Nurse Shortage AZBN

The concept that there is nursing shortages related to the pandemic is formed conclusively by the governor mandating nursing students be given temporary licenses; a latent response. The nursing shortage has been noteworthy in Az. for at least five years. One only has to know the amount of Travel Nurses employed by agencies doubling the costs for hospitals; I won’t do the math for you but think if you have 10 travel nurses costing at least 2000.00 per shift and multiply that by perhaps by 3000 a day which would probably cover about half of Arizona’s travel tribe per day. Not possible?? It is possible and happening for a long time, right now.

The need for nursing needs have increased and the shortage factor needs to be put under the big light. The is no shortage of qualified, healthy, gifted nurses who have been tossed by the AZBN for bogus reasons. I know 25 right here today who worked unimpeded for at least ten years, or more, who define a useless Board that claims public safety. The complaints mounded up by the public treacherously combines with an out of control AZBN to dismantled modern nursing. If a nurse spends years in training and work supervised for years what can this Board do? I am going to tell you. They can suborn perjury, alter documents, harass nurses & aides, employ ridiculous stipulations, require treatment for non-exist issues, mail false documents in U.S. mail, and sit and get lazy and fat and never under-dressed for the performances of idots. The last people working nurses need in their profession is Regulatory agencies whose real function is to get a paycheck and shield physicians and hospitals true mode of operation from the people they’re hired to deliver the real message to and protect. All roads to hell are paved with good intentions?

Nursing Boards are one of the major reasons of U.S. nurse shortage. The AZBN is one of the major reasons for the shortage in Arizona.

“The 9 most dangerous words you’ll ever hear in your life….’Im the government..I am here to help you.” Ronald Reagan