The Other Side AZBN

There is little confusion in concluding that the founder of modern nursing was opposed to licensing nurse’s board in rules of registration. This fact is made evident not only from the U.K’s Nursing board’s original educational goals which remained paramount throughout Nightingale’s strangle-hold of the board, but also the lack of actual registration in U.K. for nursing. The U.S. boards convened generally by the 1930s and soon issued licenses with monitoring soon to follow. Nightingale’s Board issued educational certificates in basic health issues: implementation and monitoring of patient care was managed in the field. This approach to the betterment of nursing care is the foundation of modern nursing. U.K. licenses issued for board monitoring were not implemented until Nightingale had long departed.

As this page is well informed of criminal activity through the AZBN connecting several others non compliant with the state’s laws which end up causing innocent victims harm. That sentence was not meant to be eloquently stated. AKA a crime in anybody’s book. The justice in search of rectifying these crimes is nonexistent within the system that created it. The long history of Arizona’s corruption within the inner circles is seen on the outer edges by studying the courts within the system that make these cases fly in favor of the system’s $. The revival of the Nurse Trujillo case, so eloquently posted here recently is a good knowledge shot in the arm.

If the unfound justice continues on the inner road known to go to hell is altered to go to the other side I myself do not believe in either side. The are many cases in Az., and Nv., not to mention others, whose total outcome does not favor the truth. The effort is profound and the passion is with you, and support can be found simply by continuing to advance upon the documentation of such visits to the other courts and fossilize that evidence in Nursing History. As taciturn behavior this may appear to the progressives my part is documentation of these events and even to support’s Nightingale’s principal in Modern Nursing that registration and monitoring is not a board function and conclusively does not support public safety. Making this part of permanent Nursing History is crucial.

Not fully sure of the passionate fluid that ran through Nightingale’s veins but surely was pumped via the heart of a lion…..”The world is put back by the death of everyone who has to sacrafice the development of his or her peculiar gifts to conventionality.” Welcome to Arizona nursing.