Radonda Vaught R.N.

The future of nursing must be protected against the onslaught of disturbing politics…appeals have a price…please help


The mission for nursing safety from not only workplace violence but political abuse must be fought through this case. Please donate whatever you can as someday it could get you. Errors are not intentional and are not criminal.

The new look at nursing should get better views for Nurse Protection..http://www.nursingadvocate.org


9 thoughts on “Radonda Vaught R.N.

  1. A nursing group had a huge donation a couple of years ago. She got plenty of money for an attorney. Where is the go fund me for nurses who did nothing wrong but got railroaded ? She did make a mistake, intentional or not , she made an error on the job , a system error . No she should not go to prison, and the big hospitals system will win out again , taking nurses down. The BON was in on this , who drops a case , then reopens it to revocation ??? Shows you they do not know what they are doing , when it comes to public safety but will jump on the bandwagon to save a corrupt hospital from litigation. She should take her money and sue Vanderbuilt .
    BON ‘s need to be sued for helping hospitals destroy nurses when the hospital got caught not taking care of business .
    You cannot advocate for a patient or you will pay the price.

  2. It’s to bad Sunita Krishna was not the one who got the injection of the Vecuronium!!!
    Please higher power intervene to help take out all the slim in AZ, like Krishna & Campbell.

    1. Both are aag security protected, just seeing them and talking to them is ill advise. In the past recent years security there has morphed to what we see today. On mtg days you’ve got the standard metal screening via security guards then there is Sheriff’s group you pretend to be unobtrusively wary but are crawling everywhere. The entire bldg is crawling in fear. Why??

    2. They think they will get special treatment if they are in the hospital . Remember the pink ladies volunteers , they thought that too . Like the hospital board members . Veronica vecuronium will hail again . Vaught was made a national target because she is female , what about TORY RICHMOND, a crna who made fatal mistakes . Angela Fountain is rubbing his back and sack giving him pity . She is a mental mess for sure !

  3. three years supervised probation . a disaster . Supervised ? ? she doesn’t even have a license ! Supervise her so they can charge her for supervision . CRAZY . She should never have lost her license she would be the safest nurse out there.
    Lots of support out side the court house. Where is the support for AZ nurses screwed over by this dirty BON ??? The AZ NA would never support a nurse , just all them liars , and give their smirk looks. The biggest snake who needs direct supervision is JOKE RIDENOUR !!! Full time watched , she wouldn’t last a day .

      Double jeopardy is a procedural defence that prevents an accused person from being tried again on the same charges following an acquittal. So how was Rhonda’s case dismissed then she was retried.

  4. Joke Ridenour must be one psychotic FK’in sexual predator. Just think, once the nurse is sanctioned the nurse should be allowed to go on their way to complete the course of the sanction, however the predator Ridenour stalks us through her staff, and the maggot Sunita Krishna, and the wino campbell. They get into our bank account, phone records, credit card accounts, they harass us through our neighbors, and listen to our phone conversations.
    Ridenour and her foul scabby cunt staff stink, so does the STD filed trash mccorny. All of us who have experience and worked for years in our profession have seen our share of oral HPV, a hoarse barking voice is a symptom. Mccorny keep your mouth off cocks and get medical treatment.

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