Successful Deodorant Director Ridenour

There is little doubt that a successful career is wonderful to keep the stink of the unknown behavior from being smelled by the uninformed and general public. The fact that the University of Arizona puts out awards that director Ridenour has inspired excellence in nursing and has subsequently plastered her name on specifics awards to qualified recipients has got to be the most expensive award known to man. Can one easily wonder what would the recipients think if they knew about the corruption at the AZBN. There is little need to repeat the activities of Ridenour’s accomplices of Beth A. Campbell, Diane Milhasky, Administrative Law Ct, Ombudsmen, and lets not forget that group of hipocritical attorneys that call themselves overseers. Criminal behavior is well established which is now easily smelled throughout the nursing industry. Nurses randomly questioned as to the credibility of the now notorious corrupt AZBN hit about 90% off the mark of confidence that this board can ever be fair and toss it off and claim, “Well, this is Arizona’s government and I am so glad I know.” You can file appeals, complaints,lawsuits and the fair system simply does not exist. Some of us have been at this wall many times in the past ten years and would add the longevity of that statement gives a hint that some of us are in this for life. Was glad to see Milhasky split and delete all her trash. Yeah, sweetie, I signed my name to it. Did your deodorant wear off?? The above have made their bones destroying some very good nurses for political and financial reasons by criminal means that will not be forgotten. You can pass out all the deodorant awards out you want the world still smells your stink of corruption. Your surrounded by the the truth of the people you hurt whom you were paid to protect. Some of us can track a Leopold in a monsoon so we are with you until your last miserable public abusive day.

I’ve smelt my share of burning flesh, never got over the smell of my own burning flesh.

Peary Brown retired R.N.


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  1. Burning flesh, yeah, it never leaves you. Decades down the road i can muster up its ordor from memory. Never again.

    1. U of AZ , is ‘partners ‘ with the CORRUPT board of nursing in az. WILLIAM RIDENOUR on the board of regents , had anything to do with nominating this POS , dir of the BON ? U of AZ should be scared of nurses unionizing. Mormons are against unions. So is the AZNA and the AZBON . Two hospitals union in az for first time 2020, Tucson . The BON will take care like a mafia mob any nurse who speaks up or tries rocking the boat to make things better for patients , safer. While It is Ridenour’s job, she is not doing that . Protecting her own stinky butt , and her partners in crime. A wicked woman, who has the power to run an honest , fair , board and take care of hard working nurses who are working directly with patients . Instead she is taking care of her own stinky armpits . her and Billy BOY, gonna have a sweet retirement? Only if in their own minds can pretend they are doing the right things. Paradise Valley greed !

      1. When a nurse tells the board , ‘the cocaine in my purse was my boyfriends , a prominent atty in Scottsdale” and nothing comes of it with the boyfriend or the nurse. Like who believes that craziness . Carry cocaine for your boy toy , uh huh. even the nurse got off without much. But in another case an atty was disbarred for the same. Not sure anyone would hire the clucks from ag as paralegals after this . ” Lourdes Lopez, who resigned as prosecutor after being indicted in federal court, continued to work as a defense attorney after disciplinary action had taken place. A complaint was filed against her by the Arizona State Bar as a result of her involvement with Bradley Schwartz’s drug fraud. The Arizona Supreme Court officially disbarred her for her connection to the drug case. The result was one that reportedly pleased the state bar. She continues to work as a paralegal.

      2. A Nurse of 21 years said she is afraid that when Ducey gets rid of Joe Ridenour (the director) that she won’t leave ! If she stays does that mean she still gets paid . ? I hope she just leaves .

      3. Always amazing how people can read something and make a decision of guilt . Read the nurses final decision paper. Which is written by the the AZBON. Talk about biased. They have these moron money monger judges who will sign anything. When someone tells someone the lies the unbalanced reporting , and especially the AZNA who tells them “read what is written under their name’. Even though they add in the end , the nurse says it is retaliation by an employer, ex husband, cops who they have reported in the past, The reader seems to discount this as an excuse . when many many nurses say the same thing, they are all guilty . Or is this a set up and the BD agency knows it but willing to go along with corruption. People using the BON to take out their own frustrations , and get someone in trouble but a BON that is either so stupid or so corrupt they go along with it. Seeing the name of a “doctor ” adds crediblity? haha . NOT the ones who are hooked up with this dirty board ! When a nurse says a cop can write what ever they want in their reports , they are not wrong ! reports written by cops are hardly ever accurate . Biggest liars in the work force .

    2. Those are NOT random questions asking about the board performance.
      Sending out questions to licensed nurses , like what are they going to do , trash the board, and wonder if they will retaliate ? HAHA YOU can bet on that one ! Retaliation is the name of their GAME !

      1. Once the organization is exposed, and the corruption that is taking place is out there. No turning back. That hut in Morocco should be looking real cozy to E C about now. And New Mex is not far enough to pic the lock on the hand cuffs, for Mamaluy , nail her before she makes it to non extra diction territory . This group don’t play ! Should have been honest and admit your incompetence, instead of looking at ways to continue your defaming . Our Mission:
        ​To expose Arizona Prosecutors and Police Officers abusing their role to sell protection to corporations and wealthy individuals.

      2. Anyone on the board or works for this dirty nursing board agency , who thinks for one minute that the legal beagles Campbell , Mamaluy , Krishna , Harris, are going to save their butts , their bank rolls from their dirty deeds, is a few bricks short of a full load .

      3. When cops lie, the newspaper reporters print what they say, then about a year later when the camera video surfaces, the lies pointed out , in small print ,people have already been brain washed , and actually repeat the nonsense reported. Take for instance Scott Peterson. When you read what the cops lied about, and the amount of discrepancies, you wonder how he got convicted ! MEDIA conviction. There is no real evidence to support their claim , none . Just like the corrupt BON is using LIES through out their BS , comments taken out of context, fiction police reports . thus the title of the book “Presumed Guilty” . This is how this crazy bd operates. Investigative reports written by high paid “assoc directors ” who can’t get a honest job anywhere else, packed with lies. Lies that if goes to court disappear , because they will be brought out as lies . Is it any wonder, that people lose their licenses , when fiction writers are coached to ‘do her in” “take care of this one”. By the mother of all evils ?
        just like a commentator on S Peterson case, it all fit , and many people were brainwashed and bought it all, until the other side of the story comes out. “Allegedly, however a recent documentary on Hulu has shown that the detectives lied about a lot of stuff and covered stuff up. One has to wonder, if Scott Peterson is so guilty, why did the detectives have to lie about the day of the burglary, lie about witnesses seeing Laci, lie about the concrete anchors? Detectives who have done a good job don’t need to lie” Maybe people will not even entertain any possibility of not guilty. He was screwing around ,so he did it. BUT adultery doesn’t mean murder , does it Selina ? Watch the other side of the story before making comment , the only thing people know is what was fed to them on the boop tube, just like the BON the only thing people know is what was written by them biased , making all of their so called ‘witnesses ” statements true or not in the report but nothing else , This is how the BON operates ,

      4. a statue of the joker (J RIENOUR) ? , uh , well most statues are to honor someone who has done a good job and is honest , runs a business with fairness, honesty, non biased , without promoting hatred , and speaking from a depraved sounding mouth , and actions. Can’t imagine anyone thinking this wicked woman is deserving of anything but a pair of handcuffs. Surely there is a pic somewhere , of this shameful law breaker in orange jumpsuit , maybe strips will fit her better , no orange mug shot , that’ is very doable . padded cell , isolated to keep others safe . Only one who can lie and say they ‘respect ” this monster is Mccormies , lots of fake words fly out of this venus fly traps yap ! Cell mates !

      5. Another nurse who Elizabeth Campbell screwed over , was telling me last night, “there are a lot of assholes come and go in my life and some have done some real damage to me, some have done down right nasty things, but nothing compares with the lies that Campbell tells, knowing they are lies. and destroyed my career ” ” there is no one in my entire life I hate as much as Elizabeth Campbell” . And she meant it, that is a heavy burden to carry Campbell, cause she has had some real bad things happen to her, but you take the number one spot as the worst , most hated. . I hope you feel the hate. It won’t bother you, but in some ways it will come back and bite you . I know the pain you caused, YOU CAUSED , the nurse did nothing. ! YOU CAUSED ! Your a whore that is for sure.

    3. Well Joke Ridenour , take that award and bury it with your stink, see if false plagues keep you from burning in hell.
      As a licensed nurse in AZ, I can tell you that Ridenour is running a corrupt organization , and anyone who has had any dealings with them can post here , and do a poll here , where she can only guess who wishes her nothing but a dark future , like she passed on to nurses.
      When you have the power to make things right and over see wrong doings , and have that smirk on your face, you are possessed by the devil lady . And those around you have been infected .
      Too late to leave with any kind of integrity or ‘service to the public” award by those who have found out what your really made up of.

      1. Here’s one, and why the word needs to be out there. (nurse says AZ bon is lenient , so she says she did not renew and ‘they only gave me a fine ” . “in Ohio I would have been in big trouble” . WELL further investigation, in OHIO she was ON STAFF at a hospital, in AZ she was not working . big difference . She said her hospital was on her months before renewal , but AZ doesn’t send out anything. THERE YOU GO , they are unorganized, and only care about money !!
        Just remember AZ is the most corrupt and the most punitive state in the nation for nurses, you just got to compare apples to apples .
        Board if full of sociopaths running an Orwellian system .

      2. when a nurse mgr tells a nurse , “your in a lot of trouble , I have friends on the bon ” that is a problem ! So this is a friends taking care of friends org. . The proof is there. Always one who lets’ the cat out of bag.

    4. Talk about lazy lawyers that beast Elizabeth Campbell is suppose to be the only aag for 3 months but lazy butt who plays on sympathy, has another one from aag doing cases. another harris, as if their aren’t enough of those creeps around.
      Yea Campbell NO ONE FEELS SORRY FOR YOU , just want to sit on your butt and eat free food at the board office , where you fit in as one of the gossiping ‘girls” . Whine to them how over worked you are . Maybe joe eliz (get – rid of her, will give you a massage , and kiss your wounds . poor thing. Or maybe Janine Dahn, she can massage you, instead of reading columns like this . LOL Manipulating others , you do it all the time . Sociopath’s do this too.

      1. Mention Ombudsman, and what has this , another wasteful spending organization doing for nurses ? SUPPOSE to be looking into gov agencies that are not doing what they are suppose to , but seems every nurse has contacted worthless omsbudman and got the ‘form letter ” . A page needs to be for that pretend agency too. like the BON pretends to protect the public , how do you MEASURE that ? And that is why they get away with their unscrupulous ‘work”.

      2. Campbell is a nasty witch. When she asks questions that have nothing to do with the case, to try to bring up subjects . She can only get away with her dumb questions in this court of shame. sham court oah, where the judges allow the dip sh*T from bernovich’s office to do what ever. When the name of the school admin comes up , Campbell “AND IS THAT THE FATHER OF ONE OF YOUR CHILDREN ???” Then in another UNRELATED , statement , asking how much money was made by the defending nurse, and replied that the nurse didn’t want a check Campbell’s ignorant outburst “IS THAT SO YOU COULD KEEP GETTING ACCESS INSURANCE ???? ” (access is the states low income insurance ). While Campbell has insurance for her whole family 2 girls and a boy , one self employed husband thru her shabby work for the state ! Then admin for the schools name came up again and Campbell , “DID YOU TO HAVE A FALLING OUT ???? AND BREAK UP ???” We’ll remember that Campbell when “Andy , grows a set and divorces your sharp nasty tongue !! “

      3. Waiting for more info from LAKESIDE , WASHINGTON, and it will be a good one, two can play “beth’s ” game , of shame and blame .
        Got a direct line to past embarrassing episodes , and it’s not american’s got talent ! So Beth’ can clog up a razor shaving but , can’t change the past ! right rug !!! LOL !!

    5. Not only two sets of look up for nurses , wait until the two sets of records for the financial comes out. Who’s cooking the books ! Those hidden ‘gifts’ , those cash spending accounts, and the rest we’ll save for a big surprise. A poll on who’s gonna go to prison ROBERT ELLIS or JO RIDENOUR would be fun ! Watch them flip on each other. Robert pulling the Nuremberg defense , while JR “he’s the bookkeeper “. JR is the board’s worst enemy too, when the going gets tough, and nitty gritty comes up, as JR has said many times “that was a BOARD decision”. Shift Blame.That is why we have an attorney to watch for illegal things . (belly laugh insert here) Is JR really implying she has clean hands ?

    6. Pretty much how ‘select ‘ cases at the board go. “select” because some have zero investigation, just tossed . Those involve Board members who bought a license.
      So first you get a ‘investigator” who ‘s only experience is writing up other nurses, they are usually quite good at this .
      2nd comes the prosecutors misconduct . Sorting through the most damaging, true or not , the most intrusive and if any type of sex involved Dahn drools and focuses on it. Then comes the ‘expert’ who is quit the expert at being a puppet for the incompetent investigator . Then any and all relevant information is ignored, CINDY MAND sorts this all out , any evidence beneficial to the accused is tossed. Then add some bad lawyers who want to make the matter blow up more by adding things to make more money, then judges who are pretty much props in the court room, waiting for it to be over to sign the crazy talk that Janine Dahn and Cindy Mand wrote ,making all the boards so called ‘witnesses ” credible and none for the nurse (amazing isn’t it ? ) and some junk science , have a meeting with the dutiful dumb morons on the board, to read what was downloaded for them to read, without even hearing from the nurse, and lying about reading the transcript , vote . Then on to the next victim. pretty much a revolving door of thugs beating nurses out of their careers.

      1. anyone know that BRETT SUTTER who is with the nursing board ? in the CANDO area, that means the get off of drugs , alcohol , a is very discreet. well as discreet as this board can get , and that doesn’t say must . Anyways looks like ole Brett had a felony conviction for marijuana possession/ use . maybe got dismissed so he could keep his state job. Think he put that on his application ? and To those who have lost their careers due to Marijuana, like they killed someone, seems a bit odd that his is working at this board. oh yea Brent Dean Sutter , their are many people who have served and still serving many years for exactly what he did and it was a felony . Just saying, J R will hire anyone . if you need the case number we got it all . Guess he was lucky boy Montgomery wasn’t at cty atty office , cause he does NOT like anyone talk of legalizing it AT ALL

      2. not sure it was marijuana, could be, I remembered a meth conviction in one of the males in investigations. The marijuana initiative is moving toward the ballot box which I think can negate prior possession charges.

      3. Hey y all , remember the post about Elizabeth “BETH ” aka “RUG” CAMPBELL, well there is a new product on the market it is called “FUR” . Made exclusively for ‘down there” , so instead of clogging up a whole package of straight razors “RUG ” Campbell, ya know stroking away , with that trimming of the hedge , what it really needs is a weed wacker , check this out . Those Jewish girls really know how to grow more than a throw rug don’t they . See if Andy or is it Chad , likes that ? We only like discussing your privates , to give you that special feeling , like you do to nurses , “privatize ‘ it, “personalize it ” to them specific . Let everyone know they are on “ACCESS INSURANCE ” or what an acrobat someone is in the bedroom, and what pictures they have on their phone, neighborhood disputes, and their marriage ended in a bad divorce. Yes this has nothing to do with a person’s professional life , but you thought you would bring it up to humiliate someone, so now you get the full picture. Guess you can say , learned it from you ! Wait until next month . ! YIKES !!!

    7. Unfair. Out of control. Corrupt. A travesty of American justice. Venal. Self-serving. These descriptors barely carve a small chip off the surface of the list of infractions committed by and under the AZ STATE BOARD OF NURSING . The extent of the rot eating at the base of the already rotten legal edifice is – for those that still believe in the concept of “rule of law” and impartial, reasoned, balanced application of impartial, reasoned and balanced laws – almost beyond cataloguing. Those who work and remain with the corrupt AZ BON, have selected one little microcosm from a very broad potential palette of connivance, and warped, perverted, distorted applications of pseudo-science and twisted good nurses into monsters, with the aide of dirty prosecutors CAMPBELL and KRISHNA – CARIO .

      1. When Joke Ridenour finds she has a willing employee who will pitch in and help with the ‘dirty ‘ work, spying, telling anything they see, focusing , watching and reporting , extra curricular activities in other words. They will get extra credit. That is promoted, of course they aren’t qualified, just sneaky . Such is the case with NAIRA KUTNERIAN , like a spy, she gets advanced to investigator, then all of a sudden she is legal ass. Yep JOKE, can run a place right into the ground, that’s where the dirt is, . Naira set up a meeting , it was obvious she was more than wet behind the ears. But is doin everyone she can. Terrible , at her ‘work” but a real game player , and games are played all day long at the az bn . Naira ; no knowledge of human kindness, she would make a Turkey soldier fight for it , with high expectations of return favors.

    8. THIS was take from a completely different blog ,totally unrelated but someone who can see the real bacteria that is the cause of all of the eruption going on in many areas. Notice he is bringing in SAFFORD , and the dirty connection there . The AZBON has a member from SAFFORD , and it is a dirty connection , taking care of other mormons. All the way . (Former BD member queer quinn from Thatcher, another mormon eastern town. All appointed by DUCEY, the former ceo of cold stone a mormon run company . (even the mormons knew they could not get a mormon gov elected so take the next closest thing ) . This is why nurses have such a fight in courts that are suppose to be fair non biased non partial. (so is the BON) , but is not , and ms mormon from safford is dictating to others how to vote and act while pretending not to . Your nursing career in AZ is being DICtated by the cult of mission creeps. (here is partially what he wrote ) It takes a keen mind to connect the dirty dots and think outside the box, so stop with ‘it is their religion” NO IT IS NOT A RELIGION , it is org conspiracy and money making business model ) . no nurse needs the crazy talk the mormons told to them and dictated to in a nursing board meeting . (HERE)””” I’ve written at least twice already about a possible Mormon conspiracy involving former Yavapai County Presiding judge Brutinel. (Now a “Justice” in the Arizona Supreme Court.) It starts when you know his mom was from Safford, Arizona, which is notoriously Mormon.”””” Someone else can see the worst thing about AZ is the CULT taking over Government ! ANd they are corrupt !

    9. maybe someone can help , who is making all of the money here? the nurses or the Drs? what gives, I could have bought 10 cases of this for what they charge for one pill. Does the board of nursing look at greedy nurses ? advise is sought , anyone? YUMA TO REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER they billed me $3077 for a shot n ibuprofen SENT ME COLLECTIONS I DIDNT HAVE INSURANCE AT THE TIME BUT I WAS ABLE TO GET INSURANCE 3MONTHS AFTER MY SICKNESS.. THEY BILLED MY DAUGHTER 1882$ for the same ibuprofen this year and she didnt have INSURANCE at the time but 2months later i was able to get insurance , IM A SINGLE HARD WORKING FATHER’ CANT CATCH A BREAK .. ANY LEGAL ADVICE I CAN DO FOR THEM TO WIPE THIS OFF ..

    10. so common, this is the trick the corrupt az board of nursing agency uses too. Uses it so much the nurse in az pays to get a dirty doc to write mumble jumble , The board members need psych evals, and especially Ridenour to see why she feels the need to have power and control over others , and put them into a deep suffering mode, while smiling as she is doing it . That is a mentally disturbed individual . Here is how they treat others who do not go along with the corrupt crowd . use MENTAL , make they CRAZY, report ANYTHING , that will give the impression of crazy . AZ is full of these tricks. Sad those involved , very sad, because SOCIOPATH’s are certifiable ! Mentally CRAZY and LIARS , should rename the entire agency . “”The claim alleges Erlichman complained about some of his clients’ rights being violated by other county agencies and was subsequently placed on leave and replaced on high-profile cases. He was told he was unfit to perform his duties, had “mental health issues” and was a liar before he was eventually fired this summer, the claim states.””

    11. When they have a shady case, a silly nothing matter, instead of putting on big girl panties , Emma Mamaluy , and I mean BIG GIRL panties, they spread rumors with staff, very CON vincing , or the ones who get the ear full are just not that smart. Want a raise , keep their job, they join in. Act like teens who are in a mob . Stir the pot , trouble making . Who is going to join her , will it be YOU ? Are you that immature ? Will it be YOU ? You might try to remember what your job is , and how to act like a professional , it just might be YOU , next . time to GROW UP. Did I mention that BAR exams are not like nursing exams ? they are not the same like NCLEX, in fact Wisc is the 2nd easier BAR exam to pass in the nation. Doesn’t say much for cheesy curd girl does it ? Seems like part of that curriculum was “game playing 101” . Be careful joining her crusade for her incompetence . Very Careful.

      1. The reason mamaluy, krishna, & campbell want put their big girl panties on their a&& is because they have their panties on there head causing to be blind morally.

    12. While none of this clogs up any part of thoughts when a walk thru the door. Leave it all outside like dirty nursing shoes . When out there, what happened is told to many. The reactions are varied. Somewhere along the line someone will be snagged by the corrupt agency if they are in nursing. And think back . Having so much fun with it, and reminded by those who exchange past occupations “aren’t you glad your not doing nursing NOW ! ” . The bd may have saved our lives, (HAHA) , destroyed lives at the time but saved lives, We aren’t in that mess , and who would want to be ! ( Heading to San Diego the beach is a beautiful escape, enjoy the moment ! and run into a nurse for sure , and spread the word .)

    13. Campbell whiner so over worked , has HARRIS (yes another HARRIS (Mark H) doing cases. Geez no wonder they get the verdict their way, they are given HOURS and HOURS to do a case, drag it out. Besides having crooked judges helps ! Then a more corrupt board ! Must be exhausting , being a YENTA , all day in court . (what amounts to a witch running her mouth about everything under the sun , except any EVIDENCE ! . Yap Yap Yap , with Judges going along with the crazy court routine , over and over . Some people never grow up , childish, gossip relayed in court , Wouldn’t happen in a real court, with real judges , she be tossed on her ‘rug’.

  2. Y᧐u really make it seem reallʏ easy together with your presentation however I in finding this matter to be really something
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    1. The complexities do exist as this page represents nurses who got in the way of Az Banner(most often). Basically discipling nurses who expose quacks and bad practices causing pt harm. Which is more common than the General public is aware.of

      1. Banner laid off nurses, cut staff, but just paid 200 million for Wyoming Medical Center . So many nurses have been fired from Banner who just say they weren’t “bannerific enough ” which is really not a compliment for Banner , who’s mgt staff can be quite anal . JOKE RIDENOUR knows too well being on the AZ Hospital association . how can she possibly be fair (she can’t and isn’t , dirty political social climber all the way ! )
        Ridenour will be carting her dirty arm pits to Chicago to get an award for 25 years of service from NCSBN . SERVICE ????? Remember JOKE when you get this , every year represents a huge number of nurses who lives and families you have destroyed, stolen careers, dreams, and ambitions, when you had the power to do the right thing, the longer you drove your lazy political butt to the bd meetings , the worse you got , if that is possible. Walking in like your own the place in your fluffy bedroom slippers , looking down at the very ones you will expect to wipe your butt in just a few years. Your kids know how you are , not fooling anyone, they won’t speak up too much money involved and they want it . Just like you , have a love for money , and causing hardship on so many who are barely making ends meet , you cause them more pain. Yea go get that ‘award” , imagine getting an award for be a dirty director ! just remember , you are fooling NO ONE ! Like Preston says ; to a nurse , who said I have been a nurse for 30 years “it just means you haven’t learned anything “. LOL ,

    2. Simple . selectively the corrupt board of nursing in AZ has members appointed by a Gov who puts anyone on there the current members recommend. That means your part of a LD$ ward, or you are connected in some way. Prof of nursing, in some type of mgt. No one on the bon current works direct patient care. Even those who say they do . The BON protects certain ones, if a nurse brings up a dangerous situation or Dr , they will be fired , if they look like they are going to sue that hospital, the hospital turns them into the BON . So the nurse is so busy saving their career they can’t do both , at least not for long . Because this corrupt board get nothing done in the way of protecting the public. In fact they work against public protection. This site is designed so you can post , with anonymously so if you have a current case with them , you can post to those who have been through it. The BON illegally tells nurses not to discuss their cases, but the BON members and staff run their BIG MOUTHS with lies about nurses . Basically a DICTATORSHIP. Those who have a case can read about the little tricks the BON is doing , and how they REALLY operate . Your email will not be given to the BON who are dying to get information ! (amazing the people who are speaking up on other sites, what they are saying . “that big one on the bon is trashy my friend lives in the neighborhood and in the pool she runs her mouth about her aches and pains , loud mouth , no one cares” she gone now, clean house ! JOKE Ridenour needs to boot, and not allow Janine DAHN to take over, clean the diseased board out completely !!

    3. An Ogden man is in jail after allegedly choking his son for refusing to go on a church mission.

      Scott Keith Warner, 49, remained in the Weber County Jail on Monday in lieu of $3,900 bail. He is charged with aggravated assault and committing domestic violence in the presence of a child, both third-degree felonies.

      The alleged victim told police the two were arguing Friday and he told his father he would not be going on a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

      He said his father grabbed him by the arm and they began to fight.

      “The victim reported that during this fight he was knocked to the ground and Scott began to strike the victim’s head into the wall repeatedly as well as squeeze the victim’s neck with both hands,” an Ogden Police Department probable cause statement said.

      The investigating officer said the son had scratches on the right side of his neck and redness on the back of his neck.

      “The victim was visibly shaking while speaking with me about the incident and was hesitant to provide details,” the officer wrote.

      Warner told police he tried to forcibly remove the son from his home “as it was his house.”

      Asked how he had tried to get him out of the house, Warner said he “grabbed” him “wherever I could,” the arrest affidavit said.

      Told by the officer of his son’s version of the incident, Warner said the son shoved him first and he had done nothing wrong.

      Warner said he was injured, pointing to a scrape on his elbow.

      The son told another officer that he struggled to breathe while his father allegedly was “choking” him, the affidavit said.

      Police said the victim’s sister called 911 and said she saw Warner choking her brother.
      A mormon father chokes son for not wanting to go on a mission. (SOMETIMES YOU JUST HAVE TO CHOKE , BEAT THEM , AND KICK SOMEONE’S ASS BEFORE THEY SPREAD GOD’S LOVE ) . It is many of our opinions that we can see Randy Quinn doing this real easy ! can’t you ??

    4. morally bankrupt , a board that uses over reach, and unregulated board wants to regulate nurses. (regulate +control the fk out of them , control every word, what to say, what to wear, what is proper for miss obedient . It ‘s not nursing they are controlling but just the bishop momo’s control every aspect of your life, including your sex life. Carrie Smith another one? or is she watching and reporting those incompetents ? Spy atty, unique. Time takes the mask off each and everyone.

  3. Black balling Nurses in AZ:
    While talking to a friend of mine today, they told me a few things about being a manager at a Medical Center in Arizona. There are two NURSYS for nurses to be looked up on for active license. However they explained it like this, is for nurses to search for other nurses, and for the public to search for a nurse, then there is is for medical organizations and other state boards to search for a nurse. On you can see if a nurse is under investigation, it is supposed to only be when a nurse has an emergency suspension of their licenses due to being a danger to the public for things like drugs.
    Well you can guess there seems to be a lot of nurses on from Arizona under investigation without emergency suspensions any time the AZBN is investigating that nurse. When you call AZBN they say oops that was just an error, but we are looking into a complaint against that nurse. This is illegal, you sewer rat Sunita Krishna, and Easy Campbell (yes Campbell’s nick name is easy, yeah, go figure, easy on her knees and on her back).
    There you have it American Nurses, corruption at its worst, oh and let’s not forget the AWARDS, yahooooooo, laughing so hard I peed myself, jockey only get awards where her old scabby nosed man has his fat stubby fingers in the pot, check out the professional community the old man is a part of.

    W. G. Ridenour
    • Board of Directors, University of Arizona Foundation
    • Board of Directors, University of Arizona Alumni Association
    • Member, Arizona Board of Regents, 8 year term, 2014-2021
    • Judge Pro Tem, Maricopa County Superior Court
    • General Counsel, Arizona Banker’s Association
    • Board of Directors, Hope and A Future
    • Board of Directors, Arizona Nurses Foundation
    • Board of Directors, Arizona Bar Foundation
    • Governor’s Task Force on Human Trafficking
    • Member, State Bar of Arizona
    • Member, Arizona Bar Association
    • Board of Directors, Arizona March of Dimes
    • Board of Directors, Heard Museum
    • Board of Directors, Scottsdale Museum of the West
    • Board of Directors, Old Tucson Foundation
    • Board of Directors, Park Western

  4. NO wonder the appeals judges are so corrupt , dirty William Ridenour has his grubby hands in it. and just like the bon , putting a male in the middle of all the women at the bd (moron randy queer one quinn, a male has to be in charge of the little women’s money (AZ NURSES FOUNDATION) lookie who gets the scholarships , the names of the clique, azna members , all of them cause they ‘support” candidates who pass laws for AZBON. heard museum, haha wee willy according to an atty he tried to get join his firm “runs around the state with his Indian dolls ” . hmmm interesting . and human trafficing , another joke. Ducey, CINDY mccain, and wm ridenour , all on a committee of over priced dinners, but yet when they were done with their ‘task force ” human / sex trafficing went SKY HIGH ! so the task force was a FLOP .

    1. That is the ticket , Wm RID EN NOUR , on a committee with Doug do little, so Wm got’s the dirt on him. What the committee really accomplished . Doug do little putting cindy mccain on a pedestal as well. Take care of those who know. A donation to the Duce 4 Gov , didn’t hurt them either . So that is what keeps the head hore sticking it to nurses while taking care of those in mgt . Not what the money was intended to be spent on . Don’t give up all the secrets . The end of the reign of terror is coming to a big black head rising out of the infected wound ready to pop . First the black head then the line of infected pus (excites you doesn’t it janine ?) .

  5. The sewer rat if off til october, home teaching jr how to screw others . Looks like learned it from her father, how to play dirty politics , and her mentor ‘RUG ” campbell. Both on the payroll to screw over good nurses for the malevolent board. Takes a special kind of dirty bag to go against other humans for money . Whores .

    1. you can sure tell this woman is not the closed mouth keep quiet don’t speak dummy like the bd of nursing is made up of . ” “I believe that the people of this Valley voted me in for a reason to begin with,” Woodman previously told the Gila Herald. “And it was because they knew that they were supporting an individual who has the spine to stand up to the good ol’ boy attitude of this county and they’re tired of oversight and not being compliant and they knew that I had the backbone to stand up and do what was right.”
      A woman that can think for herself, not some dumb moron, “boyer ,aye”
      Anderson”aye ” They act like a prop, with a string attached to their traps to open and close when those who are telling them what to think and what to say , have the trap door opener and closer .

  6. I beliеve whаt you comⲣosed was actuallʏ very logical.
    However, think on this, what if you typеd a catchier title?

    I mean, I don’t wish to tеll you how to run your ԝebsite,
    but suppose you added a poѕt titlе to maybe grab folк’s ɑttention?
    I mean Arizona Board of Nursing Watchdogs | Tһis
    site ѡas created for the purpоse of d-efining the
    AZBN, Attorney General's office, & the Adm ᒪaw Court that iѕ desіgned
    to give the imɑge of protecting the publiс. All of the mentioned departments above
    are captured departments of corporate controlled health care whⲟm decide
    what these departments do. The pageѕ and posts and comments
    are from nurseѕ ԝhо are not the ordinary drones who most ⲣatiеnts are familiaг with.

    The nurses are dedicated to quality care and have not done everything they've
    been told to dߋ. They dіd not come for the glory or the money.
    The mentioned departments above come for the money and the glory
    which maҝes them oгdinary. The nurses here are the best.
    The paѕsion is theіr hearts. Вeth A. СаmpЬell is the ilⅼegal henchman for the AG Mark 'Nunchucks' Brnoviсh.
    Routine iѕ mail & wire fraud, suborning perjury,
    tampering with еvidence and defamatіon of charɑcter. We can not help you stop them; even thе governor can not do that, however we can tell you where, who, when and what the unethical eviԀence will
    ƅe before you get there 928-201-4002 is a
    little boring. You coulԀ peek at Yahoo’s home
    page and note how they write neԝs headlines to grab viewers to open the links.
    You mіght try adding a video or a picture or two to grab people excited about everything’ve written. In my opinion, it could brіng your posts a little livelier.

    1. anyone can post, and write their views or thoughts, but if someone was searching for board of nursing, they might use azbn azbon or arizona board of nursing, or nurses who have had board complaints in az, which is higher than balls on a giraffe , last count. we do love to read what others have discovered and am looking forward to the post, ding dong the witch is gone !!! (that pretty much covers it ! ) . hey maybe a different board employee name , star them each for what we all know. help az nurses should anyone there be taking J R”s place , she groomed them, look what campbell did to Krishna , training that one !!

  7. The incompetence of this agency is so outrageous , sometimes you just have to laugh . How they attracted so many stupid women to run an agency And got the same mind set of morons gathered in one office. This is AZ but , certainly anyone with any intelligence knows this house of cards will crumble . Door locked, records seized , handcuffs place, name tag won’t open door, keys to doors locks all changed, Some feds are corrupt too, but not the ones taking them down. Phones all collected , and then the flipping on the others begins ! Let’s plan the party !

  8. I am reminded what a waste of lives and taxpayers dollars for years and years wrongfully convicting innocent nurses men, women which affects their children . A nurse living in poverty with loss of job and income, losing the car, the house, losing it all and identity, the children suffer the most . Seeing what happens to their parents, confused, and torn. Having to tell them no Christmas this year, and why we moved out of that apt , into new schools systems . Turned down for many jobs due to the AZ BON crooked ways. Arizona has yet to recognize the thousands of wrongfully convicted/ condemned nurses , and their people — torn apart families for all posterity. A stain on Arizona’s justice system. The stain caused by those who took an oath are willing to disobey the rules and do what they know is wrong . Sinners .

    1. If you don’t think they put a black woman in as Pres to distract people from thinking they are not biased, think again . ingrained, And bet she doesn’t even know she is being used . “I have an older Mormon friend that went on a mission somewhere in South America in the mid seventies, before the 1978 “policy change”. The bishop of the local branch they attended was a South American man who, as a child, was raised solely by his South American mother. As an adult, and while he was serving as bishop, he was introduced to his father, a black man. The bishop was a humble man who alerted the church authorities and one of the twelve apostles flew from Utah down to their area immediately to not only release this man from being the bishop but to also excommunicate him.
      I was told this story about twenty years ago. It’s never left me.

      1. there seems to be a whole gang of game players, all being told what to do by the lying lawyer . this is so routine, someone calls you on your corruption , and you make that person look bad , you think, but a number of different avenues . who will join you game player ? who will play your game , childish incompetent, who will be part of your bully brigade , your immature , nonsense . well we found another one will to join the wicked women of az “bon” . But who will really take the fall ? developing details.

  9. Nurses In Arizona , are given a ultimatum with no explanation or proof of anything , just a DICtatorship style. SIGN HERE OR NO LICENSE. The paper is laced with lies. If you are a person of integrity you will not sign anything of the sort. We know , nurses get scared and want to work . You do not want to be like them , you do not want to cave in and sell your soul like them . Let them have their power trip , there is a higher power coming after them . Apply for grants, apply for one under nursing foundation, to retrain into something else . After all the AZNA does nothing for nurses , everyone is guilty, they did it to them selves. When the AZNA had a hand in it too . AZNA should stop working for the AZBON. and they do , although they have a ‘pat ” answer . “we are a separate professional organization. ” . So is Wounded Healers. (although UNPROFESSIONAL JO ELIZABETH RIDENOUR , calls them Wounded Warriors . ) Anything to defame, degrade, name call and now there are plenty of more fitting names for that incompetent disrespectful fool. A real tool that is , no Gov cares about the nursing board, just keep putting her back in , with her fake credentials . {STOP SIGNING THOSE “agreements ” . STOP AGREEING WITH CORRUPTION , you are better than they are , you have more integrity , more soul, more honesty . STOP SIGNING your rights away.

    1. Signing anything this evil bunch from the AZBN puts in front of you is showing compliance to corruption. The corruption in AZ is the worst in the nation.

  10. It appears that other people have had problems with the “citizen’s aide” which turns out of be a person who is just playing short stop , middle incompetent who have no intention of finding any fault. Imagine if the bd investigators went after him. different story ! Danee Garone – Staff Attorney (recorded voice message from JOY A COLLURA)
    •Nov 7, 2018
    Joy Collura
    35 subscribers
    Danee Garone – Staff Attorney
    Danee Garone is a staff attorney for the Ombudsman’s office

  11. to the one who called but left no number , Yea I know the AZ BON “sucks” I think any of us with any dealings with these creeps know that. And we all know they lie their heads off. Yes, there may be 1 or 2 good attys for this, but that’s about it. They rest sell themselves to the BON , lawless like the ones who prosecute for the bon.
    I’m glad you’re ok, , that you are a man of faith and recognize the importance of moral support. In our training and careers, we fear showing any sign of “ weakness” with good reason. This profession eats its own. Shame can be as much a danger as Is the threat to our careers itself. I survived an abusive time ; in part by recognizing that I did nothing to cause the abuse. You will survive this abusive system in part by recognizing the same.

  12. sharing a post , from a letter to the editor, and does this person know the TRUTH ! “”At least since Brigham Young, the Mormon Church and Mormons have been a hate group. In 1978 they made a feeble attempt to convince people they aren’t. But as I’ve watched over the past years with the church’s fight against gay rights, and the support and enabling of what has been going on the last four years, they’re still rife with hate.
    Mormons have no problem being lumped in with such hate groups as the KKK, the Alt-right, white supremacists, Neo Nazis, Neo Confederates, anti-gay rights, anti-women’s rights, anti-immigration, news media haters, Russians, anti-pro-choice, anti DOJ & FBI, anti BLM, WikiLeaks, anti-Jews, anti-Muslims, racists, bigots, and now QAnon. There’s a reason these hate groups support what has been going on, and Mormons are right there with them.””

  13. SUNITA KRISHNA CAIRO , wonder when this dirty looks by dot head took place, because apparently she had another kid, and is off until Oct . Imagine the real words when “beth’ campbell was training Krishna . “now , we look for anything that we can bring up to make the nurse get upset, and get defensive , anything anything at all ! Nothing is off limits. This is how it works. We don’t really care if anyone is safe to practice that is just what we say. ” “and we tell the board members to say it over and over and they are so stupid , well they might even believe it ! ” (normal people scheming would chuckle at this point but Campbell has no sense of humor at all. In fact it is well believed that Campbell doesn’t dare get out of the A G office , too scared , what will happen. She is in deeper sh*t , that gets deeper everyday . Can’t get out. And the AG office is wickedly retaliation geared 100%.

  14. More running of government agencies by these NO GOOD greedy mormons. ! Z State auditor says 100 charter schools, of which “4 in 10 are rated by the state as D or F schools when it comes to actually educating children”, can keep PPP funds meant for small business that had loss in income, despite having no loss in income. Huh?

    Charter schools can double dip up to $100 million in public funds and that’s OK in Arizona. The reasoning behind this is just bizarre.
    via @azcentral And you know these dirty mormons have got to run the school boards too , controlling everyone , dirty crud cult .
    of course the dirt bag mormon Farnsworth owns charter, got millions and he is in on passing the laws to make it happen. Stealing money from childrens education ! No wonder McCmormies can make a motion that would cause a NP over 100,000 in education money by HER DECISION. It is a joke to say “well I ‘ll make a motion see if it goes around, when the dumb plugs , vote with what ever is introduced . McCormies is bitch dog. she would never do this to a mormon . The bishop would have her butt in a sling cause they want their cut . that’s what it ‘s all about a cult protecting their own brain washed bimbo’s .

  15. when people tell you to get on with your life, take the unjust and move on. It is like telling Mrs Shaver to ‘get on with her life ” Her husband shot by a dirty mormon Philip Brailsford. RIgged like BON the courts, and the police dept. , In a class she had an assignment to write, and this is what she wrote. “””It’s taken two years to get here. For two years, I wondered what this moment would look like and feel like– how surreal it is to be here now, finally. In my experience, it’s nothing like they show in the movies. The light is harsh and bright, but it’s not like one would take much notice when there’s so much more to be observing. I sit, nervously, and study every detail of the strangers sitting across from me who will be deciding the fate of justice for my late-husband. I analyze every last detail about them, from the color of their hair to the outfits they chose to wear. I wonder if they even notice me. There’s about a dozen of them sitting in their stiff chairs. I make a note of their facial expressions in response to the testimony given. I search deep within their eyes for any signs of compassion, as my heart silently cries out, “How would you feel if you were my grieving children or me?” But the rules of this broken system say that they are instructed to stick to the facts and not to let emotions guide. I wonder, would those same rules still apply to them if they were sitting in my position? This room, and these strangers, offer no sign of warmth. My stomach turns, and I clench the blanket in my lap, as it helps soak up the perspiration that is seeping out of my hands. On the opposite side of me, there is a sea of black and blue. They have their freshly pressed uniforms on and are as clean-cut as they come. They intentionally did this, as they know that those uniforms represent a universal sign of trust and safety. I pray that the strangers in front of me will see past this shield this blue brotherhood hides behind, so justice is finally served. I pray for this, but I know that the odds of that happening are slim to none in our current America. But still, I pray.”
    That dirty Cult Cop took these childrens father , her husband , then he claimed ptsd and hired back on one day in a rigged police dept so he could get a pension every month for life . dirty cop dirty cult .

  16. A nurse gets a license in AZ, invests times / money/ finally has a license to work to pay back loans. Then compare a PONZI scheme, people invest, money with the thought of getting a return . Then look at those who were screwed over by the Madoff’s , and others who run a Ponzi scheme. Those victims of ponzi schemes , is just the type of thoughts and puke directed at ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL, EMMA MAMALUY , SUNITA KRISHNA , by nurses. (the one in the middle, is like a silent fart, hides in the back ground , but when she gets on that phone, the wicked spews out of the , stirs shit mouth, and the stink is just as bad. Only these dirty bitches are doing dirty work for men, to make the big money. Whores all of them. While we head to Flagstaff , and have a nice camping trip, qualify for food stamps now the sirloin steaks are good and free the beer or wine we have to buy. It does make for a great laugh though . We always toast the board bitches to make it happen . Keep working whores, someone has to pay for that free food . (loud belly laugh , cheers !) And free Access insurance , all compliments of the prostitutes on the board, and the tramps above. Never made the trip without running into a nurse or relative of one. Word is spreading.

  17. I don’t even understand how I ended up right here, but I believed this submit used to be good.
    I do not recognise who you might be however definitely you are going to a
    well-known blogger for those who are not already. Cheers!

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