Totalitarianism Delight AZBN

I know it must be quite the professional cake walk to prosecute nurses, as well as other health care professionals, through a system that basically has no rules. If you have the power to violate one rule, you eventually violate them all; THEREFORE finding professional success in serving up nurses in a totalitarian regulatory agency is a win win for the likes of Krishna, Campbell and the likes.

The prior article about the corrupted Nurse April Cobia case created large enough responses to the closing of comments. Overflow spam locker, along with many personal emails announcing gratitude for info. All of the articles/posts on this site have collaborative documentation, and in most cases already in evidence, which is critical to support all of the complaints of perjury, suborning perjury, mail fraud, tampering with evidence and the purity of fact of simply immoral behavior. The knowledge of defense failure in a totalitarian government is only uselful for the future when the accumulation of immorals is noteworthy enough to help the catalysis of the ‘Third Leading Cause of Death’ declaration is the U.S. health care system. That knowledge of uselessness associated with the claim of ‘Protecting the Public’ only survives in the world of developing permanent history of such with names and locations and dates. Presently many, many nurses know about these facts. What is needed is to have that very same info net accessible 25 yrs from now. A very well respected alumnae, with a .edu site, has goals so decades from now Campbell’s name can be brought up as well, in evidence, documents supporting the creation of corporate controlled health care where no good deed goes unpunished. Peary Brown, retired R.N.


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  1. Most Definitely an Orwellian situation going on with the corruption at the AZ BON. “Orwellian” is an adjective describing a situation, idea, or societal condition that George Orwell identified as being destructive to the welfare of a free and open society. ” Most definitely Ridenour, assoc directors and the aag ‘s she allows to do what ever at the board , is a party to this ANIMAL FARM !

    1. IF you watch MANHUNT, about the wrongly accused security guard , and have had this corrupt board who obviously do not know what they are doing but have those who don’t want to lose advising them! You can relate to this man (Richard Jewell) and the similarities . Take the lunatic FBI agent (sam rockwell ) who only focused on any tidbit of dirt on this guy, knowing some things were not true, but feeding it to the ‘press” . (the press is the dumb board members buying it and acting ) MCCormies could be the reporter , Olivia Skruggs, who can put her own spin on anything . Eric Rudolph is the snake in the grass liar , hiding in the woods, that be Elizabeth Campbell , sneaky, then the black woman assisting the moron fbi who only wants to file charges and make them stick no matter if the guy did it or not , is Janeen Dahn. Who will help , or could be Cindy Mand who will do ANYTHING , any spying dirty trick to help the (chg nurse , or in this case JR ) ! The ATF agent who keeps pleading with the thug fbi agent, they have to wrong guy, could be all of those who resigned the corrupt board of nursing. Because they are not with him on this, and part of the corruption and can never clean up the mess , they leave. (those are the ones who would make GOOD bd members ) . Oh and don’t forget who instructs the legal sec to put ‘select items ‘ on the www , like the dirty media spreader who can’t admit she broke a false story , that be Emma mamalue . She is even training the new “journalist ” how to twist the tales, and that is what separates us from ‘reporters’ . It may be what separates them from the jail to the prison. ALthough all of them got sued and rightfully so . Publicly shaming should never be, it takes a real low life who is running the show, of course both would tell you they are ‘protecting the public ” . Oh yea , that is what their fall back statement when cornered is suppose to come out of their mouths , just look at who told you to keep repeating that bs, and you’ll find the guilty one !

  2. Most definitely have the ultimate respect for any nurse who fights back, you are the Ruth Ginsberg in the making . Fighting for all nurses, only they are too ignorant to figure that out . Kudos’ to April for being a fighter, while many will join or repeat the rumors , bashing by the AZBON and members of the agency . And other nurses who join them, who are not real smart,and do not do any thinking on their own and are very gullible. Many will say , ‘get on with your life” , this WAS your life, why should you cow down and allow then to continue , after destroying your career? Don’t do it for other nurses who will never thank you, unless it happens to them . Do it for your own dignity and self preservation. A Dr who knows the scoop, had a comment the other day, ‘don’t give up’ that is what they want you to do ” . OF course ! Take the (undeserved) punishment and be silent . While people look at April as, ‘why bother” , others think who would not stick up for themselves ? Why are nurses in the AZNA , gossiping and dissing a nurse who is sticking up for themselves ? Because they want to stick with those who hold the power that can cause them severe distress ? cowards all of them. Running their mouths , “year of the nurse” “nurses most trusted” as if they are the ones to BE trusted ! Even some who lost their license , will say , not going to bother , you won’t win, is that because they are afraid you will win and they took the easy road? (btw even if you ‘win’ they have taken so much because of their wicked ways. )

    1. You are right about the duplicity , of the entire agency. How many nurses know , that have not gotten a complaint how their little rigged up system works ? How many know that if you take it to court , the ALJ”s are 100% biased , in fact referring to the BON as “their client ” . Ducey appointed the chief alj, and so there is ZERO oversight there. DD is too busy sucking up to Pres T to get his next job lined up . Ducey appointed the members of the BON who the current members recommended their friends join, like thinkers who’s mind are molded by the BOM. Ducey appoints , reappoints the Dir who has gotten so nasty, she can’t hide her real thoughts. And of course Ducey does not watch this group either . NO OVER SIGHT, the DOJ, can’t find their *ss with a flashlight and map. fudging records, While the deception just keeps on going. When a board complaint, by a patient, goes in on a NP , they are SUPPOSE to look at the matter and decide if this rose to violation. Then if investigated weeded out, but go on to the BON . Amazing how much fraud takes place right in this little corner of the room, triage. When one investigator has 11 NP cases, and ALL ARE DISMISSED , except the one who said she ‘messed’ up . A minor slap on the hand. So when lying Janeen Dahn says only _% of NP are disciplined , that is because they are favoring them like Drs, now. some pretty big screw ups, even fatal and dismiss ? How did this rise to a bd meeting , makes you wonder doesn’t it. Well I can tell you , the NP messed up , falsified records, bilked medicare , and dismissed , so protecting the public you are right is BS , and they will all walk away saying, the az bon is very fair, and they think they are doing a good job. So not all nurses before the board are created equal . This fraud goes on in Oregon but Wash would not allow it , nurses are tough with union backing !

      1. Just to show how two faced Elizabeth Campbell is , she pretends to be republican at the board ! haha From California and Washington , This crazy board can’t figure this out . LOL . Brnovich too ! LOL . Just ask her m this is what you’ll get : , “I dont talk politics at work” HAHAHAHA

    2. And look where we are today , no improvement what so ever. Still running a punitive state !


      After multiple invitations to a civil dialogue regarding AZ BON, Governor Brewer has not replied or addressed any of the issues raised. In fact, the only response to date hase been an increase in the seeming intimidation and abuses of power directed at a Nurse, Amanda Trujillo, whose seemingly frivolous and abusive case before the Board has languished unresolved for a year to date, leaving her unemployed and impoverished.
      Ongoing research suggests serious corruption in both local Nursing management and BON functioning, with many serious conflict of interest, intolerably poor accountability and transparency, and a system that allows for and even tacitly encourages abuses of power. All these concerns threaten the ability of Nurses in Arizona to meet their ethical and professional obligations, and thus threaten patient education and safety. Nurse Amanda Trujillo’s case is but one example.
      While reasonable people can disagree on the interpretation of the case that led to her firing, no informed person can reasonably doubt that this case shows the regulation of Nursing in Arizona to be inadequate at best, and harmful to the public safety at worst. It also encourages an environment in which Nurses cannot perform actions within their well-established Scope of Practice and professional responsibilities without fear of retaliatory abuse that can easily ruin a career with little or no accountability on the part of those who file even the most ridiculous complaints.

      Amanda’s next Board Hearing is scheduled 3/19/12, and the Arizona legislature is in the process of a scheduled reauthorization of the AZ BON’a rules and powers. These two opportunities for positive change, and the pressing situation I just described, have led a group of Nurse Advocates to post this petition calling for pledges to shun the following until we see credible, concrete evidence that these long-ignored issues are effectively addressed:

      1) All Arizona-based tourism,
      2) All possible Arizona health care,
      3) All Arizona-based Nursing employment and education,
      4) All conventions and other public events held in Arizona, and
      5) All businesses who, on learning of these issues, nevertheless schedule events in Arizona.

      The time has come for accountability in Arizona health care and regulation. As the local business community and government have shown no interest in providing such necessary changes, all American Nurses, patients, and citizens need to shine light on these dark areas and provide an impetus for responsible change.

    1. There are six things which the LORD hates, seven which are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and a man who sows discord among brothers.
      Proverbs 6:16-19 RSV

      1. I’d say this sums up nicely how God looks, feels, and will judge each and every member of this evil board of nursing. The eternal lake of fire awaits ! Repent and exonerate or face your eternity in hell ! Don’t say you weren’t warned or advised.

      2. First they would have to admit wrong doing . That will never happen, they love the deceit , they love to have upper hand using taxpayers money .The entire control and ride is thrilling to them and would be extremely frustrated to have to be completely honest , they just will not stop and think before spewing those lies out of their mouths. breaking rules all the time, getting away with and developing sloppy unethical habits, in a real court room would get them tossed, cited . Even at flunky fudged oah hearings, but in front of the bd anything goes. Just us “mean girls club chatting” .
        Look at all of the nurses who suffered , mostly NP due to opioid , it was the timing of it . in the 90’s nothing happen, now over regulate and ding a good career, Especially the one who took on other providers patients and was trying to wean them down and dirty bd member cost her lots . Here is one company when caught admits it . Don’t hold your breath with this corrupt board of nursing admitting anything. All liars get caught in their lies and deceit.

        Purdue Pharma, the Maker of OxyContin, Will Plead Guilty for Fueling the Opioid Crisis
        The company will admit that it “knowingly and intentionally conspired and agreed with others to aid and abet” the use of its drugs.

      3. Hey guys we gotta go to bat for our aag beth campbell, she looks so tired, and much older than her age . What do you think, I am so happy with my new job, and busy so send me your thoughts . ::))

      4. The entire organization is about to collapse the charade is up , reality knocks . The false self , makes their looks catch up with them. Former supporters steer clear , the whole victim narrative string of lies is exposed. And the ill perceived “success” is a pattern learned from their parents , who have appearance of wealthy well to do, but are actually low lives dirt bags living in a big house of appearance and if they keep a distance will fool neighborhoods for a while. House of cards , falling down.

    2. An any Ex Dir be trusted ??? By the time they get that title they think they are 10 ft tall and bullet proof, and can do what ever. He stole from homeless and Ridenour made many CNA’s Rn’s – homeless, jobless, loss of a lot . Do not think anyone is not capable of the worst crimes imaginable. ! { (headlines) Executive Director of Verde Valley Homeless Coalition arrested for embezzlement}

      1. It is the ones who are liars and working hard to find dirt on others is the reason hopeless Joke Ridenour is still there . Not counting the corrupt politicians , who she surely supports in more ways than one. Who keep reapppointing the cheater of nurses queen bee who acts like a destroying hornet. (helpers such as cindy mand janeed dahn, emma FOS liar Mamaluy , who think being ASSociate dir’s means getting rid of anyone who goes against their way of doing corrupt acts .

      2. For many who are thinking of going onto nursing, you might want to further investigate the consequences of even applying for a license. Not all states are the same . A Nurse , who happens to live in Yuma , had no idea , and now has the scarlet letter . Back in another state she got her license, worked over 15 years, decided to apply in AZ . (BIG MISTAKE !!!) Back in the day, at an age group one would call adolescent . She had a scuffle with another female. She was young, did not get corrections to the record, which did not hurt her in other states. Admitted all of it when applying in AZ, who denied license. Now that doesn’t sound like a big deal , but once you are denied license, it has very long tentacles. Most nurses have no idea their is a DATA BANK , but the ‘board employee does. Delores Hurtado, who has proven to the ‘boss’ she is willing to do what ever for the organization, The one who sends in reports, not accurate , like everything the board puts out there. Any license in anything, this will show up on your record for life. Does the ‘punishment ‘ fit the ‘crime” ? Absolutely not , THIS is what those who are ‘thinking ‘ about going into nursing need to know. “it’s my calling” fine . Does your calling include ruining your life, your reputation to be a caretaker ? Stop watching those fake shows, about drama, ER, it is not the real world . Just as corrupt administrative law should never be part of anyone’s life . A very few who are in the profession already have any idea the total operation and what it can mean. This is not true for all occupations. Get into something, where you are not a target or potential target to destroy your entire career. Remember this person never worked a day in AZ, but the Board of Nazi Nursing , kept her from many jobs. Not only do most >99% of those who work or even retired know the destruction of AZ Bd (not all boards are like them ! some have members who can be professional about things use common sense, but AZ is extremely punitive , selectively . ) Your source of information is not the Bd for SURE ! , or someone who is a nurse, s o you think they have the ‘inside info” , but this site will give you what is really taking place. Atty’s won’t tell you this, they just want $$$ when the Bd attacks and some seem to be working with them.

      3. This dirty board is so biased . They go after some with full force ahead , while doing focused on others , and generally dismiss or loc. I think that the President of the Board , for no matter what reason she is not attending meetings in person , needs to get her butt to the meetings. If nurses are told “this is your main focus ” then you need to have it as YOUR main focus ! And put some type of CONTROL on that wanna be Carol Mccormies ! After all Hill is the PRESIDENT . The worthless ones need to be booted out , Anderson, is one, Boyer is another . Any monkey can read what is put in front of her , the problem is she does not have ZIP for critical thinking !

      4. so many on this board and working at this bd of nursing agency have some serious childhood programming issues . It would take some long term therapy to even bring them up to the middle of the meter on what is considered someone safe to be in society . Never ever should any of them be in charge of a decision on others . They manner in which they take false statements out of context, play a game of blame shift , then project it all on the CNA and nurse no matter what source, and the manipulation is over the top. Sad a dirty director that is allowing all to be published under the guise of an agency with interest in public safety. There fore the readers are convinced that the nurse who is being taken to the cleaners has done so many bad things no one reading the ‘fixed ‘ statements ‘ written by twisted minds at the board, with no conscience would want this person as a nurse. Even those CNA”s who have been damned knowing their statements are false, will read others and still believe the fake reporting . When they know the azbon puts a lot of untrue remarks in there !

      5. Can’t you just see when JOKEY Ridenour is finally pulled from her abuse of power position the cheering of many nurses !! DING DONG THE BITCH IS GONE ! Their will be many nurses who are like the democrats cheering in the streets . “And take your stink with you”. Meaning clean house ! Good Riddance to BAD Rubbish ! “They will screw your butt in the ground when you die your so crooked ” Concede now ! Stop the abuse of nurses !!
        She is one unhinged sicko for sure ! Former workers , say Fran Roberts would never had run this agency to the ground like Ridenour has . Most are nurses who see what is going on , just leave , cause they know how vile they are and will attack them as a whistleblower. Sad this agency tries to silence everyone, except the AZBON WATCHDOGS .

      6. HEY HEY HEY ! EX DIR BOARD OF NURSING FIRED , Georgia . Getting close jokey , clean out your desk , stop shaming the profession, and get the hell out ! take your dirty workers with you ! ! “” Head of state board of nursing in Georgia was fired. He was also an executive with NCSBN. Georgia law forbids a state employee from receiving gifts or financial compensation from outside entities. And, if NCSBN caused him to break the law, they may be in trouble. Ethics laws related to non profit status.””

    3. that jekyell and hide personality, the switching of masks, none of them are ‘good’ in their profession. look at mamaluy any lawyer who is ‘good” would not be on a salary dead end job, same for aag campbell. Elizabeth UNETHICAL Campbell will never make it anywhere, just dead end aag job that is a starter position, a diving board for other firms or other positions, She killed it be being herself .

      1. this board is co crooked elizabeth campbell lies too. i had my lpn for a long time, my ex husband filed some bull crap , like what board is going to listen to him? how normal is this for a spouse who I am divorcing going to try to ruin my only income and career ! This bd does ! He beat me up , and we were arrested cause he had scratches, well the judge knew more than those closed minded minions at the bd, cause it was dismissed . So the board does not want anyone working who is a victim of a spouse beating . So they send for records from EVERYONE under the sun . Everyone knows nurses get fired , and for no good reasons ! When the judge threw out the abuse charge dismissed it the ex was so mad he contacted the board said I stole money at work . Again the board should KNOW BETTER !! Hello. to look at the source but they do not care , just revoke and let him have his way . So I was abused twice once by a fist of the ex then by the board . Hateful spiteful stinking board.

      2. This is how the medical board rolls . imagine this being a nurse , with fatal outcomes , as in many of these complaints . Talk about outside of scope of practice ! with no formal training doing bariatric surgery with fatal outcomes and blame it on the patient . one court hearing over 7 patients, OAh did not revoke . IS this why Elizabeth BETH Campbell and SUNITA KRISHNA do not do medical board, they cant revoke and have their FUN ? Nurses are disposable , the road to obtain the license is a tough one, but can be taken in a heart beat . And with nurses a he said she said will be enough for revocation . Practice Restriction – Stayed Revocation w/5yr Probation (Practice Restriction)-Unprofessional conduct (conduct which may be harmful to patient).Shall not perform any bariatric surgery nor perform thoracic surgery w/out supervision.5-16-03. Motion filed.6-10-03 Motion Denied. Probation terminated 5-19-08.
        07/20/2004 Decree of Censure – Stayed Revocation w/10yr Probation (Practice Restriction)-Unprofessional conduct (conduct which may be harmful to patient).Shall not perform any bariatric surgery nor perform thoracic surgery w/out supervision. Probation terminated 10/7/09; restriction remains in effect. 6/13/15 Restriction Terminated
        08/18/2004 Probation – Stayed Revocation and Probation. In accordance with all terms and conditions of the Board’s previous Order dated 6-15-04 effective 7-20-04. Probation Terminated 6-13-15

      3. wondering did anyone see that special on the take down of warren jeffs and how this cult operates ? what a sick person , arranging marriages , making a girl go to a run down shack motel in NV marry a male , age 14 , a cop who she hated, she cried through out the ceremony , her mother was encouraging this , afraid to speak up for her child. How sad to have your own parents promote such sick monsters to tell them what to do with their lives and bodies. So sad. Then the 12 yr old who’s parents held hands with 4 others around the marital bed, while warren had sex with her . This is sick ! and going on , how sad to be a sex object female and males think they are prophets , and having visions of another wife . Rape , is all it is , and the mothers not protecting their children . While warren sat there with it written on the bottom of his shoes STAY SWEET. to the girls and women . Then written on the side of the buildings , STAY SWEET . No way that things have changed if at all , and this is what is being passed on to outsiders who had no idea the board of nursing agency is run by a cult . No wonder if a female asserts themselves, and speaks up for themselves they just cannot stand it . One questioned a psych evaluation , ” to make sure’ when she said TEN YEARS clean and no issues is proof . Then a “Your having a psych evaluation , motion for psych eval , to be done blah blah blah. We’re not playing bartaring here . Oh yea give em that black mama bitch slap . As if , you question these DICKtators , like randy weird one quinn, and you will pay , we will give you more punishment . Women have not advanced , not in az , and it is the stupid women who are the ones enforcing the male domination and dicktatorship . Right Sunita ? Right Campbell, ? Right McCormies ? Right Mand? Right Hill? it is like their is some kind of bludgeon going to take place if they don’t follow the males DICKtatorship.

    4. So Bethy Campbell is tired ? oh BS !! she brought in another aag (ANOTHER ONE ) to do a case, oah . she wants to play victim, and feel sorry for me , a real sociopathic mind set . She’s got a full staff, doing her work let me tell you . She even manipulates them , Right MS WHITE ??? All she has to do is bring up every unrelated nonsense and blab her mouth. “and would it surprise you ?” damn she so outdated and developing SLOPPY UNETHICAL habits she could NEVER work in a real court room. ! Oh but that is when she had to bring in ANOTHER AAG , Harris to back her up . A real chicken shit, she can only attack nurses who are victims of domestic violence who have had a tough go of it , and really knock them down and drown them in legal paper work , a really big mental misfit. Like when she supposedly had some surgery to get out of a court date, who knows she lies so much, “im not healing well” , that ‘s what happens when you have to look over your shoulder to see who’s talking about what a witch you are . A prosecutor can have a little more professionalism, and act like a human but this is what those who are uneducated and comfortable being with the same mind set, as the game players and gossipers at the board. Remember the pharmacy board , tossed you out on your ass , cause your ways are not something anyone with integrity would do ? Still rolling their eyes over your crazy talk. The lawyer who go there are in with the big dogs, you will never make it . Now go for the free lunch at the board office, and stuff your mouth to STFU !

      1. UH , the worst atty in AZ now that Juan Martinez lost his license , and Jodie Arias atty did too and does ‘stand up comedy “. <which someone like Elizabeth Campbell could NEVER do , she is the most dead head in this area !! So Elizabeth Campbell takes the title., worst atty in AZ currently . While the cases are moving along, I stopped talking to my nursing student , but this got my attention! one of the board members stated she would not have voted the way she did if she had known a couple of facts at the time (I know I know, a board member come clean , admit wrong doing ? an isolated event for sure ! ) . So Campbell's argument , was , (in a loud elevated crazed woman voice bouncing off the walls, and to the tune of Oprah Winfrey , "YOU GET A NEW CAR , YOU GET A NEW CAR " !! Got the picture ? Here's that's Campbell, yelling "WHO'S GOING TO CHANGE THEIR VOTE ? WILL IT BE YOU ??? WILL IT BE YOU ??? WHAT BOARD MEMBER WILL CHANGE THEIR VOTE ??? "YOU , WILL YOU CHANGE YOUR VOTE ???" She was pissed, angry bird for sure, certainly discourage anyone from admitting the truth ! This person off the board now and did 1 right thing, certainly never to happen again. Campbell not getting this spoiled little bitch's way , priceless . lol !

      2. a comment by former mo mo, who wanted to know who was reporting masturbating of those on a mission ; which we have already discovered it true. mormons are MASTERBaiters ! They have an agenda ‘watch each other and report “, no matter what it is . Stool pigeons, you can see it in the board members . Anyone in any nursing job of being in charge, will say “these are the kind of things we need to know” encouraging this behavior. (mccormies does this , and no clue how she’s lasted on a bd of nursing ! except her ways ! Pretend she is perfect, and damn everyone else, except her mo mo sister wives .) Here is the comment , Can I get a like if you think it is true , we have figured it out , {The mormon church really only succeeds cause of snitches. It’s not just masturbating. I can’t tell you how many times I was called into my YSA bishop’s office to hear “Someone in the ward told they saw you doing xx” like at least tell me who it was so I know who needs stitches} (comment from a former mormon, who tells the truth NOW ! )
        This is also , how they can think anonymous complaints are ok . Bet ya didn’t know Joseph Smith has a hand in your nursing license did you ?

    5. n 2011, 50-year-old nurse Kimberly Hiatt made a mathematical error while administering calcium chloride to an infant, which proved to be fatal. Hospital administration investigated the incident and subsequently fired Kimberly after 27 years of service. Unable to secure a nursing position, she became isolated and depressed; seven months after the original incident, Kimberly took her own life (Grissinger, 2014).
      The infant did not die for 3 days and they were not sure it was related to the dose , but she was escorted out of the hospital , peer shamed, labeled that ‘dangerous nurse” black balled , and she committed suicide.
      Isolated ? hardly , happens in AZ , many nurses have ended it . Who is their for the nurse? Certainly not a union in AZ, most definitely not AZNA . , and the joke of a ‘rapid response ” team the BD of nursing , who wanted to make a “show” of support . You couldn’t get these ‘talkers ‘ of nursing , those who table top make decisions, those who have to have report from direct care nurses because they don’t know what is going on , and could not do the job those nurses do.
      Not a word about her 27 years of stellar work , and not just a one person event . Why wasn’t pharmacy drawing it up ? why didn’t they have a 2 nurse check ? What was the staffing ? So many things wrong that do not point to the nurse. Many things changed after this, but it is not much different then a nurse losing their license over hipped up garbage. She was stripped of her field, cut off from her work that she knew, her life turned upside down. If she was a cop and killed someone , because the cop said “THOUGHT they had a gun , she would at the most be on admin leave, paid time off , and come back a hero. No probation, no records shown to public, cover up by peers and management sticking together . Compare to AZ BON who ‘sticks it to nurses at random.

      1. so sad , unfortunately the inhumanly ones at the board agency will say , we told you that nurse was unstable. Without batting an eye. OF course they have their pockets lined with tricks, ordering psych evaluations to place a hint in the minds of readers , should this case move forward . A very low stooping for any agency. Then they have their crazy Drs who love money and being on the naughty side. Take the “docs on THE LIST” . all of them are Dr Deception, dispensing psych evaluations like they’re flu shots , but the reports are useless and pure fiction. And the top nut job of all Bob Bohanske .

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  4. MITT ROMREY….it appears he is a biden supporter, well from all I have been seeing, it appears mitt is typical of a pedophile supporter. J.Dahn, C.Mand, S.Bonner, V.Smith, S.krishna, E. Campbell, and the rest of you anti-American, extremist radical liberal terrorist….stop telling the POLICE, FBI, CIA, and our MILITARY that people on this site does not support them.
    I have your papers and you are the ones who are the radical extremist anti-America police DEFUNDERS. MAGA!!!!!!!!!! Mitt Romney is just another chicken shit as far as I am concerned…if it runs like chicken shit, looks like chicken shit then it is chicken shit.

    1. What? the nursing board agency spreading rumors to other state organizations to get them in a mind set frame to go against the ones exposing the boards corruption . Let’s see what cops are dumb enough to ‘work for the board of nursing members , and their lying lawyer ? ( you forgot the biggest rumor spreader liar , EMMA MAMALUY , the drama queen of all , who can turn a pumpkin into a witch , just with her twisting of tales , adding her version of events that were taken from “THE DEVILS IN THE DETAILS” . And Biden is promising old brother mitt a cabinet position, as if he wouldn’t turn on anyone, the old turncoat himself. Backstabbing , take care of himself. He won’t be the first one to attack women who come forward because of old men who want to diddle young under age girls.

      1. If a cop wants to stick their nose into something, that is none of their business , or be dumb enough to let a lying bitch put a noose in their nose and guide them around like a stupid cow, that is up to them , but be ready for the back lash. Never knew any real man who joined a bunch of gossiping , rumor spreading old hens, who add so many strange twists to any story they can get away with .
        Seen them spew the rumors to others at the board of nursing and get the gossiping girls to believe it all , and act on it. But generally you won’t see someone with any kind of backbone, jumping in a joining the little stir the pots. Guess this is what really separates the men from the boys. The same ones who think their gun is for fun .
        Still and all you can see the connection, both love to intimidate, have power and control and silence . Looks like the board is admitting they are weak, not too bright, and cannot do a man’s job , so bring in those are dumb enough to do it for them . (silly boys, as if you can’t make the next headline, by name .
        watch for newcomers, aka “board spy’s” .

  5. An impressive share! I have just forwarded this onto a colleague who has been doing a little homework on this. And he in fact bought me dinner due to the fact that I stumbled upon it for him… lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thank YOU for the meal!! But yeah, thanks for spending time to discuss this subject here on your web page.

    1. people are talking about Trump disrespect for McSally. Well the bd meetings with randy quinn the big “A ” hole of all . you don’t remember WRAP IT UP YOU GOT 5 MINS! ” , and SHUT UP , and ” i want 4 students down here from different schools or NO ONE goes to lunch , hurry up move it , we don’t have all day, quickly , take seats I said move ! , and HURRY UP , get moving when someone tells you . and Randy the big A hole, Quinn, “tell us what you LIKED about the meeting !” (nothing like planting a forced compliment ! like students have a clue or will say negative remarks, . Women are 2nd class citizens in this cult Randy Big A HOLE Quinn, is a fully brain washed all in, member, and is caring over his BIG mouth, disrespect to the bd meeting. A mainly female profession where Quinn likes to DICKtate to the little women, who will NEVER hold a higher position in that temple mess. The only position they want them in is flat backing and pregnant and keep your mouth shut . And correcting Campbell, a real pos . Quinn the big A hole, making motions , using “i can’t allow that ” , “I ” , yep DICKtating , while Ridenour sits on her butt , thinking of her next scheme ! So messed up , and the March of Dipshits , voted him ‘nurse leader ” what a crock of sh*t ! March of Dipshits , is not an organization that anyone should be part of ! or donate to !!

  6. Do these old goats really believe they are walking right with God ? Do they really think their life’s work on earth is setting them up for eternal glory and happiness? Or better yet, do they even know about or care about spending their eternity in the lake of fire and never ending pain, burning, and suffering?
    God asks us to love our enemies and forgive those who trespass against us, that is if we want Him to forgive us. This has been very personally challenging…we must remember this life is merely a granule of sand in the spectrum of all eternity and of the real heavenly treasures that await us that have been wrongly accused and dealt injustices beyond belief by this vile, corrupt board of nursing…versus those that will face the wrath of God for their evil ways.

    These are the thoughts that keep me propelled forward towards a positive future full of hope. I pray for all of the victims of this board daily..that they will too experience the peace that surpasses all understanding.

  7. Their minds are so warped , they will believe anything that is told to them . Even when spelled out and evidence shown , they will still sway back to their mind controlled beings. Brainwashing involves isolation and all sources of information; an exacting regimen requiring absolute obedience and humility; strong social pressures and rewards for cooperation; physical and psychological punishments for non-cooperation ranging from social ostracism . So yes they believe what is told to them, and they are the only “right” ones. It is a tough nut to crack that is for sure.

  8. I am really impressed with your writing skills as well as with the layout on your blog. Is this a paid theme or did you modify it yourself? Anyway keep up the nice quality writing, it is rare to see a nice blog like this one these days..

  9. When those who have degrees , higher degrees do stupid things, it makes you wonder if they didn’t cheat on that to get ahead. like attending a byu funded school ? The arizona board of nursing has had it share of really dumb people . Ridenour seems to be clueless , and seems to let them run the show. no leadership at all . wonder what she is even doing there ? Remember that real mouthy frustrated one. Melinda Phenis , or something like that , one crazy broad , caught up in the gossip willing to join in . Like robert ellis, take one for the team . “team or ‘gang ” members . gangster ways how they act.

  10. anyone get an email from this groupie ? When someone contacts you to see ‘if your alright” or ” they are concerned about you” but you have never heard from them before , it is always a red flag moment. Beware , the board of nursing has no concerns over your well being . They just want those naive enough to believe the false concern to ‘think” they do . They can tell you to your face, they are “only trying to help you ” while putting a large blade in your abdomen, twisting , slicing and gut you out , while still grinning and saying “we just want to help you.” “it’s all about public safety ” . They have no common sense, not a lick of human decency , not a caring bone in their body , and will never have any remorse of their actions.

    1. By ‘groupie” is that the az bd of nursing? , then YES. IT was over the top that is for sure. No way will this nurse respond. The AZ bd of nursing has no interest in the ‘caring’ aspect of nursing in any manner, nor the ‘public safety ‘ nonsense they use as a catch all phrase. I would caution any nurse not to respond. This board does not want to ‘partner with pee on’s ” which is what you are to them . They have enough partners in crime. It is a ‘us’ or “them” and you are not part of them , and who would want to be !
      Also caution here that you are being honest with them, if you are they will take that and run with it . “im stressed out ” EQUALS psych evaluation. Now if you lie to them , what they can determine is a lie (with no specific proof) , then they will take that and run with it. As you can see , you do not want to have any contact with them at all . In fact my best advise is to do as I did and move the hell out of AZ and put your license on inactive, retirement, and do not renew it !

  11. Elizabeth Campell is guilty of barratry. That what happens when you take on cases that an investigator who is a real dramatic liar, sends over their ‘findings ” . A book of lies. Then it starts unraveling , when the nurses side is told. Campbell and Mamaluy are creating legal business by stirring up disputes and quarrels, to benefit the agency funds. With no legitimate claims. they just keep digging and putting lies in print. All that is needed to charge them of a crime is repeated acts . Disbarment is the usual punishment . Oh, the irony, two nasty dirty lying lawyers , putting nurses out of work , now without a license / any takers on their pity party ?

  12. There are some interesting closing dates on this article however I don抰 know if I see all of them middle to heart. There’s some validity however I will take hold opinion until I look into it further. Good article , thanks and we want more! Added to FeedBurner as well

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