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  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 12:20 am on January 20, 2021 Permalink  

    The Citadel AZBN 

    There is always a squad of young Wannabes surrounding director Ridenour, just as there is a flock of officers around a general.Every profession has its aspirants who make up the cortege of those who are at the summit. No power is without its worshipers, no fortune without its court. The seekers of the future revolve around the present. Jeanne Dahn is the executive director under Ridenour and first came to my notice, although well acquainted already with many abused nurses & aids; a couple of years ago she spoke at the National Nurse Council meeting for an apparent High Profile of nurse disciple which Arizona seems to be the high priest of. The very first words out of her mouth grossly belittled new grads for being proud of their accomplishments so to be a licensed nurse. In Jeanne’s world the new grad is pathetic with their little ‘R.N.’ bracelets, necklaces and vanity automobile plates; ‘And what do they really know?’ Only an underground cherub, and appearing to be a very overweight cherub, would ever think this approach is going to be her red carpet ride to the directorship. This abhorred me more than watching Beth A. Campbell suborn perjury from Therese Rowan in Dec 2013.

    If the minions of the past roam in unison to throw the innocent nurse illegally under the bus they put a foot into the stirrup of success and future advancements of power. For us these successes are a hideous thing. Its false similarity to merit deceives society. A group of nurses who would claim a nurse paranoid b/c they covered the mic and camera upon issued laptop of education presents another mountain of corrupted evidence against Nurse April Cobia. Files that are posted on the National Council site represents federal civil rights violation which is the AZBN middle name. Specific cases filing false documents are commonly brought forward after initial investigation reveals administrative quackery. Nothing stands outstandingly more definitive to federal violation, as in many cases the Nurse Trujillo is one of many examples. On upon investigation prior employment states Nurse Trujillo had narcotic charting discrepancies. It was noted to be long before present complaint. The minions are known to bring forth 30 yr old evidence to which there was no complaint. The laws preventing these alleged

    issues from being used against the nurse are refused to be followed by the Attorney General’s office. That would be Sunita herself who in her third trimester pregnancy chased a recon ranger around the AZBN meeting hall in attempts to intimidate him; that would be me. I should be given a civil medal just for keeping a straight face. You could throw the entire Empire State Bldg of corrupt evidenc on this Board out and a very pregnant AAG trying to intimidate a marine is just too much for me.

    The psychological evaluation scam is another museum ‘Gem’ piece. Nurse gets tossed about for an evaluation and happens to have lunch not but a few booths away and the martini lunch is still hot stuff. Drunks, Dopers and felony strikers buying the future, and at any price. I’ll be back.

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      After reading all of the documents of nurse cobia’s revocation, consent’s and orders, it is openly obvious the ARIZONA STATE BOARD OF NURSING (AZBN) does not like those of us who stand up to their lies and corruption, she was doomed from the beginning. The original (very first) sanction shows she was ordered to pay a 1000.00 dollars which is the maximum penalty for all licensed nurses to pay when sanctioned in Arizona. The investigator was Sis. Rachel Torres, Torres is typical of a self-righteous catholic nun. How many nurses are ordered to pay the full 1000.00 dollar sanction? I looked at nurse Cobia’s original consent agreement, and under Findings of Facts paragraph 4 it was documented she allowed an insulin gtt to run higher than ordered. But on the documents where AZBN revoked her license it states on paragraph 6 “giving a diabetic patient an insulin gtt at a lower rate than ordered”, this document was wrote by investigator Shawna Bonner. It blatantly obvious AZBN is changing their stores to match what story they want to use. AZBN moto “Rules for Thee but Not Me”.
      On her 9/23/2009 revised order the ARIZONA STATE BOARD OF NURSING made her take a hearing eval, it comes to my attention from my research she has a server hearing loss. Check out the order on page 6 under, “TERMS of PROBATION” paragraph 2 it states, “Audiology Evaluation within 30 day”. Communist, Nazi, totalitarians at its finest (AZBN), Rules for Thee but Not Me.
      Amanda T was the forerunner in exposing much of the corruption at the AZBN. Ridenour was so crazed out of her mind when Amanda posted correct information about the illegal process of the AZBN, that Ridenour went so far as to post online that Amanda saw a psychologist. These actions by Ridenour and her crud of parasites are far from their most deviant actions. Stay out of AZ colleagues.
      The article below originally claimed it was the nurse who killed the patient, the nurse had a decent attorney who pulled out the true facts. Too often it the nurse who is the escape goat when things go bad.

      Another National organization below for nurses to band with due to nursing boards, hospital associations, and attorney general’s office’s banding together against citizens so they can incorporate the CCP.



      • Ex momo 6:09 pm on January 20, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        When you see “SISTER Torres, you would think she might be honest and leery of who’s watching her from above. But too many have said what a horrid witch she was and dishonest. Now the “sister wives club” at the BON now , if you live in AZ or Utah can believe any of it. So many of them have been caught doing the most wicked acts. (killing their children and burying them in the back yard ) (killing spouses ) (shooting man in the chest to take his bag of maony in Awhatuchee (fbi top 10 list) Bringing pregnant woman, to AZ to sell their babies and charge the taxpayers for the birth . while getting paid as the tax assessor ) A mormon taking a young girl out of her house as a second wife , the victim a mormon did not run she thought it was normal . One who took wives age 11, 100’s of kids and live off food stamps . Dirty they are , down right dirty. But they answer ‘did you treat your fellow man …… liars all of them !! The ones on the BON are giving fines for some every illegal things nurses have done, to protect them . BIASED. Yes this group and their brothers have done so much worse but over look it. LOTS MORE


        • 4UR INFO 4:37 am on January 21, 2021 Permalink

          Ex mom, you hit the nail on the head. catholoic, & mormons who are excessively devoid to the religion are evil. there’s a saying, “If you have to tell others how great & wonderful you are, are you all you say you are”? People like torrez, mccomies, & the rest who act like they do see their religion as a club membership.


        • Ann 2:48 pm on January 24, 2021 Permalink

          Larry King just died, married to a mormon, much younger , the gold digger type. When he had sex with her sister the marriage was over , not sure why cause the mormon women are suppose to tolerate a sister wive , all taking turns with the male . And never complaining , so… not sure what got up her crawl. Did sister torres share the priest with anyone ? The ones who think they are ‘the truth” only true ones , are the biggest liars and pedophiles in the country.
          Yes a club membership , like the men who belong to the mason’s. Lots of similarities with masonic and mormon’s . This applies to nursing because they infiltrated the Board of Nursing to the point they cannot hide any of it. SAD!! and SHAMEFUL .


        • Char 1:35 am on February 4, 2021 Permalink

          those who think “they know more than you think” you only know what lies you are told, and will not disclose any secrets so that pretty much means you are a azna bimbo, sell out, converted , and trying to trip up true statements, your class action did n’t work so you decided to join them ?? what a low life scum sucker , can’t be trusted !


        • R K. payson observer 7:02 am on February 4, 2021 Permalink

          This could be the quote of the year how the bullsh*t all started. “”People will provoke you until they bring out your ugly side, then play the victim when you go there. “”
          Most people would think that a agency paid to investigate real problems would be able to decipher the difference. NO, this agency is just not that smart and too corrupt to admit it when it all comes out down the line. And if you remind them about their wrong doings they will adapt this angle of attack as well.
          Everyone is a loose canyon , dangerous, unstable, and they have certainly convinced their ‘troupe ” of followers of the same.( Watch and report even if it didn’t happen . band of trouble makers )


        • We want to stop this corrupt board 10:01 pm on February 9, 2021 Permalink

          This matter before the board of nursing is quite unusual . A lot of information for the nurse is left out of the discussion at the BON. First you have a complaint on him, a woman who tried to get him fired, throughly investigated , found nothing so he was coming back to work. They did not have enough to fire him or anything concrete at all . Well the person he met with on returning it appears, was going to make it stick this time and her ‘friends” wrote up complaints against him . Then they are paraded to the BON meeting. Meeting , it was more like a hearing, with THREE witnesses all testifying , tears in their eyes, using some ridiculous adjectives. ! One so called ‘witness” who was more of a member of a gang to get rid of this person and help the boss out , referred to this c/o nurse as “the mother theresa of the VA” and a “beautiful Angel” (co worker , over the top ) ! Then she went on to add she has such EXUBERANCE for life, she is #1 to help vets to heaven ! (wow , life or death ! contradicting !) The the ‘witness’ #2 liar , went in to crying mode , making sure to add her girlfriend (the complainer) has no mental issues or disconnect . They referred to her with such high comments you would think she was the world’s best employee. Then the board called another co worker , referring to her as “MY WONDERFUL CO WORKER ” . (puking wildly now full force) . Then the complainant told liar # 2 “I THINK , (I THINK !!!???? ) M. just assaulted me. They were so shook up they managed to get many pictures , pulled out cameras, this is a SET UP , describe her nursing top as ‘frayed ” although, though it was not send it in because there was NO REASON TO .

          This is a one day at the AZ BON meeting, where the nurse was interrupted many times, when speaking their side of things, to remind FIVE MINUTES ! and that includes your atty’s time together. But when this load of nonsense came up , they were given over 20 mins , over 5 mins each witness. Mccormies was not cleared her old lady voice box voice , Hill did not cut them off. This wasn’t a BON meeting this was a mini trial . Any investigator with any common sense would not believe a word these lying poor actors said. This is like a group lying that likes to get a nurse in trouble, ganging up on one. This is exactly how they act.

          First one to motion, after McCormies kicked her under the table, was Angela Fountain, bd member . Of course Mcornuts was 2nd . Well all hope for having one person on the BON who had common sense and would not go along with the rest of the over the top crazy punitive , exaggerating facts and manipulating others how to vote. She motion to suspend license and go to hearing. Of course the OAH eats up nurses with their corrupt ALJ’s and the DA from AG office , who can’t tell the truth if it was face to face with them .

          These crying , distressed, bad actors were going to take this man out , when nothing happened , it was a set up , and they had it all planned . each had their role. when are these cases going to stop , no evidence just those will to lie . If your telling the truth , why was one whore nurse reading off the paper ?

          Anyone with any common sense would see right though this bad acting , story telling, liars. I guess Angela Fountain has never had a group of people ever go up against her , and has no clue how it all works . shameful. ANGELA FOUNTAIN cloned from the jaded McCormie’s mold of harsh and downright exaggerator to the point of lying . Fountain making a big mistake for her own reputation , and looks like she is being molded by the sick minded girl friend of hers C M . guess she worked with loser randy quinn too long, rubbed off that destroy any nurse and protect the facility political petty bureaucratic authoritarian night mare that he is . ! everyone else in the world is bad, they are only true ones. True biased bitches , randy is included in this .


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 2:19 pm on February 10, 2021 Permalink

          I was wondering who was the so called board troll. Strong and elegant post.


      • U can't hide under the mask 10:21 pm on January 20, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        the corrupted nursing agency , that has been ever since JOKE Ridenour got her underhanded butt in there. Not by being smart by any means . Gathering up those who will play games , defaming the nurse should they resist
        It is always using psychology to take nurses down. It is very old tried and true method to attack . They put psych eval ordered on most of the nurses . abuse of power . NASTY to the core all of them .
        The worse of the worst cannot leave. Who else would put up with this in a professional agency. ? over 14 years kathy malloch , patricia johnson is still there (a real corrupt player , someone Joke Ridenour can ‘trust ” she been faithful for a number of years to the queen turd. But has been wicked to nurses . real nurses. Kathy Scott , was there a decade ago and is back . Banner bad girl. when it really went to hell is when Leslie dalton , randy quinn, carolyn mccormies all joined . must have been advertised in the Ll$ bulletin. for nurses . ridenour needs a psychological evaluation and NOT by ‘board approved ” but by someone who specializes in sociopathic , narcissitic behaviors , with a miner in ‘acting” classes.


        • GCU Grad. 7:18 pm on January 21, 2021 Permalink

          not only do nurses think the board is out of line, but many colleges/ universities do as well. (Referring to the decree of censure to the RN program the year before, in his letter, Mueller criticized the nursing board for a ‘“pattern of unfair attacks that have now become commonplace.”‘

          He suggested GCU would sue the nursing board if the board’s staff recommended another letter of concern or decree of censure against GCU.}
          NOTE : after the GRAND CANYON UNIVERSITY threatened to sue he Board of Nursing. for their UNFAIR ATTACKS (just like they do nurses, NP’s )Emma Mamaluy stuck her tail between her legs, whimpered away and cowed down. THAT is why GCU did not file suit, because the sanctions stopped . Not what EMMA MAMALUY is trying to tell everyone, ‘well he didn’t sue , so that means he didn’t have a position ” He didn’t sue cause the sanctions stopped. Every nurse should stand their ground and not try to be nice , cause it does not work , they will still attack your credibility , when they should be pointing the fingers at themselves. !


      • Jewel 6:39 am on January 21, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        SO SHawna Bonner makes an error in her reports , the person who is reporting a nurse for an error, and that is ok. not being very focused on her work is she ? When someone gets nailed because of the timely of the event. 5 years later never happen because two signatures for insulin drips. NP would never be looked at for prescribing too many opiods, not like today .. It is what is big headlines at the time something happens. !0 years ago that same NP would be before the board for not controlling someone’s pain . ‘the 5th vs ! ” . It is all someone’s stupid idea of the month club, and it seems to spread to other facilities . A worthless bunch of licensing carrying nurses who do not work direct patient care , doing things to make them look like they are needed.


      • T R 8:16 am on January 21, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        see this one ? complete guide to nursing in arizona ! HA ! nothing is further from the truth . This page is the COMPLETE guide to nursing in ARIZONA , the most up to date, and truth filled. Basically the worst state in the nation for boards and losing your license to practice in the degree you worked so hard for . And NO , the are not ‘humans ‘ too ‘ or “nurses they will understand” they are out to get you . https://nurse.org/resources/nursing-career-arizona/#arizona-board-of-nursing


      • Do not trust AZBON ! member 4:59 pm on January 21, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        SInce these boards are acting like criminal investigators , you should steer clear of them . Do not answer any of their questions ! You do not have to meet with them. Tell them ‘take me to court ” . the NCSBN are a hideous group as well. The training for FANN , is basically how to screw the nurse over . It is putting one on probation, revocation that gets them paid. Just like filling up prison cells, they do not care. It is hard to think there are witches of the west and no honest bone in their body, in their sick minds, just black and white . Recently a number of nurses have received in the mail a brochure called “What Every Nurse Needs to Know” published by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. It gives advice in response to the question: “What should you do if you are the subject of a complaint?” It advises the nurse to contact the Board of Nursing (BON) immediately in such an event and states that the complaint will be handled in a “fair and appropriate matter.” It advises that a BON representative will describe the investigation process and answer any questions that you may have about an investigation if a complaint is filed against you.

        This does not appear to be sound advice and we would warn nurses against following it. Such advice may cause great damage to any defenses you may have, even if you are totally innocent.

        Most states, do not require you to make any statement to an investigator (or attorney) working on a Board of Nursing complaint, and we recommend that you not do so. , In fact, your constitutional right to not make any statement that might help to incriminate you applies to such proceedings. Nurses are often falsely accused of misconduct or wrongdoing by patients, families of patients, employers and rivals. Most states do have adequate procedural safeguards in place that, if used by the nurse, will help to ensure the correct outcome of the matter. However, you must first know what these rights and safeguards are, and then know how to use them to your advantage in such proceedings. Very few attorneys are experienced in such matters and even fewer nurses are.


      • Owen 2:54 am on January 22, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        It’s no wonder Janeen “DON” , or “”Doctor DON””” with emphasizes on the DOC TOR ! , like she insists all the pee ons call her . Horrible track record of a nurse. she makes 115k a year for WHAT ? she is 27 k dollars over SIN dee Mand, who looks like a high paid gossip mongol. And then there is Robert Ellis at 95k a year , again for what ? that is what is called motive to do extra duties out of his job description. They can be bought, and all have a price. The real loser here is EMMA MAMALUY who is 104k, that must get her panties bunched up in her crack that , someone like “DOCTOR DON (haha !!! ) is making more than her . Of course any attorney who is good at their work, knows their job well, and does a excellent job can make way more than this . No top atty is going to settle for a salary and skate by for the state . “don and Emma aren’t worth 2 cents put together.


        • C N A 6:14 am on January 22, 2021 Permalink

          What one nurse who recently quit along with many others Yuma sucky medical center , had to say. This is what some said about Marla Moore , too , she did not fool everyone . ((Yuma Regional Medical Centers latest! not only have they continued to abuse their staff, now they are using CRITICALLY NEEDED resources to fill staffing holes they created as a result of their terrible administration and management.
          What Deb Aders fails to say in this lovely half truth of an interview, is that the hospital is suddenly now refusing to allow nurses to work at YRMC PRN if they resign or if they recently resigned, even when they left YRMC on good terms. This means there are dozens of local, qualified, and experienced nurses whose desperately needed skills are being used to care for people in other communities, or not used at all, when Yuma County has one of the greatest needs for skilled healthcare workers in the country.
          A hospital using scarce federal resources in this circumstance is nothing to be proud of.. it is the equivalent of a person lying to obtain welfare and food stamps. It’s a corporate abuse funded by tax payers and reflects on how poorly YRMC administration has responded to the pandemic and the ongoing, easily anticipated needs of the community they claim to serve.
          All while Mrs Aders remains one of the highest paid and most useless nurses in the county, is repetitively offered a media platform to misrepresent the truth, and where neither YRMC nor the local government has taken any meaningful action to end the outrageous and ongoing misconduct of Aders and her colleagues.))
          Yuma abuses nurses, and the board of nursing helps. Shame on Ridenour for running such a corrupt agency.


      • peary Brown 4:23 pm on January 22, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Of course there is more!


        • T. Jeffereson 3:01 pm on January 24, 2021 Permalink

          LOTS MORE, save the best for last . So many mistakes, at this nursing agency, you would NEVER want one for your nurse. Checking for errors , double checking , conscious about their work, accuracy doesn’t matter to them . Sloppy work, along with stupidity makes them easy targets . Once the earn over 70k, the dishonesty is ten fold.



        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 2:43 pm on January 25, 2021 Permalink

          Liberty and freedom decrease when the government images taking care of us.


        • Reporting the truth 11:22 pm on January 28, 2021 Permalink

          What ever reason Mekoba-Hill is not President of the BON. Of course we all knew that the run of the mouth would be so happy to jump in and take over . Yes it is Carolyn McCormies, such a corrupt one she is . So easy to see the set up , and how they do the dirty deeds they do . Although they are not pinned to do things a certain way, why do they change it up based on who the nurse is ? We all know the answer to that . Biased, judgement clouded by their numerous years of kook aid brain washing . What a shame to have a board like this !! When there are so many good nurses , nurses that know their stuff and know what they are doing and would never think of being a liar , cheat , and do the revocation of nurses when many cases are trumped up and mostly nonsense , do NOT rise to a board complaint !


        • ghost 7:38 am on January 29, 2021 Permalink

          For a fact , Boyer knows the board is corrupt. She knows the little cheat sheets , and what the board has done in the past. So why then are the deviating on certain cases . Why are they letting some slide and making a case that doesn’t exist. ? Why is it Jessica Rogers has extreme DUI but gets a letter of concern . ? Tommie had the Daisy award too but was revoked , over a lying mormon student nurse in Sierra Vista. Just sickening , when your taking peoples careers , licenses away . Shame on all of the unclean hands at the board.


        • Big Ted talk 6:27 pm on February 2, 2021 Permalink

          text from an insider;
          :178 Yuma County Covid Deaths in the last 30 days!
          The consequences of forcing nurses to retire early?
          Refusing to hire replacement nurses?
          Creating untenable nurse patient ratio’s in ICU?
          Will we ever know for sure?
          Insider nurse who works there response :

          The hospital makes a lot of money for every death , like around 35,000. Yuma is one of the worst hospitals in the entire nation , when it comes to american/ mexican greed.
          And they fired a covid Dr in ER who worked and was experienced in covid in NY .

          IS this not a set up for the patients who probably would not have died to get worse and die? They don’t even have to look at their insurance, they know they ‘ll get paid if they go out in a body bag.


        • stop arresting nurses 3:01 am on February 4, 2021 Permalink

          Nurses Facing Jail Time For Being Caught in Unsafe Conditions

          More and more nurses are facing jail time for making mistakes. All nurses make errors. Most nurses make errors or find themselves in situations where bad patient outcomes occur almost everyday. More often than not these outcomes were influenced by system errors and administrative decisions that placed patients in harms way. Conditions that nurses face are such as, critically low staffing, Physicians refusal to respond to nurses paging them or patients requiring a higher level of care, being admitted to units without the resources to meet the patients needs. These unsafe conditions place patients at risk and put the nurse’s license on the line. Yet Boards of nursing refuse to consider such ever increasing conditions as mitigating circumstances.
          Boards of nursing hear from nurses such reasons as above, that contributed to a bad outcome, more often than not when they allege a nurse violated the nurse practice act. These Boards of nursing know that nurses were placed in no win situations by hospital nursing administrators. When a Nurse Director goes home for the evening they know full well they are leaving their nurses understaffed. Chief Nursing Officers and Nurse Directors know that certain Physicians regularly refuse to answer nurses concerns about their patients. These Nurse Administrators are also accountable to the Practice Act and a duty to protect patients from harm. Yet they escape responsibility and being charged by their States Board of Nursing.
          Boards of Nursing historically go after the staff nurse, ignoring root causes of the error. This needs to change. Nurse Administrators need to be rightfully held to the Nurse Practice Act to keep patients safe. If Nursing Administrators knew they could be charged by their licensing Board they might take corrective action to provide a culture of safety.
          Now there is an increasing trend to charge nurses criminally for bad patient outcomes. Nurses face being sent to prison for a bad outcome when they were struggling to provide care under critically low staffing levels. Or when the nurse was assigned a patient she was not experienced to care for because the nurse was a med surg nurse and the patient belonged in the ICU. Yet because of short staffed ICUs and over crowded emergency rooms, criticality ill patients are ending up on med surg units.
          Just as Boards of Nursing do not consider the decisions of Nurse Administrators as causative, neither do prosecutors. Again, corporate Nurse Administrators are escaping being held accountable. Nurses are speaking up about these conditions yet it is the staff nurse who continues to be nailed to the cross.


        • Spence 8:00 pm on February 5, 2021 Permalink

          a section with all of the new names at the board , and old ones too, highlighted . They all have connections, court records, they were referred by someone already there . See how they like being exposed on the web like their little games they play with nurses. Theirs an old saying, ‘everybody’s got some dirt going on ” . Or can start with Dawna Cato the one who took Robin Worthless Shafer’s place . The AZNA is not one for any nurse to be in. It is basically a small circle of creeps , and sure looks like one . maybe someone can weigh in on this. A politician who is also a nurse, said yes it is ALL PART OF IT , so whether anyone does not like it or not , it does come into play.


      • KARMA KQUEEN 4:17 am on January 30, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Hey guys, there is always come kind of good news to report. Spent the week on top of mtn skiing , nice to go for 2 days. Hot apple cider . Hot cocoa . and food stamps steaks (LOL !! ) keep working your butts off nurses support those you didn’t !
        The other good news is Elizabeth Campbell is growing a new head. HAHA big knot on that skull looks like a big lipoma removed. Can’t be any brains oozing out . Still big liar as ever . Good Luck to Elizabeth Campbell — Be nice if it gets infected. Skin eating flesh, or a worse case of mad cow disease . Hey people are for killing prisoners on death row , why spare something as rotten as her , making money off others despair. BITCH.


      • BLEACH 2:24 am on February 2, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        A nun & A whore:
        D. Hurtado goes up to Sis. Torres and asked her if she has seen the PB site lately.
        Hurtado: Sister, did you see what those criminal nurses wrote about me on that PB site again?
        Sis. Torres: No, I don’t know what the “PB site” is, and I am trying to focus on writing up false documents to bring down all those gringo nurses I don’t like.
        Hurtado: The PB site is the Peanut Butter site, well they told me to take a bath, and use bleach. That’s dangerous.
        Sis. Torres: How so?
        Hurtado: Bleach could irritate my skin!
        Sis. Torres: Just because they suggested you take a bath is not dangerous nor is it criminal. What exactly did they say?
        Hurtado: They said to wash my ass cause I stink, and use bleach.
        Sis. Torres: Well do you?
        Hurtado: I don’t know sisser, do you smell me?
        Sis. Torres: I am wearing a mask with citrus spray on the inside to prevent smelling all the stink in this shit hole where we work. If you stink take a bath but get away, cause I am busy lying on documents to carry out Biden’s plan.


      • Kentucky Derby 5:44 am on February 5, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        The Kentucky Derby: I am not writing about a horse race, I am writing about a cow race, racing to ass kiss, yeah man that’s correct. The Kentucky Derby of azbn Cows, and their infighting one another jockeying to kiss the wrinkled ass of old ridenour. Cow sized women, and men like Peter Wittengbug spending the day laying around, chewing and gnawing their cud, batting their eye’s looking around until the second they hear the door to ridenour’s office opens, and then POW, the dead come alive, the mooing, grunting, shoving, and hoofing begins. Right up that narrow hallway comes thousands of pounds of blubber thundering for the Ridenour’s door. Man all I can say is God help any normal sized human strolling up the hall gazing at their phone instead of focusing on the rumbling of the floor.
        Nurse Colleague’s I need to warn all of you about another dirty bag of parasites to watch for: it’s the DES office. If you are in AZ and getting or trying to get public assistance for any reason, be careful and follow all rules, they are told to watch any and all nurses who seek help, isn’t that correct ridenour. Any nurse at any level is reported back to the cows, and know any time you sign their documents, you give them consent to look at your bank account.


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 5:18 pm on February 5, 2021 Permalink

          One of the basic principles of success is the appearance of such. One of the foundations of our military is to look like a one can make it from point A to point B and still be able to function effectively once you get to point B. This post defines the unspoken fact of self abuse simply by being grossly out of condition and very over weight which sheds light upon the reality that the High Priests of Health Care do not practice what they represent.


        • get rid Wendy Rogers (bumper sticker) 7:52 pm on February 5, 2021 Permalink

          It is no surprise that DES is corrupt , CECELIA ANDERSON who is on the AZ BON now worked their for many years, another state agency that is as big a cluster as the nursing board agency. Cecelia expertise seems to be tri fold, first she will go along with any state agency that is putting the screws to someone, second she appears to have quite a drinking problem and thinks she knows the cure all for everyone, not exactly a trait of someone who is regulating NURSING , not drinking , thirdly , she has no clue what she is doing , she may have worked with disabled children, or have been in mgt. at DES, but is not a balanced person to judge nurses who work for a living and not desk jockey’s. Your retired , got a big pension state of az, do real nurses a favor stay home , take joEY with you. If one does not have a license anymore , the corrupt Bon has no control over non licensed. Although the message has not made it to many of them who are focused on those who do not even have a license.


    • Ang 4:31 am on January 20, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Oh yes Janeen is a real suck up . the race between her and Cindy Mand. another one who is doing what ever Ridenour wants. A tape of her giving Jokey ‘report” on who was coming in. IT does make you wonder why they are so afraid of anyone who is interested in what is going on. If its a reporter mamaluy starts her boot licking , right down with her tongue lapping up the laces.
      Good to see Cobia is sticking up for her rights. The board is so weird. revoke because she will never be able to be regulated, by how much she is fighting in her case. How ODD that statement, when it is the corrupted board who goes to EXTREME lengths to find dirt on a nurse when their buddies at the hospital fired them over nothing and they don’t want to get sued. So now SUE THE BOARD !!! each and every one of them corrupt dirty players.


      • shadow 4:45 pm on January 21, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        They suck up to each other! Janeen “DON” passing around a picture of Krishna kid and saying “full head of hair ” over and over . Surely she can give a flip less . Just sucking around the office to those who she wants to get ex dir position. She has “become ” Valerie Smith , aka bubba to nurses ; she even talks like she’s sleep walking, that speech which is unchanging in pitch, without intonation or expressiveness. All of these corrupt players children see what they really are , and will grow up to be druggies to cope . As an inside observant, they pretty much ignore all laws and do what ever they want . Lie to unsuspecting nurses, what they can do , basically all intimidation but they are pros at lying , all the while lawyers telling clients do not lie to the board. Yes, that is what they are good at . They act like police, lying their heads off to you and the public , but don’t dare let them catch you making a statement differently the second time. Basically as in Shawna Bonner example , they would call the nurse a LIAR ! changed her story ! LYING , INTEGRITY , issues . keep sweet and don’t leak the author and more will come.


        • GO SAINTS ! 6:03 pm on January 26, 2021 Permalink

          one has to ask what is the requirement to be on the board of nursing. Certainly not any IQ test, in fact the dumber they are the more they get appointed by a Gov who is merely a puppet . While your Gov sings “if you wanna see me do my thing babe pull my string , PUPPETMAN !! (repeat) So it is all” connected creeps” that are determining your future. SAD. IT appeared that Angela Fountain smartened up and got away from Randy Quinn’s group in anesthesia . Now kinda looks like oops after the fact . Let’s not work there so it doesn’t look like we knew each other hehehe. Question about the new recruits to the mission creeps came up about noticing they all appear to be of low mentality . well, Makes sense… you may have to have a certain mentality to feel like it makes good sense that a womanizing criminal restored Gods’ true church and dug up a book made of solid gold which nobody else was allowed to see and he translated it by looking at rocks in a hat… then an angel took the big golden book back to Heaven (of course). Yep, those that will believe this wild story will get on a AZBON and play along there too . It makes sense .


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 6:51 pm on January 27, 2021 Permalink

          The same total swallow of coronavirus is new.


      • T. Jeffereson 8:06 pm on January 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        When my former co worker went to the BON they drug tested her , no doors on bath room two of them watching while you pee ! NO employment has ever done this ! one Janeen who kept correcting her to call her a Doctor ! When most normal people , get a phd they say they just want to be called by their first name , never as a Doctor . They do not have a medical degree . And the higher anyone goes with those degrees in nursing it just means do not trust them , their minds have been molded. Also for what ever reason she brought up sexual orientation, SHE brought it up , then asked her ‘are you homophobic” . I guess this is a pat question she likes to toss around. So just a heads up , but she sure too a LONG look at her whowaa. For what reason ? They do seem to run this particular board like a prison. And you know how any state doctors operate, they always side with the state .


        • Help 4 nurses 12:07 am on January 26, 2021 Permalink

          Oh yes a lot of similarities with the nursing board its odd employees and prisons. A lot of board members worked in prisons . Machesky , the one who ran off to another state, after causing so much destruction in people’s lives. Nasty one for sure . M. (martyr) Harrell. A real whacked out wench. Harrell ‘s grand daughter is a new nurse at Children’s hospital. Think we will see her before the board ? If she is anything like grandma she’s has a limited thought process and brain washed mind .
          Prisons , the guards dish out extra punishment, acting like judges . Over stepping authority , while making a bad situation worse. Yes , they are very much alike.


        • justoneofthekids 4:29 pm on January 28, 2021 Permalink

          @help 4 nurses; don’t talk about what you really don’t know about…..ask me, i will tell you.


        • all ears 6:28 am on January 31, 2021 Permalink

          The last person to ask about the nursing board is not a nurse ! or someone who skips in has a case on the agenda and is dismissed.
          All this means is the bd wants you to think how busy they are , and doing their job, but if a matter get to the bon meeting. triaged, investigated , assigned a consultant, and is discussed before the bd and DISMISSED . Very poor operation ! let’s see someone posted of the 11 NP all were dismissed ! Seem to be favoring NP , is that because they ‘worked so hard to get there” not to mention they are not prepared and dangerous .
          Very odd , how they work, all over the place .
          Just like Elizabeth Campbell’s HEAD, looks of more disfigurement .


        • K harris 6:33 am on January 31, 2021 Permalink

          someone who thinks they know how this agency works ! laughable.
          Amazing the nurses who think they know , and can’t believe what liars and deceiving of the public and nurses ! SO they say fake news. Until you or one of your friends gets caught in the spider web of the recluses !
          Looks like got a brown noser who wants to ‘make corrections” .
          Those are the dangerous ones to avoid .


        • assistant 6:29 pm on January 31, 2021 Permalink

          This defender of the corrupt board of nursing , sounds like the “plant ” sitting in the board meeting , when comments came around she had a rehearsed statement . A question, that was all pre planned and pre answered. The question made no sense at all. When most nurses when you talk to them about board review will say , ‘well they are nurses too and will understand” Or “they know that things happen at work and how busy we are ” WRONG! Some type of defense for a group they know nothing about , haven’t a clue , how it really happens. So when 1 of the kids , asks , ‘ because your all nurses are your decisions affected by the fact that they are nurses too and you want to keep the career short staff so you will always have a job? Does you decisions go against other nurses , because they are nurses? no one thinks this way , unless they want this out there , with immediate response of denial . Knew when to show up, not on the agenda, Never to be seen again. And some almost trusted this ‘board helper in good standing ” . Seems like she also advised , “just admit what you did “, and ‘work with “YOUR ‘ board. ? (as sad as the line up is ! ) And she will even tell you she’s had a board complaint. But won’t she won’t say is she guzzled the kook aid down and did some serious butt licking . And this came from one of the ‘regular legal assistants , who saw right thru it . Think about it , someone without a case is going to do to the meeting and ask a question like this that has nothing to do with anything and proves nothing ! yet insists she knows “the truth”, LOL !! Sending a message to students , need a motive here !


        • Right here ! 4:54 am on February 1, 2021 Permalink

          To the sicko , sick minded and just plain sick , although we know you are sick, but it came out real good on the recorder. The HACKING Purposely coughing, into the mic, hack hack hack , Loudly purposely coughing into the mic. Expelling air nosily from thelungs deep hacking as drumming up a big dugee . We all know who is was. CHildish games the board agency plays. Nice to know they have some true hate going on there. Just remember; dog queen. EMMA LEHNER MAMALUY , “your as big as what it takes to upset you”. ROFLOL !!!!


        • justoneofthekids 4:15 pm on February 1, 2021 Permalink

          @K Harris; you might be surprised what some people know……


        • justoneofthekids 9:13 pm on February 1, 2021 Permalink

          Ohh, 1 of the kids is NOT who you think it is based on your response to my response….nice


    • Britney Apley 8:10 am on January 20, 2021 Permalink | Reply

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      • Mandy 7:41 pm on February 1, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        notice that Drs can do and say just about anything, but let a nurse hand it back and they will be before the BON, and put through the most dreadful time of their lives . Of you can reapply in 5 or so years but they want to make sure that you are wearing that duct tape across your mouth, have been inducted into the hall of females who are too gutless to speak up and assert themselves . Make sure that you have been regulated to obey and be obedient , humbled . Anyone that will bow done this deserves NO respect , including the Dr. , and the ones on the BON who are ‘going along ‘ with the rest.


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      • Safe Harbor 8:47 pm on February 19, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Texas is so advanced from AZ , both Southern states. In Tx is if the cheap hospital and tainted mgr wants to make the big bucks and short staff. There is a thing called safe harbor, where a nurse is covered if they take an unsafe assignment. The AZNA would never try to get anything in to protect nurses , only to protect the bon. SHAMEFUL , nurses still eating their young SHAME ON ALL OF YOU !


    • Iva Hagai 5:14 am on January 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply


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    • Bettacha 11:16 pm on January 29, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Update on the corrupt board of nursing . Well Carolyn McCormies finally pulled it off , she was trying to get to be Pres of the bd for a long time . Which is crazy she is still on the board, but Ducey office is the one who does that and he seems to be a very lazy person . Taking on a job like this , with all your resources you need to do your job. McCormies since 2012 , on the board in some capacity. The mormons have taken over many Government positions, when you look at the Senate (Paul Boyer – who’s wife is on the bon now) When you look at how brain washed and simple minded these cult members are , never should there ever be more than one if ANY on a board that is judging a nurse. They favor their own . None of them qualified as far as real nursing goes to be a board like this. All they are doing is keeping the crooked doctors on their ‘list” in a steady supply of evaluations . Just based on someone making false allegations. People need to get involved and write those who are in a position to help , by their political position or ability to reach a large number of people . Keep up the good work , being recognized !


    • WILD HOGS 2:05 am on February 1, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      WILD HOGS; I am not writing about the swine that roam the land rooting up the tundra as they search for mushrooms, I am referring to the swine who roam at the azbn rooting up the law, and sucking up three fourths of their income at restaurants and eateries. What a pity those who must work on the floor beneath the wild hogs, having to listen to the floor above creaking and cracking as if it’s about to cave in, those sounds must be quite fearful.
      Wild hogs have no regards for the law, they only use it to their advantage, they lie, cheat, steal, falsify documents, and cover up for each other. Wild hogs brown noes one another, they are mentally ill to the point of societal impact which is catastrophic, take for example the pork rind Sunita Krishna Cairo chasing an ex-military vet around in a room attempting to threaten and intimidate him. Now that takes a crazed wild hog to do that, Sunita Krishna Cairo lacks the ability to practice proper law due to her multiple internships with multiple law firms, daddy must have gotten the pork rind out of positions she was incompetent at with his money!
      MONEY LANDRARY; check out the site, makes me wonder. https://opencorporates.com/companies/us_az/L17068111
      Billy’s got his fat stubby fingers in many pots, rootin, snortin, and tootin up the law. Oh well America we knew it would come to this, what a shame there is such destruction against whistleblower nurses when patient abuse is reported.


    • Sal RN 8:03 am on February 1, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      “We knew it would come to this” NEVER in my wildest dreams , did I think that by being a nurse you entire life is torn apart FOR LIFE and you would be bullied by a agency with “nurse” in the title. When you have expectation of people being appointed being honest, and running a noble agency . That will know when a complaint is just some sociopath’s trying to get someone in trouble and shut it down . But instead they join them , as a big mafia groupie club to see how much dirt they can fling , true or now. Dealing with newbies who still cannot get over why they are not interested in hearing what really happened. Only putting things out there that are damning . Ignoring anything you say, and not wanting you to say anything at all . The entire board meeting is laced with signals. IF they do this stuff in public what the hell kind of scheming are they doing behind closed doors. You are looked at as the enemy. The ones who get a slap on the hand are already their friends or they work for them, and so they can humanize them . If you don’t file and fight and do nothing it helps them a lot. I am sure that Wm Ridenour has a lot of input into how the board is run. underhanded as they come. he may even be on the payroll in some way, silent partner.


    • TRUE ONES ARE NOT ON THE BOARD 12:13 am on February 3, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I hope that all Nurses/ NP listen to what this group has to say. It is all true and then some . Here is my story, I am moving out of AZ , get the hell out of dodge, they are crazy , corrupt and cultish. !

      (Anyone can just make a complaint about you. I had a dad that I testified against in court for child abuse turn me in- he also turned the office in the the BBA, the doc in to TMB, the mom in to animal control, the grandmother in to human health services for running an unlicensed daycare (the only kid she cared for was her granddaughter who was abused) etc. I had proof of ALL of it. ALL. BON did not care and went after me to sanction me anyway. They even denied an informal hearing. I had to go to full blown mediation with a judge. The judge was on my side and I had to settle for probation. The judge straight up told me she was almost certain id win in a court case but after it was over the BON doesn’t have to listen to what the judge rules and they’d likely bring me right back to sanction to punish me for fighting them. My probation is done in March. Took me a hot minute to get malpractice insurance and paid way more (I’m an NP). Hell no they don’t have oversight. None. Zero. Zilch. They do what they want. There wasn’t even an NP present I the mediation. The director nursing was there and the lawyer. The lawyer was arguing medical decision making with me. Not kidding. I damn well held my own. They actually were harassing me because I use functional medicine and functional testing like stool urine blood in my work. That’s what they really wanted to harass me about.


    • Ceilito 8:28 pm on February 3, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      sounds horrible , had no idea this nursing agency was so evil . I do believe that in their own sick minds they believe they are saving some patients . From what ” ? certainly not from the super nurses they have weeded out . From what ?? They can’t even recognize RETALIATION , because you have a nursing license just see if they can mess with you ! Then the sick minded agency joins the trouble makers, then the sick board members join the trouble maker , the investigator , what a wicked agency . Like NO other ! all headed up by the witch of the west, JOEY RIDENOUR !!!


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    • recall boyer's 2:30 am on February 7, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      looks like both the Boyer’s are into political hack groups . Paul Boyer’s bill to rip off public school children is disgusting ! Many comments against him. (ELiz Boyer his cult creep wife is on the Az bon, appointed by do nothing ducey ) sb1452 is not good, but then the cult only takes care of other members. Maybe comments of hate towards Boyer. “(I thought the AZ Legislature could not surprise me any more. But invoking Dr MLK and Selma to justify destruction of public education truly shocked me. For shame, Sen Paul Boyer.!! —IF they will do this for a Koch / Alec following, they will do anything to nurses . Wake up AZ !!


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 6:39 pm on January 1, 2021 Permalink  

    Gems Adrift AZBN 


    Once I had employment that sometimes would leave us unable to go to work and we’d be stranded in a big city for several days before the weather would allow us to return to work. I would find my way to the local/county /U.S. Courthouse to be entertained. New York City had 24/7 that was super educational. Once a prosecutor defined a defendant as presumed guilty for witnesses identified defendant as having unique Tattoo. Whatever error the prosecutor made became evident when stated defendant lacked any such tattoo. The defense attorney referred to the prosecutor’s work as a ‘Real Gem’. The look on the judge’s face, as well as the prosecutor’s face made it clear that ‘Gem’ is an industry known slang as idiot.

    So if you’re trapped on a deserted island and found a large valuable diamond on the beach what could you do with it?? There is nobody to exchange anything with. None-the-less its value remains high. So you’re a nurse whose been illegally rim-racked by the AZBN , and you’ve got ‘Gems’ for evidence, what can you do with it?? I mean we all know about the corrupt adm law court, not to mention defendant attorneys openly calling this Board an ‘Absolute Monster’ I know there are you going the way of an outside court. Many will appreciate your journey as to get more ‘Gems’ of evidence into documentation. This is critical to help make nursing history available in the future. Names and Dates and Locations….Super.

    The passing of this knowledge to active nurses, especially the students, is essential for morality to be be weighed. We, the ‘Gems’ Carrying crowd, have been duped by our own consciousness of innocence. Blindly adhering to the moral high ground thinking it’ll all be good as we got right on our side. I actually was totally unaware that a witness could be well into Alzheimer’s disease and still be considered a dash more than a crooked prop to make a case; as long as they are a physician or $ person. There is no moral high ground, and with this crooked adm and agency the only approach is yet to been seen in 21. Happy New Year to all. I’ll be seeing you in some of the usual places.

    • Excellent Nursing Skills 4:42 pm on January 2, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      OAH Court corrupt ? An understatement. . Not if you read the ‘comments’ on their site , you would think they were the most upstanding, law abiding , rule following , law abiding of the world. Of course those are ‘words” , and all lies. The Attorney’s who prosecute good nurses here are some of the lowest life skanks . Whores are more honest and forth right.
      It is so obvious the racket going on, anyone can see how they operate in corruption ! The so called investigator from the AZBON acts like a wanna be cop, not really looking for evidence , just the WOW factor . Who gives this unrelated crazy talk to the Skanks, who are more than happy to bring it up in court, as a laughable moment. IT is more of a hanging your dirty laundry child’s play.
      The ALJ”s are in on it , if not sleeping , they are ruling all the way in favor of the shanks. Never having any kind of order or professionalism . And to no one’s surprise they get the ALJ to sign the opinion , then the skanks get the BON low IQ sheep to motion , and a dumber BON than low IQ seconds it . And that is what they call , due process.
      Happy New Year, they will have a whole new batch of unknowing nurses who maybe haven’t even got their licenses yet, will lose them It is already decided.


      • Nurse Advocate 9:20 pm on January 2, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Be prepared if you are notified of a board complaint. First and foremost, realize what you are dealing with , these attorneys and ‘investigators ” are sociopath’s . If you had one in your personal life , you get away from them , a no contact. Since this is who Jo Ridenour , dir wants to be surrounded with , and the ones who want to be there. (this is fun to them ). Even after figuring out this board agency is corrupt , this is what you have to deal with . On the inside and to co workers they use charm as a tool. , excessive use of thank you, (oh that high pitched , little miss innocent who would believe she could do this!) manipulate circumstances, feed those who make decisions , the bd , small pieces of information and twist all real facts to create doubt. Then they will ask you to come in for a meeting , your thinking oh great my chance to explain myself , what nonsense this is . You do not have to attend this and they cannot say you were uncooperative (a big discredit of the nurse they like to use) . What they are doing is ‘sizing up their prey”. Have as little contact with them as possible . Since they tend to lie a lot, manipulate , they develop a fearlessness, and know there are no consequences to their actions. Mostly because they are backed by Ridenour who is a sociopath , she knows her behavior is wrong, but won’t stop. Many times they will resort to violence if they feel threatened, oh not them personally , they use others to do that . That is where the lying manipulators are good at sizing up allies to assist them. Make them think it is their idea. They do need professional help all of them


        • Went to a meeting DISGUSTING ! 6:02 pm on January 8, 2021 Permalink

          The board makes the final decision is a joke. Who is downloading their options ? limited options, but what the corrupt campbell and krishna are putting is what they want. BON discussion is just mumbling , by a few and lots of babaling by mcormies To assist them in getting a conviction . What other court is run like this , Giving too much authority to a group of incompetent yes yes dutiful woman, who are puppets of the attys hiding in the back ground, like Mamaluy , and ASSistants DAHN and MAND.
          might as well be in a country that brings out the whipping board. And this is the country they live it , like shitting in their own beds.


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 8:34 pm on January 8, 2021 Permalink

          be careful we might have storm the capital!!


        • Hero nurse 12:55 am on January 15, 2021 Permalink

          another winner winner chicken dinner for the worst hospital in the state. :

          Corrigan Wright, an ICU nurse, pictured as she worked her last shift at the hospital./Courtesy photo
          Except this time, the departure was on her terms.
          “There were a lot of things management did that were shocking,” Wright, 35, told The Arizona Republic. “How they were treating nurses and frontline staff was bad — really bad. As we were treating patients and trying to combat the virus, we were noticing trends. We were bringing those trends up to management and it fell on deaf ears.”
          The main trend that struck Wright stemmed from the COVID-19 outbreak at the Arizona State Prison Complex in Yuma where more than 1,400 inmates have tested positive, the largest prison outbreak in the state system.
          In addition, more than 1,500 employees have self-reported contracting the virus since the pandemic began in March and employees at the Yuma prison have said they believe most of the staff had been infected. No official numbers are publicly available.
          As inmates were coming into Yuma Regional for treatment, their accompanying prison guards joined them — without proper masks, Wright said.


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 7:26 pm on January 27, 2021 Permalink

          the microbiological world isnt available for weaponizing microbes of choice. Exposure does not mean infection. Infection is Catarral of tissue membranes and antibody presence is not the same.


        • ghost 6:08 am on January 18, 2021 Permalink

          I can tell you first and foremost , that the ‘agency’ is sitting around , scamming , scheming and trying to figure out how to stop this sight, anyone from contacting any nurses, and how to silence people , keep them away and without a voice . basically they are acting like the democrats , twitter, impeach all in one. if you don’t blow my cover, there’s more !


        • No name 7:20 pm on January 18, 2021 Permalink

          Why is it that a board of nursing is using CRIMINAL investigators on none criminal matters? Former cops are nothing but a bunch of liars. Tunnel Vision, And always add more problems to a matter that do not exist. Take Peter Wittenberg, he must think it is easy to attack nurses , criminals know to not speak are read their rights . Nurses are not read any rights but it is CRIMINAL what they are doing. Then bring in another cop to take second chair . Their belief system is ‘everyone is guilty” , in fact board investigator was chewed out for reading the nurses side of the story. “why are you reading that they are all guilty “. This is what they do behind closed doors. They also talk about nurses in a very derogatory manner . This does influence board members who are also hideous. Anyone who sticks up for themselves , and speaks up , will get double dose of legal paper work and scrutinize over your career to see how they can fck you up. Maintain my animosity and more to come. Why should I care, I’m over this corrupt actions and what they do to nurses .


      • Wm 11:42 pm on January 14, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Sunita Krishna is a real piece of work . Silver spoon fed snot nose , who makes stupid statements . “he told me that it is none of the board of nursing’s business’ . Like the AZ BON is entitled to know everything about your personal life ?? Like Everything ? What a crazy ass statement stupid punk makes. Then she goes on to say , “SHE has no authority in my state ” THAT is what makes it NONE of AZ , bon business, man where do you get these crazy people ? She was shown the robes by Campbell another bad apple.
        Guess there are about 20 going snowboarding ? hope someone got tickets on line. Spread the word in AZ !!


      • AZ RNs vs PURE EVIL 8:39 pm on January 15, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        You must believe in God, Satan, good, and evil to understand this.
        The AZBON activities mirror those of big tech and media. Censor and oppress anyone with a differing opinion than their “narrative”. Most of the nurses who come in front of this corrupt board’s path are in a position similar to the one Trump is in. ( guilty until you prove yourself innocent, hated by an extremist group of wolves in sheep’s clothing [in the name of public safety/ AZBON] and because of extreme jealousy over the nurse’s overwhelming success and following).some will escape, or bypass the AZBON “corrupt system and processes depending upon.who they know or who they blow. But the majority of nurses will come against and face the harsh criticism, judgement and rhetoric meant to put a veil over the public’s and patient’s discerning eyes. This is the work of satan…this board is acting in the spirit of jezebel and none of these demonic forces will ever win against God. Just as it is unfolding in the political / physical world, the battle of right/ wrong and good / evil is being fought in the spiritual/ supernatural realm.
        As we speak the veil is being pulled back, truths are being exposed in 2021 [twenty twenty WON] and people will be exposed and WILL face justice and PAY A great PRICE for being on the wrong side of God.
        There are several whistleblowrs within the Twitter corporation bringing forth the evil rhetoric and exposing Jack Dorsey and what he is planning. God has acted upon their hearts and their consciences …and this is ONLY the beginning of what’s to come.

        If AZBON and AZNA members are truly reading these posts…then may you find yourself coming down on the right side of God before its too late, and the great exposure takes place.

        What this board thinks, feels, and unjustly rules means absolutely nothing to the Christian that knows God has a great plan out of this for each of us [the nurses that have become victims of this corrupt board].
        The spirit of Jezebels reign is coming to an end and the enemy [AZBON and Satan] hates it, and will be fighting like hell against it, until the head of the serpent is severed from its body.

        Again, if you are not in the biblical or the Prophetic this may make zero sense to you. But if you are, then wow you get it and can see the parallels playing out in Federal and State politics right now.

        God Bless you all Wounded Healers…stay strong….God’s got this !


      • tipster 6:04 am on January 18, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        This crazy nursing board and agency , trying to make everyone afraid of anyone who contacts them (as if the BOARD AND AGENCY are not the bad guys !!!) putting crazy stuff such as SCAM ALERT . really ! like people are going to contact nurses and tell them they have a board complaint . For what reason? there ‘s no money in it , there is nothing in it for anyone , who would get their kicks off on this? I’ll tell you who THE NURSING BOARD AGENCY. just wanting to make nurses leery of any contact. “and to keep the phone number , date and time, and anything they said ” (YEA so you can be as weird as the BOARD !) Recording , writing down everything, so they can quote it and put it on the internet against you . Take a few words out of context and make they look , like something is wrong. Acting like cia wanna be’s . making fools of themselves . the only SCAM if how this agency operates . !! Betting it is the agency itself making those calls , if there are any at all . They have everyone’s contact information . Anyone who knows these snakes would not put it against them .


      • K R 9:18 pm on January 19, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Former Rep. Mickey Edwards of Oklahoma, known as a stalwart conservative during his days on Capitol Hill, said on Thursday that he is leaving the Republican Party because it has become a “cult” . Looks like no one wants to be part of a cult. Only those born and brainwashed , and threatened to not look at other material, books, talk on alternatives .
        (Comment to ALJ asking a NP what her ‘religion ‘was , and is she an ACTIVE MEMBER ” ” ABSURD ! ! why not ask how much she pays each week. ? COMMENT ” I have worked in many courts my entire career and have never heard a judge ask anyone what their religion is ! , why were they asking , bias? this makes the judge biased , it just would never happen in a court room that is run for the truth the people and justice ” The appeals judges made a grave errror dismissing this as “clarifying ” . what nonsense “


    • C & W 3:38 am on January 3, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Great post, only nurses who have seen it first hand know all too well the differences in what one conceives to be how a court room is run and this Korrupt Kangaroo Krazy Konzentrationslager . Here is one nurse who tried to protect the public , who were in the hospital guarding inmates. and the ones back at the prison. Kudos to Corrigan Wright. who put herself out there, while the bd members sat and ate prime rib and bon bons . “””””At the end of October I sent an email to nursing administration at my hospital, YRMC, sharing concerns about jail guards not having the appropriate PPE and being ordered to remain in Covid-19 positive patients rooms without N95 masks on.
      I was subsequently forced to stay after work to meet with management and reprimanded for sending the email below because it “went all the way up”. I was told I had upset the warden and was asked to not send similar emails again.
      RIP Warden Jensen.
      Yes the Warden died , and not from being “upset” but COVID . SHAME ON Deborah Aders who reprimanded a good nurse for watching out for safety measures . BTW Nurse Corrigan quit Yuma (hell hold hospital) due to their lack of support , in ppe and reprimand for speaking up . SHAME this is happening in 2020 !! Silencing women, making an example , while mgt puts all their lies out there ! Sociopaths too . Twisting and creating doubt .


      • Sucks 2 b u 6:48 am on January 3, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        another real ‘gem” or screw up with her manipulation and underhanded tactics, made the top ten occupations. Any guess who this is ?
        there are relatively high numbers of narcissists who are…………….

        (This list is not rank ordered)
        TV News Anchor and Radio Personalities
        Police Officers
        Sales People
        Medical Doctors — Particularly Surgeons
        Attorneys**********bing bing bing !
        and nurses the most trusted honest caring people on earthy UNLESS they get politically involved, such as being a bd of nursing . Then you are a low life scrum sucker who should have never got a license , you don’t practice anyways. !


        • Avoiding being a target ! 4:06 pm on January 7, 2021 Permalink

          Oh hey, caught Emma talking to herself the other day , and here is what she had to say “”I’m not ashamed of being a good liar, and I’m even proud of my manipulation skills. I think I’m the best at everything I do all the time, and if you notice, I started using the letter “I” on it’s own a lot. I like talking about myself. I like inserting my interests into as many conversations as possible. I like asserting my opinions when I feel the need to be heard, and I can get somewhat aggressive in doing that. I want you to see things my way, because I’m always right.”
          scary isn’t it !


        • PEACE 4:36 pm on January 9, 2021 Permalink

          Got to use the code talker only , cause comments like that manipulative emma will put a spin on like no other ! acting like the ones at banner who attacked a nurse , and my fiance. The lies just kept building up , snowballing and getting out of control. She’s out of control , and is the head of the snake. We know your just , saying but not meaning but this is what they are watching this site for. SNOOP DOG, doing what ever she can to justify her dirty tricks . No plans to storm any capitol, can’t make it clearer than this . Just get nurses to beat these bitches in court. Against the ODDS (and the bd is ODD) .


        • E F 6:50 pm on January 9, 2021 Permalink

          YOUR right about one thing that lying lawyer with the nursing agency will blow that up bigger than her ass. And that’s pretty big , along with her swindling big mouth .
          She got her legal assistants to join her , and a couple of the stupid males , who acted for her . Just like the Wash DC , they are going after the INSTIGATOR . And that would be manipulative emma bama mama .
          Those who made it their business to involve themselves ELLIS , OLSON, ELSON, RICHTER, Gari CARROLL, KUTNERIAN , MAND , DAHN . always a gang that are not good at their job, so have to please the boss in other ways. Troublemakers.


        • R U paying attention. 10:41 pm on January 12, 2021 Permalink

          so they want to blame the instigator for everything other people did . Something to think about before your manipulation of others is instigated . ( speech is punishable as “incitement” if it’s intended and likely to provoke imminent lawless action. “)
          Yep this is why , telling others to do your dirty work gets you in trouble. Trying to make out that someone in the audience is out to get everyone , physically , and need to duck under desks and put on gas masks. When it is all drummed up , nothing but talk . But hey , couldn’t prove it before, so now try to prove your point with your little games . Using those who are stupid enough to obey, and play along, Throw in a few lies and waaaalaaaa. Got Cha . Makes people want to microscope the entire group out more. dirty players all end up laying in their shitty mess.


      • Ann 4:11 pm on January 10, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        on investigation Janeen Dahn NP , assoc dir az bd of nursing , her pay out law suit record “patient died unexpectedly , “contributed to untimely death of patient in her care. ” while she was in the room.
        it is a righteous belief to think she got on with the BON because malpractice wont insure her anymore. Too much of a risk.
        Dahn testifed at a NP hearing as a ‘expert ‘ she does not qualify as an ‘expert’ .
        The OAH , Diane Milhalsky (corrupt judge ) went bonkers; ‘went crazy ” was the report, when this was brought up ,the report shows, she was severely upset. ! Just another proof that the OAH court , hearings for nurses is biased. Why is this ALJ protecting board members who are testifying as witnesses , when their own back ground is brought up . The ALJ acts as a SECOND PROSECUTOR.
        Her court hearing has been ‘hidden” and the questions striken from tthe record. She should not be on the board , since this should have been reported to the BON. So it raises questions Ridenour doing her a favor , in exchange for taking other nurses down (unduly ) .
        OAH needs a special exposing of its own.
        Sunita Krishna prosecuting a good NP, who’s only complaint was she did not prescribe to a patient she had not seen . Lost her career. SHAMEFUL > Corruption.
        AZNA should be BEHIND THE NURSES not this dirty board and ASSociates.


    • Reporting the truth 11:34 pm on January 3, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Here is a nurse who spoke up about unsafe conditions , Corrigan Wright, ICU RN Yuma. Told mgt about prison guards who were not wearing masks while sitting with the prisoner in the hospital, and taking turns in the halls going for lunch, bath room breaks. Basically spreading it around. Then more guards next day who were not wearing proper ppe, the prison ends up with 1400 inmates with covid, and no visitors are allowed , strictly brought in by guards . So those prisoners are going to YRMC when very ill with covid with guards who take it back to the prison on further infect others in close quarters.
      Mgt at YRMC (horrible hospital yuma) reprimanded this nurses and said do not do this again because it “upset ‘ the warden . Warden Jensen .
      Then within weeks this is the Warden who was “upset “. {Dec 19, 2020 — YUMA, Ariz. (AP) – The warden of an Arizona state prison that has seen a major COVID-19 outbreak has died after being hospitalized over the …}


      • like it is 11:48 pm on January 3, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        and when Deb Aders is barking orders, spending all day trying to lure new Drs to the area, putting on a video of residents dancing with delight, have “fun ” in the swamp of a hospital , she will not help. As worthless as the BON members ‘assisting front line nurses ” HA HA ! dangerous to patients and dangerous to nurses! When you’ve got a four patient assignment and everyone else working with you does too and a patient codes, no one can safely help you! Nurses with four patients easily have 25+ critical drips running! Try proning a patient with no one able to help. Respiratory therapists with 10+ patients a piece! 30 AM blood gases! It’s OUTRAGEOUS! Dangerous! Corporate abuse of front line staff! Deb aders and her 13 years icu experience should get her ass into the icu and help instead of talking a bunch of fucking bullshit to the media on the radio that “there are some staffing challenges”. There aren’t fucking “SOME”. There are EXTENSIVE, SERIOUS and ONGOING HOLES created now as a result of this shit show they have created. No wonder 3-5 icu nurses quit at once ! (


    • judge the judge 1:41 am on January 4, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      The ALJ’s at OAH, are just a bunch of poor actors . Not a tough job, just sit there and listen to the high paid rats , Campbell and Krishna. and never correct them , they are all on the same side. NO due process , a SHAM court, take Tammy Eigenheer, who is one of the crooks. Actually asks a couple of questions of the aag, but she knows from the start how the ruling will go. Eigenheer was the one who REVERSED a higher court decision on Tom Horne. . How one is found guilty in Yavapai Supr court then go to OAh and get reversed ??? CROOKED JUDGE. that’s how. Then Thomas Shedden, retired HAHAHAH he’s BACK , must have been boring not being able to knock off a nurse. Then Velva-Thompson, out of her league, but follows the script of running a biased court room, Jenna Clark, kinda abrupt one, and another team player but not on YOUR team , it’s called TEAM CORRUPTION AZBON, OAH, ALJ, AAG is the team . Sandra Vanella , did they add an “A” so Cliff Vanell would not be mistaken for being related. ” There was a very short lived male who looks like he booked it already. Didn’t give jokey what she wants? Then Kay Abramsohn, who is the first one and only one to side in one case with a nurse. So what is her fate. ? Looks like the AZBON is requesting hearings AND REQUESTING the JUDGE ! and it’s not her . highly ILLEGAL. Amazing the favors they can pull. Especially with emma manipulating the deal.
      would this SURPRISE ANYONE, Elizabeth Campbell all BUTT HURT and bitching she lost a case . So did JOKEY Ridenour say, ‘well well dear I will talk to the dir and we wont hire that judge anymore , there there now, and don’t shed a tear weepy eyed , you did your best and we all hate her too . ” We’ll get Tammy , or Jenna , or Thomas who put out for us , and make it happen .
      Diane Milhalkey is retired , what a shameful alj that was , just a real POS. Judicial mess. She did n’t make it as a waitress so she became a judge . She has to live with what she did to nurses.
      Don’t forget that Campbell’s husband was working with these judge at Industrial Commission, they all go to those stuffy cocktail parties and pretend they are the higher class , when they are dirty , and corrupt . They make Ciavarella and Conahan look like amateurs.


      • Stoned , walled 1:51 am on January 4, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Here is the newbie at OAH, Adam Stone. a child support atty at OAH, well they do seem to drift over from AAG office . Why would a successful attorney go to a salary position ? (maybe he wasn’t so successful. in fact his complaints were erased on yelp. here is his bio, read between the lines. Adam D. Stone was born and raised in West Bloomfield, Michigan. He attended James Madison College at Michigan State University and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy. Adam then attended Michigan State University College of Law where he graduated Cum Laude. Just a mere 15 days prior to September 11, 2001, Adam moved to Arizona. At the start of his legal career, he worked for general litigation law firms as well as a domestic relations law firm. He then opened his own law practice and later served as an Assistant Attorney General in the Child Support Services Section. While at the AG’s office Adam would often serve as a trainer for new attorneys and staff. Looking for a new challenge, Adam joined the Office of Administrative Hearings in June 2020.
        A new challenge or he was going broke ?
        clients not happy ? well as a alj who cares , you get paid no matter how shitty you are. Someone get the word out, we’ll be watching him ! Maybe E C will use him in her ‘settlement “.
        Yelp::2 reviews of Adam D Stone – CLOSED “I sought out Mr. Stone’s advice regarding a child support and custody agreement from a divorce I had already been …


        • Informant's friend 3:03 pm on January 6, 2021 Permalink

          When someone has a conscience , they reach out to you and send you this “( I was an Investigator with the BON . I was only there several months and this was a few years ago because it became very clear early on that nurses were not being extended a due process. What does that mean so…. I was told “why are you reading their response they are all guilty.” We were told that we needed to speed up our investigations. I was discouraged and even told no when I wanted to subpoena additional information, told NOT to speak to the “RESPONDENT” aka nurse…. it was horrible. I felt sick to my stomach I just couldn’t do it. When I asked who protects nurses and that there needs to be a union for us I was told I would be walked out of the building if anyone heard me. It was so surreal. )
          Some people won’t take threats, and will stick up for justice. They know if they don’t they will be next, they are leaving a path of destruction for their children and grand children . The real rotten nasty ones , will run around saying they got due process. The kind of due process you want when your on the defending end , for made up nonsense ?


        • eyes on U . 3:16 pm on January 7, 2021 Permalink

          Watching the chaos at the White House , reminds one of the corrupt arizona board of nursing . The biased reporting . Obviously using words to steer others thinking . Then a news bulletin “they need the public’s help ” any videos of those doing damage. Hmm wonder why the dirty nursing board agency doesn’t just run ads on nurses > “need the public’s help, if you have ANYTHING, ANYTHING at all notify the snoop dogs at the AZBON . Instead they sneak around , making unrecorded phone calls , digging for ANYTHING at all . They already have their staff watching and reporting ANYTHING . Instructed to do so . Who is willing to comply with their vendetta ??? Who is going to join in ?


      • Wake up public . 3:07 pm on January 7, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        IT is a kangaroo court the OAH. no due process for nurses. Who can be a party to this biased bunch of lies and work hard to line up liars to say what ever they are told. These so called officers of the court . Looks like Krishna, Mamaluy and Campbell are ORIFICES for the boys who are up for election ! No wonder Ridenour wants you to be kind to them . “working so hard” . None of them knows what an honest hard working day is without scheming .


    • BSN 8:05 pm on January 5, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Actually printed out cards sent to ICU nurses Yuma (crud hospital) “”THANKS FOR NOT DIPPIN WHEN TIMES GET TOUGH YOU ARE APPRECIATED ”
      Of course almost 100% have quit , and left, took some real DIP SHIT to think up this catchy slogan .


      • bd pa 6:30 am on January 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        it is truly tragic and at times evil. To think a legal process in this United States can deny defendants the standard of clear and convincing evidence or innocent till proven guilty. Both these standards are denied by the Board. I heard a Board attorney tell me that all she needed was “reasonable suspicion”. She proudly told an entire group she does need evidence. She claimed that even a positive drug or alcohol abuse test is required to charge intoxication on duty. That all she needed was someone to say the nurse was “acting strange”. Think about that as the standard to charge you with substance abuse….the subjective measurment of acting strange. Seems like every board member is on something if that is the basis for guilty. How ridiculous.
        Nurses are denied due process, the burden of proof is on them though they have no evidence subpoena power and are often denied discovery of what the board is relying on. Hearsay is considered true and nurses are denied the right to even respond to an accusers specific claims.
        Boards must change. They must be brought under oversight. Investigators should be nurses and Administrative Law Judges final proposed decision must be final and not over ruled by the board.


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 12:57 am on January 7, 2021 Permalink

          its a battle nurses dont need to be fighting as AZBN it represents useless regs for clinical nurses.


        • Mindee 6:02 am on January 9, 2021 Permalink

          AZ The worst state in the nation for covid. Yuma Medical Center, reprimanding nurses for speaking out about unsafe conditions . One nurse told of guards at bedside of covid not wearing ppe . Her mgr told her to shut up because the warden heard about it and got “upset” the same warden (Jensen) who died of covid a couple weeks later , 1400 inmates infected. Yuma in bringing in strike team, to help because so many experienced ICU nurses have quit. The ratio of staffing in az is 2:1 in ICU for a reason , they have been giving nurses FIVE TO 1 !!! in icu, no wonder the death rate is up .
          IF a med center like this can treat nurses as disposable, silence them or else file a board complaint , it is no wonder the virus is spreading like crazy . The blood is on the AZ board of nursing , and the dir of that dept Jo E Ridenour . Running a corrupt agency. Dir’s appointed by Gov, no over sight except the legislative laws, which are all introduced by the R’s running that , and the Senate (a bd members husband is a Senator . Boyer . Remember this folks when nurses ask for your help in flipping the board in getting rid of the sister wives club and bring some type of justice to not only nurses but their patients (YOU! ) . This should interest everyone who is a potential patient , and that means you . St Lukes is not open due to no experienced nurses who cannot work due to this corrupt AZ Board of Nursing . Every person who dies , because no nurse , can look to them and say why were you strong arming these nurses for no reason ! Unduly taking licenses , putting them on a data bank. while protecting their own kind .
          They destroyed nurses , now they are killing people with their corrupt sick minds and made up lies on good nurses !


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 9:50 pm on January 9, 2021 Permalink

          Ridenour doesnt worry about the courts.


      • RN 8:28 pm on January 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        IF you don’t think the OAH court is a fraudster in motion. Why do the judges who just woke up state they will give their opinion , after they get the transcript , so they can have the ‘benefit of the court reporters transcript “. Demented judges, can’t remember what was said., Or just looking to see how the court reporter changed all the words ! So they don’t screw up. Anyone think for one minute that this doesn’t go on ? And guess who hires the court reporters , and pays them for each case (motive ). Why doesn’t the nurse get to pick what company , since they are paying too ? Nothing is fair about OAH SHAM COURT or the this Corrupt AZ BON !


    • Nursey 5:59 am on January 9, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      BLOOD IS ON AZ BOARD OF NURSING AGENCY STAFF / BD. /DIRECTORS/AAG’s /Attorney’s / Gov HANDS !! The people dying in AZ is a DIRECT result of not enough experienced staff .
      AZ The worst state in the nation for covid. Attacking nurses working in a conspiracy with hospitals , is backfiring , the public is listening now. We got their attention.


      • been there 6:02 am on January 11, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        OH yes the over the top punishment for CERTAIN nurses , while others go without a blemish . It is all about who you know, who you are connected with . That is a horrible way to run a board. In the past, people just leave disgusted with the entire situation. The nurse knows they were corrupt . The board knows they are corrupt. Those on probation don’t say anything or revocation . Board is abusing their power , the DA know it is all a farce, the ALJ’s know it is a big farce . they are keep straight faces , and await they next victim . I would never travel to AZ again , ever , a real bad taste and those board members are just plain wicked.


      • .Angela 2:47 pm on January 13, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        JOKE RIDINOUR doesn’t worry about the courts. She is worried about her money.
        Look at her neighbor Paridise Valley Steven Lonikar , lost his mansion PV and ended up pushing a shopping cart homeless in Mexico .
        She’s one step away .


        • ALoha 6:40 am on January 15, 2021 Permalink

          OMG almost spit out my pina colada , on that one.
          Not to hard to get a visual on that one , Joke Ridenour pushing a shopping cart with those bedroom slippers she wore to the board meetings ! (picture needed here moderator ) .


        • Organizer 6:47 pm on January 17, 2021 Permalink

          It’s all set to those who are coming to make the bucks in az and go home when the snow melts . Meet up in Sedona , Hiking trail , spa so well deserved, just to be outside and enjoy the weather . At least you will be one step ahead of others who get nabbed by the vampires at the nursing board. It is reality . mixed with good conversation , good food, and relaxation. Ck out regular site details. Can’t wait.


    • Wake up public . 1:23 am on January 13, 2021 Permalink | Reply


      I found an article about how the medical board operates, with slippery psycho’s who will say or do anything. STEVEN LONIKAR ,the x of KYRA LONIKAR , public member.
      She was on cosmetology board and pharmacy board. 10 years .
      Seems like too much coincidence of the drugs, the controller of drugs, and people that wanna get high .

      Imagine a nurse who did this and now practicing no over sight ?as wild as letting this Board of nursing operate without any over sight !


      • Lou 6:08 pm on January 14, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        And thinking that they were married and lived together for years and she did not know? Or wasn’t ‘using” is a little naive . It is when she thought he lost his career and all his money she booked it and wasn’t going to be penniless.
        Hope she gets smart real fast , and realize how corrupt the AZ Bd of Nursing is , and make the same exit Dale did , and quite a few others .
        Just like the ones separating from Trump, they don’t need him anymore and want to appear to be untainted . Your in politics your running a dirty life. (being on the bon is political nursing , shameful)


    • Jamal Smiley 12:26 pm on January 14, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Happy New Year 2021!!!


    • Sarah B 6:37 am on January 15, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      What’s up?

      I found this article very interesting…please read!

      Do you remember the blockbuster hit film The Matrix that was released in 1999? You may not know this, but it has deep spiritual implications concerning the times we are living in and Bible prophecy.

      It tells a story of how these “agents” are trying to turn us into machines. We are closer then ever before for this to become a reality when they cause us to receive an implantable microchip in our body during a time when physical money will be no more.

      You may have seen on NBC news concerning the implantable RFID microchip that some people are getting put in their hand to make purchases, but did you know this microchip matches perfectly with prophecy in the Bible?

      “He (the false prophet who deceives many by his miracles) causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name…

      You also may have heard of the legendary number “666” that people have been speculating for possibly thousands of years on what it actually means. This article shares something I haven’t seen before, and I don’t think there could be any better explanation for what it means to calculate 666. This is no hoax. Very fascinating stuff!

      …Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666″ (Revelation 13:16-18 NKJV).

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      Seek Jesus while He may be found…repent, confess and forsake your sins and trust in the savior! Jesus says we must be born again by His Holy Spirit to enter the kingdom of God…God bless!


    • Harland Neylon 9:47 pm on January 15, 2021 Permalink | Reply

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    • 4 UR INFOR 2:44 am on January 18, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      A lawyer in AZ to stay away from in: Joel Robbins. He thinks there is to much drama with nurses and our concerns are conspiracy theory’s. He prefer to help cop’s, fire fighter’s, less drama he says.


    • Shannon Antinarelli 6:49 am on January 18, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I don’t know who you are but definitely you’re going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!


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      I just couldn’t depart your website prior to suggesting that I really enjoyed the standard information a person provide for your visitors? Is gonna be back often in order to check up on new posts


    • Glencorft Assisted Living 1:02 am on January 20, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      This matter was never before the AZ BON, abc news 15 contacted them 2017, and no response . of course if they can’t proudly announce they “PROPERLY STRIPPED ” the nurse of there license , they wont respond. How do cases slip through the cracks ? When Ridenour is in Glencroft and wants her meds? Cases are on a case by case basis, if they know the person they take care of their own. every time !
      care facility
      By: Jason Volentine
      Posted at 10:55 PM, Nov 06, 2017
      and last updated 8:25 PM, Nov 07, 2017

      Nurses at an assisted living facility in Glendale are facing backlash for filming and making fun of elderly patients. The video ended up posted to the social media site ‘Snapchat’.

      The incident occurred at the Glencroft Senior Living facility.

      An administrator from Glencroft told ABC15 that the facility cannot discuss personnel issues, but did learn about the video Monday morning and is taking the situation seriously.

      On Tuesday, Glencroft Senior Living provided ABC15 the following statement regarding the incident:

      Official Statement Regarding Videotaping of Resident

      November 7, 2017

      Recent Stories from abc15.com

      On Monday, November 6th at approximately 10 a.m., Glencroft Senior Living (“Glencroft”) management became aware of an incident regarding a videotaping of one of our residents in our skilled nursing facility, Providence Place. We understand this videotaping occurred on Sunday, November 5th.

      Glencroft has a no-tolerance policy regarding such matters. We are currently conducting a thorough investigation with employees. To date, one such employee was immediately suspended pending the outcome of the investigation. Furthermore, this employee’s actions have been reported to the State Board of Nursing and the Arizona Department of Health Services for review for disciplinary action.

      As Management is currently in the process of performing an internal investigation, our plan is to communicate the severity of this isolated situation with our employees and remind them on the importance of adherence to our internal and external policies and procedures, especially regarding the use of cell phones during working hours, social media usage, etc.

      At Glencroft, we care very deeply about the well-being and safety of every resident. In an effort to ensure we are transparent with our residents and their families we have been in contact with the resident’s family.

      We are happy to provide more information when it comes available.

      Millie Oakeson

      VP of Corporate Marketing

      Oakeson added that at the time the statement was sent, three employees had been terminated.

      The video taken by the employees shows an elderly woman using a walker as she advances toward the camera. She is obviously agitated, telling the workers she “almost fell” and is seen asking for her pills.

      Instead of helping the woman, the nurses continue filming as they watch the woman and mock her.

      The video came to light after a whistleblower saw it on social media and alerted ABC15, as well as Glencroft, and the Arizona state agency that licenses nurses.

      She is also a nurse and said she knows the woman who made the video from nursing school.

      “It just disgusted me that you would treat someone like this,” said the whistleblower, who asked to remain anonymous. “This lady obviously has some dementia or something going on.”

      The whistleblower also said she is worried about violations of the patient’s rights under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

      ABC15 has reached out to the Arizona State Board of Nursing but has yet to receive an answer on this topic.


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