This link will take you to recent AZBN Mtg and when the playbar comes up go to about 25.00 and a comment by a nurse about the process of getting a lic in AZ. The nurse is specific about events in the field are long ago events and has no clinical issues and the robotics of a psychological eval at a foolish template price \; not to mention her years of great nursing experiences. The AZBN rejected her request for withdrawal of application after fumbling through laws that then suited them and ‘red flags’ that no other Bd addressed…period. Her declaration should be heard by all nurses as it focuses in on the nurse’s history of growth and service to the community. Her name will be heard if you start @25.00 on sound bar.

Our work and struggles at the bedside are not helped by the illegal activities of the AZBN. Restricting these kinds of nurses from nursing helps define why the U.S. health care stats are below Romania in world ratings. Another piece of the picture puzzle creating the ‘third leading cause of death in the U.S.’. Below Romania??


22 thoughts on “AZBN Mtg

  1. Nurses entire careers being destroyed . This nurse makes it real clear her dream was to go to AZ and hike trails explore while working in the winter. But also real clear she has joined the NEVER WORK IN ARIZONA AS A NURSE CLUB .
    As a added kick in the teeth McCormies who sounds like a real fake bitch, “”thank you for attending the Board of Nursing meeting today “. Notice how she tried to sound like she hesitated to vote against her . But she couldn’t resist , she got bd pres by sucking up to staff she is not going to do the right thing and vote what a normal reasonable nurse would do .
    All negative bitches. McCormies makes the decision hers by her ‘suggestive speech” then tries to back out like it wasn’t her . Slimy . A real sociopath. Don’t by her lying words look at the gleem in her eyes when she goes for the kill .

    1. while cindy mand makes statements of 1/2 truth , we all know better . ‘only 1-2% of nurse receive discipline” That is not a accurate account at all.
      a complaint that is plain retaliation, does not rise to a complaint at all, or an investigation goes on is PUNISHMENT , stressful time and leaves a bad taste.
      How many are dismissed, still punishment how many are loc , still punishment , generally over nothing , how many fines are assessed . and 1-2% of 100,k RN’s is still a lot . The lifetime destroying of ones career , making their education worthless , a big deal , and severe punishment , most of these have nothing to do with nursing or illegal activities. As much as Cindy moved around, in nursing, you know she made errors, janeen DON sure did , deadly , but they still have a license and make way more than the hard working direct care nurses .
      But put them through the ringer , by corney carolyn , and her “CONCERNS” . always trying to make something out of nothing , pointing out anything that makes them look bad SELECTIVELY . so stop saying “Continue to do fairly” it is not in your nature , your a black heart witch and will always be, JO ridenour JO mccorny, something in common, wicked thoughts , and trying to get others to act on your nasty mind idea , and then focus the blame on them .

  2. that stupid dirty atty at the bon is probably typing out some whacked up policy to keep information from the public . again ! and get the dumber members of the board to vote on it , and they will cause they are all stupid sheep. they put stuff on their agenda’s and say “for your information” UH No stupid’s it is not for the boards INFORMATION is if for the publics information .
    how many gov committee rules are approved that were NEVER brought up at the meetings. WHAT ARE THEY HIDING ????

      1. AZ BON is solidifying its reputation as the “enter at your own risk” state. Better be sqeeky clean or you will have to go through the gauntlet and risk your career and reputation. Even those who did not break any laws are taking a huge risk having the license in this boards hands . “This board” who is NOT working with clean hands !

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    1. The most important thing for Nurses is license protection insurance. At least working in racist AZ.
      of course isn’t that why janeen DON works at the board, she can’t get it without paying an arm and a leg due to her ‘screw up ?”

  4. notice the little blond boyer bitch, saying “she thinks she doesn’t have a problem” . OH but boyer bitch knows she does ? Based on a psych who is paid to write something the board can work with . How did boyer get a license with her ‘critical thinking ‘ in the basement . She made a motion based on obedience, that is what is instilled in that dumb blond’s thought process.

    1. McCnutty told others to talk, so Boyer talks, obedient, but would be better off keeping her molly mormon mouth shut . Ducey appointed her because she is married to Paul Peter Principled moron . Got to clean out the board, at least Gov office is has term limits .

  5. Trying to keep Hill-Mekoba in place as President was mute point; “Carolyn knows so much more”; “Carolyn will get the cases heard more quickly”. Sadly…..

  6. Mekoba Hill was put in as a token, Board accused of being racist. How can they be with a black woman as president . EZ , they are . Mekoba hill wants to show that blacks can have brains , get an education. She ended up just agreeing with McCorny , to shut her arguing up . Hill will never be accepted by the mo mo’s , never . Carolyn THINKS she knows more , a fool with a mouth and too much power. Surely randy has his comments flowing , and wanted to prove himself right. He told them not to vote Hill in, trying to run the board when he was not even on it !! , which shocked him to not be renewed. . Quinn and his power trip . Smart mouth condesending creep ! Who ever said get cases done ‘quickly ‘ is as whacked out as she is . sounds like jokey .
    MCCorny is so busy promoting herself not sure how anyone gets a word in . “im feeling smart ” ,”Isn’t that was I just said’ NO it isn’t , it is what the atty said to correct you and get you to do things per legal std. After 6 years you would think she could catch on ! So disappointing what the board is made up of, and how much damage this stupid gang does . sad !!

  7. Having had a front row seat; the other board members were pushing so hard to get CM back in the queen’s seat; not to mention how she was pushing to get herself there; Carmen didn’t stand a chance. Hill Mekoba so much better suited; treated people with more dignity and respect……not only listened to what was being said; but HEARD what was being said..

    1. I can see these dirty players all getting together , and saying hey we all got to get MCNUTTY back in, she is one of us. Bulling , and outing a Bd member , just like the temple teaches ! Shun them , we have our way of doing things and if you haven’t caught on , we need to take care of certain ones because we are biased , but don’t say that . Oh no, here is what you say at the meetings “we are protecting the public” . repeat after me, this is what you say, and emma said so , she lies we know that but , that is ok, most of the people will believe anything, we have to power .

    2. Carolyn McCormies (mcCornuts) needs to release that tiara , and bend way over so she can find out she has an asshole.

    3. Carolyn thinking she is any kind of example of how any nurse should be is out of her mind. 200, 000 nurses in az and this is best you got ??? aren’t them some direct patient care, common sense , not about themselves , that have knowledge , and are not overly traumatizing to other nurses in the entire state of AZ ?? Do not need any more quack jobs with initials who think they are ‘smart “. retain and regurgitate for the test, does not mean you know anything. or can be a leader . McCornies is the biggest fake , put on , sneaky bitch. I can see her saying “oh thank you I will do the best I can , all of us will , it is you that make this work” (hey carolyn wake up bitch, it is NOT WORKING , She will never get it, her mind is molded , might as well talk to a pile of wood, she is crazy closed minded.

    4. From the view, would like to know how the cover up is coming along . When the big bruiser book keeper finds 2017 noticed the discrepancies. well that would point the finger and stupid RANDY QUINN !!! HAHA . He wanted everyone to think he was big and bad, he is responsible for millions of dollars , well you Fuked up and now your in the hot seat. Cannot be trusted .
      Yep he runs his mouth , but has nothing to say , take on a responsibility and now you get the fingers pointed at you . Love it when one of the dirty dogs has to sweat.
      They do have a need to sweat too. And the bishop aka hitler wont be able to help . Dirty hands on the mo mo’s . Cannot be trusted ANY of them .

  8. Oh yea , McCornuts , had her gang of biased creeps for her , boyer is not going against her sister wife, Fountain was coached to be on the BON, if Randy Quinn the moron, can’t be there as DICKtator he wants one he can control, on it, hard to believe this woman gives anesthesia without direction at every turn. This makes a problem for a outside unbiased , to come in and even out the creeps. Mccornuts has been sucking Lori’s butt for YEARS , false flattery , when you know she doesn’t approve of this party animal . And Berrigan , well Safford alumni , like McCornuts , just one big gang . Sickening , ‘queen’ turd is all she is , this is why the board needs to be CLEANED OUT . McCornuts will never amount to anything, she is such a LOSER , and plays dirty with other nurses . Just like quinn the ODD DUCK ! Even how the vote went around , like they “tried” to give her a chance .

  9. Fear should set in now……Quinn can rejoin the board after he is gone for 5 years…..what was old.well; will just continue to perpetuate…new members come and go…..Gutierrez is not a stupid woman; just naive and gullible…….Berrigan worships the ground that CM walks on……say something negative about CM to either one……prepare for battle…….

    1. That fake March of Dimes awards , is very telling he has his ego running on fake awards . It was JOKEY Ridenour who also got March of Dimes award . For what ??? never donate to this farce group ever.
      Who is working to pass rules to stop some of the madness ? who is doing ANYTHING ??
      Just let them pass policy / rules every meeting and no one is even objecting .
      The azna might just as well DISBAND for how worthless they are , in fact hurting nurses by siding with the BON.
      Shameful group. AZ teachers are much more organized.
      Never should any appointed position allow Jokey to be in her director position over 4 years. You end up with Joke Arpaio types ,
      Never should AZNA have 1 person in for decades as Dir . high paid hake .
      the fear should be if janeen dahn or cindy mand takes over as director , that should scare the hell out of anyone . AZ does not need another double edge sword such as Valerie Smith . surely on jokey’s speed dial . “Val, It’s me joey, what do you think I should think ?”

      1. An article written by (HAHA) Mccorny , and cynthia Olsen, (another March of Dimes gang member , club March of Dimes) . A Common thread , don’t ever think March of Dimes is a do good organization it is only for pass the tiara time , and now queer randy wears it . You can fool some of the people some of the time, but when found out how fake , it is very concerning !

  10. They do break a lot of laws, 5 yrs repeat 1 x, and who is working on changing the rules ? Randy Quinn the moronic , typical male cocky smart mouth , got in by another one, Harris . lobbyist who got it passed crna’ s can be part of the BON. with 100k rns not ONE working bedside RN on the bd but < 1000k crna's and law changed ! Who is working on this , not the azna that is for sure . Berrigan is termed out, a has been never was, little pretend nurse who is back up voter for her GF , by voting her way . obedient . Simple minded , show up vote 1k a day . Of course Berrigan's grandmother lived SAfford, probably same sperm bank , and multiple wives. Berrigan was cited by the AZ Board , for nursing homes , but got off, their address is 1740 Adams same building , and surely she said she is on the BON. favoritism . She should have been outed for the complaint . Outdated having 2 little pretend nurses on the BON , hospitals haven't hired them in YEARS ! Gutierrez is stupid,as long as she has been there she still hasn't a clue. Anderson, deaf and dumb . SO DISAPPOINTING the make up of this board that makes decisions, on nurses entire lives. Sad state of affairs AZ , with this group, who McCmormies continually breaks her arm patting herself on the back, making false statements about how great they are .

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