The Rear View Mirror AZBN

Remember the ”How to write law” was written by Ridenour. And Capone wrote his own taxes. The courts do not support legislative statutes in ARIXONA

2 responses to “The Rear View Mirror AZBN”

  1. SO MUCH TRUTH to this . Been going on for years. Koch, giving financial support . Supporting not only their own but with understanding they appoint their own . Check out UNkochmycampus./Pres ASU/ regents/ etc .
    BON watchers not the only ones to see the connection. This meme should also say Senate/ House/ state agencies / gov jobs / judges/ A business model , pyramid scheme. Many are a part of it but just like Epstein’s Girl friend , didn’t think the spot light would reach her . Just like those intertwined with the corrupt board of nursing . And the first one to flip on the rest will be sneaky Emma Mamaluy . That’s what Jokey Ridenour liked about her , bring her on staff . NO one should trust anyone else at the AZBN , as soon as one taken down , will start giving up names AND their part in it .


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