The Advocacy Needed

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25 thoughts on “The Advocacy Needed

    1. You are so right…Great group this NNAA! They responded to all of my email questions in a timely manner and want those of us who have been unjustly disciplined to join! I sure did!! They are very organized and transparent! Thanks Arizona Watchdog group for informing me of this NEW advocacy organization!

    2. several red flags…this colleen person is associated with azna, in bed with corrupt azbon.. if you want to advocate, go advocate, you don’t need a bunch of victims of crime to join you in the efforts… you want to advocate for victim rights, you don’t need victims in the fight with you…you can lead the charge and the fight alone because its what you want to do. the group cannot even post their full names, only initials, this group wanted to know the names of all the people on this website writing comments….why?? this group does not show up to board meetings, nor get victim names off the azbon website or in the back of the azna magazine …really how concerned and really how proactive are they? all i can say is let them go about their bad self, advocate until the cows come home without us, and if we benefit great….however, highly doubt it…seems like advocacy would benefit futuristically…so why are they not approaching student nurses to join? This group cannot even state their mission or plan on how they are going to go about advocating for change/s.

      just a few too many red flags here…wish they would just move on, stay off this site and focus on their target…the azbon, not the victims.

      1. True to a point which is this group isn’t rwo Mos old yet and getting it started legally took longer with lots of passion. Therefore your experience and knowledge of BS is critical. All good points that’ll be noted.

      2. Some excellent points . I do know nurses are afraid; if they know the board of nursing , they know they snoop at everything . Even if it does not concern investigating; or nurses who have made big mistakes and get them on the right track. The NNAA wanted names of posters? if and when that happens , this site will no longer exist . Anyone thinking they are anonymous and then given up will not have anything to do with the sight. You can TRUST NO ONE ! especially the ones asking the questions. Like the poster says, lots and lots of names of those who have had board complaints , even back years ago, would have an interest . Those who were revoked wouldn’t get a care if the board saw it or not.
        And who would be dumb enough to even HINT at the posters . They new groups wouldn’t be able to trust them either . If they can’t keep quiet in one area they’ll trust the wrong person and then the effect is lost . ALWAYS keep them wondering . Who trusts a nurse who talks about the patient in the next room ? NO ONE . you’ll do it to one, you’ll do it to them. Let the AZBN members be unprofessional . AZNA is partnered up with AZBN. both sickening in their dirty ways. Thanks Red Flags !

      3. Red Flags, excellent . if this is going on , and someone does not have tight lips , adios amigo’s . It would sure be boring w/o the many who trust to keep things private . Like a good nurse who obeys HIPPA rules , LONG before HIPPA laws came out . It is the professional thing to do . Something Ridenour and her gang do not believe in .
        So let’s see , you know Joke Ridenour knows you would never trust HER or her minions .So they say , hmmmm , let’s get _____ to invade the group and see who is behind this . So that makes Ridenour the puppet master, and the members of NNAA puppets .

        Excellent , points Red Flag. If they are starting a group, they should know what the problems are . And work on that .
        Remember , act like your being questioned by the cops, that is the type of SILENCE that needs to be held to . not ONE WORD . No facial expression . Just ‘I gave my word and my word is my integrity, names are on a need to know basis and YOU don’t need to know’ . Anyone wants to join you will , you have a lot of names if you want to contact anyone. Encourage you to do so .
        Focus on your target ! bravo .
        No excuses . don’t be gullible . !

      4. SO is this group going to attend bd meetings , from what is understood? They will have their hands full with some odd happenings for sure.
        Like allowing an atty who looks like good will took pity on her , to speak during the morning when all attorneys are there . Waiting for their case to be called. She was allowed to rag on for over an hour while they sat , unimpressed , at this communism she is promoting , gagging nurses . More like a warning from NCSBN , more communism . All the while calling herself and Ethics Queen . Denise Atwood . (but she has a steady stream of victim nurses board actions to have an Ethics evaluation , and guess who is on ‘the list” . Would never trust anyone who is hooked up with this dirty board. NO ONE.

      5. Doesn’t that seem odd they do not know about current events or care to be involved . ? just lots of questions . Can you spell Q U I E T . SSSSHHHHH . SHUSH !
        No one needs to be running their jaws like Carolyn McCormies . her mouth looks like the talking butt on the seat geek ad .
        Always moving but nothing coming out .
        Nothing on here bothers them cause they are raised in the cult , you’ll hear BIGOT spouted out faster then a dumb response she gives , mostly ‘guessing” . MORON !

      6. Just because someone is an ANA member, which if you live in Arizona makes you AUTOMATICALLY an AZNA Chapter MEMBER, DOES NOT MEAN they are in bed with the board of nursing. POSTS LIKE THIS ARE PURE RUBBISH! It’s these talkers and BLOGGERS who do NOTHING but complain ARE THE ONES WHO PROJECT their disinformation and lies. Anyone with common sense should see a RED FLAG here. Grow up please! Totally sad and pathetic!

      7. I am the President of NNAA. I am very disheartened to read some of these post about our newly founded organization. I can personally tell you that I have received NO email or calls from anyone on this post except two. We are working together to hopefully change the status quo. I know many nurses have had a terrible time with injustice by the AZBON. What I can tell
        you is that you may call us anytime to ask questions, join to help and/or see what we are doing to help. Slander about our organization is certainly premature and not productive. This organization was created to help nurses like yourselves. Throwing ad hominem attacks and accusations such as not attending board meetings etc is unfair and untrue. You have NO idea what we are and have been doing and these posts are purely speculative. I hope the readers who are truly interested in change and justice will contact our organization to see how they can help. Thank you and God Bless you.

      8. Living in AZ and getting a nursing license makes you automatically a member of ANA ??? Since when ? No way can this be true . !
        What do we have to do , those who have licenses , write and ask our records not be a part of ANA ? Kinda like sending in a CES letter .; like those kind to to ask to ” Remove me from your books.” IF AZBON selling lists they are in big trouble .

    3. IT was 10 days off work if Pos for covid then 7 then 5 and now we find out it is the ANA recommendations ! Oh yes keep those sick tired exhausted nurses at work. “The ANA’s criticisms of the guidance for healthcare workers and healthcare professionals mainly is regarding the reduced amount of days for quarantining and isolation” ANA is NOT 4 NURSES !!

    4. Compare two cases :
      In the case of Truck Driver gets 110 years , now 10 years . Everyone is looking at the judge who had mandatory sentences to render. Let’s not over look the prosecutor who gave it little thought and was willing to bring in false allegations . Just throwing out nonsense , in court . Much like ELIZABETH A “BETH ” CAMPBELL does .
      The public says :
      Efforts to reconsider the sentence are “disingenuous.” (of course Campbell would NEVER think of admitting errors or attempt to correct them. Just leave it alone, They can find other work . HER career is all that matters.
      Deputy DA Kayla Wildeman argued the case, and essentially claimed that that Aguilera-Mederos was either negligent — stating “the defendant didn’t catch [the brake malfunction] like he was supposed to” — or perhaps reckless — claiming he might have “drove on his brakes the entire way and caused them to be that way,” and that he could have taken an off-ramp but thought he did not need to.
      Might have ? suppose to ? Sounds as stupid as Campbell who tries to talk nursing , ridiculous!
      It is good that Deputy DA Kayla Wildeman is named in the press: her actions in this case show the kind of person she is.

      “I find it interesting that two weeks ago they were fine with 110 years and only now that public outcry has blown in their face do they not want 110 years,” Colgan said. “It’s just politics.”
      Mederos was charged with 42 counts — the most serious of which was first-degree assault, a class-three felony, and was found guilty by a Jefferson County jury of 27 counts.

      The prosecutor is not getting off the hook , in the 110 year sentence of a truck driver .
      1) not sure the truck driver even made a mistake .
      2) The prosecutor knew the ramifications of what prosecuting this is inexcusable .
      3)If DA Alexis King ALEXIS KING , who name is MUD , just like ELIZABETH A “BETH ” CAMPBELL . is truly serious about fixing this injustice, she should do it herself.

      And while prosecutors are not authorized to lie in undercover law enforcement investigations, Weir and his prosecutors did so in order to help police conduct “To Catch a Predator”-style stings. After the public found out former Centre County (Pennsylvania) DA Stacey Parks Miller exhibited similar behavior, she had her law license suspended for over a year.
      As far as Arizona’s own misfit prosecutor ELIZBETH A CAMPBELL “BETH” . She should be fired, disbarred , and jailed until she can get her prison sentence.
      Where is the public outcry . Truckers passing around petitions, cuban’s in uproar, nurses are in demand , but who cares if a nurse is wrongfully acted against ? Nurses belief that a BON acts in any honesty or fairness. Nurses too afraid of sticking their neck out because they will be on the chopping block and victim of ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL “BETH” lies, false stories, lying witnesses, and a paper trail as long as the truckers trailer .

      1. That prosecutor Sunita was the worst . A bit more subtle , but in court she was a nasty little “b” .
        Who would ever take a job , or any amount of money to do what these two do ? WHO?? Emma Mamaluy would.
        Someone wired these three in a tweaked way for sure . Nothing to be proud of for sure ! They should all be ASHAMED .
        When they go to the hospital , don’t let them say “work for atty gen office’ oh no, they PROSECUTE GOOD NURSES WITH NO EVIDENCE OF ANYTHING . tell the truth for once, oops forgot your habitual liars.

  1. No, getting an Arizona nursing license DOES NOT MAKE you an automatic member of ANA. That IS NOT WHAT I WROTE. If someone joins the ANA, whatever state they reside in has a chapter. That state chapter is what the new ANA member is part of whether they like it or not. The ANA organization has chapters in all 50 States. If a nurse who lives in Idaho, decides to join the ANA they are automatically part of the Idaho State Chapter. If they move to Arizona then their membership transfers to that specific state chapter such as AZNA. To believe all ANA members are in bed with the board of nursing is nonsense. Now are there some AZNA members who are close to the board of nursing members, no doubt. Being an ANA member is not a bad thing in of itself. The chapters are suppose to listen to their membership. So just because a person is an ANA member DOES NOT mean they are evil or working with the board of nursing. That belief is complete nonsense and is a lie period! Many have left the ANA due to their pro hospital non pro nurse stance. I do believe that is why this NNAA was started? You would need to ask them if your interested in their organization. NNAA is NOT ANA or has any affiliations with ANA THEY ARE COMPLETELY SEPERATE!

    1. ANA pro hospital is TRUE AZBN is pro hospital as well . “the chps are suppose to listen to their membership” is just like the AZBN saying “we are here to protect the public” .
      “you can fool some of the people some of the time …….. ”
      Most nurses across the country who want better working conditions , will not be a member of ANA, and those who are pencil pushers , will support ANA , to keep their 9-5, 1 hour lunches, go to meetings coffee clash , and dictate to nurses in the trenches what they would not want for themselves .
      Thanks for clearing that up, but that was how it was written , glad to hear not true. Glad that NNAA is not representing ANA .

      1. Might want to read that again Rob. It was clearly written. No where did I state anything about having an Az nurse licensure and automatically being an ANA member, no where. I stated if your an ANA member in Arizona, you automatically are an AZNA chapter member. Pretty clear there.

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