Comments against new Az nurse advocacy are way…

Comments against new Az nurse advocacy are way premature. Leaders of this group are very tuned into AZBN, as leaders are victims as well. Negative opinions will be posted by site policy; this is totally an Az initiative for the exact same reasons this page was created.

34 thoughts on “Comments against new Az nurse advocacy are way…

  1. Andres Fontes wrote “It’s unfortunate we have a prosecutor using his (BRNOVICH) office to continue the conspiracy theories and the big lie. He knows it’s a lie but is still pushing it for political gains. That’s why it’s dangerous.”
    Anyone want to comment on Brnovich’s prosecutors in the Licensing department taking away licenses from nurses:: GO …………….

    1. The prosecutor named ELIZABETH CAMPBELL knows her so called “witnesses” are lying to but uses them anyways . Even when you prove their lies the BON just ignores anything you say .

      1. What she was allowed to pull off at the BON meeting , having a discussion with McCormies ‘don’t stop them from talking” and getting 3 liars from the VA to talk as so called ‘witnesses” when they were ‘witness’ to NOTHING . running a mini at the BON . all LIARS. And pulling off getting the judges to deny allowing the RN time to get a lawyer over Christmas holiday , Campbell is nothing but a CORRUPT DIRTY SKANK BITCH
        Mccormies too , running that big mouth of hers , we are consistent , but letting THREE talk more than 5 mins each . YOU dirty lying POS! Both of you !

      2. How about when her lying witnesses get on the phone “it’s Beth ” like old buddy buddy , fleas of a kind do flock together , Beth or “the one who told you want to say , while thinking ‘there testimony is not even a part of the case has nothing to do with anything, they nurse Im fking over has never even met this person but it will look like we ran a through hearing and we can put on a nursing report 10 witneses ) and it will look good to whoever reads it .

      3. How anyone can live with this bitch is either a minor no choice or a very similar type of un-human kind of dirty dog .
        ELIZABETH CAMPBELL (BETH” haha ) needs a psychological evaluation (by board approved , so they can share their ‘screw the nurse ‘ jokes .
        Bastards all of them .

      1. She likes material things in attempt to impress others ?
        And can she take those ‘bucks’ with her ? She’ll wish she had nothing , min wage job, when she starts losing it .
        Only the bottom of the barrel work ag for too long , those who can’t afford an office and staff, and the women never get promoted .

      2. There is more than one very wealthy attny associated with the AZBN. Jan Brewer, off the shelf RT, was one of the many who got very wealthy from public service.Abe Lincoln knew very well. Real Estate easy tracking, boats not so much: Lots of money there.

      3. bethie’s life is her fake friends at the board of nursing . the get together’s, she uses a case to go there and get free lunch. And stuffs her purse with left overs to take home . Shitting with board members , insistent they do her dirty work . , sit on her butt and run her mouth .

      4. Oh yes Campbell is a mess that’s for sure . Manipulative mental mess . She got her paralegal to respond to comments made about her on FB . Then removed it when caught . Is she so stupid to think no one knows her paralegal who does all her work for her , is named WHITE ??
        Then she gossips; spreads rumors , and gets them to act out against the other party at OAH to the staff , and when that fails to get the results she wanted she meets with the dirty board members behind closed doors. She can’t say what she is saying behind closed doors in public because she would be called out on her LIES . LIAR Eliz Campbell. Big house? big liar .
        Sometimes when someone gets into others business for no reason that person starts looking at the troublemaker , she does have her dirt , saving it for later .

      5. surprised , thought she lived in her car . Jokey has been “trick of treating ” staff , paying for all to get ‘treatments done” and guess who owns the shop (public board member ) and big tips , just think about this , you can buy people cooperation / vote .
        Campbell looks as though she lives in a car , or shelter and keeps a gym membership to shower once in awhile . Low class for sure.
        If you watch the Kyle Rittenhouse trial , another shitty prosecutor Thomas Binger, is twins of Eliz Campbell. Change the name Binger to Beth and you will have what she values, and his her ‘calling’ . or hauling it in .
        Binger is a thug. He’s trying to steal Kyle’s life when he knows damn well the kid was defending himself. Binger is a man-stealer- that’s a Throwback to slavery days – a name for slave traders – there aren’t many crimes worse than man stealing.
        Binger wears a suit and tie, he speaks in a calm voice, he even has a haircut that says, “I’m hip”, he has college degrees on his wall and he talks to TV reporters and he argues in court, all things that we associate with being “civil”, “professional”, “productive”. But he is trying to convict an innocent man that he KNOWS is innocent.
        Binger is civil in his outwardly calm
        , stoic manner, but inside he is a cold-blooded savage thug. He commits his crimes using his office of assistant DA. Just like Elizabeth Campbell !

      6. Beth Bitch Campbell has nothing of beauty around her , nothing ! evil witch. love to whine and whine . judge he wrote about me !! He’s still talking about me !!! Judge , throw the book at him !! (oh but randy a hole quinn is not a judge, but confused Campbell called him one on purpose acting like it was a mistake. brown noser in good standing , just a real bitch all around , and not a smart one ! ) .

    2. The sad thing about Elizabeth Campbell is she knows what she is doing is corrupt . She is well aware , but we have figured out her pattern . And just like an alcoholic expose them for what they are , she is vicious to shut those up who figured her lying mouth out.
      Nurses and NNAA are assuming that the nursing boards care and that they are truthful. Neither is true. They see a power trip nothing more and nothing less. You can hand them witnesses that contradict their accusations and they simply ignore them. The “board approved doc” programs have gotten worse. They have your report written before you arrive. It does not matter what you say or how you perform on their evaluations.
      My advice to any one who is heading in the direction of a psych doc on ‘the list” program is to immediately get a complete mental health evaluation. When you arrive ask for who you treating physician will be and insist on meeting with them. Advise them that you consider them your treating physician and maybe ask them to sign a letter stating that they are your treating physician. At this point it will be difficult for them to hide under board protection.
      We need to develop a packet for nurses who agree to psych evals. Give them the tools to protect themselves. The investigative reporters are trained to tell them a pack of lies , on phone calls, the nurse is not on a 3 way . Just like CAMPBELL”S exe sessions . Hiding lying her head off !
      The whole “psych in AZ ” is a sham and a tool to separate nurses and others from their money. They are not providing medical care. Just my opinion.

      1. Jan Brewer is not an atty. Her son went to work for Jokey Ridenours husband’s office . Her other son is in the mental institution in AZ . He raped a women in Glendale, and she got it fixed so he would not go to prison by having him committed. ALthough when she got sworn in he was running around lose no one watching him. She does not like people to tell this story . This is the BON style , and Janeen Dahn’s , Emma Mamaluy, and Elizabeth Campbell’s !
        The underlying cause of rapes is by son’s of mothers they hate . Hate women. Mothers who have to be right , get their way all of the time . (EC!!!) The son picks this up , and ignores consent , no to them does not mean no.
        ” experts note one last trait shared by men who have raped: they do not believe they are the problem.” And the aag Campbell , Emma Mamaluy , Cindy Mand and Janeen Dahn will make anyone look like a ‘problem’ to the gullible incompetent corrupt board members .

    3. Numchuck lost in his court case . It was just to gather votes for his next office. The bottom of the barrel of 5 running between him and justin olson (keep these creeps out of office ! they are too selfish and only take care of themselves ). liars .

  2. Thank you! Reading the comments of some very hurt nurses hurling ad homminen attacks at an organization trying to change things is very discouraging and does nothing to solve the problem. I wonder if any of these keyboard warriors have joined? Geez it’s free and you continue to point fingers? Get involved, give them a chance! At least someone is doing something other than bitch about it!

      1. Guess they are getting a taste of what it is like trying to tell nurses and warn them about the corrupted b d of nursing down in Arizona . Once you figure out the true motives and actions of how down right underhanded tactics are of the board and staff , you will trust NO ONE.

      2. Seems like the ‘warrior ‘ word was used before . If you remember .
        If you believe in your mission nothing discourages , nothing can make anyone waiver.

  3. Victims with licenses ? AZ BON will not allow anyone to go away unscathed that is actively working or in any way against them. Time will tell . If they are out to make change , that’s a good thing .

    1. I know her (elizabeth campbell , beth the BITCH ) (if you can make bitch about 2 inches high, and

      post that would be perfect .

      Beth the BITCH .

      NO !!!! What she is doing is not “her job” . get that out of your mind . !

      Burn no bitch needs to get fired.

      1. Burn no bitch’s all of them . Smark is trying to get votes by saying he is fighting for Arizonians . Every time he writes these lies , you got to remind the tax payers who fund this cluster fk , he is fighting against nurses , under his watch , Good nurses taken out of the work force .

    1. They have no business being on a Board of Nursing or judging anyone. Biased brainwashed bimbos . looks like they got a new one of the cult coming to join them ELLIS , when will this gang of bandits end ??

  4. Punk aag , good one ! Doesn’t matter what they own, just more to lose . And most people have a dislike for someone with money. Especially those who are doing the doggy style regulation.
    never identify texts origins , not even your own . keep them guessing.
    Heard by one who says he knows, two are not getting along . for sure .
    Be proud , your a hero . !
    A watchdog is a person or committee whose job is to make sure that companies do not act illegally or irresponsibly.

  5. If you want to take care of your family member stay home and therefore you can get paid . But wait ! Money sucking , control freaks AZ BON had to make it their business. So now a HHA license is needed. And guess who doles those out ? NOW , if you must be a family member or guardian then here goes the dirty bon sticking their nose into private matters again !
    Separating families causing hostility. This should never happen . ! Only thing worse than Elizabeth Campbell is Emma Mamaluy and real snake with fangs .
    HB2706 passed 2019, why are they require licenses by the corrupt AZ Board of nursing ? who didn’t act until 7/29/21 (but voted on it 7/22/21 ). A chance to make a buck . HHA a license but they cannot take care of anyone but a family member if they are the guardian . How will they regulate family members , just a money grab . Jul 29, 2021
    Licensed Health Aide – Draft Rules
    During the 2019 first regular session of the Arizona State Legislature, with the support of home healthcare stakeholders, HB2706 passed, creating a new form of licensure to allow parents, other family members, and guardians of children with developmental disabilities to be eligible for licensure.
    Only took them two years to act , because they are busy still trying to proof cases from long ago. .

  6. You got hold them responsible . Lets see new group what they do , gather students to help . the nursing profs certainly can’t tell the truth , some of them are clueless. New ones on the BON appear to think they are actually protecting the public .

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