Advocacy Nurse Alliance Az

Not a big leap to be suspect of any nurse organizations in Az. simply b/c of prior azbn abuse, and claim distrust fingerings some ultimate financial gain motive can not be accurate. The new Az initiative now smoking the net is legally a non profit organization.. now The leaders do not work for the government in any way and are well known to be zealots for the truth..The people we want to protect nurses from have lots of money and own big real-estate in and around Maricopa County. Big real estate; How does a punk assistant atty gen. own such luxuries? Governmental costs pay huge for regulating nurses that need to be free from pt. care interruption by liability fraudsters. Any questions about this Az initiative can be answered by clicking on the

P.S. A.C. The anger can be guided here…the text was mine but but not specific to you.

Membership is free for 2 mos. Lic status and name is not shared with anybody.