This link will take you to recent AZBN Mtg and when the playbar comes up go to about 25.00 and a comment by a nurse about the process of getting a lic in AZ. The nurse is specific about events in the field are long ago events and has no clinical issues and the robotics of a psychological eval at a foolish template price \; not to mention her years of great nursing experiences. The AZBN rejected her request for withdrawal of application after fumbling through laws that then suited them and ‘red flags’ that no other Bd addressed…period. Her declaration should be heard by all nurses as it focuses in on the nurse’s history of growth and service to the community. Her name will be heard if you start @25.00 on sound bar.

Our work and struggles at the bedside are not helped by the illegal activities of the AZBN. Restricting these kinds of nurses from nursing helps define why the U.S. health care stats are below Romania in world ratings. Another piece of the picture puzzle creating the ‘third leading cause of death in the U.S.’. Below Romania??