Alien Justice AZBN

Az Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita 12 April 2022

Not a complaint and with no expectation of a response, the field activity of AZBN and a fictional depiction which many field nurses and disciplined nurses from AZBN clearly comprehend. You get this to you personally FYI ‘Just So You Know’ your law-making skills are poorly practised for those you so intended to promote safety for.
Mars has been monitoring the DNA of all living biologicals on earth forever and report their tracking results which include, of many details, the actions of homosapiens. If you think this is impossible… and you’d be right, what they report from the Martian on the inside? Like what you are about to read comes from a Martian whose worked the fondling home of the regulatory agency and has flipped. So the events of many unjust disciplinary actions against nurse and their assistants is reported all over by aliens. So in their mist is somebody named Ridenour of which name pops in many moral majority appearing positions that has caused the academic studies to put into curriculum her actions although just shy of identifying her and her minions by name. Although the inside Martian has tracked them for years to reveal the well know standard of Adm Law Court Fraud, suborning perjury, tampering with evidence and the very least…mail fraud. Of course all of this is well know to you and the courts. The martian group has collected the unintended consequences of neglectful homicide in several unjust disciplinary actions of nurses. The Ridenour files are huge and the Martian Group only highlighted their priority; Martian report of the connection between the National Council and many nursing board directors is the Mount Rushmore of immoral construction. Here..Ridenour actual has a course for “Dummies” of how to write regulatory laws for nursing. All this road is paved in gold, as you got to buy this course; but you got to be in the immoral group to get it, the flip side is the state law makers write laws to counter these laws which the AZBN ignores the existent of. Kind of like old Saigon when they were over run by rats so the government started offering bounties on rat tails; looked good and sounded good. Chow didn’t know Chow as well as he thought. Didn’t take long before Chow breeded rats to collect more bounty. Today the city has the biggest rats you can imagine. Some combat viets can speak clearly to this. I saw one. look about the size of a possum. Of course the culprits in this agency cost nursing and patients lives regularly. WHAT Did I JUST Say?? Pts. lives? The now present academia training about nursing boards defines nurse abuse as pt. violence which ends up causing severe injury and death to more than you think. This is happening on earth. The mechanisms now used by new forming nursing advocacy groups has the focus on what is stored on Mars. Since the courts and the regulatory agency known as the AZBN are connected with routine immoral activity by global and worldly standards, safety of these Martian insiders is solid. Simply because they are from out of space. Some of these aliens may appear as nurses, combat veterans, well educated legal advisers, nursing assistants, and many other types of health care workers.
The point is that you know these facts, already, I know you do. You do not enforce what laws you pass, nobody does, and the AZBN treats your valuable and toiled work as useless, you are nothing. I won’t speak to the nurse shortage to you, thats for another of your colleagues. What I would ask of you is simply to know, and not forget us. think that the dwindling safety of pts and nurses is caused by over regulation and a corrupted Attorney General named Beth A. Campbell. Horribly corrupted. I am that Martian and the files are real and in evidence. They Are stored on Mars for safety reasons. Stay strong. Peary Brown