Inconsequentialism AZBN

When you read this post of Jenny you don’t see that violations of nurses and their rights are held in due process events well known to be illegal. The term, ‘Inconsequentialism is the governmental tyranny that ignores Bill Clinton’s illicit sex lockers as irrelevant to his job. The following case continues on to many state and federal violations that matter not to AZBN and its constitutents; the end justifies the means and that end of nursing careers is endless. .

Its such a long story I think its best I break it up. The AZBN called Scottsdale PD and had them forcefully remove me from my condo and taken to Honorhealth ED for 6 hours. All my rights were taken from me because the board told them I was a harm to myself. I had to get dressed with 3 male police officers and 1
male paramedic watched for “my safety.” Thats not illegal or against policy btw I checked. The ED nurse used bargaining basic essentials (food, water, etc) in order to get me to do things I didn’t want which normally a patient can refuse any treatment. Well, not when they mark you a danger to yourself. If you don’t want your blood pressure taken they will do it forcefully. Thanks again to the ED for not letting me use a phone charger so I had to walk home. It was one of the worst days of my life. They tried to get me committed to shut me up because I have proof that none of them do their jobs. They even subpoenaed the body cam footage to try and find reasons against me to take my license. Since entering the non disciplinary program they call ATD my life has been hell. My depression and anxiety have never been worse. Thanks AZBN! Doing a great job destroying good people who meant no harm to anyone. Why are you punishing sick people instead of helping them heal? The board must of sold their souls to the devil and do not have human emotions anymore. I know I messed up a lot. I made stupid choices which led to me hurting my loved ones. Im not sure if I will ever forgive myself for the pain I caused my family, but I know they will forgive me. Because my family is good and kind with human emotions. I am so tired of hearing the excuses of why we can’t change things in society we know aren’t working. Everything takes so long to change and while that’s happening people are suffering. I can’t help that I suffer from depression and anxiety. I have been fighting for 20 years. The AZBN knows I signed my contract for both substance abuse and mental health. I verbally have told them I am trying to focus on my health and find new treatment options so I can get myself to a good place again. All they have done is watch me drown while standing on the shore laughing. AZBN has too much power, every agency needs to be governed to regulate this power. These nurses are not lying when they say the discipline varies so much between nurses. They aren’t lying about the corruption. To all the nurses before me that went through this, I know you are telling the truth and I am sorry. (I decided to start my story at the end, more to come…)