Advocacy Nurse Alliance Az

Not a big leap to be suspect of any nurse organizations in Az. simply b/c of prior azbn abuse, and claim distrust fingerings some ultimate financial gain motive can not be accurate. The new Az initiative now smoking the net is legally a non profit organization.. now The leaders do not work for the government in any way and are well known to be zealots for the truth..The people we want to protect nurses from have lots of money and own big real-estate in and around Maricopa County. Big real estate; How does a punk assistant atty gen. own such luxuries? Governmental costs pay huge for regulating nurses that need to be free from pt. care interruption by liability fraudsters. Any questions about this Az initiative can be answered by clicking on the

P.S. A.C. The anger can be guided here…the text was mine but but not specific to you.

Membership is free for 2 mos. Lic status and name is not shared with anybody.


37 thoughts on “Advocacy Nurse Alliance Az

  1. This website online is really a stroll-through for the entire information you wished about this and didn抰 know who to ask. Glimpse here, and also you抣l definitely uncover it.

    1. HI ! Looks like we have the same last name ! sweetie .
      We checked out this board , me and my friend Chuck. Yes they do hate blacks , gays, former mormons, queers, homosexuals , and women in general who speak up . How can they be nurses and have this odd prejudice ?. Because the real odd balls are ON THE BOARD ! Cult members who stick together as a gang .
      Maybe you all can contact the pride group who had a nice parade we attended and the night activites , everyone was dressed so nice and friendly , gay actually it was great > !
      Of course they are not mean like the nasty bitches on the board . We also discovered that mormons are NOT nice , NOT good, and are someone to stay away from.
      Wish you all luck getting them cleaned out ! Maybe a new gov will do that , but I;m afraid a republican wont because they are all republicans . and guess who put Ducey in office Koch brothers who are mormons too . I is dead so that’s a start .
      Have a fairy nice day ! Love and peace to all !

    2. MS styles, good to hear from you some top concerns that nurses and nursing students need to hear ! I spaced it out for easy reading .
      Abuse of power. Why are nurses subjected to prosecutors? Yet as a profession prosecutors have NO accountability, NO oversight, NO transparency and have absolute immunity?

      YES ! who have no over sight , no control over them , but the AG office . Most nurses do not know the pattern , thank you !

      Prosecutors drive the criminal justice system and legislation. Prosecutors NOT police “grow” mass incarceration with charging felonies. The nursing profession disciplinary should NOT be handled by prosecutors whose culture is one of “convict-at-all-cost”. Nurses should not be treated like criminals. They train to help and care for people in life’s most difficult situations. Where is the presumption of innocence.

      Sounds like the politicized Board of Nursing needs to be torn out by the roots and a new 21st model created with true nursing professionals. Who would want to become a nurse if they knew how they would be treated? How at risk they are to lose their professions after years of study and hard work? Nursing shortage in Arizona?

      1. it is also the imbalance of the cases ! definitely favoritism. that should never be, but the hogs got on the board to play dirty politics and they are in pig heaven , rolling around in the dirt.

    3. AZ State hospital severely understaffed , two patients committed suicide in the last three weeks. Staffing is unsafe . A number of jobs not filled . Now that the board of nursing and nnaa are aware we expect that the director of nursing the CNO, and all charge nurses be investigated promptly . Remember !!! Patient safety !

      1. YES what is the board of nursing doing ??? Those DON are sitting on their butts just like Jokey did when she was at county , (with Valerie , and Cindy Mand , Judy Bontroger etal, ) and brought them with her , so they could do her job duties that go ignored at the BON. ) .

      2. That is truly a joke. This Arizona Board of Nursing is about MONEY, POWER, and GREED…not one thing to do with or about patient safety !

        They let nurses off the hook that have had truly egregious actions, while persecuting others on false allegations and heresay.

        If the Board does not perceive money to be made or a nurse whom they think should have his or her career destroyed, along with public humiliation and board website slander (because he or she is not one of their besties) then, of course, nothing will be investigated….or if investigated, a letter of concern or no concern issued.

      3. And to think that AZ BON member Eliz Boyer is on the committee to discuss ketamine . SO unqualified !! Paramedics should not have listened to stupid cops , bad call ! Let’s see what the paramedic board does to them , Oh wait there is no paramedic board . !
        Nov 18, 2021 —

        Aurora has agreed to pay $15 million to Elijah’s family to settle the civil rights lawsuit. The settlement is one of the largest police-related settlements in U.S. history.

        Elijah’s mother filed the federal civil rights suit last year targeting the city of Aurora as well as the police officers and other first responders who remain responsible for Elijah’s death.

        The officers and paramedics who killed Elijah will soon be on trial. Stay tuned for updates as we continue to pursue justice.

        – Justice for Elijah McClain

      4. As if the president (who got her church buddies to vote her in ) isn’t a big enough Imbecile, CAROLYN MCCORMIES , she rags on and on about nurses stating things to others and they will go after them . (covid BS ) because the NCSBN said so . ) Of course saying that her covid shot must have made her ‘brain foggy” , would be against all rules , she makes up as she goes along.
        Cases before the board , of course they want to intimidate , scare tactics, put something on their license . not based on SCIENCE but FDA and CDC ,
        Just follow the imbeciles example. Do not tell patients to grind up shark teeth and take that to cure what ails you . Oh yes she did say it and said it over and fuking over and over again , until she wears out board members who finally vote her way .
        You must uphold that nurses are the most trusted profession. But what she doesn’t say , is , it is Bon , that make everyone not trust them ! Such a fine example of a political hack lying ,fact twisting , dirty corrupt board.

      5. Once in awhile there is good news. Paul Boyer is not running again , GOOD ! Acts just like the rest of his kind Flake, Romney all turn coats. He was a lobbyist for department of corrections , but is resigning over death threats now ? Yea right . He says he would ‘win’ , haha , but has had a couple of recall attempts from angry voters . He teaches apparently at one of the charter schools who got funds by passing laws that stole money from public schools and children who attend those , (check out millions via Brother Farnsworth .) Wife ELIZABETH BOYER , is so unqualified in experience and common sense to be on a board of nursing , and is what appears to be a “seconder” , McCormies hints around , what she wants , waiting for some dummy to make a comment , then asked ‘is that YOUR motion ?” Then someone makes a motion and Boyer seconds it . or orders psychological evaluations on everybody at their cost. Looks like they both need to get out , certainly no public service going on . Self serving hacks .

      6. Sometimes a good laugh feels good , like reading Paul Boyer is not running again so he can be an ‘ordinary citizen ” . What the hell does he think he is now ??

        Something in the water this gang- drinks . And appears to be pertaining to the male , a flash back of weird over himself over the top Randy (queer one ) Quinn . Another Brethren , some real serious” programing” been done on these boys.

    4. Hi Harry , The DOJ is watching the site ? They must be sleeping on the job then , getting paid to sit there and pretend to comprehend matters.
      What part of ALJ’s being corrupt do they not “GET” ??? Just a peek sneek at the cases that have been won by a nurse is extremely telling. You could bet the farm in Vegas on those odds and come out with 99:1 in fifteen years of doing this .
      You would never see a case like these in any other court room or the corruption !! Just a couple of cases they masterfully got slipped through . Not good enough not to be able to see through it ! DOJ”s making big bucks, but are too stupid to find their a55 with both hands .

    5. Anyone else go to the az board meeting Friday 11/19 ? Seems like some real deliberate stuff going on there . Lots of cases with attorney’s but seem to put ‘select “ones on hold . Atty could wait no longer listening to cases that were flied four years ago , and left . He would be on the phone later but loses some of the effect . Now in the matter of DDR , a couple of things , he filed appeal which really pisses this board off . They are trained to be OBEDIENT creatures , do what ever crazy notion they come up with . He was able to expose Janeen Dahn , Fatal outcome with her patient . (That is when she was actually working in nursing. Now Carolyn MCCormies and Janeen Dahn relationship is similar to “close encounters of the third kind ” . Must discussion , like amateur hour over and over . Like this board is clueless how to handle a nurse who moved out of state and like it has never happened .
      AZ BON wants him to ‘move to AZ to take a refresher course ” !! (the courses are about 3 months long and very expensive. So quit what ever job you have , move away from elderly parents , and just pick up and move to AZ to take a nursing refresher course ! Because …… other state does them . .????
      Then add on to that 24 months probation, and the stupid stupid McCormies says “you might as well move to AZ for 2 years !! NO shit ! When a board says ‘clear things up in AZ ” , then a board member who is another clueless dummy , wants all probation done in AZ , and we will get the quarterly reports . IF a person moves out of state to get away from AZ draconian ways, why can’t they just say , do a refresher course in Mass and apply to that board for license. Because they want to retaliate ! They want to trip him up. Hey Carolyn McCormies why don’t you move to Mass for two years??? Just pack it up and go ! rent a place , pay for courses , due to your being an incompetent hack for BFF Dahn who you look to for answers , which is SCARY !!!
      And if ANYONE thinks back door talk did not go on , i got some news for YOU! . And if anyone thinks when Mcorney says , ‘we wish you well , we REALLY REALLY wish you well , isn’t lying thru her buck teeth and lying tongue , he we got some ocean front property for you . Of course the ONLY thing that was said of any truth was , If we get reports , WE CAN TAKE ACTION ” . And that is their goal ! A set up for failure . Make it as hard as possible for someone to get a license anywhere. These new board members had a back room talk OBVIOUSLY , and illegal .

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    1. Well , missy nurses getting sick of the liars , and the same old blah blah lies “public safety” Yes, nurses are “talking with their feet.”
      At least 2,000 Mississippi nurses have resigned since the beginning of the year, severely straining hospitals as COVID cases multiply, Aug 26, 2021,:”Yet at least 771 medical-surgical and 235 intensive care unit beds in the state were going unused last week due to a lack of staff to man them, according to the Mississippi Clarion-Ledger.
      The University of Mississippi Medical Center was forced to open two field hospitals in its parking garage to house COVID-19 patients that the hospital didn’t have beds for, according to the Associated Press. One hospital in the state has begun canceling brain and heart surgeries due to a lack of ICU beds to house the patients waiting for them, as Insider’s Yelena Dzhanova reported, while another was forced to close its neurosurgery clinic completely as most of its federal COVID-19 relief money had been exhausted.”
      NURSING STUDENTS listen to those who know !

    2. Stop signing those consent agreements ! DA’s like plea deals better. (plea is consents ) They get an admission of guilt without the burden of proof. Too many people give up their right to a trial because some DA has scared them into accepting a plea deal.
      Not only giving up a hearing but by signing , you are unable to appeal , and it is admission of guilt !
      IF NNAA got screwed years ago, the timely of doing something is really a big hint what is really going on .

      1. Nurses cannot win because the ALJ’s at the OAH (office of administrative hearings) are biased towards the agencies. How many cases has a nurse won. ? A Bench trial of the worst kind . No one pays attention to anything because they know they will follow what ever corruption the aag ‘suggests ” by saying “the state wants” and so does she because they don’t want to deal with them anymore so just REVOKE the license . Destroy the nurses career so they can continue with their corrupt career of using the states money to take nurses down one at a time.
        With National tv and watching the case, justice can prevail but not in a admin law court will you find due process or justice of any kind. Rigged and Rogue all the way . ! Here’s how the story started, just so we all remember. 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse wound up on the street in Kenosha in the first place with a gun for one reason: He was there because in the summer of 2020 the leadership of the Democrat Party endorsed mob violence for political ends. That’s why there were riots in Kenosha that night, because people like Kamala Harris supported those rights.
        More than a year later, as Rittenhouse stood trial for murder, those very same people implied there would be more violence if he was acquitted. So imagine being a juror on that case. Imagine the pressure and the fear. It would take enormous moral courage for any juror to ignore the threats and follow the evidence to its logical conclusion. So much courage that at times we doubted it was even possible in a country as politicized as ours now is.
        But as we learned today, it is still possible, thank God.
        This afternoon, the jury acquitted Rittenhouse on all charges. The jury affirmed what was obvious from the very beginning: He acted in self-defense. It was a wonderful moment. Anyone who believes in impartial justice was vindicated.

    3. The law was passed that the dir (aka JOKEY RIDENOUR ) can order psych evaluations to speed up cases. Joke doesn’t want anything to reflect on her decision and be responsible. She is too incompetent to run an organization . How many cases are going on 4 years old and waiting on getting a psych evaluation ? The reason for referral to the board . Jokey will roll over on the Board in a heart beat . Listen to how many times she said “that was a board decision ” . As if the slimy cunt has clean hands . Just like Emma Mamaluy , does (laugh out loud ) .
      NNAA should work on a petition to toss her out . And then work on a bill to put the expense of the psych evaluations back on the Board of Nursing , and they won’t be ordering them to place a stigma on nurses. It appears the members on the board need psych evaluations , the “sociopath bell would go off and each one of them , bells and whistles , bing bing bing , HIGH READING !!

      1. You know I’ve been thinking about it And I must say…. For all those who take it upon themselves to Judge another person, be it a personal judgement of character/sanity ( say in your neighborhood) or a professional judgement from setting in a seat of government authority; These, Who think they are qualified to judge others have forgotten that they Will be held to the SAME ” Standard of Review ” which They Themselves Use On Those Who They Judge.. The Torah/Bible is blatantly clear that YHWH will hold each person accountable for his/her own sin and the harm they have caused others….. That being said, For all those who have created habits, life styles, Antisocial Actions, and Professions out of Judging others and causing them Harm to their Lives, Careers, etc… Your day of reckoning will come…. And you will not be permitted to say ” it was my job ,” or ” I was just following the others ,” ” I had to go along with the decision the Boss made about these people, ” ” I based my judgement on Gossip or what was told to me by a person in authority ”…. You Will be standing alone and held accountable for Your judgements,,,,, Alone… The tables will turn, For each and every one of you…. If you cherish your potential salvation, and charter before the Creator ( who will Judge You!!!) , You must put down your corrupt and Bias standard of Judging others….. For you will be Held To Answer To The Same Standard Of Review Which You Use On Others!!!
        These people have created plenty of victims, And the tables will turn, Ere not going to be happy with the outcome, at the end… We have plenty of this BS which goes on in the Courts, agencies , But yet, when they SEE, On the TV, a story with video clips of a cop beating a handcuffed man , while yelling ” stop resisting, stop resisting”, than their tune changes to supporting the victim and judging the officer as being in the wrong… But if they don’t SEE it themselves, these people judge the others around them quick and harshly, based upon what the cop wrote, the label the judicial system ( with its crooked cops/judges), placed upon them, etc… I’ve never been able to figure this out, People love being over and judging others, maybe its a self-esteem problem they are trying to compensate for, all to make themselves feel better about themselves or a control issue from their pasts that has surfaced and not they are in a position to control and Judge others, to make themselves feel better about themselves. Or brain washed by church leaders they are better than others , and everyone should act as queer as they do. Or maybe its a need to be accepted by others, so they go along with the groups judgements… I honestly don’t know, the root may be different for each person, In Light of The Day That They Will Be Judged By the Same Standard If Review,,,, these people must really evaluate their own lives and determined why they do the things that they do…. Whether their judgements were based upon actual hard evidence, or gossip and rumor…. One being righteous and one kicking them out the gates of heaven… This Life It temporary… They have a lot to fear….

  3. Sorry trust nobody and nothing out of AZ. A wretched corrupt state that I pray God sucks into the pits of Hell first in the 2nd coming of Christ. You have one of the world’s largest cult , the Mormons, populating and polluting AZ government positions and offices.
    And to the moron, Nana, that thinks it’s still a conspiracy theory and a big lie…do more research than listening to the liberal elite owned CNN and MSDNC…the John Durham special counsel just indicted a 3rd person this past Thursday..the lies are being revealed and unraveled..the Russian collusion big hoax all lied and tie back to Hillary Clinton and the fbi..if you are too stupid to believe that the same party and people that wove a web of deceit to spy on and attempt to take down her political rival, Trump, isn’t capable of stealing an election. Then I’m sorry their is no fix for your special kind of stupid.

    And how stupid it is of an organization (NNAA) to claim to want to help nurses that are the victims of corrupt licensing boards to open membership to only licensed nurses is nothing short of dumb and dumber. Did they ever once conceive that probably those nurses that are the victims no longer have licenses due to the corruption?

    Trust nobody and no organization claiming they want to help when they cannot even reveal their full names, nor welcome the nurse victims they claim they want to help.

    It’s comparable to a non profit organization claiming their goal is to help victims of crime, but deny those same victims membership to their organization…just as stupid as Nana !

    1. Think about this : Anyone can get a non profit going . azna is a pac too.
      The mandates will only be effective very short term . Biden is a fart face fool . Look at Biden’s comments on the Kyle Rittenhouse case Kenosha , influencing only the stupid . Seems like the prosecutor is just as whacked out as Elizabeth Campbell , another case of dumb and dumber , only this Judge is on tv and it is all being televised so he is watching it .
      Campbell (BETH) Court whore makes Stormy Daniels look like Princess Di.

    2. That prosecutor in Rittenhouse case was as stupid as Elizabeth Campbell . Really stupid. Maybe all nursing cases be filmed on a closed circuit tv for those who wish to watch . No one would get into nursing NO ONE !

    3. The BON would love this brain washed obedient one. Yep she is threatening to call the bon on other nurses . And what do we think of nurses who do this ? (part of the BON !!! , ) notice how the NCSBN statement (with bon members on the line came up with their statement and many nurses are all for this but many are not , wait until this happens to them !! They are ratted out for actual patient harm , what do you think they will do ??? Tell the BON hey I one of your type, you don’t discipline me ! I am one who is a ‘like thinker” messed up mentally like you . So there case will not be investigated, or put on hold for FOUR years , like most cases ! The author of this mouthy know it all opinionated (nurse????) is written in name column (of course she did not write the heading of course !! ) many do not agree with her . But this is why people at the BON do not win, too many like her that are all too willing to cause harm to another nurse. (just like the BON when they know the matter is just a bunch of drama ! )
      I totally agree with this policy 100% and am willing to report ANYONE INCLUDING FAMILY FOR VIOLATIONS. I respect everyone’s decisions and their reasons but if you are a nurse caring for my loved one and reported anything that was YOUR myth and not factual I would sue the SHITTTT out of you and report you to the board and I’ll do the same in that order……. IDGAD if you take it or not! IdoGAF if your reasons and misinformation is preventing others from making a decision that CMS provides. Whether you took their advice before or decide to do so today is YOUR business but again if CMS said it about cardiac meds or injections and you told me or my loved one you disagree and YOUR myth in other words spread your opinion I’d sue you and report you for that too. I really don’t want a debate as I said what I said and respect your decision but do know I’ll be following up on this information tomorrow morning with the board and I promise I’LL COMPLY! Please be respectful in your comments because I would prefer Facebook not put me in jail because respect will be MUTUAL!
      NOTE : would you want THIS nurse taking care of anyone you care about ??? Sends shivers up my spine !

  4. Its like you read my mind! You appear to know so much about this, like you wrote the e-book in it or something. I believe that you just can do with a few to force the message house a bit, but instead of that, this is fantastic blog. An excellent read. I will certainly be back.

  5. Hey there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after reading through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Anyways, I’m definitely delighted I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back frequently!

  6. Hey there! Someone in my Myspace group shared this site with us so I came to look it over. I’m definitely loving the information. I’m book-marking and will be tweeting this to my followers! Great blog and outstanding design.

  7. Just wondering if this advocacy alliance group is going to board meetings to witness for themselves the shady actions of this corrupt board? Seems like if they are truly wanting to help people, that they would need to put their peeps in the place that is generating he victims.

    Also, is this advocacy group reaching out to these shady board members, calling them out on their biased, corrupt tatics?

    Is this advocacy group collecting names and contact information of the board of nursing victims? After all, it is public information? And secondly, are they reaching out to the victims and offering advocacy to them?

    Let me guess……..NO…hmmmm how did I know?

  8. Oh great now we got another pencil pusher on the BON , never a direct patient care always some one who drank the kook aid ! she will fit right in .

    1. Christine T.D Ellis RN, BSN
      Board Member
      Christine T. D. Ellis (BSN) is a registered nurse, serving the community with over thirty years of elder care experience. Nineteen years ago, she saw the vision for her own company and founded Cedar Sanctuary LLC, realizing that families needed an alternative to the “mass-care” approach in caring for their loved ones.

      Prior to establishing Cedars Sanctuary, Christine worked as an RN for many large established hospitals and care facilities, holding many high-level positions, such as Director of Nursing in the Phoenix-Metropolitan area. Her focus has been primarily on assisted living homes, and Christine has devoted countless hours to advocating for improvements in the industry through education and action.

      She has received appointments by the Governor to serve on many different boards representing assisted living homes. Her life-long goal is to serve her community with the idea of developing the next generation of caregivers with attention to the spirit, soul, and body. She taught medical assistant and certified nursing assistant classes for many years in Arizona’s community colleges.

      In addition to the years of caring for the elderly, she was also inspired and directed to pursue another passion: feeding the needy/homeless. She has been part of the foundation of the Foothills Community Services/The Bridge Ministry for over 17 years which helps feed the local homeless population and provides for their spiritual needs, partnering with countless other ministries in Arizona.

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