Victimizing Ducey And Barto AZBN

We give many at the Board and its constituents, Adm Law Court & Attorney General an A+ for fraud and corruption. In that process somewhere along the way there must be supportive evidence for such a claim. There so often is and this post is a fact of one of many illegal acts.

Its probally been 5 yrs since Governor Ducey and Senator Nancy Barto worked tirelessly on revising Az Statutes relating to health profession regulatory boards. The governor vetoed the first draft and Senator Barto revised it the following year to which Govenor Ducey signed. That copy is published via Az. legislative net site. That is now law and published in one of several places and most importantly on You would think that the language in both publications would be the same. It is not. I suppose there was a time I might classify the discrepancies as harmless errors; naturally that was before I confronted Diane Mihalsky’s court with Beth A. Campbell as the AAG prosecuting my case. Cross referencing the signed legal document with what is now law the language was altered from what was introduced as law at the court hearing. Although parrot Milhalsky played dumb to the new law by saying what I was referencing was for physicians and not nurses. The law is for ALL regulatory agencies but the AZBN is only one to change the language of that law to suit their case. The perjury, suborning perjury, mail fraud, and tampering with evidence is the subheading of the criminal behavior so well known by many Az nurses. Like all immoral crimes the motive of deciet completes the circle of needed intent to call it a crime. What could that motive be for a professional to take a chance with such blatant criminal acts. Well….first off they do not worry about getting caught as its a totalitarianism form of government and ALL the local courts are parrot aviaries. The other motives are well known to the shooters.

The disgrace brought to the government for these wanton acts of criminal behavior is a slap in the face to the governing body as it simply not only ignores them but makes their late night hard work useless. The general population immediately wants to blame the Governor and the legislature for the horrors now seen in our health care system. The general population is wrong, its not the Governor or the legislature, we all know precisely where the blame belongs. If there is a nurse out there who hasn’t seen neglect able homicide and felony endangerment then they just didn’t work in Arizona long enough.