Shauna Bonner AZBN

Shawna Marie Bonner the blind beached whale. She is not starting a job at the AZ Veterans Administration Hospital in Phoenix, she has been working there for years on telemetry as a assistant nurse manager while working at AZBN. She has been calling other VA hospitals in the US getting information on vets and giving it to the HEAD CUNT JOKE at AZBN.
They use mafia style tactics against whistleblower, they harasse, threaten, & intimidating by using other people who live around the nurse. They call the police department in the city the nurse lives in and tell the police: “the nurse is mentally ill, and they feel sorry for the nurse, Just keep an eye on them and report any calls you make to the nurse’s residents.”
Sunita KUNT Kirshner is a slimy shank too, and so is the stinky fart Emma mamalay on her back, they are all anti-gun.
The Vetran nurse needs to call this number and find out if the if the HOUSE OF CUNTs IN AZ at the AZBN have requested information on them: 202-745-8000 opt. 0. Check your files, ask for a file review, no one can look at a Vets file except HR, see if your file has been accessed and how often, if your file was accessed out of AZ it’s SHAWNA BONNER THE BLIND BEACHED WHALE, you need need to file military charges against SHAWN MARIE BONNER.
Shawna Bonner ejected her whale sized ass into court hearing in another state, Shawna Bonner and her buddy lost in court. Shawna Bonner is a RADICAL EXTREMIST, ANTI-GUN CUNT. I would think this would be a conflict of interest for her to work with Veteran’s who defend AMERICA, and be anti-gun.
They are now using the witnesses who falsely testified (committed perjury) in court to harass us who won. It’s all on cameras too, the CUNTS at AZBN DON’T like cameras when the other side has them.
All veteran who are nurses need to call the VA in in WA D.C.
I will be giving the moderator of this site the address and phone number of Shawna M Bonner, so anyone can contact Shawna and let her know what you think.

15 April 22…This post expresses the emotions felt by injustice…not to mention some very interesting investigation rules. The VA records are considered non public unless dishonorable d/c. BuPers seals all records and seldom release specifics except for criminal acts and federal prosecution. Although AZBN commonly fills in the blanks even while under oath, or what they call ‘Oath’ . The above nurse posting focuses what the queer tactics are; interviews with veteran target recalls many questions about military hx. Then during testimony Linda Fucking Monas fills in the Viet Nam thing. Never mentioned it, ever. LIARS.