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After reviewing recent conventional media reports about the ‘Worst States to Live In’ it is very apparent we’re grossly involved in a cultural twist going on and will chaulk up Arizona’s #1 worst state rating as political trash easily found on mainstream media; However comma evidence used in some categories of eval is pure pin ball wizard facts as this page has noted documents available to bullseye support fraud in the attorney general’s office. Common knowledge of major crimes against nurses. Already in evidence followed by a foundation of black letter law burning, constitution non-existent. Ditto comma puppet master whom so often knew Paul Peterson would report good numbers. The health care lost its soul when they had oxy addicted medical director Lisa Wynn allowing unvetted physicians into state causing horrors that you don’t have to be Arizona to find; many states give the appearance of safety and innocence but ruled by corruption. Speaking to immoral acts by AZBN and those ancillary depts such as overseers, ombudsmen, adm law ct who support them you have been spy rigged and your history is now documented in nursing history. I know that doesn’t mean much in that coliseum center of yours and probably means way less for the nurses who didn’t survive your horrors as they can no longer feel anything, but for the many whose mentors invented nursing zeal it means carrying our dead colleagues in our hearts and making sure their memories of their gift delivering lives gets documented and easily found.