The Hateful 8 AZBN

There can be little doubt that the leaders and regulators of Arizona nursing truly hate whom they’re leading. So many nurse interviews seldom escape the never ending question as to why these leaders abuse nurses by falsifying evidence, ignore Az State statutes, use non adjudicated police reports, and much more to which many are aware. The names of those openly attaching themselves to these claims are not many to which fear of this criminal agency surfaces in areas defining over-regulation along with a unique set of mean behaviors seldom seen either here or abroad, the many nurses grossly in fear for their safety are seldom heard from. Not all disappear.

A federal medicare device came out about ten years ago to help the public express their complaints about the care they received while being treated by providers. A facility receiving complaints of bad treatment can be fined, and worse, when no reasonable answer is submitted to identify the reason for the complaint. Bogus complaints filed by physicians and adms. hit upon nurses as the culprits and the AZBN shores this up and a Bingo for $$ is saved. Many nurses have done absolutely nothing wrong except speak up about safety concerns. Complaints of this nature has its Queens of Whistle Blowers whose cases are already in evidence and documents can verify themselves in a short time.

The above is common knowledge and is assisted by the local attorneys such as Beth A. Campbell, Sunita Krishna, and T. Scott King of Bowwlaw of Phoenix. Also be advised that anybody who thinks they can sing, and can not, should go to the Philippines to learn karaoke from the pros. Evidently few from that country can sing in tune and have compensated with marvelous karaoke performances.

A post on this page wouldn’t be complete without an example of over regulation and corruption although not completely related to false and fraudulent complaints. A CNA from another state who was convicted of a felony 6 yrs prior to being cleared in the home state wanted to come to Arizona. She had an opportunity to work at her dream job with the Az Parks as a field agent and also as a part time CNA. AZBN wanted her on probation for, by now about an 11 yrs old case, so the CNA basically said fuck you as she would just work at parks job. Low and behold her name ended up on some data bank for denials of licenses to which the parks dept. roasted her appointment. She leaves Az. and goes back to her home state where two years later the home state was forced to apply probation on a 13 y.o. case, to which they had previously cleared. Talk about an over puffed up system that lets physicians get away with felony endangerments and totally drops the ball on the education of CNAs on how to monitor and document the menstruation cycle of a vulnerable adult who suddenly delivers and nobody has a clue. So if there is a course of reasoning that runs parallel with the well documented status of the U.S. being nearly at the bottom of the industrialized world’s evaluation of countries’s health care safety record, you can be sure the regulatory agencies such as the AZBN are connected to this horrible rating.

The hateful 8 is the inclusion of the Bd members plus Ridenour and the Queen of Nurse Haters. J Dahn. Although we do know nurses have many more to choose from.