The Citadel AZBN

There is always a squad of young Wannabes surrounding director Ridenour, just as there is a flock of officers around a general.Every profession has its aspirants who make up the cortege of those who are at the summit. No power is without its worshipers, no fortune without its court. The seekers of the future revolve around the present. Jeanne Dahn is the executive director under Ridenour and first came to my notice, although well acquainted already with many abused nurses & aids; a couple of years ago she spoke at the National Nurse Council meeting for an apparent High Profile of nurse disciple which Arizona seems to be the high priest of. The very first words out of her mouth grossly belittled new grads for being proud of their accomplishments so to be a licensed nurse. In Jeanne’s world the new grad is pathetic with their little ‘R.N.’ bracelets, necklaces and vanity automobile plates; ‘And what do they really know?’ Only an underground cherub, and appearing to be a very overweight cherub, would ever think this approach is going to be her red carpet ride to the directorship. This abhorred me more than watching Beth A. Campbell suborn perjury from Therese Rowan in Dec 2013.

If the minions of the past roam in unison to throw the innocent nurse illegally under the bus they put a foot into the stirrup of success and future advancements of power. For us these successes are a hideous thing. Its false similarity to merit deceives society. A group of nurses who would claim a nurse paranoid b/c they covered the mic and camera upon issued laptop of education presents another mountain of corrupted evidence against Nurse April Cobia. Files that are posted on the National Council site represents federal civil rights violation which is the AZBN middle name. Specific cases filing false documents are commonly brought forward after initial investigation reveals administrative quackery. Nothing stands outstandingly more definitive to federal violation, as in many cases the Nurse Trujillo is one of many examples. On upon investigation prior employment states Nurse Trujillo had narcotic charting discrepancies. It was noted to be long before present complaint. The minions are known to bring forth 30 yr old evidence to which there was no complaint. The laws preventing these alleged

issues from being used against the nurse are refused to be followed by the Attorney General’s office. That would be Sunita herself who in her third trimester pregnancy chased a recon ranger around the AZBN meeting hall in attempts to intimidate him; that would be me. I should be given a civil medal just for keeping a straight face. You could throw the entire Empire State Bldg of corrupt evidenc on this Board out and a very pregnant AAG trying to intimidate a marine is just too much for me.

The psychological evaluation scam is another museum ‘Gem’ piece. Nurse gets tossed about for an evaluation and happens to have lunch not but a few booths away and the martini lunch is still hot stuff. Drunks, Dopers and felony strikers buying the future, and at any price. I’ll be back.