Quezada, M. Az Lawmaker..Beth A. Campbell AZBN Robotics

M.Quezada AzLeg 23 March 2022 Just So You Know
Just So You Know
Randomly contacting x amt of law makers with notice of large public violations noted to be specifically defined upon nurses and their assistants. I do speak for many but they don’t always speak for my evidence and do not expect any enforcement of existing statutes to which you’ve been apart of before. Keyword….before. We do know you know for some time about the horrors performed upon nurses by the AZBN. Recent reintroduction of 5-10 y.o history to the fore front is not being entitled to justice; and does not expect to be by me. Groups now forming in large legal groups pursuing you to promote their agenda is common. Your work is their nobility of many missions. Laws protecting nurses is being forwarded to you, and evidently does have a positive future….however useless. Meaning AZBN and Beth A. Campbell openly violate state statutes which end up hurting nurses and their assistants both physically and financially. Since you, and many others are in tune to this the history of nursing creation is the mode for you to know now. The foundation of permanent history is based in the academia curriculum noted via studies of AZBN and its victims of Unjust Disciplines. Although curriculum leaves off ‘AZBN’ in print, the study further addresses 10 cases of nurses whose abuse is coded to files only accessible to public by court order. Those cases are known to be from Arizona…just so you know. The point here is for you to know#1 The AZBN does not follow existing laws anyways, and, you know, they really do not, but most importantly multiple violations develops the evidence of psychopathy. A lack of respect for existing laws by court officers can easily be felonies. They are.
I can understand why few successful advances of justice for nurses has been noted until recently. If you are a male nurse its like walking into a cave of constipated cougars; whom are just has mean to female nurses whose liabilities avoid class A felonies for some physicians. The name we are up against is Ridenour through the system and using it in permanent nursing history via .edu is needed to let the educators and students know what awaits them in Arizona. One good lawyer…Brandeis…the people know. The specified site supports the oldest medical institute in the U.S. The lofty sounding statement is noted but accurate and accessible for a long. long time. PBrown Reposted 24 March 2022