Prior nursing advocacy links posted here will not…

Prior nursing advocacy links posted here will not be reposted for 60 days. Applogies for deleted comments.

23 thoughts on “Prior nursing advocacy links posted here will not…

  1. What is this all about?
    Did the bon cancel you and this website?
    Is nursing advocacy no longer needed or relevant?

    1. “”Nearly half of Kaiser nurses consider leaving profession as contract deadline looms.”” Update: 10 day strike notice STRIKE NOTICE GIVEN , 96% signed to STRIKE !
      What is wrong with nurses in Arizona ? No Guts no glory and no wage increase or better conditions. Get rid of AZNA too, they would fight against a union , your only lifeline NO ONE ELSE IS FIGHTING FOR NURSES , and that includes AZNA especially !
      Oregon wont have to worry about firing them, or taking licenses , when you look at what they have to return to . AZNA has no clue, a bunch of mgt suck *sses , teaching nursing to those who don’t know they are old school and can’t teach them anything. But will take their money in nursing schools and keep pumping out newbies , who have no idea what the AZBON really operates .

      1. Violence towards nurses is on the rise . Nurses threatened to be fired for reporting patients who are abusive physically . Cops telling nurses ‘isn’t this part of the job” . yea like a cop is going to take getting punched ? Nurses of domestic violence are abused again by the board of nursing . And now the Drs are killing the nurses , (with a protection order saying hello, this guy needs to stay away from me ! )

    2. This link goes with copy of woman with plastic bag over her head, apparently this is hospital policy to do this if no mask . Caution! Emma “Drama queen lying cunt ” Mamaluy , narcisstic sociopath likes to put a real spin on these kinds of posts .
      This is a REAL and apparently common practice at an Odessa Texas hospital. They claim it is CDC approved “draping” for patients refusing to wear a mask. Problem is this 17 year old child has a mask on and looks to be completely compliant. A N95 would have sufficed. A face shield would have been sufficient and not risked asphyxiation from the plastic equipment bag. And, she does not have a pulse Ox on.
      I suggest this may well be criminal conduct. It is physical assault and over restraint. It must be a terrifying experience for the patient. Apparently, she was complaining of not being able to breath. We have asked to speak to hospital administration about this. This picture has been freely posted on social media and covered by the news. It would not be a HIPPA violation if posted by parents or those legally responsible for patient.
      Unapologetic Medical Center Continues Bagging Patients Amid Controversy
      So, I stated in a post yesterday that I had unfairly posted a story about a bag being placed on a ladies head without giving Medical Center Hospital the opportunity to look in to or defend the matter. Medical Center Hospital spoke to the girls family and stated that patient care was their top priority. They also stated that she was confused, exaggerated the situation and that they would continue to put bags over peoples heads as they felt that it was the best way to protect everyone concerned.
      The fact is the young lady had on a mask, a mid 80’s SAT level, couldn’t breath and they put a bag over her head. They put a nasal cannula on her but failed to hook the hose up to oxygen. She was in this state for about 30 minutes and repeatedly stated that she was struggling to breath. When her mother asked if this was necessary they told her it was protocol. The mother was under duress due to the condition of her daughter and did not feel she had time to shop for another place and believed that her daughters life depended on the people at MCH.
      Today I had an EMT reach out to me. As she told me her story she became very emotional and overwhelmed. She stated that it was one of the most inhumane things she has had to do in her job so far. She was called to Medical Center Hospital to transport an 80 year old patient back to the nursing home. She was handed a plastic bag that read, “equipment cover”, just like the one in the photo below and told to place it over the patients head. She said, “no way!” The nurse told her that if she did not place the bag over the patients head that she would be reported and not allowed to do the transport. Reluctantly she complied and got the elderly patient outdoors and removed the bag as quickly as she possibly could. She stated that this took roughly 7-10 minutes. She further stated that she found MCH’s statement to the press to be inaccurate. The patient was not hooked to oxygen and she had on a mask yet was required to have a bag placed over her head.
      Has anyone seen this, “draping” of Covid patients????

  2. We are a group of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community. Your site provided us with valuable info to work on. You’ve done an impressive job and our whole community will be grateful to you.

    1. Info to work on?? Means nothing unless you are referring to dismantling this evil, corrupt, unjust board of Satan worshipping Mormon cultists. Oh, and bringing the guilty hags to justice with lengthy prison sentences and making right all the wrongs that were done. Hopefully your scheme will do more than the big nothing sunset review did…oh, and that was a big nothing. AZ government is chock full of corrupt officials and board members who are interested in nothing but power grabs, a paycheck, and getting reappointed. They have zero integrity ( they don’t do the right thing even when nobody is looking ) and have no conscience over their lies and extremely punitive discipline of some ( yeah, not all, only certain ones).

      But rest assured, God sees all, knows all, and will be the final judge over those who injustly persecute the innocent…I am to forgive them and pray they find Jesus and repent, so they may receive salvation and eternal life

      All I can say is ” God have mercy on them for they know not what they do”.

      1. Looks like there is a new watchdog in town, MONIQUE K COUDY , from ag office . If Elizabeth Campbell thinks COUDY is there to watch open meeting violations or is in any way an expert in this area, she is dumber than she was given credit for . COUDY is watching all of them, NOTE : Mark Numnuts Bronovich is running for another power position and needs to get elected . Will he allow a female like unclean hands Campbell to muddy the waters ? She will learn she is as disposable as those nurses she just throws out like used material . Carrie Smith was nice to her , we’ll see what kind of a foundation that COUDY is made of .Baffled by Emma Mamaluy’s sucking up, ‘work together” or see through her fake front ?

    2. yes the corrupt arizona board of nursing has a way of getting others to ‘act’ . intimidation, scare tactics. never waiver never roll over on any one, keep them in the dark like they have nurses for years . Answer nothing . Sites mission is to expose AZ BON corruption , bias, and put anyone’s experience out there . Much to Joke Ridenour’s dismay ! She is on thin ice, but a real dirty dame.

      1. Another out of state case, obvious because the AZ BON would NEVER admit wrong doing NEVER . And they just cannot seem to recognize retaliation, need higher i q on the BD!
        I was employed by a health organization to provide services to clients for assistance with well being, reducing stress, and improving resilience. Subsequently they hired a NP as their medical director who immediately had an issue with me personally and with what I was doing. I repeatedly tried to engage her and she refused. Ultimately, she notified the board and accused me of diagnosing, which was a lie (I was somehow a threat to her, her authority, and this was an act of malice. She actually implied that I worked under her license). As soon as I became aware that she called the board (it came from her mouth) I immediately resigned. I live in one of those right to work states so I was able to do that without notice. I went on a practice call with the board and said NP. A week later I received a cease and desist, and a summons to a board hearing to defend my license and tell them why they shouldn’t proceed with revocation.. What I was doing was in the SOP in the state, for a RN without an advanced practice license. Between the time of the practice call and the day I received the summons, they had arbitrarily changed the scope, restricting what I was doing, without notifying me or making a formal addendum to the SOP. This left me outside the SOP for a period of 14 days. They also reported me to Nursys and the national database without due process. There were multiple similar areas cited in my request for reconsideration showing lack of good faith. Two weeks after I submitted the letter, I received a letter from the board retracting everything and telling me I was free to resume what I was doing. No restrictions on my license. It’s just evidence of what they will stoop to. When I consulted an attorney specializing in board issues he informed me that “You can’t sue the sovereign.” That is a quote. I wasn’t sure why I needed to sue anyone when they had clearly violated their own rules.

    3. This site is getting well known. A book review on amazon , tells they bought the OR book but the corrupt board of nursing blocked it. and quoted “AZ STATE BOARD OF NURSING BOARD WATCHDOGS ” just thought i’d let you guys and gals know since i don’t live there. Here is link class
      2 reviews
      Verified Purchase
      Er to OR , good outline
      well laid out. Rns going to the Or should benefit from this . I took the class but the AZBN made it impossible ARIZONA STATE BOARD OF NURSING CORRUPTION WATCHDOGS
      Verified Purchase
      I have not used this book yet. My classes do not start until January
      It will most likely be a great learning tool once I start using it for my Surgical Tech class studies.

  3. sounds like another case of taking a license , making working in the OR impossible , working anywhere using your degree . yes the AZ BON is one big cess pool , shit rolls down hill. starting with jokey, fire the bitch, then Janeen Dahn , and Cindy Mand , want to put initials out there but resort to be low life gossipers and liars !

  4. Another new member of AZ State Board of Watchdogs, Monique K Coady , if appears she is there to have her eye on ELIZABETH CAMPBELL , both aag’s . IF Campbell doesn’t see the hand writing on the wall she never will . It is ASTONDING how she thinks she will get away with her antics forever !

  5. oh yes you can see this when that 4 eyed goon Randy Quinn or is it Randi Queer Odd Ball , smart mouth , thinks he can talk to women , and run a board of stupid women in a female dominated career . Thanks Harris , you dirty lobbying lawyer who got pulled , and no more lobbyists for the board. Now he’s over at BEUS” law school , setting up friends to be judges. the dirt of AZ ! These mormons only take care of themselves, a business model cult for creeps.

      1. know this the BON is back using lobby liars like Harris , JOKEY RIDENOUR IS DESPERATE !!!

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