The amount of stupidity equates to the ultimate betrayal to the general public. It doesn’t matter if it started with the former fired medical board director, Lisa Wynn or the mentally deficient neurosurgeon who couldn’t remember the name of the nurse he was testifying against, the end results are the same…death and disability and violations galore for the pt. For this page it is critical to dominate the evidence of Board actions with documentation, already in evidence, to substantiate this page.

Today we’ll present HIPPA violations to the general public on a random civilian whom just happened to get in the way of the AZBN evil and illeagl machine. Thirty years ago a nurse had an affair with a married woman and got pregnant. The relationship went sour, the woman had an abortion to which the nurse, the father was unaware of but paid for the procedure thinking it was some kind of gyn procedure to assist in financial burdens. Never thought otherwise until the twisted tale of three lovers collides with greed when the notification is sent to the nurse as he is the initial provider that another insurance claim has been filed for a pregnancy termination. Now all this is Gerry Springer stupid when the married woman needs to do a lover 50 ways to get lost as he knows too much. These plans of mice and men end up in endless protection order documents which are not related to abortion and have no need of support and medical documentation violation as the nurse was in fact payee of the abortion, unwittingly knowing, or not. The trick is getting these nasty files of a love affair gone wrong thirty years ago…but if there is a crime or a violation only the AZBN can do that, post that, mail that; So those protection order complaints also reveal the inner workings of HIPPA violations as its posting the medical records results on somebody who has not signed any releases. The entire case was completely unrelated to nursing and demonstrates one of many acts of stupidity by the AZBN causing the general public harm.

So you can well imagine the woman’s surprised when I show her the 30 year old results of her abortion posted all over the web. The incompetent leading the ignorant to do the unnecessary. Stupidity.