Investigate The Investigators

Anybody who thinks the AZBN knows more about nursing than Aspen instructors is a threat to nursing..

The decades old postings of a young women in Maine whose abortions of twins got twisted up with a male nurse, now in Az, files stacks of complaints of zip criminal nature whose files were about abortion. Her name is all over these files. Posting these files is an unbelievable violation of civil rights. Now these dummies are disciplinary to others for same violations. AZBN has a wheelbarrow for these violations against nurses and the public. The Valley is gagging.

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  1. Exactly ! 60 % pass rate , wait CAROLYN MCCORMIES got on the committee to write test questions , if anyone here doesn’t think that this snake in the grass isn’t tell her students answers , whether it be in a class room or making it look ‘as if ” she is teaching , has got another think coming how crooked she is ! BYU eastern college. She has some psych issues on ‘looking good ‘ in an outward appearance, When you listen , learn , what she is really up to , she is just a wolf in sheeps clothing. She got the taste of blood and her next co worker prof, nursing student, targeted nurse before the board will be quicker and smoother and make it look like it was Eliz Boyer’s idea . (She’s not happy with the way she argued with her on a case , not happy at all , she will pay . Good for Boyer just starting to stick up for another idea and not just ‘the bd ‘ being carolyn mccormies . “the MOUTH” .
    Aspen College has no idea how unprofessional, biased, liars who are dictating their fate !!

    1. These weird mormons have practices that many think are very odd . They know a few things about this cult . When a few facts are brought up, they do not know basically anything. How many nurses know that the BON is mormon controlled ? Very few . of those who are not cult carrying members. This cult members are well versed in argument and are told answers to everything , including being called a cult. They are brain washed and will not listen you cannot penetrate the brain washed mind control this cult has on them . These statements while true , they put on the side of their weird thought process, to ignore. It is very evident in their way of doing cases their cult brain washing comes out .Elizabeth Boyer telling a nurse , probation is not punishment is words from a very ignorant uneducated brain washed mormon . A nurse having her name on the agenda of the BON is punishment . Probation is punishment . Giving mormon nurses a ‘pass’ is punishment. Boyer there is no hope for you . McCormies who runs a mormon nursing program is HOPELESS as well. And Angie FOUNTAIN , your coming off the BON , as a complete fool , follower, and very immature to have any kind of control on yourself . NONE . McCormies is holding the puppet strings on you. Any student of yours or patient should be scared as hell to have you in charge of their healthcare . SCARED AS HELL. It is like you never matured or grown up . ! Seriously , save yourself and exit,get some counseling.

      1. On a positive note. (still scratching my head , how these back stabbing nurses on the board, will do to other nurses. Educated, but morons, and brain washed . Truckers are sure smarter than them ! Savages all of the who vote to back up the lead brain washed bimbo. Cannot think for themselves, just mingle with a crowd and ‘blend in” they will see how wrong that stinkin thinkin is .
        People like this are sticking up for all of our rights .
        A huge shout out….
        To Crazy Fred’s Truck Stop and Rebel Oil, both from the Kingman area of AZ, for their very generous donation of 25,000 gallons of fuel which they will be bringing to Great American Pizza and Sub to fill all the trucks!!!
        Absolutely amazing!!!!

    2. I swear only banner! I put in my two weeks due to rate cuts and they asked me to stay till the 18th so I signed an extension until then. Paid my hotel for an extra week and then I get to work and they already took me off the schedule! And told me to go home and they’ll call if they need me nah baby I’m driving home. I’m so annoyed at this point!!
      Response : (This is all too common , do not give notice or in that two weeks they will have someone watching you and turn you into the BON ! All trumped up retaliation !

      1. Az dirty tactics is rampant how they treat those who travel across country to help them out , leave family and friends and they census drops and they “FIND” a error or get one of their staff narcs (someone like McCormies type, willing to lie to get someone in trouble) . So this is what’s happening , giving the nurse a bad rap to save a buck .
        “got cancelled due to , ‘not performing as expected ” (after six months !! with no explanation ! } Co worker email ,
        This happened to me at dignity in chandler arizona a year and a half ago. When census got low they started using excuses to terminate a bunch of contracts. A couple travelers I know there got to stay a whole year and they loved it. Not a reflection on the staff but more the institution and their values in my case at least.
        I also found a new travel company after that because some companies stand up for their nurses and some do not. Some boards will not attack the nurse over this but AZ BON will !
        second co worker travels says this .
        Got an email from staff :
        So sorry it happened to you..such a disgusting hospital tactic to avoid paying a cancellation fee..instead they rather lie about it and blame you! Chin up and find something else! Good luck on your next adventure.
        (the problem is in AZ this will be dug up by a witch hunt board , if you should ever get reported on trumped up bull sh*t ) for real !!!
        AVOID AZ NURSES !!!

    3. The boards have way too much power , stop the abuse of nurses! And rig tests for nurses.
      in Az the dirty docs don’t have the guts to face you twice. Just do their dirty work and give the dirty BON what they want . This sounds like PHP programs what they do to medical Drs.
      Any nurse in Pennsylvania needs to read this. If you were notified by the disciplinary board that you need to go into their drug and alcohol program, don’t!!! Don’t even go through their drug/alcohol assessment. The assessment will most likely say you have a problem and recommend treatment. You then find out later from the disciplinary board that they want you to go back to the very same place you had your assessment for treatment. It’s self-serving for the assessment center to say you have a problem. The whole process with the disciplinary board and the hoops you have to jump through are draconian!!! Get yourself a lawyer who is well versed in administrative law. If you are in the Philly area look up Hark and Hark. You will absolutely love him.

      1. A senator stated during session , that anytime he is asked or gets a complaint on a board that it is the BOARD OF NURSING . More complaints about the BON than any other board. And it is not the size of the board it is the way and manner in which they handle cases . Which cases they take which ones they ignore , the STRANGE investigations, How can all of these victims of the AZ BON be wrong. Let the dirty BON explain their actions . It looks like the rats are jumping ship before the ship sinks. At least the smart ones are . !

      2. and I will add this ; Even if you already signed papers and made agreements with the Disciplinary Board contact a lawyer. What the Board wants you go suffer through is NOT designed to help you but designed to suck VERY LARGE AMOUNTS of money out of you. It’s not designed for success. The shit they force you to go through is worse than torture. I do want to say though, if you have a alcohol or drug problem, get the help you need. Quit ruining your life. End of my public service announcement.

  2. Another BYU moron ‘slipped’ on the brain washed life time teaching of the bigots at byu. Now others are reacting :
    I couldn’t even get through the article. “Teaching more from the scriptures” when said scripture is inherently racist as well is absolutely astonishing to me.

    Why would black people join an openly racist church I will never understand. I do enjoy playing find the token black person in the Tabernacle Choir when watching The Spoken Word that is compulsory at his house 🙂

    Dave Houser you too? Glad I’m not the only one who looks for the token black person. But I usually try to spot the token ethnic person/ family in just about everything the church prints, publishes or advertises.

    And that is exactly what HILL , ELLIS, are tokens . not equals by any means. Tolerated . Any blacks, dark skinned, lesbians, gay males the ones on the BON who just voted for themselves , despise . They were put on the BON because this board was found out . Randy Quinn another who is against them, and told BON members not to vote HILL in , he had ‘concerns” . she did not last long . Enough to say “see we aren’t bigoted ” .

    1. We say this EVERYDAY to JOKE RIDENOUR , RETIRE , get out , your drunk and high at raking nurses over the coals , and beating them up over nothing. Get out of the office , pulling your nasty stunts , you are wicked just pure evil ! Stop with your narcissistic ways . . How many ways can nurses say how much you are truly hated ! A nurse leader or biggest loser JOKE for ARIZONA ! YOU SHAME THE ENTIRE PROFESSION.

      On Wednesday, a key member of Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel’s leadership team submitted a letter of resignation, giving three weeks’ notice that she can no longer carry on in a job that has become all about defending the “sobriety and leadership” of the county’s top prosecutor.

      On Thursday, Communications Director Jennifer Liewer was escorted out of the office. Her computer and badge were confiscated and she was ordered to have no contact with any employee of the county attorney’s office during the remainder of her time on the county payroll.

      For weeks, questions have swirled about what the heck is going on with Adel, who apparently is phoning it in these days. There are serious concerns being raised by serious people about her absence from the office. About her lack of leadership. About her sobriety.

      Add now a fourth important concern:

      About vindictiveness, which is an exceedingly bad quality in a person who wields enormous power, as Adel does.
      Liewer isn’t the only one with concerns

      Liewer has been with Adel since Adel became the county attorney in 2019. Before that, Liewer spent 20 years handling communications for a variety of agencies, including the cities of Phoenix and Glendale and the Arizona Supreme Court.

      In short, she’s a pro and I doubt it was easy for her to hold up a mirror to Adel and ask her to take a peek.

      To see what others see.

      Like Maricopa County Supervisors Chairman Bill Gates, who confronted Adel in November after one of her top aides raised the alarm about slurred speech and Adel’s general demeanor.

      “I said to her, ‘I’ve got concerns. There have been concerns raised to me that you’ve been drinking again,’ ” Gates told The Arizona Republic’s Robert Anglen last week. “She did not deny it.”

      Like former longtime Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley, who says the office is in turmoil, cast adrift by a county attorney who is never there and solidly in over her head.

      “It really saddens me,” Romley told Anglen earlier this week. “She is not doing the job … and she doesn’t understand how much harder she is making the job.”
      The county attorney job requires a clear head

      Then there are all the people, inside and outside the office, who won’t go on the record but privately describe a county attorney who is unable to cope with the strain and the pressure of leading an office of more than 1,000 employees in the state’s largest prosecutorial agency.

      It’s a big jump from her previous job as executive director of the Maricopa County Bar Association.

      This is a woman who makes the ultimate decision on who to charge with crimes in Maricopa County. On who to put in prison and often, for how long. On whether to ask that someone be put to death.

      She sets the tone and has enormous power over the lives of thousands of people in this county.

      She has to be present. She has to have sound judgment. She has to have a clear head.

      “I was there 29 days, well, 29 and a half technically, because I started my recovery path getting treatment in Wickenburg and then I transferred out to the Meadows in California,” Adel told KJZZ, the Phoenix public radio station.

      Adel’s chief of staff called it a “simple mistake.”
      Is this really who Allister Adel is?

      Adel, meanwhile, insists that she’s fine, that she’s only had a “couple of sips of wine” since leaving rehab five months ago and is doing her “very best” to run the office.

      “Accusations like that are a distraction,” she said. “I have been very clear, I am working. … We are doing great things.”

      Count Liewer among Adel’s one-time supporters who, in her letter of resignation, tells a different story.

      I believe the best use of the communications team is to communicate about the work of the office – not in defending the county attorney.”

      Liewer could have issued the standard “leaving to spend more time with the family” letter of resignation. Instead, she made the courageous call to refuse to cover any longer for Adel.

      For that, she was promptly tossed out by a clearly angry top prosecutor who sorely needs to pick up that mirror that Liewer tried to point her way.
      We can’t toss her out. But she must resign

      Unlike Liewer, no one can toss out Allister Adel. She was elected by voters in 2020 and unless she abandons the job or is charged with a crime, she alone decides whether she will continue on in a job that impacts thousands upon thousands of people who deserve and expect a prosecutor who is at the top of her game.

      Instead, we have one who is living on planet denial where no mirrors are allowed.

      “I continue to address my eating disorder and alcohol use,” she said, in a statement last week.

      But it’s a journey best taken when you don’t hold the lives of so very many people, literally, in the palm of your hand.

      You should resign. AND TAKE THAT WITCHY BLOB JOKEY RIDENOUR WITH YOU !!! About vindictiveness, which is an exceedingly bad quality in a person who wields power. !!! And we have seen it in JOKEY RIDENOUR !!

    2. “”Phoenix Baristas Claim Starbucks Spied on Workers, Trying to Bust the Union “”pnt.
      this is headlines ? remember when St joes nurses tried to unionize and St joe’s mgt had spies posing as camera men to tell mgt who was involved and who was going to be reported to the BON on ‘med errors” . Oh yes the dirty tricks. BON willing to go along with it . Of course mormon’s don’t believe it unions so it was easy for them to join the the attack of nurses who wanted better working conditions and staffing . NLRB sucks in AZ .
      OH wait better staffing means patient safety , we all know the BON was not really for any kind of safety all along just more BS they fling . !

    3. OH yes the word got around on the corruption going on at the bd of nursing . It appears that the new ones ON THE BD are pretty much clueless what is really going on. They were actually having a discussion on one ‘request’ for rehearing’ These new BD members have no idea that that will never happen. Campbell will stomp her feet argue until she is blue in the face, tell the bd members that the nurse did not meet the criteria for rehearing . MCCormies is corrupt she knows what the BD usually does and what is EXPECTED of them , how to vote . New members need to hold them to a REASON and WHY not does this case rise to rehearing. Stop listening to the ones who are protecting their poor work, and the dirtest board member (MCCormies ) to back them up , no matter what . You cannot be on the bd, for a couple of years and not know what your doing is wrong. Hopefully the new board members will stop listening to they SWAY TALK , and have a back bone . They want people like Berriger , the punitive lpn who is an attack nurse .

    4. Only the cold hearted mormon creeps can do to another nurse what this dirty board does to nurses. They have to be pretty stupid to think the nurse did anything wrong. With NO EVIDENCE . Nurses are getting fired from travel so the hospitals don’t have to pay for cancellation fee. so they make up stuff , anything , anything at all . To be on a BON and not recognize this , or ignore is incompetent .
      One of those travel nurses , if pretty upset just being fired and no return status . So you know what a BON complaint and poor decision by a BON who are just demons . I quite agree and I really appreciate that you took notice of my courage. Posting this was scary, especially considering I do not post all that often during my personal life. This has defiantly done a number on my confidence and has really messed with my mental health. To them, this is a simple termination, but to me it is my way of life, my value as a person. (they) really went too far this time. A simple cancellation would have done. These dirty mormon’s will shun their own child, they will bully them to death, they are trained to rat out another one, and everything goes through some asshole called a bishop, who is also willing to tell those abused, “what did you do to provoke this?” Yup always turn it on the nurse . These creatures do not have a heart, they are walking brain washed robots .

  3. Looks like Congress is trying to cap nurses wages . Cap the traveler salaries . WOW ANOTHER reason to never get a nursing license ! Some nurses remember and some nurses know what the h*ll is going on !!!
    n 2007, hospitals were caught price fixing nurse agency wages. Keeping them low. So, now the role is reversed due to market conditions. There are other things about travel agencies that need to be addressed. So many new nurses are taken advantage of. The contracts favor the agency and the employer. If a nurse backs out of a contract, there may be a large fee they have to pay. Yet, a hospital can cancel with no compensation to the nurse. Probably a hidden fee they pay the agency.
    I spent years trying to get the media to cover nurse agency issues. Not one one ever did. kudos, to the Philippino nurses who have a class action lawsuit against an agency on the grounds of human trafficking. I recall a case in which a hospital CEO provided housing to these type nurses. He owned the housing. He profited and eventually was terminated.
    There is a lot of self dealing going on. If only the media would do their job. I don’t think regulators or nursing professional organizations came to our aid back in the day, either. And still do not !
    Yes , 2007 hospitals were pulling more shady business. AZ of course . The Dir of BON was on the AZ hospital association . Hospitals using the BON to do their litigation for them with a Dir who is more than willing. Not the mission or mandate of the BON. Too many cases hospitals fire nurse like disposable objects , if the hospital thinks they may get sued they turn in any complaint , true or not to distract the nurse who is trying to save their license. The media takes up nurses time gathers info, then all of a sudden their boss doesn’t want to run it, and his piggy bank swelled up . One thing the hospitals and BON did not foresee is social media . Now they have every college in the nation threatening students not to post anything . Hauling in nurses for having their own opinions ! Why do patients get a second opinion ? And why are two Drs opinions different ? It is called OPINION ! Nursing prof’s do this because the BON is the one who over sees the schools if they get licensed and continue to be . Wild Wild West you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours . The Sec of State filed against the AG who prosecutes nurse unduly with the AZ BAR, he is on diversion now ! A real loser ! And to think his office is prosecuting good nurses !

  4. Looks like she might be competition for the Mesa Mafia Mormons .
    Nurse Practitioner Deborah Ann Cooney, 59 years old, has been indicted on 14 criminal charges related to her

    Nurse Practitioner Deborah Ann Cooney

    alleged illegal opioid prescribing practices at a clinic she operates in Mesa, Arizona.

    The investigation conducted by the Phoenix Office of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) developed allegations of improper prescribing practices related to opioid prescriptions she provided, specifically Oxycodone.

    Cooney was served with an immediate suspension order by the DEA, immediately suspending her DEA registration and her ability to write prescriptions for controlled substances.

    The Arizona Attorney General’s Office assisted in the investigation.
    ( And anyone who knows the AAG Elizabeth Campbell knows she is not capable of doing anything , at least honestly ! She can only contact this nurses children, DIL, former spouse, send out for records of her birth, check her status on facebook , and have her paralegal send out every piece of paper under the sun.,then she will get Joke Ridenour a copy , and impress the numb skull , in the court room she will bring emma mamaluy who will go topless to try to impress the judge. while Campbell gives a wink with her rug , ALL very typical ! think it hasn’t happened?

    1. to TRULY understand the INSANITY AT THE AZ BON , one must look at the unbringing of the ones who are on the BD. (100% females, the ones who have designated titles pres v pres sec and of course smith , are from a very different faith started by Joseph Smith , a known felon and polygamists (no kidding this is their God! ) the women cannot think for themselves the males do all of their thinking for them . They are voting but believe it is a male who is dictating the words and actions . Why is it in 2022 a woman is afraid of EX COMMUNICATION (which is the same as license revoked) for wanting to be equal to that almighty penis . ???? Mormon woman pushes for passage of Equal Rights Amendment, hoping her church will come around
      Karina Bland
      The Republic |
      Anissa Rasheta of Mormons for ERA in Arizona and the ERA Task Force AZ carries a sign with son Landon, 11, and daughter Olivia, 13, at the Women’s March in Phoenix.

      Anissa Rasheta is a married Mormon stay-at-home mother of three who lives in east Mesa, never misses her kid’s cross country meets, and makes dinner every night.

      She’s also an advocate for the Equal Rights Amendment, heading up Mormons for ERA in Arizona, a group about 50 members strong, and serving on the board of ERA Task Force AZ, a coalition of groups lobbying for passage.

      Rasheta knows advocating for the ERA puts her at odds with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She could face consequences for speaking out.

      “I’d be willing to take them,” she said. “I’m a good person so I’m not worried about it.”

      Sonia Johnson, a Mormon Virginia woman who co-founded Mormons for ERA in 1977, was excommunicated in 1979.
      BTW ( There is NO such thing as a “GOOD MORMON” it is an oxymoron. )

  5. Ducey is an ASSHOLE , using taxpayers money to put them out there by the numbers but won’t do a damn thing to rein in the dirty board of nursing ! He will not do anything to over see the corrupt board of nursing and keep good nurse in the profession. And putting Dawna Cato AZNA statement on here like she knows ANYTHING ! Cato cunt won’t stand with nurses who’s licenses have been acted on Experienced nurses . But thinks a nurse can be trained in 12 months (instead of 48 months, !! She has rocks in her head ! Job security for this corrupt board of nursing . fresh meat .
    Governor Ducey’s Budget Makes Critical Investments To Accelerate Nursing Degrees

    PHOENIX — Governor Doug Ducey’s plan to graduate more nurses in Arizona — and help alleviate a shortage impacting hospitals here and across the country — could have 300 new nurses on the job by 2030.

    The Governor plans to invest $25.7 million in a public-private partnership with Creighton University to expand the Accelerated Nursing Academy. Combined with $15.7 million from the university, the funds represent a major commitment to training the next generation of Arizona nurses.

    Governor Ducey underscored his support for hospitals and health care workers last month in his 2022 State of the State. He outlined additional details in his executive budget.

    “Frontline workers and hospital staff, especially nurses, have been critical in keeping Arizonans safe and healthy,” said Governor Ducey. “Nurses are caretakers, healers, comforters and everyday heroes. We will continue to support this important workforce.”

    The proposed funding comes at a critical time when nearly a third of Arizona hospitals are experiencing critical nursing shortages.

    And the shortage is projected to continue into 2030 unless more nurses are trained and retained in Arizona.

    “An existing shortage of nurses has been exacerbated by the pandemic. There are also an unprecedented number of nurses leaving the profession from burnout and low morale,” said Dawna L. Cato, CEO of the Arizona Nurses Association. “The top priority of the Arizona Nurses Association is identifying and implementing solutions to the nursing workforce crisis facing the State. We support programs to increase the number of nurses graduating with quality clinical experiences and efforts to increase nurse retention.”

    Nurses that graduate through the Creighton accelerated program are clinic-ready and committed to working at an Arizona health care institution for at least four years.

    “I remain both humbled and incredibly excited about this investment and the opportunity it presents for the future of the health care workforce in Arizona,” said Rev. Daniel Hendrickson, president of Creighton University. “It creates more access, and ensures the introduction of highly trained Creighton nurses in areas where those positions are desperately needed.”

    The Accelerated Nursing Academy is a top 50 program according to the U.S. News & World Report. Students complete the program in 12 months, compared to the standard 48 months.

    Creighton nursing graduates have a high success rate for nursing certification exams. More than 94 percent of the program’s graduates pass the NCLEX nursing licensure exam.

    In 2021, Governor Doug Ducey announced $60 million to support staffing at health care facilities that deploy proven techniques to decrease COVID-19 related hospitalizations, including administering monoclonal antibody treatments and offering vaccination at discharge.

    In 2020, the Governor announced an investment of $25 million to bolster hospital staffing and reward frontline medical workers for their dedication to protecting fellow Arizonans. The funding was used to pay for higher staff costs due to current demand and allow hospitals to reward their existing direct care employees with bonuses. The Governor also directed an additional $60 million to provide more staffing at Arizona hospitals.


      1. The bigger you get the more will try to pry. So much to tell others , and little time. It is a high political year . Too bad JOKE RIDENOUR doesn’t have to run. A real dirty director . Disgusting as they come. Bad reputation ! Why is it that nurses are ‘suppose” to uphold the most trusted profession (according to A HOLD SKULL McCORNEY , ) but the board of nursing , or it’s dirty director does not ? Still playing tricks .
        Like in the video, “IF YOU SEE BULLYING AND NO NOTHING YOU ARE JUST AS BAD AS THE BULLY. think about this the next time , you think JOKEY needs respect and turn a blind eye to her corruption ! JO MAC CORNEY !!

  6. The BON, is acting like this dishonorable judge . Big hehe , with Campbell and Krishna , and Dawna Cato gang. No different . Jodie Arias trial run by this Twin of MORTICIA ADDAMS . Erin Otis is now over at the cty atty office drinking it up with Adele. Jodie Arias , a TRUE HERO and MENTOR for women of violence , any woman who can take down a mormon male the way she did , deserves a medal , not locked up .

  7. Oh hey guys talking to a nurse who has been through the mill with these dirty board members and the atty gen office and the same one you mention !! Elizabeth Campbell. It’s a lot to take in !
    Campbell (ELIZABETH ) was talking to a potential so called witness , she told her she was a caregiver and drove her mother to Euchre . Campbell said in court , she did not know what Euchre was , how to play it or what it entitled and she ‘had to google it ” . (WHY??) OMFG ,!!! not only was the nurses case a bunch of NONSENSE but a prosecutor has enough time to not only call unrelated people , then spend time to research how to play Euchre, but to put in on the transcript record , that she had to google it ! This is so weird . SO weird ! Then the board of nursing pays $75.hour for this illiterate dip sh*t to do a deep dive so deep nothing is Related ! then Campbell chicky is so stupid she tells everyone she was so stupid she had to look it up ! wow no wonder investigations are so strange , look who is doing them !!
    Is there anyone who can comment on any of this why is it relevant . !??

    1. This list of Social trash put out by AZBON goes way back to Nurse Trujillo. Our success,also misery, is being able to see what we’ve made them do to us. Sunita AAG chasing me around the fondling home of the AZBON whilst is 3rd trimester of pregnancy beats being stabbed in Saigon. This is what the General Public needs to know.

      1. Those people at the BON and associated agencies are just weird . So sad to hear they produce off spring . Especially that snake mamaley EMMA . Jokey was attracted to her when J”R”S husband said , find your own lawyer , your got your tit in the wringer” .

      2. Goes back to when Jokey left county hospital , and brought her band of gypsies , go in wild and crazy create a distraction and steal you blind . Department stores or the nursing agency , same thieves. The public does need to know, that’s why site is important . How one can have their life ruined but can’t send an email is beyond the wildest thoughts . The Misery is shifting 4 sure . Krishna go daddy has enough jack she can stay home, so guess it’s worth it to have a power trip and have strangers raise the kid.

  8. The State Arizona Board of Nursing is slow in handling complaints, according to a new state report, a practice it says that could endanger public safety.

    Auditor General Lindsey Perry said the policy of the board, which oversees everything from advanced practice registered nurses to certified nursing assistants, says complaint investigations should be completed within an overall average of 180 days from receipt.

    But Perry said of the 25 randomly selected closed complaints the board received in fiscal year 2020, 12 were not finished within that time frame. And of those, four were serious enough to result in nurses surrendering their licenses, two led to consent agreements involving probation and one ended with a letter of censure.

    Auditors also looked at 10 open complaints and found none resolved within that 180-day time frame.

    “Untimely complaint resolution may negatively impact patient safety when delays allow licensees and certificate holders alleged to have violated board statutes and rules to continue to practice while under investigation even though they may be unfit to do so,” Perry wrote.

    She specifically cited one complaint that alleged the nurse failed to recognize and manage postpartum complications, including hemorrhaging. The result was a delay in getting the patient to a higher level of care.

    That ultimately resulted in suspension of the nurse’s license until she completed required continuing education care, followed by a 24-month probation.
    Lindsey Perry

    Lindsey Perry

    “Despite this action, the board took 301 days to resolve this complaint, during which time the nurse continued to practice without restriction,” the report states.

    Perry said the board said the investigation was delayed because the allegations required an investigator with specialized knowledge, but that the board’s investigator with this knowledge was on extended personal leave for longer than anticipated.

    The auditor general noted, however, this isn’t the first time her agency has seen this problem.

    As far back as 2001 auditors concluded the board had “excessive investigation time frames and many open investigations.” She said the board implemented some recommendations made at that time.

    Yet a decade later Perry said more than half the complaints still were taking more than 180 days to resolve. That, she said, resulted in the nursing board implementing new policies with that 180 goal, including some interim deadlines.

    Yet the new report shows problems still exist.

    In a formal response, Joey Ridenour, the board’s executive director, said she agrees with the findings of the report.

    One issue the board cited is an increase in the number of both complaints and licensure investigations opened each year, with the figure more than doubling between 2011 and 2021. And the number of people holding licenses increased by 20%, to 130,690 in 2021.

    The result was that the average caseload was 87 per investigator. That compares with what the board believes would be the ideal number of 60, a number that would allow resolution within that 180-day deadline.

    What may help is that the board did seek – and the Legislature granted – an additional 3.5 investigative positions for the current fiscal year.

    Perry said her staffers also found that the board and its staff were not good in responding to inquiries from the public.

    The staff placed three anonymous phone calls to board offices earlier this year, requesting information about licensees with varying disciplinary histories. And in all three cases, the board “provided some accurate information about the licensees.”

    But Perry said the board provided “insufficient information.”

    In two of the cases, she said the board staff did not disclose that both nurses had a dismissed complaint or inform the callers that the board could provide general information about the nurse, such as license status and any nondisciplinary actions.

    Perry said the board did refer the callers to Nursys, a national database used to verify the licensure, discipline and practice privilege for nurses for states that participate. But state law prohibits the board from including dismissed complaints on that website.

    In all three cases, Perry said board staffers referred people to Nursys when callers asked how they can obtain additional information about specific licensees. But here too, she said, they did not tell the callers that the system doesn’t include things like dismissed complaints or nondisciplinary actions.

    Perry said that while the audit was pending, the board developed new policies and procedures to address the issues.

      1. ok, Numchuck was name on every paper his office where the nasty letters based on nothing but mere bs , came from . The nurse was named RESPONDENT, now lookkie here MARK BRNOVICH is the RESPONDENT. Hang in there and those who are not doing their job and those who have a dir job and not paying attention , will fall , anything happens on their watch THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR. Just like JOKE Ridenour, that ‘s why she makes the big bucks, and THINKS she can do what ever. Now, when lazy lawyer Campbell writes, “he should have spent money on his teeth’ (actual case, YOU define how that is relevant to a nursing career?

  9. Teachers were all over the place at the Capitol, did anyone see on the news the sea of red, the activists, those who are pissed off and want to stop those who are voting from taking about money from public education ! . When you look at all of the vehicles with signs, the honking of horns, the parade of vehicles , tv news camera’s , voice radio , public broad cast, you think WTF is wrong with the nurses in AZ ! A sea of navy blue or white, is very doable , just no guts , worried about retaliation , what is it . Conditions suck for nurses , but they just take it . THEN one of them ends up with a BON complaint , and wished they had. Hospitals in AZ have asked for UNIONS by their actions or disrespect ! Nurses need to band together and cause and UPROAR .

  10. Thank you all so much! I regret that I just found this blog today, moments after submitting my surrender following months of hell, biased, corrupt evaluations filled with downright lies. I jumped through their initial hoops and a lengthy 3 mouth psych eval that deemed me an impaired and substance dependent nurse based on a complaint from 3 years prior. When I have lupus and epilepsy that is better managed now than 3 years ago!!!! They have destroyed me as I know they have thousands of others. I decided in order to move forward in life and get beyond the stress& anger that is making me physically worse, I need to get them out of my life. I have been in frequent contact with the chief legal counsel about my complaints about the staff’s misdoings and violation of my rights. Interestingly.. Andrea Vasquez is gone from the board as of 2 days ago and has been replaced. My point, despite surrendering, I have a deep burning desire to not give up. I know they are not overseen and not policed. But something has to be able to be done? right? please??? In numbers? With media? While doing searching today on the names of my board members, my investigator’s name came up here frequently. Yes she was a damn idiot and lied to me on countless times. Never had correct or accurate information. I was even lied to about my options by Janeen Dahn while being filmed, but they wouldn’t stand by anything, and in the end the group I met with off “off the record” that was recorded, never pointed out she was Janeen was giving me wrong information. My consent agreement arrived 3 hours before I had to sign it. This does not give us time seek legal advise! The board attorney stated in writing that this is not unusual. WTF?
    So I’m here. Struggling.. no income.. no idea what I can do with the rest of my life and I’m MAD… what can I do? Put me to action and work

    1. Many private cases in the field hire care givers for 15.00 hr which is ok and it keeps you in the field. Not sure the illness should be avoided for a major factor toward stress exacerbation; Not at all convinced the AZBN is capable of compassion, common sense and patience. And easily said that time and covid has altered nursing at all levels and if Ridenour sleeps at night she be of pathological neuro attached to what some of their own docs have fancy names for…staff turnover is not a new issue there. The market is open in home health.

  11. The AG in AZ is an EMBARRASSMENT to the state. he wants prayers for Supreme court. Is he out of his mind.! Working very hard to keep him from ever getting another job just like him and his skank atty’s CAMPBELL AND KRISHNA , who have been revoking licenses , without RULE OF LAW. Spread the word a big NO on Brnovich , why should that boy get another high paying job when his office prosecuted good nurses , over nothing but retaliation , and fabricated stories . Burn Brnovich at the polls ! NO !!!!

  12. SO many nurses have a hard time giving up their careers , they love being in the care giving profession , they will keep their husbands at home and never put them in a nursing home. It is a calling in their blood, heart , and soul. Now take that Elizabeth Campbell “BETH” and Sunita Krishna. do they say that they “LOVE ” what they are doing ? That would see just ODD , so why do they do what they do , they love the kill the power trip over nurses who have a heart. Then take Carolyn McCormies, saying she loves nursing , they why doesn’t she do it why isn’t she at the bedside and doing the work ? She LOVES controlling other , intimidating as an instructor who will flunk anyone that is not a Temple Turd. Basically a lying dirty bitch. ! She would never think of taking a team and working 12 hours shifts no way, she couldn’t do it . Too busy running that mouth of hers. babble bitch.

  13. For a long time this corrupt board has been putting remarks on nurses that are not only untrue and extremely biased, they are from some really sick minds. Now with social media , and those who say , “bring it on”. Those who have done the , “self entertainment” , by bashing good nurses unfairly , read about themselves . All they can say , they are a bunch of druggies who can’t get thru rehab. Which is another lie. It takes a keen mind, and watching the corrupt board reading between the lines , and seeing what is really going on. Are you gullible to believe a corrupt board, that now 100’s of nurses are saying they are corrupt or are you just sucking up to the power trip unprofessional’s ? The AZNA members have been told half truths and many lies , and they continue to back the bd of nursing . typical , they can’t work for nurse ‘s , real nurses’ they are still eating their young , and then kicking them to the curb when they speak up about the treatment and lies by the bd. How do they get rewarded ? stayed tuned.

  14. Hospitals made their own beds , now let them pay up . Pay now or pay later . Let Congress work as a bedside nurse and get some kind of crazy person reporting them to a crazier agency the AZ BD OF NURSING .
    The American Hospital Association (AHA) and the National Center for Assisted Living recently asked Congress to investigate the fees that agencies are charging for the services of travel nurses.

    The two entities say that fees for travel nurses have doubled, and they believe that the travel nurse agencies are engaging in “price gouging.”

    I found it interesting that the AHA spent over $24,000,000.00 for lobbying efforts and have made significant contributions to Politicians totaling almost $2,000,000.00.

    Recently, a TIME magazine article reported that hospital and nursing agencies are exploiting the financial burden resulting from the pandemic.

    Travel nurses are concerned that there are efforts to cap their pay, but the investigation is into what the agencies can charge the hospitals. But this really does affect how much the travel nurse is paid.

    Unfortunately, the pandemic, coupled with reportedly 18% of the nurses quitting the profession, has made this a recipe for disaster.

    Looking at the high demand for nurses, nurses leaving and others choosing to travel, makes this situation one that is seemingly never ending.

    The bottom line is that hospitals need to better treat nurses and offer increased pay for their work. This is a free market and I always say, “Charge what the market will bear.” I see no legal basis for Congress to limit the amount that a nurse agency can charge.

    The hospitals are responsible for this situation and now … the hospitals must fix it!

    I do not blame any nurse wanting to travel as it provides more money for them. Many are making double what they did prior to becoming travel nurses. Of course, from that pay, they must pay for their travel, lodging, expenses and even health insurance.

    Travel nursing is risky! They go into places that are short staffed to begin with that can’t attract or keep their own staff.

    Sometimes travel nurses can be treated differently than staff because those on staff resent the traveler nurse making much more per hour than they despite the fact that travel nurses are providing help to the existing staffs.

    I have heard too many horror stories such as travel nurses going great distances only to find, upon arriving at their destination, that their contact had been cancelled. Be sure to have your contract reviewed by an attorney prior to signing so that this does not happen to you or at least you are aware of the risks.

    It is unfortunate that travel nurses are working on blind faith but it’s caveat emptor, and you should always know what you are signing.

    Now, that I have wandered off topic, let me return to the fact that Congress is not planning to enact legislation restricting travel nurses’ pay. Yet they are investigating whether nurse travel agencies are price gouging the health care facilities which, I believe, will be a difficult claim to prove.

    Again, hospitals have put themselves in this situation by not caring for the nurses they already have on staff, thereby, causing dissatisfied nurses to leave for higher paying opportunities.

    COVID certain has the exposed the “cracks” in our health care system.

    1. I had someone tell me years ago, almost 15 yrs actually that she was reported to the board x2 while there. And she was staff !
      That is why I wouldn’t even consider an assignment in AZ. About to take my 1st in a long while in WA.

      Do not blame you , which someone had warned us about AZ and the major risk on the license . Got the trap slammed on us and can’t shake those corrupt members on there !
      Washington is heave union, and those nurses would not stand for the ways of the sham board in Arizona !

  15. St. Joe’s pulling some dirty tricks. Why not just pay a cancellation fee , instead write up for not babysitting the Drs enough. NEVER AGAIN !
    So after only 4 weeks, my contract was canceled effective immediately at Dignity St. Joseph’s in Phoenix… the issue happened at the very end of my shift and without getting into too many details, I found out the next day that the night shift charge nurse ended up writing an incidence report and blaming me because the doctor repeatedly forgot to put an order in. It was a bedside procedure in the ED where both the attending and resident MDs were present the whole time and gave verbal orders. I reminded them 3x, but because the order wasn’t put in in under an hr, she blamed me and wrote some pretty nasty stuff and accused me of negligence (even though the pt was fine and received the appropriate medical care), but all she cared about was charting.
    Management didn’t even ask for my side or say anything to me before calling my agency and just canceling my contract. I’m pretty hurt because I can’t help but care about what people think (it’s the cancer sign in me…). Honestly, it’s almost ironic bc I almost canceled myself after going home that night bc I felt so hung out to dry by that charge. It was a big misunderstanding, and I just don’t know how to deal with it emotionally at this point 🥲
    Edit: 1) Travelers were explicitly told NOT to put in any doctors orders. 2) The order was of course eventually put in. 3) Why is it always the nurse’s job to do everyone else’s job? Smh😔

  16. When attorney’s call you and ask what will happen , then tell them, and they say , Yep that is exactly what I thought, and hangs up , you know you got this . Former bd member said ‘none of this would be happening if the former dir was still there, ever since Joke Ridenour took over it has been one big sham after another . The old bag’s bag of tricks is getting old , she’ll have to learn a new bag of tricks or stay home and learn to knit , (keep her away from great grand children please, they might not inherit her psychy abnormal thoughts , and hopefully be spared screwing good people over and enjoying it.

  17. The Mormon church is built upon those two things. So yeah, I had a problem with it, but especially the level of shear hypocrisy and outright contradictions.
    Mormonism is a very superficial and ego driven cult. The truth doesn’t mean jack shit to them. So their laughter is primarily a superficial thing.
    Can’t agree more . The number getting out is high. They are now trying to tell people that if they call them mormons YOU are uneducated . They plaster bull boards all over I’m A MORMON, now they aren’t ! ashamed of it. They want you to call them latter day saints. SAINTS ????? Lying dirty sob’s ! So brain washed they can only hang with those just as brain washed or they would be slammed on their weirdness.
    Sad the pour nurse who at 14 realized she was different. She told others who immediately turned against her . Her parents her siblings everyone of those dirty mormons . She was bullied beyond belief , started drinking . got a DWI, for years she repaired her drinking , by counseling and realizing her church was wrong , dead wrong . She started counseling others to cope. She was before the BON a couple months ago, told them she has been sober for years, and moving to az to work as a nurse. and that she joined EX MORMON for support. OMG (lightening strikes, McCormies eyes turned RED , shooting lazer beems at her , Boyer went crazy , BAM 36 months probation !! (most are 6- 12 months, unless they don’t like you ) cause McCORMIES IS BIASED BOYER IS A PUPPET OF MCCORMIES , MCCORMIES acts like Boyers Bishop at the Board meetings. This pour girl will not make it thru probation, some ‘med error ‘ will show up , someone will say she is acting out and a psych eval will do her in, Sad that AZ BON is so full of the MORMON CULT members who make decisions based on their back grounds of years of brain washing. They cannot think for one minute, the devastation this young girl went thru , rejected shunned. IN fact that is EXACTLY what MCCORMIES AND BOYER do to others who let it be known they are gay, and won’t change some real sick m fukers . Just plain sick minds. !! Who the hell would be part of this group of devil worshipers !
    (Remember all you mormons, if you had not acted on a license for NO REASON , you would not be reading everything uncovered about your STINKING mormons ways. !

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