The Twenty Five

The title ’25’ refers to the number of nurses that have have been through the disciplinary process, successful completion or not, and have been interviewed by me from Dec. 2013. Each case was researched through deposition investigation and nurse interview. Some cases involved clinical issues, many did not. There is only four of the 25 that openly allowed their names to be attached to their story. The reason for that is retaliation well demonstrated from many case beginnings and carried through of many ancillary departs.; that would be immoral behavior and state law violations by the the Arizona Regulartory Agency; the acts of the Arizona Administrative Law courts, Attorney general’s office, Board of Overseers, Ombudsmen firm and, of course, the AZBN . Being red flagged here is no monumental attachment to pursue justice only to conclusively demonstrate that there is no law within the department of human services and public protection can be only a Bannerific shakedown or scam to serve the nurse up to protect a financial issue. The world of the bed side nurse is made up of the realities of the fallout from issues like Medical Directors such as lisa Wynn whose termination for allowing unvetted physicians creating horrors in Arizona. The rubber meets the road always at the bedside and the need for Nursing Board involvement is a backward journey in modern nursing. The AZBN has little accurate knowledge of modern bedside nursing. The enlarged bureaucratic churning of so called public protection efforts is carried like a Roman Emperor eating grapes. Like these Board meetings are perfect sharades of $ 1000.00 clothes horses carrying fancy brief cases which house peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. How many pts. did Lisa Wynn jeopardize away from a safe hospital visit? How did Nathan Southerland have enough time to impregnate an encapacitated victim. Why was her menses not documented? Why did nobody notice a bulge?The Nursing Boards origin of life goes to nurse education. The loss of public confidence in the health care system comes from state law violations by the regulatory agencies.