Red Dragon

Red Dragon, authored this post and is specific to real names of people. Red Dragon is one of many nurses abused by the AZBN. I do know this nurse, and there is absolutely no reason in the world why this nurse isn’t in the field right now. Like many of us. Fact is we are. 

Abracadabra Alakazam you’ll turn to a frog when I say Bam, “BAM”. Little spot just sat in the middle of the living room floor batting his eyes while watching J. Dahn as she attempted to change him to a species other than who he was. Spot grow fatigued of J. Dahn’s nonsense, he yawned, and stood up turned a few circles in the floor, then lay down in a ball and closed his eye. Dang, what is the problem said J. Dahn, I have all the correct ingredients, dried lizard tail, a dash of salt, a dash of pepper, Franks scent, and a drop of spots pee. Okay let me look at the recipe again, J. Dahn opened the spells book to page 32, which she had bought at changing hands Sunday after her and a couple of her pagan friends had lunch from the Wild Flower Bread Company. J. Dahn slide her reading glasses down off her head, and over her nose as she wrinkled her nose, and squinted her eyes. Okay now J. Dahn said as she called out aloud what she had wrote and comparing what was typed in the book, “a dash of salt, a dash of pepper, Franks scent, and a drop of spot’s pee” Franks scent….hmmmm, Frankincense, Frankincense, FRANKINCENSE, oh how could I have confused the two, J. Dahn thought what a chore that was Tuesday chasing in behind that new RN investigator Frank trying to scrape off a drop of his sweat with a lolly pop stick.

J. Dahn was supposed to orientate Frank on Policies & Procedures in the investigation department for a week, but after J. Dahn dogging Frank with every step around the office bug eyed, and staring at his neck he called in the following day to inform Ridenour he had taken another job. Frank felt quite uneasy having such a large woman stalk him like that, little did he know J. Dahn had plans for all those who came through her office. J. Dahn did not like independent articulate, critical thinkers, nor those who had compassion for other nurse colleagues, no one would be smarter than she. J. Dahn was concocting spells to keep all new hires under her spell of dumb assness, that’s correct “Dumb Assness”, that was the name of the spell, the only issue was she needed the correct ingredients. Off to changing hands for Frankincense J. Dahn went.


35 thoughts on “Red Dragon

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  2. A witch for sure. This is one board member witch says she ‘trusts our board staff ” when Dummy Dahn says diabetics never get steroids , C Mcormies will not disagree , faithful to those who got the whack job in on the board. So who cares what a dr says , between MCC and dahn, they seem to think they know more. IDIOTS , making a mockery out of the entire state of nurses. Backwards. Dahn’s theory on antibiotics is “out there ” too. but Mccormies is going to side with anyone in charge and not science, or those who know more . They both need continuing education.

    1. Very “selective enforcement ” by biased Beth and Caroliar . One case was a nurse who got involved with a patient. Of course he wasn’t part of the inner circle so they threw the book at him . Interesting that when a report was made to the AZ BON about our DON in Prescott, setting up nurses to date her brother , it was not even an issue. Even when her brother John Famalaro, did date a couple of the nurses . That all ended when it was discovered he killed a woman . Put her in a freezer and kept her for years , Denise H. Many woman came out that he had dated them then handcuffed them, or choked them , and got away .
      This sister must have known he was dangerous, she was the DON at nursing home and setting him up with nurses to date. IS this POOR JUDGEMENT ? nothing happened to match maker , but the nurses did not date again for a LONG time.

      1. That is the exact crooked justice that defines the AZBON. It is blatant hypocrisy. Do as I say , not as I do ( or as the AZBON special friends and select special nurses with benefits) do.
        These are disgusting, low life individuals with zero integrity. Kind of like Nancy Pelosi, the potato head in the Whitehouse claiming to be the elected president, Nadler, and Chuckle Schumer..when we all know and can see right through their fraudulent activities. Keep pushing the narrative of “public safety” in attempts to force feed that bs propaganda to the AZ constituents and health care consumers. Just like current disorder at the border by executive order…its only a matter of time before it all catches up to each and everyone of you. Righteousness guards him whose way is upright, but sin overthrows the wicked.
        Proverbs 13:6 RSV

      2. Nurses burning out , want to know if this crazy staffing in AZ is ‘normal” , That’s what happens when workers don’t unionize. Left Arizona for this exact reason. 6 patients, took 8 during the peak of the pandemic there. Now I have 4 patients on an average night, not uncommon to have 3. Worst case scenario I take 5. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s “normal”
        Just in case you don’t know , mormon’s are UNIONS , they prefer joining their cult , lot’s of mormon’s at that Arizona Board of Nursing office , on the board, and hired in mgt.

      3. Very interesting comparing az bon to democrats , actually they will go which ever way the money takes them . They equate money to power. Between Sinema, Flake, Romney they vote republican; “Cinema Kirsten is acting like a R” but can flip at any moment, depending on their orders from Kock . all from the cult crud tree.
        Democrats generally vote for unions . You won’t find mormons doing this they look at unions as a threat, but mormon’s in any type of government is a threat to the people . Selfish brainwashed strange rituals .

      1. When you look at the case of marine wife Cynthia Sommer , accused to killing her husband trial , the dirty prosecutor LAURA GUNN who knew about evidence but prosecuted this young mother anyways. When the evidence that proved NO EVIDENCE of arsenic, was discovered by the prosecutor before trial , then was reversed after she was convicted, and the PROSECUTOR KNEW ABOUT IT ! but did not bring it up . withholding information. Giving 1/2 the story . just like the dirty prosecutors do to the dumb board members who are hearing lies and more lies ! A new trial awarded. She was innocent ! This is the kind of “work’ that Krishna and Campbell. !! (add EMMA MAMALUY who is from atty gen office , another prosecutor mentality freak of nature . Really mental messed minds. Who can attack someone knowing they are not guilty , what kind of sick person raised these hateful bitches . ? What kind of animals collect pay checks to do THIS !! No different attacking good nurses !! NO different. Lock them up , keep them from society . dangerous crooks.

      2. It is easy to be upset when you think of these low life dirt bags, They certainly must think how miserable the nurses are who they damaged. Do they realize this is only when you think about them and what happened.
        Think about the benefits. not working in a covid germ filled hospital . Not going to staff meetings where the mgrs are a big mental mess twin to the board members who talk like some sick nurses who do not do what you do !
        But the days off to do what ever do what people who have time to smell the roses. No deadlines or put on a false front . No ‘cases’ of digging for dirt . Take mini trips to see what they haven’t seen if working and doing it while able to enjoy. Compare to the prostitutes who get that 2 week vacation who plan for it all year round, go somewhere and pretend to put all the corrupt work aside.

    2. IS there anyone in her family that can tell her (Karolyn McCorney ) ! she needs to stay home and play with the grand children. ? Oh on second thought , those poor children are getting the indoctrination enough, so much damage to undue ! take up knitting, make a nice quilt , you suck at nursing, teaching, and treating others fairly or even half way decent, (still trying to think of some good thing this dumb bitch is good for , ) someone tell her she is not smart , and STFU already .

      Got it !!! Karolyn McCORNEY , CORNEY for sure, She can cut eyes out of dead people !! Perfect job for her . keep her in the morgue ! Excellent , run that babble mouth all day and no one listening.

      1. Excellent ! Yes ! Hide her in the cellar , basement . Everything that comes out of that mouth is parroted by the higher ups. She has her IRON ROD , glowing . One more “tender mercies ” regurgitated statement (puking while trying to keep it down) . The next best news is that Elizabeth Campbell is her first client ! She might have 4 eyes , since she grew another head ! HAHA Or Jokey !!
        Only not sure who would want any of their organs ! (eeewwwwww) !!
        Satan Sisters , while calling themselves ‘sweet spirits ” LOLOL !!!

      2. Hey guys, found this site , and just want to let you all know JOKEY the head heifer, was coming out of sono bello, paying big bucks to try to make up for her hate work . Surely she met the new board member having other nip and tucks. (Locnikar who is esthetics , unethical , being on a nursing board, but she sold her soul before ) . many boards, to ‘assist them with their dirty work ” .

  3. What idiot would hold life saving steroids from a life threatening respiratory situation? Is that tub of lard who killed a patient herself really that effin stupid?…it was sheer uneducated stupidity that had me say “no thanks” to nursing management after one tour of duty. To think I could be held liable for a nurse that was under my supervision that was stupid enough to administer tylenol elixir via IV??? Oh h*ll NO. Guess tubby was too busy eating instead of doing her required readings in school..dumb AF

    1. Correction *** first sentence should read
      “What idiot would hold life saving steroids from a diabetic in an acute airway attack?”

  4. Bonner & Mand: Hippy & Gypsy that was the nickname they had coined for their selves after they had become great friends while working at AZBN. Hippy would scratch Gypsy’s ass and Gypsy would scratch Hippy’s ass, literally and in the since of covering for one another, or you know, theoretically. Hippy was married but Gypsy was not, however that did not bother Hippy she did not feel this marriage thing was a real commitment, Hippy preferred to be free loving, well that’s how she liked to look at it. Hippy & Gypsy liked to meet up after work once a week, and do things they sanctioned other nurses for, dope smoking, yeah, that’s correct, smoking the big one. Hippy passed the roach to Gypsy, then lay back on her bean bag and laughed as she tried to hold on to the smoke, Gypsy took a nice long drag, then tried to hold in the smoke but burst out laughing, and blowing the smoke across the room. Hippy & Gypsy was laughing so hard they began to tear up, and have a belly ache. After a few minutes of laughing Gypsy said, “We are going to have some kind of fun with that RN, can you believe we got him to talk to us”, Hippy & Gypsy burst into laughter again. AZBN had a policy of tag teaming nurses they interviewed, recording them on their personal phones, and from the facilities camera too. Other investigators would watch the interviews as well. Hippy & Gypsy did not consider lie, stealing, altering documents, committing adultery, committing perjury, nor tampering with witnesses a crime since they had the support of the head heifer or female bovine herself, “Jockey”. However Hippy & Gypsy were the pure definition of a Sociopath. Sociopath’s actions are: they lie, they steal, they murder, they rape, they kidnap, they commit forgery, and they alter documents, commit adultery, commit perjury, they tamper with witnesses, they play people against each other in order to maintain control. Sociopath’s ultimate actions are to commit injury to others so they maintain control.

    1. Notice it is only drinking they go nuts over , how about BANKRUPTSY ?? HUH?? Lori Gutierezz ??? unable to take care of your money and pay your bills ?? HOW unprofessional of you ! How about Adultery ?? Several of them have committed that one. DUI”s oh yea Busby and others, speeding tickets LOTS of them for RANDY QUINN the moron !! of course he told investigators when they mentioned speeding, “we don’t worry about that “. why not poor choice , and public safety !!! we all know PUBLIC SAFETY is biggest lie they tell the students who don’t know any different . Cindy Mand, discussing nurses who have been before the board with others , working on getting her spies lined up . ! she thinks she really secretive , just STRANGE !! trouble maker mand !

    2. An announcement MARCO LOPEZ is running for Gov. He sure has his work cut out for him cleaning the cult out of the board of nursing . IF AZ has to turn blue to clean up the mess and stop the ‘connected ones from retreading over and over “, the dirty dir needs the BOOT, , STAT, and keep those ASSociates out of there too. Messed up minds can’t think for themselves. Board that is run by a wicked heartless stupid mouth piece sociopathic con artist , from Eastern AZ college a BYU , run outfit.

  5. it took me forever to even figure out how to get a message out to ask any questions regarding this site, that may be on purpose but I need there anyone on here who can tell me what recourse a nurse has to fight a board order?

    1. forget attorney’s they just want to plea bargain . Keep their careers floating with $$$. it is a racket sign or lose license . How did it get to this ? a Rogue board . You know the answer file apply in another state get the hell out of AZ!
      Even Minn dropped the case on the nurse, started acting like AZ BON, they know better , made big headlines , but nurses their have more guts they got off their butts and formed a union. Of course who hates unions – mormons do not believe in them , they want all the power to control the government. Sad state of affairs for AZ . cant trust ANY one of them . may i repeat for pb, CAN”T trust any of them . share nothing . Not your friend. Many nurses have heard ‘bon not your friend’ , well neither are the creeps who come bearing false front and they are on the same side. Silence is Golden . Why would they have a ‘need ‘ to know ? hmm.Sometimes you got to think.
      Old Chinese proverb ” Questions asked do not have to be answered.”
      and “it is better to be silent you can always tell later , once you tell, no one trust you”
      Old Thai proverb, “once you betray, spilling beans, little bird flies away”.
      And if that don’t work , got a sludge hammer .

  6. A case in Ohio of cops lying rigging a case to get a conviction , are now getting another trial. The Ohio innocence project taking on the case, after those who did not commit the crime spend the best years of their life behind bars. How are these lying cops any different that the board of nursing who do ‘selective ‘ investigations . Witch hunts . How are these corrupt prosecutors any different than the AAG elizabeth campbell , sunita krishna . ?? There is no difference. The nurse handcuffed from working in their field , scarred reputation, living a free life ? living in a free society ? Abused by a system who has the most money wins ? Dirty cops dirty board . both liars “protecting the public” . Abuse , is abuse . Let them have their licenses taken , let them be headlines in their field , put them in prison. scum all of them .

  7. The AZ Board of nursing state agency is putting out news letters .So much for those of you who had your name spread all over the state . That no longer happens.
    they are warning nurses about a scam email. (the only scam IS THE AZ BON !) Don’t be fooled ! no one scams nurses telling them they have a board complaint , unless they are getting money. And even then come on really !! This is a hoax by BON bitches who do not want anyone contacting anyone to warn them about the corrupt bon ! so there are 1450 cases , a year that have “substance to them” but only 205 on the ‘alternate to discipline ” drug addicts r us groupies. so 1245 nurses are revoked or on probation but they fail to mention that . Their numbers do not add up either ! Come on CINDY MAND, you took statistics, your as big an joke as the bookkeeper .
    They will be able to fool some real gullible ones like themselves. They failed to put the number of psychological evaluations they ordered !! Must be a slip up , certainly they want THAT , out there. or maybe not since the love to order psych evals on almost every nurse.
    One nurse said , “oh that is good thing they order psych evals to license them” OH NO . They use them to place a mental health stigma on nurses ! Those screwed by AZBN know that but who else is keen enough ?

  8. Most people in America think we have the World’s best system of justice until they find themselves on the other side of the fence. Much like medicine, the legal system has devolved into an “industrial complex.” Most citizens finding themselves afoul of the government realize quickly that it is an uneven fight. The prosecutors have access to unlimited financial resources and “tricks” at their disposal, while the defendant fights at their peril. Even if you win, you never recover the cost of defending yourself. Justice in America becomes a game of chicken, a David vs Goliath battle. The prosecutors have unquestionable discretion, which for nurses usually means no leniency, because they intend to make an example out of you. When it comes to nursing matters , the board is a biased bunch of political hacks and lack the sophistication or intelligence to weigh the evidence properly. it gets worse when you add “conspiracy” crimes in which no crime has been committed, but the prosecutor just have to convince the dumb dumb’s on the board there was reasonable belief. Reasonable by who’s account. ? Sign here or lose license . Thus, most cases are settled. Finally, a touch on it tangentially, what is the best use of nurses and providers who have had legal problems in the past, have paid their debt to society, and wish to re-enter the practice of medicine? As most people know, nurses pay a huge investment for their licenses. In these times of relative nursing shortages, doesn’t it make sense to allow these nurses to serve. The state nursing boards have mechanisms to see who keeps their license or not. Just look up ancestry see if they are active tithing mormons. Of course, there are certain offenses that should bar re-entry to practice forever.

  9. Here is a puzzle to figure out. Anyone with a nursing license in AZ needs to have 480 hours to renew. If you don’t know “Anderson” on the board of nursing. From corrupt DES she fits right in. She is retired and couldn’t run the halls, or do nursing and take a team of patients in her past , later years or now. But the board got it passed that “if your job requires it the hours count toward the 480” now ms Cecelia Anderson, who is there to support other board members by voting yes, just like a talking parrot, ‘Anderson “YES” . ” actually surprised she doesn’t say “McCormies , yes” or ‘aye” like two parrots yes and yes . Every once in awhile they will give her an easy to read , case. Read it right off of the computer . But join in on any discussion ! UH , well she knows better than to open her stupid mouth. She is not cut out to be on a board or make comments about anything. Well unless heavy drinking is involved. EXPERT ! Anderson was listed as a public member , then as a RN count towards the board . Her license was in retirement , and all of a sudden she is active ! amazing isnt it !!! Just ONE of the crooked schemes they pull . Board meetings are 2 days , so no way in hell this lying woman and corrupt staff had the hours in the renew as active . And now there is another Anderson , as investigator. Surely related but they are liars so who knows. hateful bitter old bitty , time to hang it up .
    Actually NO puzzle to figure out, and not one to bring it’s attention to since Ducey writes ‘feel sorry for you but nothing I can do ! ” . Dudley do little. OR do nothing .

  10. Just like Randy Quinn telling people he is an ‘expert ‘ on anesthesia . What a pompous ass the crooked sneaky snake is . What nurse talks like THAT !!! So full of himself, he is so messed up. SO is the MARCH OF DIMES who put this jerk as ‘nurse of the year ” (puke my guts out ) but then those cult members take turns making others think they are better then others. Like the Eagle Scout , don’t trust any atty who was eagle scout the cult is full of them . Give awards to the mormon boys , then molest them . Notice they just vote each other in take turns a JOKE . Denise link, Melanie logue and pussy randy quinn , the them is A MOTHER OF A MOVEMENT , OH yea ! Randy Quinn the BOWEL MOTHER OF A MOVEMENT , one big POS ! . A real pansy that one.

  11. Oh yea the same names just keep creeping up. > 100k nurses and nurses have to put up with a kook like Carolyn McCormies, making all the decisions. ? sad !! Then the name Anderson, like Rhonda , ceo Cardon’s Children . Cardon – Mormon. sure get their noses into healthcare . Part of Joint Commission. and Robert Wood Foundation, Chamberlain College. Am Hospital Assoc (just like Jokey ) and of course March of Dimes (who would have thought the mission creeps taking turns with that organization , passing the crown around ? sad One big conspiracy , using children’s birth defects to gain some notoriety . Sick mothers , quinn being the worst of the worst. Some OB nurse who spends her day with fetal demise mothers, crying with them , and Randy A HOLE Quinn , is nominated , (by his gang of thieves, spotlight thrillers, microphone minions) .

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