means that there’s a barrier between people in the Church that limits friendship.
      What you have in the Church are close Church acquaintances. To them you matter as an appendage of the Church. Once you sever yourself from the Church they have no further interest in you.
      Making friends outside the Church after your only mode of friendship has been the Church-style of friendship is difficult. The Church teaches you to be a good Mormon, but not how to be good human being.

  11. Fountain didn’t miss speak , she forgot her setting . very upsetting to have a BON member make the harsh statement she did ! like a slap in the face to the family . ! NO MATTER what she tried saying later to smooth it over , her stupidity rings on forever . Her true character came thru !

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