My Story AZBON Peary Brown R.N.

I was asked several times to tell my story r/t AZBON. Although this page is packed with bits and bits of evidence the structure of the cases against me completely avoided the clinical elements of the case reflecting on white crime.. What did I say?? White crime?The case starts and ends for me in 2011 whilst I waited next to my sig. other status post ENT surgery in UMC Vegas and it is like 2 am and I was still sitting in her ICU room and they let me stay. She was still in her first post op day and her surgeon came in and without hesitation said to me directly, “Are you the nurse husband who let this pt. drink fluids?” I had already met him but I think he forgot, and replied that I was but she was drinking b/c Dr. Thapedi told her so. I saw her discharge instructions. Dr Wang was of Asian ethnicity and still dressed in surgical scrubs complete with hat. He didn’t say anything but looked at Karla who was sedated heavily, “She could die from this. She has a major esophageal perforation with surrounding inflammation and we’ll probably start sepsis protocol soon. I am expecting the infectionologist in a few minutes.

Wang stepped away from the bedside and said the silver bullet statement that is just as clear today in 2022 as it was in 2011. The photo image with captured facial intensity is always available “She has medistinitis and will need drainage with suction for a time frame to clear the infection. Fluids went to her chest cavity and contaminated the entire cavity. I’m going to consult another group, she could die from this.”

The point of this story is to focus on actions of specific individuals, physicians, nurses, lawyers and judges and details are documented within their own system…although NCSBN is notoriously noted in alternative documentaion in its own time specific to the entering state board. As confusing as that sounds state boards change nurses’ records, as common as ten years from initial insertion date. It’s amazing how a keyboard jockey and an attorney general’s Pimp can make hell from nothing at all.

Many locations in this publication may not be mentioned to protect the innocent.

The student of nursing will be exposed to some cases like this one and will define awareness in lew of criminal activity in the health care system.

I appeared 37 times in court hearings where there was swearing in in view of justice. Never a jury. Juries are taboo in search for the truth. I would take responsibility for my skills in communications via the email system of our own making. ‘Our’ represents a group of different individuals programing remailers to promote not only anonymous mail but fake emails identifying returns as real addresses, but not sent by that person. This may sound illegal, it is not unless fraud involved. Identifying this is of my profile in journalism as gaining information in almost any way possible. This case is jam packed with facts connected with criminal neglect leading to injuries. Like my significant other survived but Elisa did not. Just so you know the azbn protects murderers as long as they make money. That is the foundation.

Felony endangerment places the victim in the path egregious harm by neglect in knowledgeable chioce to avoid. The cover up in this case revolves around the pt. being discharged by the physician responsible for injury that was created by him. It would seem highly unlikely for an informed surgeon to suggest clear fluids on a pt. whose esophagus is 25% missing. The point of ordering clear flds signifying ignorance of the perforation. The boldest of this act is Mother Jones herself. Everything sticks to Mother Jones. The research and refusal to negotiate was the ride through the imbalance of justice that leads to pt harm. The nurses can know these and here you go…

My only responsibility for my own bd failures was making sure large groups of people, and unions had details of the case. The email scam was 10 yrs ago and was an effective aggressive and legal way of creating fear with the truth and riddle their liability shields. Four and five people in different locations can have early windows with original DOS, edit email headers to say whatever you want, and send them to say Senator Collins of Maine, from johndoe whatever.The remailers could id themselves in the text or not. Sending email to a surgical tech that he should stop doing surgeon’s drilling work is of soap drama quality but remember these people make money, alot, like Jerry Springer. What is the reason for surgery tech doing vertebral drilling remains an unanswered email. Why does a surgeon’s resume include chief of surgery where he did not do surgery. Too many more of its end of discharging someone home with a life-threatening injury, did not tell anybody and denied through his attny, T.Scott King, that he even knew about perforation of esophagus.

The AZBON’S support of this person calling himself a surgeon was it the 70s. Or was 1950s and dutiful staff accepted abuse from physicians as they are never wrong and their word is from God. To this day of me being an R.N. forever had not seen the incredible boldness of suborning perjury, perjury, tampering with evidence and being openly demonstrated another emotional factor of ‘Creeps’. And yes these creeps get this social icon simply by violating a mountain of state statutes. Going into the sub basements of lies by name and with heavy ‘Creep’ dosage, Diane Milhasky. Former Adm Law Court. If she walks around Phoenix she must wear a disguise. T.Scott King is a wicked Creep who plays dirty and documents it. Beth A. Campbell is an assit atty Gen. And illegally prosecutes nurses whose lists of wicked creepiness is the highest grade of social evil possible. A very high grade of creepiness for a woman as most high grade creeps men. Campbell is in a league by herself but sleeps with Milhasky. I don’t have forensic $ numbers but what else could Dr. Issac Thapedi buy?? Therese Rowan is the former office manager of Dr. Thapedi whose cover up of her lover’s hacks are the mainstay of the Medical Mafia. A physician who is convicted of neglect able homicide escapes to kill again. Although very expensive, lawyers clean up all details.

Of details in Chicago.. and it’s off to Arizona to hide mental illness. Some forensics$ on her but not yet. Linda Monas is one of many investigators who has casulness during perjurious testimony. She has lied under oath many times. No doubt, in one of the many azbn sub basements of creepiness sits the queen of creeps. She controls the entire Creep package via Her Husband Bill Ridenour.

Of those dead pts. And victims of this crew a few still are alive and suffer years after their abuse. The clinical courses of the abused depends on age. Whether the actual need for surgery exists the manipulation is certainly a narcissist dream come true. How a crew could destroy a perfectly good cervical spine is where the money is. Yes, zip wrong with the spine to start with. The azbn supported this system and is a criminal organization equal to the criminals whom are incompetent who Lisa Wynn allowed lics. of Isaac Thapedi to go forward inspite of factual evidence in states of prior moronic events. The word ‘moron’ was tagged to him by another surgeon. He really did.

My consideration for exposure of hacks and quacks… is as it’s always been…knowledge of emails and social media. Creating fake emails and spreading the truth about health care crime to the general public. The Medical Mafia routinely serves up nurses as fall people so quacks like the above have clear path to the bank. Actual impeachment conduct of Ridenour to indictable offenses obviously has a standard not to ever interfere with their established multi$$ system. That now well known horrors in clinical nursing is reaching into the public’s pocket and killing its loved ones with its greed and ambition for the blind. The staffing rotation at azbn must belike a shooting gallery as people escape all the time; and to avoid Potter’s field or worse, keep you mouth shut. Getting caught in downtown Phoenix by a former nurse victim has the Vendetta rule for each nurse victim. Wittenberg may some day eat more than his lunch.

There are huge arrays of spinoffs in my story and to you in Vegas are the primary character to walk with 1.5 million$. I’d be real careful when and where I spend that. The freedom and pleasures you think you successfully won…don’t count on it. There are many more events not portrayed here and now in this crime story, and this is a crime story involved with white privileged crime as the main participants are white criminals. Why I call it white privileged crime is b/c the primary criminal is black and claimed racism of my actions were because he was black. Had it been known he had dementia while doing surgery quarter would’ve been presented. But the one who walked with 1.5 mil knew of his illness and said nothing. This case and more need to be served via ramparts.

At the point of self literature isn’t a real goal of promotely ugly finds. Does ugliness find ugliness?? It did for mean in Dec. 2013 @ ADM LAW CT in Phoenix, in the foyer office prior to hearing that day. The main entrance enters to large hallway where a 45 yr o. Round woman sits in a glassed in cubical and looks to be the only one around. I gotta open a door to get in and she immediately and very loudly says “What do YOU want?” There is a counter top b/w me and her but stops half way to access to full cubical. I’m initially set back by the abruptness but state myself and needs and her response about the log in book in front of me is now vague to me except her insisted issues of needing to sign in before such and such a time. Her rudeness and pointing finger define it all. Who am I? A 66 y.o. r.n. for 35yrs, veteran for ten , a diver u.s.n., and can do anything. Although clearly a rule of social violation the event I keep solo and say zero. I move towards her space and this.woman became another of many to demonstrate blatant fear only feet away from me. Major parcels of these people are guilt and fear . The only positive aspects is generally psychopathy has little fear and reasonable people feel and express it it. Seen fear many times. Fear is a threat. “It’ll take the rest of your career to understand human nature, but do not trust anybody until you do. You must plan your moves, pick you’re fights; don’t make any threats…but please do not walk away from one.