You are 5 x less likely to die from…

You are 5 x less likely to die from dx covid at home than the hospital.

2 responses to “You are 5 x less likely to die from…”

  1. Happy Holidays to everyone . Rest up , take care of yourselves. 2022 will be a lot of changes. A plumber did work at a nurses house. She told him when someone dies , mgt told them it’s COVID ! When he found out I am a nurse, he stopped . It’s a small world . If you have pneumonia , it’s COVID . Let’s hope this corruption stops at the bd level , work on it . Tell others , what’s the truth is.
    Political year , you got those who ignored the problems by the balls. Deck those balls (oops halls , no mistake just adding the holiday spirit to the real meaning . ) Fa la la la la


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