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  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 3:14 pm on February 24, 2021 Permalink | Reply  

    Confidentiality Watchdogs AZBN 

    The questions asked by private emails and spam locker affiliates is that this page has confidante behaviors related to comments? This is a public page with an overseas server making any legal tracking a PIA but doable by ISP only. Names used in posts by Watchdogs is all documentation by AZBN and National Council with alleged accusations, ADM Law Court & Az Atty Gen Office Too numerous to count state and local law enforcement documents and nurses; are considered factual. The standard of posts comments allowed are you are are own your own. Since Snowden we know Big Brother has you keyword. I know Big Brother is now on high alert to threats and violence and uses the net as a filter. Character assassination here is allowed, within reason as its what nurses do. Board activities and personnel relationships in specified functions is also logged in here. The time frame of credentialed documents is about two years. Although there is also two years of totally anonymous docs which although saved will not be Nursing History Accessible. Civil actions in today’s world can be rectally inserted after being conned rolled with one end annaly inserted, lighting it on fire then dance around on one leg until it goes out. Like…Good Luck.

    The news of the AZBN behaviors is now being headed up by large groups of medical personnel bringing to many, many in the laymen sector of our communities. A new article on Medpage somewhat focuses upon the over management of nurses by political forces far removed from clinical practices. This information MUST BE engaged by direct confrontation so it doesn’t get cancelled like sooo many good nurses. Louis Brandeis … the light upon corruption for the public to see is more valuable than any court.

    • AZBON Victim of lies and corruption 3:49 am on February 26, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      True series of events. If this doesn’t show the corruption by the board, the cover up , just one example of the operation of the AZ BON .
      At a Board of Nursing meeting, (BON ) Jo Elizabeth Ridenour , the Ex Dir told members of the board and what ever public was present as well as Board staff, that she was not going to allow atty’s to advertise in the “Nurse ” magazine , because then ‘anyone could’. Then she made a nasty unprofessional comment “we have some unusual trolls following the meetings. ” (These are open public meetings ). Only one person has follow meetings consistently , until covid in person for years. And has been harassed in person in doing so. I submitted a complaint on line on Ridenour , she has a nursing license , due to her violation of the NPA, unprofessional conduct , whether on duty or not. Because she was on duty paid by the taxpayers conducting an open meeting.

      Then a meeting was held the following Board meeting. where the atty Emma Mamaluy , told Board members to vote on a new policy she wrote. A new policy concerning when complaints come into the agency about staff/ board members/ and agents (herself) . That she (Mamaluy ) would be the one and only one to decide these matters ! (Ridenour is Mamaluy’s ‘boss”, superior at the agency.

      I then requested to obtain a copy of the new policy, when i was sent a letter that I was not privy to hear the meeting they had and if i recorded it to destroy all copies and not tell anyone about the meeting ! (the meetings are recorded , but apparently they forgot to turn off the recorder for this sneaky slip in a new policy meeting. I posted it all on line and sent to many others . Mamaluy sent the threat hoping that I would act to her illegal demands and keep her dirty ‘trick ‘ secret.

      Then I received a letter stating that the complaint against Ridenour , was not substantiated , in other words Mamaluy played 1) the entire board (where complaints should go 2) made the entire decision after drawing up a new policy , AFTER the fact 3) board members were not told there was a complaint . “we don’t have that many complaints “. Acting like it was business as usual and not a cover up . OF course the BON members would vote yes, because she would do the same for them !

      They may as well just spank themselves.

      Emma Mamaluy , has given false statements to the police and in fact had to send in an addendum to cover her blantant lies. The security guard , was told by Mamaluy to tell the BON observer that I cannot talk to anyone. The police were called on the many threats by the BON. They know by her retracting statements she gave many untrue statements to the police and should be arrested herself.


    • never mo 7:03 pm on February 27, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      A special on Chad and Lori Daybell , mormons from Gilbert AZ, kid killers , in fact 5 people were killed all total. They would not tell anyone where the kids were , too bad they buried them with their phones in the back yard. Then there is Jodie Arias, mormon, who killed travis ALexander , mormon, who was a sex hound . Then Paul Peterson, lied to get pregnant women to AZ and sold their babies. Warren Jeffs, mormon, who had sex with 11 year olds and recorded it. So what makes this clown , get his attorney to announce at a board of nursing meeting ” HE SAID TO TELL YOU THAT HIS IS MORMON AND KNOWS HOW TO TREAT WOMEN, ” Was this some kind of a JOKE. Mormon women are bottom of the barrel in importance. They are to have lots of kids , and never hold any higher office. Get on committees, to keep from thinking about how other people live . He is not the first nurse to pull the mormon card knowing that they are all mormons running the board of nursing , a couple of tokens thrown in .


      • Belly Up 3:34 am on February 28, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Ring Worm (Staphylococcus)
        Yeah, some are ignorant enough to think the infection on the skin called ring worm is really a parasite however it is a bacterial infection. That would be true for those stupid enough to think the AZBN is for public safety, from my experience they are the parasite, and could care less about public safety.
        John P. Kauchick RN BSN, wrote an article regarding nursing boards, and how the nurses the boards are the most punitive to are the nurse whistleblowers.
        Never Mo…..you forgot to add to your list that c*%T mitt Romney, & Jeff flake, they claim to be something they are not. They are radicalized extremist who like to control citizens through politics. If they were real Christians they would know that we are responsible for our own actions which is called free agency. Slimiest creatures like Petersen who sold humans (HUMAN TRAFFICING), and his corrupt father David Petersen who was another low life that was in a political position in AZ, was caught red handed too, they are predators of the worst of their kind, they pray on the working class poor, then squeal like swine that they are MORMON Christians (YEAH SURE THEY ARE RELIGIUS, SATAN’S RELIGEION).


        • M D 11:15 pm on March 1, 2021 Permalink

          Report something unsafe to a board who regurgitates mamaluy’s song “public safety” that is like 78 that is skipping over and over and over public safety. why do board members LIE TO NURSES , or are they that STUPID . Taking care of patients , is what good nurses do, not join a political criminal government run torture chamber. Who’s says it best ? Ron Beatle, and Adam Slate , lots of knowledge. and top atty is Ron Hicks. watch there videos !


      • BSn. 8:27 pm on March 1, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        of course not the AZ ALJ’s they always side with the dirty prosecutor ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL AKA “BETH CAMPBELL” and SUNITA KRISHNA . Nurses cannot protect themselves ! Do not get a degree in nursing, this can happen to you ! In 2009, after nurse Terri Dye reached into her car and drew a handgun on an unfamiliar man advancing aggressively on her in a Lubbock hospital parking lot, a jury may or may not have concluded she acted in self-defense; the man, a process server in her divorce, never filed a complaint. But that didn’t stop the nursing board from moving in 2011 to suspend her license.

        Never mind that Dye hadn’t yet checked in at work, where her nursing skills were not in question: In legal filings, regulators contended the parking lot incident had grave — if theoretical — implications for patients. While none had actually witnessed the incident, a board expert testified that if they had, they might have been frightened by the gun.

        Dye’s behavior “did not conform to the minimum standards of nursing practice [because] Dye did not appropriately assess the situation,” the board’s legal filings explained. “If a nurse reacts without appropriately assessing a situation, it could cause an unsafe environment.”

        “It was ‘could’ve, could’ve, could’ve,’” recalled Dye, who now lives in Amarillo.

        At the judge’s recommendation, the board eventually decided not to punish Dye for the incident. But its final order in the matter stressed its authority: “The Board reiterates that a nurse may be subject to disciplinary action for unprofessional or dishonorable conduct whether such conduct occurs while the nurse is ‘on duty or on call’ or not.”


      • the real truth 11:55 pm on March 4, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        that McCormies is SO UNTRUSTING. everyone is a liar but her, and her kind. Those who do not trust are the ones who think about deceiving ways. ! “what is the student tried to get a license how would we know they have finished their course work’ . What a scam mind thought she has ! . although mcnamara said she contacted honor health and relayed a hearsay message. Hey McCormies the untrusting bitch you are , how do we know McNamara isnt lying ?? Why doesn’t she have to prove , in writing what Honor health said.??, She a nurse why are you believing her and not other cause you are INCONSISTENT , and McNamara is one you you .


    • NP- RN 8:34 pm on February 27, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Too many nurses give up, yes it is depressing to find out that the self proclaimed ‘leaders’ are as crooked as a snake. Some things have changed because of the ones who say , they want to be heard. And many many nurses do not know they have been saved by nurses who took their time to do something. If a nurse today gets a complaint the Corrupt Board of Nursing is no longer able to post on their license UNDER INVESTIGATION. Before being charged , yes they were doing this , and knew it was WRONG ! Nurses who are addicts have a program now that is confidential . The board of nursing was BLASTING NAMES all over the web, smear campaign . SHAMEFUL game players they are. Off label by NP has been stopped arresting and punishing good nurses by Drs who were wrong a PA who was wrong and NOTHING happened to the dirty dogs. There’s more tune in !


    • Peary Brown retired R.N. 3:20 pm on February 28, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      The news of the AZBN behaviors is now being headed up by large groups of medical personnel bringing to many, many in the laymen sector of our communities. A new article on Medpage somewhat focuses upon the over management of nurses by political forces far removed from clinical practices. This information MUST BE engaged by direct confrontation so it doesn’t get cancelled like sooo many good nurses.


    • NP, my mistake 6:31 pm on February 28, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      The BON here uses fines as a revenue stream, and they do like their money. I refuse to work as a NP because of their corruption, and ultimately I will likely leave my profession within the next couple of years rather than deal with regulatory over-reach into my private life. My work life is stressful enough, and I hate the level that they feel we need to be scrutinized at. I do not need the extra drama, stress, fear, and cost of insurance to represent me in the event of a “board action”.

      These boards are out of control, and the governors who appoint them are FOS if they say they can’t deal with the monsters they created. As long as I don’t show up drunk or high,have not harmed a patient or have a rap sheet as long as my arm it would be nice if they left me the hell alone to do my job.

      Physicians and other licensed professionals don’t deal with this legalized terrorism, and neither should nurses. If your state BON is a problem, vote accordingly. Let your state senator/representative and governor know that you will NOT vote for them if this continues. Unionize, apply pressure and they will tell these boards to go back to the hole they crawled out of.


    • Attention Mormons 9:05 pm on March 1, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Because I care where everyone’s souls will end up… all Mormons please watch this


      • Kiwi 8:02 am on March 4, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Hey there , From New Zealand , we are nurses and former mormon’s too. Our Prime Minister got out of the horrid cult too . She is way too much a lady , independent thinker to be part of that . Her Name Jacinda Ardern. They send those white shirt missionaries, poor confused lads over here. It’s tough for a strong young feminist to find a place within the LDS Church, which does not extend leadership opportunities to women in the manner Ardern describes here; church government simply does not have “equal showing from women,” a fact that someone like Ardern likely recognized at an early age.

        It also doesn’t provide women a substantial amount of choice regarding “the roles they take on.” The Mormon ideal has remained frozen in time since just after World War II: women are called to be mothers and to stay home with their children if at all possible.


    • Nothing to lose...no shame in my game 5:40 pm on March 5, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      The Arizona Board of Nursing is a huge waste of taxpayer money hiding behind the guise of “public safety” and have spent countless hours of time and taxpayer/ AZ constituents’ money destroying nurses with harsh, injust malicious prosecution of ‘some’ and not others. Their unequal distribution of crooked justice is something out of a Stephen King novel. Where else in the whole wide world would one nurse lose her entire 33 year perfect career over false allegations followed by a witch hunt, indiscriminate ordering of psychiatric evaluations to fit the narrative they are trying to draw up, report and discipline….? Let’s not forget their multiple violations of civil and due process rights…one would think no where..but despite what a trusting niave nurse might truly want and hope the case to be…just and fair, free of bias and corrupt government activities…it happens not only in AZ, but surprisingly, across this nation at various nursing boards.

      Please review the comments of this MedPage article, and you will see for yourself the comments going out nationwide


      I hope this not only opens your eyes wide up , but also fills you up with utter disgust and shame.

      These are your coworkers and peers involved in these shameful acts.

      Let me appeal to your moral fibers and being. Please read, review, inwardly digest the information being given to you and then I challenge you to produce a report that accurately reflects what is really going on with this biased, self governed board that lacks any 3rd party, unbiased checks or balances oversight.

      All of this has been reported to the governor, the ombudsman and the AZ Nurse Association to only have the reporter labeled as an impaired drug addict spewing the information of a toxic little group”. Yes, i have that in an email from the AZBN director herself.

      Any nurse can have a single complaint, true or not, twisted any which way by this board chooses and lose a whole career and still owe student loan monies. But yet, when a complaint is put in on a board member it is handled ” internally” not by an outside, 3rd party, unbiased entity…where else in the world would this ever be allowed in an ethical organization? …in the words of our current president “Come on man”.

      Then they want to waste more tax payer money putting forth a commission to examine reasons for the current AZ nursing shortage? Well let me tell you..the word is out, getting spread around about the AZBON. Nurses have no interest in nursing in Arizona after learning of the board’s corruption.

      Additionally, I have vowed until my dying day to continue spreading the word about never ever going to Arizona to be a nurse because of this exact corrupt board. I am a nurse with 3 health care degrees including my Masters in Nursing. I have taught at multiple nursing schools in other states, filled the role of house supervisor for a 300 bed hospital, floated to all departments / patient care areas in a 5 hospital system in Florida, taught emr courses, worked in acute cares, intensive cares, radiology and endoscopy suites sedating patients for procedures. I have never injured a patient once, never took illegal drugs, never diverted any drugs from anyone or anywhere, never had a single board action against me, never in legal or professional trouble ever.. and I lost it all over false allegations followed by witch hunt. Once i became acutely aware of the corrupt board i was trying to prove my innocence to… I wisely walked away from it all, leaving my years of experience, expertise, education, and licenses on the table for their keeping.

      Yes, it should be innocent until proven guilty, but not with this board…guilty until you prove your innocence…oh, and good luck..that only occurs once in a blue moon [ like if you are a male nurse caught masturbating in a hospital room] then there is no discipline..and that is only a single example.] Or you are willing to abide by their costly , labor intensive recipe back to licensure.

      Do you know i have spread this nationwide, to many nursing schools, groups, students, organizations etc…? And not once has the board slapped me with threats of defamation! Why because its all true and it would bring more attention to their corruption. Oh, and maybe because I have nothing else they can take or discipline me for or about and have made the wisest decision of my life to leave healthcare forever.

      I can help many more nurses and ultimately patients by getting the word out about never nursing in Arizona.

      Imagine if what I have described would’ve happened to one of your family members, friends, or loved one?

      Another website to review numerous reports of this board’s corrupt activities is


      Of course, if you seek any further clarification/s, please feel free to contact me back.


    • Red Dragon 2:02 am on March 7, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      It was an eye popping sight as her neighbor’s watched in awe from a distance while D. Mihalsky danced and swayed in the garden of her backyard, it was not the fact she was dancing in her own backyard but the fact she was dancing buck naked. D. Mihalsky had lost weight since she retired, and as she danced to music only she could hear in her head the skin on her ass sagged like the skin from a dead chicken without feathers. Her neighbors had seen her act like this before but knew she was acting stranger lately since she retired. Mihalsky waved her arms over her head in a rhythmic swaying motion in synch with her swaying body one minute, and the next in a drastic change of events her stance would change and she would stoop down like a chimpanzee and fling her arms wildly over her dyed brown wild head of hair, then without warning she changed position once again standing completely erect with her left arm extended in front of her and her palm skyward, using her right hand index finger D. Mihalsky would make a circular motion over her left palm as if she was making Hook’s Tinker Bell dance in her palm.
      The Johnson’s looking at each other with concern, concern for the fruit cake Mihalsky, concern for the other neighbors, and for their safety, they knew D. Mihalsky was crazy as a bed bug. Years earlier the Johnson’s had called the police after being woke in the middle of the night from their little dog Sadie barking wildly as lights from D. Mihalsky residence flashed on and off continually. As Mrs. Johnson spoke with the police dispatch and explained the scene, the dispatch informed Mrs. Johnson the police were on their way, but the minute that D. Mihalsky name was mentioned the line went dead, dispatch had hung up, and the cops never came. Dispatch nor the cops wanted anything to do with that crazy bat Mihalsky, the Johnson’s was not aware of this at the time but found out shortly thereafter. Mrs. Johnson called the FBI later that day and received the same response from them too, phone line going dead after Mihalsky was mentioned. Mihalsky was doing dirty work for Ridenour against Nurses, Good Nurses so no one was going to mess with the crazies of Ridenour.

      P.S. All forms of a Shield has its price. P.B


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 3:31 pm on February 14, 2021 Permalink

    Board Derangement Syndrone AZBN 

    If the 20th century revealed a bevy of newly dx neuropsyche syndrones from PTSD, Bipolar, Organic Brain Syndrone then there easily can be made a case for Board Derangement Syndrone. Having interviewed many nurses & aids whose connection here is noted as unjust, abuse and illegal, recipients of unjust discipline actions from AZBN. There is an enormous consciousness of failure that is derived from one’s own errors that accepts remorse to head in a different direction. Only the respondent can accurately pinpoint the location of illegal actions to which there is no gaining upon unless you accept failure that isn’t yours. Frustration to imploding. This page has many. Giving rise to the discovery of BDS & BDSW Board Derangement Withdrawal Syndrone

    Symptomatic demonstrations of symptoms not unlike PSTD although PTSD may have multiple stimuli sources of irritations, Board Derangement Syn drone easily could take the mind to a similar location. That would be an enormous rush of emotions whenever the name is heard ‘Arizona Board of Nursing’, becoming grossly irriated at the picture of Randy Quinn and or Joey Ridenour would be easily demonstrative of cardiac insult on the monitor. It really would. Fortunately most nurses and aids claim symptomatic relief once removed from the stimuli. However, some also claim a return of symptoms in a much milder form without being externally stimulated. These later symptoms are considered withdrawal symptoms from some zealot source in the John Q. Public gallery creeping upon communications so essential for the treatment this Governmental created illness.

    • Nurse Victim 8:31 pm on February 14, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Paid psychopaths running a state agency , self entertainment for their unhinged mindless abuse of nurses . Like predators hunting prey. They surprise attack their victims , then when they get enough lies to make it rise to “reasonable doubt ” , they go for the jugular, bombarding legal mail ,certified mail , court dates, blind sighting a nurse who only wants to take care of patients , and knows nothing about sociopaths and hasn’t a clue that a state agency can operate in this manner. It takes awhile to absorb that this is happening and that is why the ‘target’ nurse is attacked all at once from all sides .
      With no one watching what they do and how they do it , the nursing board remains the biggest corruption of government paid narcissistic individuals gathered in one agency . After they got the taste of blood and accomplished the kill , the next case goes smoother and faster . Then they can celebrate , high five one another , have a cackle session, while the victim is still in shock and wonder what communistic country they woke up in . The Board is definitely creating psychological impact , and they do know it . Site of Randy Quinn can cause a trigger in some, a real POS for sure , sick minded , pompous ass .


      • Rod 7:25 pm on February 15, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        All of them are cowards by themselves. Anyone see how mitt romney was running to hide on video at the white house ? very typical of them , I can see randy quinn the extremely queer talking one doing this ! “i’ m a dirty sob, and was protecting our budget , help their after me! ” haha . Will the woman all back his dishonesty up then ? Two peas of a pod, did you see Mitt the Twit running and hiding when no one was chasing him. Feared for their life , what a joke ! lol. bet he swats to pee too . ‘feared for his life, drama king” Cowards , put in positions of too much power, with no brains to back up their out of line statements , and too stupid to listen to legal . And the legal they have too stupid to gave advise unless it is fraudulent conduct .


      • warning to others ! 7:13 am on February 19, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        That one at the board is SICKENING , Caroline MCCormies, she is such a fake and put on. that mouth !! So many things wrong with her bullshit ! “telling people she feels smart ! WTH , ! sickening is the word . ! then adding ‘consistent “” right , !! in a pigs eye. babbling on & on & on. about ‘pattern , when i no such pattern existed , they she rambles on in another direction . wow , 100k +++ nurses is AZ and this is the best they can come up with to have say so over a nurses entire career ! wow , AZ is backwards. She is a perfect example of why no one should ever obtain a license in AZ. more later, (barfing wildly thinking of how SICKENING this dumb idiot is ! ) wow !


        • Agenda Nurse 4:23 am on February 20, 2021 Permalink

          McCormies is every psychologist’s night mare. Ask a question, one starts to answer and meth head mccormies is wound up like a cow ends with diarrehea spouting out ,loose stools shooting out mixed with pockets of empty air .cow fart s . yea one big cow fart. Sneaky witch too, brings up a subject , saying the most damning statements , then says i don’t know , …. not sure, …. what does everyone else think? <she doesn't care what you think, she is making you think the whole thing is YOUR idea. All along she is planting a suggestion to fellow dumb cows , who are sleeping while sitting up . Her power of suggestion usually works too , if not she will throw her tantrum until other board members tire out and cave. Hill is like a parrot, Cow Fart suggests Hill agrees . Pete and Repeat. Of course anderson is a zombie .. Just a dumb fence post. Gutierrez is easily influenced by power of suggestion , and is fooled by the cow fart false compliments . Then when someone tries to suggest some lower punishment , she immediately gets loud and stops them . She has to have her way, throwing out a suggestion, then seeing if someone takes the bait and makes a motion, if so she cheerleads them on , if they don't she goes back to repeating herself over and over . Like who can take ONE WORD and make a 5 min speech about it.


        • RHONDA NOVAK- POST 7:41 pm on February 20, 2021 Permalink

          I involuntarily “mutually separated ” from YRMC after things spiraled out of control following an email I sent to Deb Aders as well. In it were 4 words “Your communication was crap.” That was the beginning of the end for me apparently because her feelings were hurt. I was also called to my managers office. Like you, I also moved to Yuma from the east coast relocating my family for what I also believed was a hospital that wanted to turn things around. They don’t care. I feel for you and the community who expect more but are fighting an uphill battle of overpaid executives. So sad…


        • baffled 3:40 pm on February 25, 2021 Permalink

          For the life of me , why I worked as a NP for 36 years never had a problem , until this board of nursing , I’ll never know. Gave a returning patient to an urgent care , the right antibiotic and steroids to heal faster . F/U endocrinology. Janeen Dahn said in her investigation that diabetics should not get steroids. Which is wrong and a poor conclusion. So in order to save face for this incompetent associate dir, McCormies had a hissy fit, until she got her way. “I believe in my board” . How about modern day medicine ? She had to have SOMETHING on the license. So the way I see it you have dumb and dumber running a nursing agency who should be at the top of their game but are not . Hoping , someone can shed some light on why they act so strange . Maybe you psych NP can help me out here. After the vote went around and the demanding McCormies , who insisted on loc /vs dismiss , got one of her ‘friends ” who voted dismiss , change their mind 2 minutes later ! When the case was over she said “Thank you for taking such good care of your patients “.! What in a psychologists book of diagnosis is this bizarre and strange comment come from??? Good care , but not that good ?? Is this just TWO FACED or is there something else , this could be classified under? Such a strange comment, after her throwing an ‘I insist “rage . I am at the end of my long never a complaint career to end it like this is heart wrenching . But could be worse. I see the comments on McCormies so maybe someone can give me an idea what’s up with this person ??


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 7:00 pm on February 25, 2021 Permalink

          Relief is your own knowledge of innocence to define your case to the duped politics of power.


      • Cliff is a hero ! 7:43 am on February 23, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        When a nurse in Minn is retaliated against, the nursing community are made aware of the injustice to nurses . The nurse wore hospital scrubs, they fired him, then filed law suit against the hospital , the hospital turned him into the BON. For those of us who know this pattern very well although this corrupt board down in arizona will Deny it / ! of course. It is happening , and seems to be a pattern. stem from NCSBN, is this the tricks of the trade they share at their meetings. Dirty tricks, only if you watch them and read what has happened to other nurses. The media is now following the BON and retaliatory behavior of hospitals. The Minnesota case a will direct them to other states. reporters in AZ have no guts, so social media is what takes their lame place. Stick up for what is right and don’t let them keep on doing this illegal nonsense . !


        • COWART - COWARD 7:47 am on February 23, 2021 Permalink

          Got a heckler , a stalker, watching and putting lies out there. His company, has the information. We got this , keep ‘using ‘ others to deliver your message, cause again burying yourselves.


        • GCU Grad. 3:44 am on February 26, 2021 Permalink

          BAFFLED. I think maybe a shed of light. 1)you said urgent care, if you were employed by a hospital or office such as Banner runs for NP , you would have a Dismiss, no discussion. The Board of Nursing will only protect an urgent care if part of a hospital , or run by the LD$. They do have a pattern, some of the most severe cases , by a patient / family are dismissed faster than a speeding bullet. The person who has been damaged by a nurse , even fatal, are also hung up on immediately . Or run out, out in tears when their complaint of their child dying, is dealt with as a ‘nothing event”. Those nurses who have been wrongly attacked by this terrorist board , are not the only ones who despise their cold ways. Surely they tell others “we have to make hard decisions’ NO THEY DON”T they are corrupt protecting certain ones from litigation. ! PERIOD !!


    • Peary Brown retired R.N. 4:25 pm on February 15, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      The status depicted in this reply substantiates a comeback. Even if it is from nowhere the openness of such at an open meeting would be educational. Although the timing presently would be difficult as meeting attendance is drastically reduced.


      • Sue, RN 7:51 pm on February 15, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        It is scary reading these stories about NPs who do not have an RN background and the harm done. One example missing sepsis in a young girl who died because of it. The sign were there. She missed it because of lack of experience.
        But yet AZ is dismissing NP cases. Did they get the word go easy during covid we might need them ? Or the nurses are so psychologically messed up , give them a break? The market is flooded with NP , No way should a NP work without supervision . The scariest ones are the CRNA , working without physician oversight! They get their Rn and never work, then on to NP.
        False advertising , need for professors for higher degrees, Now talking nurse shortage, their is no nurse shortage , lots of nurses quit after one or two years, disrespect from all angles ,mgrs , board of nursing , micro managing , adults are not going to take this , They need counseling to figure out why they enjoy doing the worst to nurses , no maturity at all . Figure out why they are so deranged. And abnormal.


        • HERO NURSE 7:59 am on February 16, 2021 Permalink

          It is hard to say , enjoy life, because your everyday plans have changed abruptly , you will be reminded of what these inhumanly objects , with too much power did . Time will change things, nothing further from nursing interests you . The free speech with out worrying who is going to repeat it to the board , who are dirt diggers by nature. Hearing current nurses and how their days go , no lunch, no breaks, write ups ,make you wonder what the heck you didn’t get out sooner . You’ll find that breaking your back to make over time is not the best way to live. Learn how to live cheaply and travel inexpensive , take those trips and enjoy life , sleep in, lay by the pool , you only live once. Realize these people who are attracted to this type of work , are a different breed . Like the ones who can work in a boarding school and do corporal punishment . (that is their make up ) The ones who can become cruel to best friends who drop out of their cult, the ones who can enjoy the ‘kill” and watch someone fighting to get someone to listen , the ALJ ? NO the BD investigator NO the BD members NO That is what they do not want to hear ! Be proud you refuse to sing their tune be proud you are not one of THEM . You are nurses hero’s , you refused to go along with corruption, and you are the HERO ! AZ needs more honest nurses , few and far between . . Stay 6 ft away from them long after covid.


        • MSN, I am a teacher too. 7:21 am on February 17, 2021 Permalink

          Amazing how these board types seem to “find each other ! ” Public is none to happy with brother boyer , who is husband boyer to bizarre beth boyer , here are just a couple of many statements they have to say, about the senate, not much different than what others have said about azbon “”It’s so infuriating to watch these hearings when it’s clear the decision is predetermined. Sen. Boyer DOESN’T listen. So many speakers including the incomparable
          Beth Lewis””

          and Senators Peshlakai, Gonzales, and Marsh made such clear, commonsense, well supported, and passionate pleas to help our kids, ALL of our kids. Every single time Boyer acted like he hadn’t heard anything they said, or, worse yet, he mansplained how they got it wrong. He does not represent his constituents (who voted overwhelming against voucher expansion in 2018) or our state. We MUST vote in representatives who will LISTEN to the people. “””
          why aren’t we voting in board members instead of ducey taking care of his supporters for his future aspirations , of course he will lose every backing of nurses who lost because of his failure to over see wrongdoings and putting those on the board who are recommended by those on the board now and in the past. They want those who will take care of their past wrong doings , no matter what , and they will because they only take care of themselves. And their kids are the only ones who matter , or will be paying to support the kook aid stands .


      • terroist watcher 6:58 pm on February 17, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        A couple of lawyers at the board of nursing should be pretty nervous , it is happening , arrests disbarment , and prison time . Campbell, Krishna , and Mamaluy , most likely females, will be targeted before the males . Then they can be in the hot seat like the majority of females they have damned . Add Carolyn McCormies to the list. known liar , not recusing , but lied about it , then when many sleepless nights went back and tried cooking the books. CRIMINALS ON PUBLIC SALARIES!! TERRORIST MEMBER A Nashua judge Julie A. Introcaso is facing numerous charges including two felonies after being accused of altering documents in court related to a case with an attorney she should have recused herself from being involved with.
        FAKE HERO= SHIT HOLED TERRORIST JUDGE Julie A. Introcaso, 56, of Bedford was arrested Thursday on two felony counts of falsifying physical evidence as well as two counts of tampering with public records or information and a single count of unsworn falsification.


      • Hyde, M 7:00 pm on February 17, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        When these evil Bastards of the public sector do such heinous acts against the trust of the American public, they should lose their citizenship, lose their benefits, and have to pay back the money the taxpayers paid them for fraudulent Behavior. And there should be mandatory sentencing for at least 20 years for such corruption. I really hate these people.


        • still laughing 4:35 pm on February 18, 2021 Permalink

          It will come back to them 10 fold . They know what they are doing is dirty to others . Atty Flynn Carey , told the board , or tried telling hard headed Carol McCormies how PUNITIVE they are , when she bitch slapped him , and snapped back , with an elevated voice ,in a scolding manner , WE are for PUBLIC safety NOT punitive ” . hahaha . Yes , McCormies you stupid blond bimbo keep telling people that lie and pretty soon you’ll believe it yourself. After all it was emma mamaluy who told you to keep saying it so it must be true (Sarcasm galore here !!) .


        • Behavorial Health observer 11:36 pm on February 20, 2021 Permalink

          AWWWW ! I know who you mean ! that woman with the scratchy old woman’s annoying voice , who rambles on . Disgusting ! My friend a sociology prof says she is
          A SOCIOPATH, acting like little miss innocent, and would blame someone else in a HEART BEAT . One , “my mistake” but that was only to make herself look good, if she does make mistakes that count she will immediately blame someone else. Which is a big part of why she ‘calls on people” not only to involve them but suggest they make a motion. Even after she did the most damaging comments of all . A real sneaky one. Oh and he added that , she has to have some control over others such as a teacher student relationship . She would lose big time if ever confronted by someone who is down to earth, “real ” like cut the shit blonde I can see right through you lying mouth !

          Constant praise and validation
          Complete obedience
          Belittle you so they can feel important
          Push your buttons…to get a reaction out of you (negative or positive, doesn’t matter)
          Pathological liar , always ‘on stage” , acts like she is important when she is really a common everyday plug .
          Constant attention to themselves
          Acts above others always thanking them , like you would dismiss a maid or butler. The thank you is even fake THANK YOU !!! .
          WOW did he hit the nail of this board members make up !! WOW Carolyn McCormies , from SANFORD . Works at the BYU run school . Which is also a big reason she has to have attention, she is female and pretty much worthless except to cook and spread the cult word .


        • abuse of nurses needs to end ! 7:37 pm on February 21, 2021 Permalink

          WOW the case i heard back in Nov was shocking but Behavorial comments put it together for me ! It was the sociopath CAROLYN MCCORMIES who did not trust a applicant and stuck her nose out further then she should have . Board ordering this applicant who wanted to withdraw application to prove he told Calif about his dui. It was Mccormies the nutty one who wanted this then he came back to the board (C J S) he did what was asked of him , and she stopped a motion by Hill, who has NO GUTS ! and changed her mind within secs ! Then when vote went around YOU ARE RIGHT, she acted as if she felt bad and hesitated to say “mccormies aye ” IT was a a PLAY ACT !!! She is the one who wanted that DENY , what a SOB, then acted as it hurt her to do so, but the ‘tears ‘ soon went away , like a faker would . She has some real mental issues ! Of course background snake EMMA MAMALUEY , was part of the team to down load this, and no other options. Then the real PSYCHO came out, and said “IF THIS IS WHAT HE WANTS ” you BITCH ! . not only ruin this mans working career , not only for nursing but in many areas, and then you make a statement like that knowing the details , wow a real dirty dog there and not this sneaky one is president of the board. something is really fkd up in AZ to allow this . What does the AZNA say about their queen turd !!


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 9:24 pm on February 21, 2021 Permalink

          The adm lacks the gift of the bedside nurse. There is personality differences in the two groups that both call themselves nurses; in fact only one is a nurse.


    • justoneofthekids 9:30 pm on February 19, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I have not seen updated meeting minutes on their “site”……..hmmmm


    • AZBN WILL violate your civil and due process rights! Truly satanic people here 5:42 pm on February 23, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Sewing discord amongst Christians and bearing false witness is all this Arizona Board of Nursing is about. This is Satan’s work…vile, evil and it IS written God absolutely hates this behavior Psalms 105 v5
      Expect no better from this satanic cult of Mormons…the satanic Bible is called “the Mormo”…wake up nurses..you are dealing with an occult operating under satanic demonic influence.


    • AMEN 6:31 pm on February 23, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      This pretty much sums it up this person has hit the nail on the head, a definite spiritual control thing going on there with that nursing board.


    • AZBN WILL violate your civil and due process rights! Truly satanic people here 8:46 pm on February 23, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Lin Wood was asked by the Georgia bar to undergo psychiatric evaluation because he MUST have a mental issue or disorder, or perhaps even be mentally incompetent because he believed/believes the evidence that he has in his possession reveal heinous crimes committed by individuals in powerful government and legislative positions. He stated as a knowledgeable, top-notch, very successful defamation lawyer he knew his rights. Instead of having his evaluation by someone appointed or off an approved (corrupt) list of paid hacks .he had his own personal physician perform the psychiatric evaluation.
      . It was determined he indeed is mentally competent….so now the real show begins between good and evil.

      Does any of this sound like some of the same illegal bull sh*t that was pulled on us?

      This article discusses some of this evil


      I guess its time to contact Lin Wood for a class action !

      This is just another classic example of how our rights were and are still being violated by this corrupt nursing board. Not only no due process, and heresay treated as evidence of absolute truth and proof of something illegal, unethical, or immoral.

      The evil that comes forth from this nursing board and its members is surely and purely sinful and worthy of God’s harsh wrath. The Bible tells us this about injustices https://bible.knowing-jesus.com/topics/Injustice,-Hated-By-God

      It makes for good reading knowing what lies ahead for these people.


    • And to think we thought 9:24 pm on February 23, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      And to think we thought so niavely that we were dealing with a government entity…why certainly they must be operating truthfully and with the utmost justice….HA…after this whole corrupt election steal and censorship of the Conservative voice..did my eyes FINALLY open WIDE as to just how corrupt our government is and to what depths of depravity and hatred they operate in. This is no different then how this Arizona Board operates..total lies, fraud, corruption and brainwashing of Arizona constituents and Healthcare consumers in the name of public safety.

      This board is nothing but a pack of demon possessed evil intended souls destined to face God’s wrath and eternal damnation should they choose to not repent and make right all the injustices they’ve done to so many victims and turn from their ways….their time is drawing near to an end.


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 2:34 pm on February 24, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        In today’s world Snowden told you Big Brother has keyword your world so remember God is there. The evidence of the behavior you note is in the net.


    • renae 6:19 pm on February 27, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      A post by a nurse who applied at yuma, said ‘they will fly you out ” i guess free trip to yuma , in Feb if your from Maine is a different kind of week, but don’t they realize –“”-YUMA medical center trying to lure nurses and other professions out to their mess. One posted how ‘quick the interview was” oh yea they’ll take anyone. And they will set up a flight to Yuma and acoomodations (don’t they see that as desperate??
      Surely the meet and greet is packed with lies, and fake smiles. “hello SUCKER ! ”
      just like the travelers who went to Banner for big bucks all cancelled, early , screw the contract.
      Imagine a board member telling a nurse , who says she can’t afford an evaluation , your making huge wages now and your company is paying for your housing . yup the MOUTH McCormies, who likes to dictate everyone’s life. She should not be in ANY position to judge anyone ! Like Another board employee telling a nurse , they should have spent there money on their teeth. (they really do think they are in charge of your entire life don’t they ! just like sitting in a review of the week , meeting with their bishops wanting to know if they touched their bodies this week. SICK O’S !!!


    • ADN 20+ yrs and proud of it. 6:36 pm on February 28, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Because in TX if a nurse is fired it is reported to the BON. Like nurses aren’t disposable objects to start with, they also have big case loads due to CEU’s violations. AZ BON does not even care enough about patients to require CEU”S . Surely this atty is being nice ,he has to work with them, but reasonable. that is where board atty, and board in AZ are out of control. No reasonable person would think what they are doing is a tiny bit reasonable . read this with great interests, as I represent health care providers before the Texas Nursing Board, the Texas Medical Board and licensure boards in another state. I also SERVE as a Board member on a health care licensure board. I understand that the Board’s role is to ‘protect the public’. I believe that many Board investigators and attorneys are reasonable. I have generally had favorable interactions with them, Board members and panel members. However, Board rules and statutes regarding investigations are highly skewed in favor of the Boards. which have almost unfettered power to expand investigations to irrelevant matters, and to require absolute compliance with same. A licensure board can keep investigations open for years with no consequences; can subpoena records without notifying the provider; and does not have to provide any information regarding evidence or allegations until 45 days before a hearing is set [Texas]. The Board expert reviewers remain anonymous and the complainant can choose to remain anonymous. The provider has no ability to independently subpoena records [pharmacy, other treating providers], and often has no ability to obtain information about the investigation in order to prepare a defense. Contrast the administrative procedure to civil litigation rules, where both sides have equal opportunity to obtain medical records and facts, and in which the parties are required to specifically state and support allegations and defenses well in advance. If licensure Boards are genuinely interested in protecting the public, rules and statutes must be amended to provide equal opportunity to obtain information about the allegations/evidence, so that Board members are presented with ALL relevant information needed to render a fair and just decision.


    • the real truth 7:17 am on March 5, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      At first a person is told , you know that AZ board of nursing is a bunch of mormons, and you think well , what does that mean and how related ? VERY RELATED ! listen to they way they judge and talk, this is not normal. in that ‘church’ or ‘temple of doom , they put members of the ‘religion” on probation . !! No Sh*T ! No wonder this comes to them as something “NORMAL ” . Who in the hell would stay with a church who puts the members on probation. !! Like prisoners. “we’ll see how you act. Even if you don’t believe and ACT like you will be obedient, they we can let it slid . Otherwise the UNABLE TO REGULATE< (WHO THE HELL TALKS LIKE THIS ???? someone with a stun gun , if you get out of line or don't act like they want you to , ZAP !! Unreal . How anyone can teach this shit and live it , is beyond strange.
      It is RELATED to how they are to others , brainwashed bimbos !
      It is not a "RELIGION" they are tax free by doing so, people actually send money to them !
      it is a CULT.
      They are worshiping a dead man who was arrested ,the people hated him so much they broke into the jail and hung him.
      1820 joseph smith polygamist 'had a VISION !
      Between this nonsense and some golden plates, he is a statue at SLC whom these crazed whack jobs praise .
      Then they sell out good honest hard working nurses who truly only want to help those who are at the worst time of their lives. But money and politics prevail, that is the extent of their kooky faith./ or no faith just want the bucks and power to control others. Some real sick pups for sure.


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