The eyes of the Patriots are wstching https…

The eyes of the Patriots are wstching…

3 thoughts on “The eyes of the Patriots are wstching https…

    1. BON members , a couple of new one are questioning some of the crazy ideas and frequent flipping on subjects , by mccormies . aka Mc Corney , so unqualified to be on a board !!
      Little Ms NY questioning , and rightly so . Campbell stayed home , guess she better get used to it! No way that bitch is going to let them vote to do a rehearing . No way in hell , she will argue until the cows come home, after all it will make HER look bad . Lets not mention the bd meeting, motion , court hearing , witnesses , worthless lawyer got fired Goldberg, refused to take the boards crap and got reduced to down to 50 bucks , do i hear 30 ?? 20 ?? then doc . discussed at 3 meetings and after 30 mins Smith “she self reported ‘ UH ok , well the notice of chgs has gone in the court hearing over and probation ordered now up for rehearing/ revision and she notices THIS NOW ??? good catch moron ! like it makes any difference . what fuking idiots running a BON . damn !

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