The Eye of The Storm AZBN

Like a drop of blood which leaves the lt. ventricle and returns to the rt. atrium and a nurse that gets dropped into a Board investigation, each gets a good view of the inside of a maze; one the government. the other, the human body. In more of a conclustionary connection today is getting the reader future nursing to ask for safety and justice and can find that simply by following those laws now mandated. Those laws by which the AZBN and AzAtty Gen. do not follow; whose evidence is already in documentation.

The wide spread bad news about Nursing Regulatory Agencies being news worthy for false reporting has hit New Jersey, Tennessee, California hard in recent years. The situations related to false audits in California and evidence tampering in Arizona pales to the Tennessee Board clearing a nurse who gave recurronium instead of versed. The list of failures and civil rights violations to both patients and nurses is stacked up these days and without much solicitation we can muster up 25 nurses with hard evidence, already in documentation, to slide pandora’s lid open.

Like that drop of blood the nurse has the unique position of being in the the center of the investigative storm that frequently gives inaccurate views no matter where you look. You are surrounded illegal activity, you really are.

Violations into the thousands is established via the AZBN garnishing police reports that were not either prosecuted or reviewed judicially in the jurisdiction they were written. Although this can be seen as puiblic information its not legally republished by the AZBN and the Admin Law Court. Confidentiality is legally broken, thus a HIPPA violation, once that police report is published. Does anybody have any idea how many dismissed cases are republished by the AZBN?

If you spit balled somebody in the 9th grade, and the AZBN finds it, expect to see that in print somewhere if you work in Arizona long enough.

The 25 are talking but request anonymity here. One whom recently stated she didn’t think AZBN republished unverified police reports were HIPPA violation as not related to clinical issues or records. Although a civil rights violations for invasion and defame.

Defund Arizona’s regulatory agencies?? The governor has had this in mind for years.

Peary Brown retired R.N.


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  1. Amazіng! This blog looks exactly ⅼike my old one!

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    1. Yes amazing , and hopefully lots are looking at this and finding out the truth about how corrupt the board of nursing and the entire agency in AZ is . much worse than other boards in many respects. If nurses knew what incompetent people are voting and making decisions about their licenses they would never become a nurse. NOT in AZ . no way. Very obvious they are taking care of certain ones who have done things wrong, many things and big deals . While slamming ones who have not done anything to deserve to lose their careers . Just frame jobs . Poor choices that Ducey has chosen. But then when they keep getting “friends” to join them , well , they stick together . SHAMEFUL AGENCY !!

      1. IF this isn’t they way the board of nursing is operated , always a life time mormon, running their biased mouth, making motions for the stupid ‘sheep follower woman to vote the same way . NO THINKING by any of them . Gutless winches , all of them . Read what someone else downloaded in the computer , zombies all of them ! Stupid woman, all the way around . Even the corrupt politician mormon farnsworth says this. “I think a lot of the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are guilty of waiting to be told how to act or what to do,” Sen. David Farnsworth said. “I believe it’s our responsibility to get behind Donald Trump.”
        I wonder how members of the LDS church feel about Farnsworth’s characterization of them?

  2. The bowel will break, it cannot sustain the weight of so much corruption, and when it does Jockey Ridenours scummy deeds.

    1. Jo ELIZABETH RIDENOUR , was don at county , she didn’t want to dirty her hands there either. When her husband who was bumping butts as a gov aide got her the job she knew she was not qualified at all , so gathered her gangsters who would back her for the job to get into an office and away from the dirty patients . (cty patients , are not like Scottsdale mayo) . Valerie SMith, retired 3 times, from the state made a hefty wage, pension, and is off with her partner who also got a job at the BON as investigator . Kerrigan . Then Judy Bontrager , never had any children , driving her convertible , like the good life, she is a faithful friend, or high paid liar for jokey, you decide. Yep she took them with her , so they could speak for her and make sure she kept her job , so they would keep theirs . After a short time, Ridenour head got big she could do what ever she wanted and take care of old friends , AZ HHA. yea , the ones who run the hospitals. She’s gotten carried away and lost her way , as a former board member says , “none of this would be happening if Fran Roberts was still there” . Time to retire you old bitch, you will be remembered by many GOOD nurses as a devil woman .

      1. The ones with nursing licenses at these boards may well be on their way to trading street clothes for scrubs, and actually taking care of patients. Their is legislation introduced they will have to , imagine that !! I know this will scare the hell out of the board members . And would be very dangerous to patients to have them taking care of them . A visual here of Janeen Dahn and Cindy Mand taking care of patients !! (yea right !!!) Cindy George , UH HUH< another site ! And the ones who say they have 'other ft jobs" like McCormies are full of sh*t , not even part time , just enough time in the office to try to fool others. Think they will protect hospitals then ? Of course they will have to be chg nurse, love telling others what to do , what's best for them, and do and think like they do , some real whack jobs long term brain washed , passing off their weird ways on others who are unaware of the cult crud throughout the organization.

      2. so strange as insider view , watching two board members start acting like one who has been on before . It is amazing to see this develop. As if they are animals following a duck and acting like mother duck. Not sure if anyone else notices but they must ‘think ‘ that the ‘whacked one” is the way to act . What she does they do . These are suppose to be free thinking adults here . These two usually will second the whacked one’s motion very fast . It ‘s like they want to “play board of nursing ” but don’t have the guts to make a motion for fear of looking stupid. Which is a real concern for sure. This is very sad to see because whacked one, is very harsh, a 1 -2 gut punch, then thinks she is softening it by saying stupid things. Whacked one sounds as it she has some type of superior knowledge or qualified to give opinion and advise . A nurses aide could do much better . More common sense . Although nothing about nursing skills or precise sound examples of what it is she is even running her trap about. I know that others at the bd have noticed, it is like listening to chalk squeak on a chalkboard, but this is messing with peoples lives. Students would never get it , not in the one meeting they attend.

      3. Ridenour was able to fool people she knew what she was doing. She just had her own harem that would back attack to any critics. ALL appointed ASSociate directors , with big raises , so in order to keep their jobs she must keep hers or take a chance on someone new coming in a replacing them with professionals. McCormies is another CHARLATAN. The bosses have no idea anything about nursing so they just believe her silly analogies , and she certainly knows how to pass out the worst for nurses before the board, all except for the ones who are part of the cult . IT is amazing how C M thinks she is the model NP that everyone should be like her and do what she does. If they did they would be screwing over co workers at the college that have different back grounds , while no remorse at all. That is the biggest joke of this sicko. Imagine if every nurse was as cold hearted and fake as this pompous jerk . Watch how she uses PROJECTION in her maneuvers . Th irony the one who lashes out at others for their negative feelings is often guilty of the same failings in thought, word , or deed. When someone attacks you for something you did not do it says more about her than it does you . ! !

      4. Ridenour is one AMORAL , character. She promotes , and runs a adulterate organization , who can distort , anything to put the nurse in a character assassination . She doesn’t like it when others do it to her. Can’t even follow the 10 commandments, do onto to others , as you would have done to yourself. Wonder how she would like daughter STACEY, treated like she treats nurses ???? Yea STACEY who works at Children’ s . If she’s as stupid as Ridenour , she is dangerous as a nurse . And if she is as vindictive as mommie dearest, she shouldn’t be around humans. But hospitals would never turn in board members they love them on staff, makes them think they have an “in” with the board, and they will do as they want them to . And the hospitals are right, Ridenour will be their puppet for them .

    2. The one who just could not wait to waddle out the door when the meetings were over JANA MACHESKY . She DID NOT want to be on the BON again. R Quinn talked her into it. He knows she is a puppet , and yes yes woman, and will say what ever the rest say. Another lying board member who does not read the transcripts, just let every one else make motions and she sits there like a pumpkin head, “aye “. She did sign up again. And the Gov office doesn’t care about a nursing board. Terms are 5 years . Within 6 months she resigned and headed to Delaware , where she is planning on getting on the board there . (which is laughable) She actually THINKS she has experience, sitting like a watermelon “aye”. Once in awhile she would get frustrated, and find the rest of the board was being way to anal on a case and way to punitive and actually say something. A rare moment . But in most cases she was a dumb moron who allowed the rest of the BON to do her thinking for her . What BON has TWO LPN”S on it ? Like LPN”s who does that anymore ??? who do they represent ? when BSN is the start for hiring. And both LPN”s are not direct patient care. Funny that Machesky said the heat made her leave when she has psoriatic arithritis and the heat and pool therapy is best , well unless she taking those ‘pills” , “they start with an “O” . suspected it for years. Thinking if she does any work she won’t be happy unless having the upper hand on people so back to the prisons where she can sit and watch the guards beat inmates with handcuffs on and laugh about it again. When all bloody up she can blame them, and give them ‘the look” , like told ya so .

      1. A better answer might be , “where the hell does the board and their so called “investigators ‘ get their information from ????” And , why are they submitting statements they know are not true ?? And why are you reading a site that is for nurses to inform new nurses about this nasty board ? Instead of attacking and reading every word looking for some kind of ‘threat” , something you can turn into a murder scene , practice admitting you were wrong instead of attacking those who tell everyone what you REALLY do . AZBON is probably the most corrupt agency in AZ at this point . Along with AZNA , who do nothing for nurses, they are ‘working it together “. sad .

      2. A couple of new board members in the last year or so , for what ever reason; they got on this board, might want to think about what the outcome might look like. They most likely got on because one of their church members thought they’d be good, and they may even think they will climb the ladder ., or like the intimidation factor , power trip. what ever. A poll of nurses think that a board member must be a high standard person. What could be FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. ! Just like a nurse who is in mgt cannot be trusted , neither can this board . In the not so distant past , board members who saw the corruption and how they were treating nurses , got the h*ll out of dodge , said oh no , I’m getting out of here. And to that nurse you are an honest person , a person with a soul, a heart, and caring of another human being. One who has integrity and will not join others in their dirty work . Unlike the ones who stay on the AZBON.
        If a person own agenda , who doesn’t care what others say or think of them or what kind of dirty work they must do to stay, and stay’s; well they deserve all they get and more .
        yes, some nurses screw up, and some type of over sight is needed, but many others do not , it is retaliation by corrupt people , and this BON SHOULD be smart enough to see through it but just goes with it . Playing dirty politics is part of your make up then you will be recognized like all dirty politicians. Anyone who has worked hard for their career , and their reputation ;will say this is not for me, and save their future from those who are not going to let this dirty board continue with their nasty ways. I guess you can look at this as a friendly , “reminder”. Generally the more people involved the less they will say, “im not doing that ” or “im not getting involved’ because the gang mentality , they will be protected. Each and everyone will be held responsible , as long as your name is on the ‘bd member list”.

      3. the board of nursing members accuse almost everyone of lying, like they are human lie detector tests. Of course who’s the biggest liars. But when they don’t want to do anything to a nurse (because she works for local tv stations), they can ignore bull shit. For instance “the cocaine in my purse belonged to my boyfriend who is a prominent Scottsdale atty ” who believes this ? And did the Bd contact the licensing for the atty and report him? nope just let her slide, and give her a break . it’s not what you do, even if you do nothing, it is who you are when you do it. BIASED LYING board . and agency . shameful what az has on the board , dirty players .

      4. The board might get something done if they stop reading about themselves. LOL ! Must really bother those who love their power trip to keep scheming what to do next . sad sight for sure . pour things , they want that state federal money but don’t want to be watched, no dictators want to be looked at , just do what ever , with your money . they can get wicked and pull some real stunts like jr high , remember mean girls club , nasty witch’s how they were , well they are still at it , it’s is called AZBON

      5. I left. I am not Mormon. I went far away. Maybe for personal reasons I didn’t want publicized. Maybe making up fake news so as not to be judged. So much negativity being spewed here about people you really don’t know, perhaps at least one. Just wish someone had asked me directly, really that afraid of just a person. Especially a person you obviously see as lesser than yourself. I don’t know. But, no worries I am gone.

    3. well , well well we just might have a decent honest judge at oah.( let’s not hold our breath). Congratulations to Ms Dils , they offered a LOC , and when she took them to court, Elizabeth “rug” Campbell, requested a DOC! nothing changed , just wanted her due process rights, is this up the ante “rug”? because you did not want to do the case , teach her a lesson, do what the DICtators say ? but BACKFIRED ON YOU ! CAMPBELL LOST ! beat out by a nurse w/o an attorney HAHA !! the ALJ said dismiss . Ms Kay Abramsohn . ALJ, (That’s right dismiss this BS ! brought on by another board retaliator Cindy George !

      1. Not shocked ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL , lost case , (except this OAH is rigged , the fix is in before you get there, most of the alj’s are crooks liars and playing “judge” , a cardboard prop could do better . Otherwise she would lose them all . With her court room tactics, that would get her as disbarred as show boat Juan Martinez. This legal lunatic is losing it , if she ever had anything going for her. She must say in her own mind “just doing my job” as often as the lying board members say “public safety”. NO Bethy , your not just doing your job , you are part of a conspiracy group of robbers , thieves, hoodlums, and down right dirty scum of the earth. I love that a PRO PER TOOK HER OUT IN COURT !! {laughing very loudly while wiping tears away , then another big belly laugh } Not only did that crazy, LOC , {that anyone would sign HAHA} not hold up but DISMISS THIS CROCK OF SH*T !! And how much did that waste of tax payers money cost ?? Campbell should pay to work there , sleezy !

      2. “”this was the MEDICAL board, not the nursing board. they are shit… both of them are shit. the nursing board called me once to say they were taking my complaint seriously and then i never heard from them again… BLAH… i survived their nitwittery.””

        yes sir you are correct the AZBON is a real SHIT SHOW , dirty gerty’s working there.

      3. Seems like the board has no ‘connection” to kingman area. a np who took on other practioners patients who abondoned them , over loaded , lots of opiods but then reduced that number, education and lots of cleaning up, only to get bitch slapped by McCormies . this Np has a grant of 100,000. she would lose if doc , and not loc , which it should have been . 100k for education, but hey no part of the cult gang of thugs , so she gets doc. like going before this corrupt board isn’t punishment enough. remember that McCormies when you stick that fork in your big mouth, you stole a lot from a nurse who really didn’t do anything wrong, and was cleaning up the mess over whelmed. Then a second Kingman nurse who was railroaded by BS! 3 ‘incidents ‘ all of which are nonsense . she would have been revoked if up to hard core , berrigan, who was pushing for revoke. An incompetent lpn deciding the fate of a RN who was excellent nurse, no proof just calling her out with no proof of nothing. said they had a video but couldn’t produce it , etc Good job to atty TS , first nurse on board schedule , or revocation by a callused board .

      4. This is what mormons believe in . They not only will disown someone from the temples and turn their backs on them , they use CONVERSION THERAPY. or Reparative Therapy. Maybe they should try this on Dahn. One girl 14 mentioned she thought she was attracted to females, her family ordered conversion therapy, she had to stand for 12 hours with a back pack full of rocks stand no sitting no water nothing. Then they had other plans or torture until she said she is heterosexual . What wacked out thinking these nut jobs have and are running a board of nursing . SHAMEFUL all of them brainwashed ! “Conversion therapy, sometimes referred to as “reparative therapy,” is any of several dangerous and discredited practices aimed at changing an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity. Conversion therapists use a variety of shaming, emotionally traumatic or physically painful stimuli to make their victims associate those stimuli with their LGBTQ identities.” The Trevor Project.

        Conversion therapy is still legal in the state of North Dakota, even despite the fact that it has been proven to be an ineffective and abusive practice.

        LGBT youth need to be protected—rejecting them and putting them through such practices leads to higher rates of depression, suicide, and drug use. It’s our civil duty to protect our children. Sign the petition to stop this crazy behavior , forcing people to not live their true sexual orientation. It seems just as weird they would act this way as they think about someone who does not want the traditional men/women ways. What kind of a “religion ‘ would do this to someone ?

    4. The funny part of all this, is attacking a nurse and thinking it will all blow over . The way I see my informant is this victim nurse of this corrupt board of nursing agency was quite the traveler and spent most of the time away. Once the license was worthless, sticks close by and has time to be a watcher of the corrupt board of nursing. So hey looks to me like it back fired. ! Trying to smear a good nurse , and now has the time and lots to say about you creeps . Honestly so much info i can’t remember half of it , but just wanted to let people know, that backfire happens in nursing too. We are guessing that’s what they get , doing dirty to someone who did not deserve it , so now they can read about things that are true ,and going on . Really enlightening we must say , because we had no clue this boards motives or really activities and the players involved. Most licensed nurses do not know a lot about this set up . It also appears their are members who are on the board who do not know what is really going on, some really stupid stupid nurses, and corrupt public members . Why they can’t just do people justly , why cant they just look at what a nurse did and say ok here is what you will do . Nope psych evaluation keep those corrupt doctors in the money trail. Bring in mental health, make them look crazy, it’s all a big old trick . Shame on all of them . Just wanted to let the ones who are being paid big bucks to read that you made a big mistake, too bad it doesn’t come out of your pocket ! YES JOKE RIDENOUR IS A SCUM BAG A REAL DIRT BAG . makes the rest of us ashamed she can even call herself a nurse . People are finding out the TRUTH !

      1. When Heather Carter has signs all over stating ‘backed by nurses”, which is very misleading, (she is NOT supported by this nurse ! )She is backed by AZNA , and why is that ? Carter is on health committee, the AZNA is doing ‘political work ” for the corrupt Board of nursing, and they are buying her off early so she will be THEIR puppet . Get involved and replace these who have a price tag on their vote OUT ! She will introduce any bill they want , always for the bd and against direct patient care nurses . Ducey appointing “beth ‘ boyer to the BON , and her husband Paul Boyer a mormon Republican senator ,should never happen !
        Honestly AZBON
        , why not just change your name to AZ Nurses of Republican Mormon’s R US ; & Monopolies which include AZNA Political hack groupies , and stop pretending you believe in bipartisanship, fairness , equality or running a non biased organization. ?

      2. A hearing at OAh and the ALJ says after the DA speaks, “at this point the nurse will generally start saying all of the statements made are lies . the nurse will report the untrue statements and pick apart what ever was just said and “I don’t want to hear any of that ” !!! WTH , alj rules the court room rules are you cannot tell your side of the story or correct the other parties lies ! But then state’s she wants to make a ‘good’ record ‘ for the agency . This is just plain crazy , everything that was said or not said, you cannot add later. What are you in court for ? listen to lies by Sunita Krishna and Elizabeth Campbell ? You cannot provide your evidence , your side of the story . That OAH is a real mess . JOE E Ridenour is a real SUCK UP To the chief alj , who cares about due process or what is right. ! Going to court in AZ at least at OAH is like calling the cops , can and will get shot that way .

    5. What do nurses think of this hospital treating us patients like this ? ” I walked out of the Emergency room last night and want to give everyone a first hand view of what was going on there. I went to the ER by ambulance at the direction of my doctor. I have symptoms of heart problems. They did tests and almost everything was normal except some of the heart tests. They wanted to admit me for more tests because I obviously have something wrong. Their machine was down so they could not get my virus results back till today. They were going to admit me to the corona floor because they have to assume I have it till they have results. I would have no protective gear like the nurses. So chances are very high i would catch it if I didn’t already have it. There were three codes in the ER while I was there. Everyone was running around like crazy. Then the people died and they walked out like it was nothing. I know that is their job but it was hard to see. The doctor and the nurses were not nice, all business. You are just another body coming through that door right now. I was not helped to the bathroom or given anything to drink for hours. I chose to check myself out against medical advice and wait for my test to come back today. I ended up being covid negative. So basically anyone who presents with anything that could remotely be covid is sent to the covid floor even without a positive test. That is the most dangerous place you can be right now. Catching covid with a heart issue would have surely killed me. I tried to ask the doctor a few questions before deciding to leave and she said “just go away”. I asked to be checked out. They didnt even want to help me out of the ER in a wheelchair. My mother tried to call my nurse to see what was going on and they told her not to call they were busy. If you dont believe in this virus fine, but believe that if you have anything wrong with you do not go to YRMC.(Yuma) Your loved one is just another of many sick people they are trying to get moved out. i am negative So i will have my family drive me to another state to be put in the hospital. Things are that bad there right now. Third world status. If you dont have corona virus, dont go to YRMC it is overrun with it right now. If you do have it, i would still consider another hospital if you can make it to phoenix that is better equipped. Things are not good at YRMC.(Yuma) “”
      This is a look at what is going on inside of a hospital . Nasty Nurses, and Drs ! Infection control in the pits ! Would you be put on a covid positive floor ?

    6. Beth RUG Campbell is such a joke, hiding behind words, “THE state requests revocation” no Campbell it is YOU who do not want to deal with the nurse anymore , it is YOU who is the cut throat , end a career . None of this bullsh*t rises to a case. And RUG just found out , DISMISS this bull shit and nip it in the bud, the alj told her . THE STATE, if people know they were spending their tax dollars on this over paid gossip , stir the pot, they’d throw her out. And to think she is the one who trained Sunita Krishna . Yuman daddy do, was on the medical board , how many revocations do they do ??? RARE event . the amount of workers at this agency and cannot get it right , but do they want to . Seems like one big joke event. Joke is on you! RUG liked OAH cause she gets her way 100% of the time. What ‘s betting that Janeen Dahn told RUG , there there now defiant one, it will be ok, there there , we will have this nurse back in here in no time , she won’t get away with this. Yes the RN who did not have a lawyer and won will be in the board ‘s cross hairs for sure. (take time out of your day to get a visual of Dahn and Rug with the jar of vicks.> priceless> got to be a meme of this . This is also a LOSS FOR the CHIEF bullshitter EMMA MAMALUY , and JOKE-Y .

    7. LOOKS LIKE SAFFORD COPS IN DEEP DO DO !!! MCCORMIES ( Jorden Simms accused 2 officers of sexual assault. Then she died in police custody
      Chelsea Curtis
      Arizona Republic
      Jorden Marie Simms spent last Christmas — her favorite holiday — behind bars. During a trip to the hospital the next day, she slipped out of several restraints and fell from a moving Graham County Sheriff’s Office vehicle. The 28-year-old laid shoeless in the middle of a Safford road with a puddle of blood around her half-shaved, half bleach-blonde head.
      Simms died Dec. 28, days after promising her mom she was going to improve her life. Authorities said she may have been suicidal. Her mother is skeptical, especially considering Simms had just accused a Safford Police Department officer and sheriff’s detention officer of sexual assault.And of Course “CARL ” McCormies is tight lipped, haha. ! HMMM. Graham County Undersheriff Carl “Jeff” McCormies told The Republic he could not discuss the case due to potential litigation related to the notice of claim. Safford police Captain Brian Avila also declined to comment for the story citing “litigation.”
      Doesn’t look goof for this good old boys cult , non mormon women won’t take it or take the ‘advise of the bishop, ‘go home and make a nice dinner , think about HIS career ” .

      1. many times nurses who have not had a board complaint , “think’ they know how it goes and lives by CYA. They will soon learn it is not CYA , it is CTA cover their ass, is what the board is really all about. Why do you think all those psych evals? Some dirty psych will write what ever the board wants , which = probation , to stay on “THE LIST ” the dirty doctor list of those willing to do what ever to keep the cash flow running . They don’t have to hire a snoop dog to weed out who can be bought and paid for, it is well known in the circle of corrupt boards. And Joke Ridenour is running a corrupt board. When you are in a position too long , you THINK you can do anything you want. Well when the ship starts sinking the rats will jump ship. Think Judy Bontrager is a long loyal friend ? remember everyone has a price tag. Valerie Smith, she’s off with her main squeeze she got hired at the bon, time to think about the damage and lies she got paid for while on the Board. Reflect on her nasty ways with good nurses . No wonder they are still working, power trip , hungry , just like Joe Arpaio, can’t and doesn’t know when to give it up , they have to be told , sad. Ride a horse too long , and that sunset last ride , is all BOO”S BOO”S good rid of her, no class, nothing, the integrity of a lying rug . When JOKE – JOE of NURSING, would get the same pay doing her job as she is suppose to do , but her wicked ways are her make up.

    8. abuse of power, she has been at this board too long, doing her dirty deeds . remember larry , moe, and curly . well she is a dead ringer for MOE . with that ‘bowl cut ” mop of her dark dyed hair, which makes her look GOTHIC . A zombie . If you ever talked to her , or see her in action , she has a very fake front, but she has wicked thoughts that come out , Janine Dahn is learning well from the nasty lying ‘leader” . That one can report to her dictator what she wants to hear faster then the speed of sound , sucking up, means uneducated , it’s one or the other.

      1. What makes people do what they do, is it bad parenting ? Look at Randy Quinn how did he get away with what he did ? He somehow KNEW Ridenour did not care , in fact promoted , what ever he did and was behind him. His little “tricks” telling students the meeting is over, and after their file out, have a case heard by the BON? Sneaky Fuk that is for sure. Since no one trusts him, he got caught. Want to give your ‘friends’ a free ride , even though they did patient damage, sneek in a meeting.
        ANd then the next meeting when they approve the minutes, ask everyone “does anyone have any questions about the minutes ”
        YOU mean before it is time to vote and they QUESTION YOUR SNEAKY WAYS ????
        One act of dishonesty , will follow you forever . Won’t regain any integrity you may think you had, your a snake , a lying , biased dirt bag.
        If Angela Fountain doesn’t figure it out real soon , her reputation is going right down the tubes . Stick around , and you ‘ll see . It will NOT be worth it. Just remember when asked the hard questions , do not lie .
        Just remember , when asked the hard questions, do not lie.
        You will get caught, and then you bury yourself.
        You were talked into this for a reason, tread carefully , and do not lie.

  3. The bowel will break, it cannot sustain the weight of so much corruption, and when it does Jockey Ridenours scummy deeds will be exposed.

    1. Any thoughts on nurses who do this ? Go to NY make big bucks come back don’t Quarantine .” We wore surgical masks until we had our first positive case. Outbreak caused by a nurse that came to work sick knowing she had been tested and failed to report it. We now wear N95 or KN95, face shield, gown, and gloves while inside the building.
      We wore surgical masks until we had our first positive case. Outbreak caused by a nurse that came to work sick knowing she had been tested and failed to report it. We now wear N95 or KN95, face shield, gown, and gloves while inside the building.

      25 positive residents, 8 staff, and 3 deaths so far. We are only about 2 weeks into the outbreak. All were on the same unit.

      Reminds you of the board members who go to NCSBN , get their brain washing in and return to AZ and knock off a few nurses . NCSBN is all about demolishing nurses careers . And if anyone spoke up , ” hey this nurse was swamped, short staffed, put in a horrible position and stayed,” they are shut up very quickly . Group thought, do the worst and put it in your head, you are doing this for everyone’s good. Brainwashed . The worst FAAN behind their names. Funny watching those who sit in an office and call themselves nurses , they do not want anyone around who works the floors, they do not want a bunch of bugs near them. Just sit in meetings eating bon bon’s and talk, then walk out like they did something, {you can fool some of the people some of the time ….}

      1. more people showed up to appear for the bd’s meeting , i got doc, which was not deserved, but guess I’ have never been one of the chosen ones. The comments by those who have attended before i guess were very insightful. one , that “beth” not the aag but bd beth, seems to be very ditzy , like she really has no clue. I have worked in business models before, and whether it is a nursing bd or other, she is just plain not qualified for this position. She is actually a huge disappointment, and is a very weak link. Not performing at all as I would expect someone chosen to be on a board of nursing. Making motions just to participate is not ok. make a motion and everyone else have to correct her. one nurse waiting for cases said she looked her up and her husband is a senator, well she is going to lose votes for him, that’s for sure. No man marries and ditz blonde and goes far , he may be pretty dumb too . but choose her to have children with ??? Poor decision, taking chances on low i q babies. She seems like she is going to do what ever that v pres does , right or wrong, a real FOLLOWER . Then the one older woman who just votes how everyone else does , but looks like they gave her a case to read out of the computer. zombies running a career ending agency so sad. !!!! I will contest my case for sure. doesn’t look like the aag is must swifter. !

    2. Most people think that to be on a board you must have superior knowledge in the area of focus. Nursing. And to be on a medical board, there are Drs. who are resource people. Well , going before the AZBON , my friend the new grad, wanted to withdraw his application. That is a problem with AZBON , an ongoing problem . Well he had old dui, and they of course what that never ending psych eval and probation. So yea, get the hell away from these crazzzzzzy broads. He wants to move to California, and start his career after the long work he put in to get a license. So McCormies has concerns , {as we have about HER , lots of CONCERNS} that he will not mark the license correctly , and she even states that SOME NURSES DO NOT . Now , how would this know it all , know that ??? We know for a fact that AZ will illegally contact Calif , with heads up . They do it all the time. Then LISA SMITH , asks a question of friend, “what would happen to him in California if he does not answer the question truthfully ?” No Shit, she is not only agreeing with ‘trust no one McCormies, but takes it a step further. Like in case you don’t know it !!! and have to be told LISA , what happens outside of AZ is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS ! Stupid question by board member, that just keeps proving they are NOT cut out for the job ! Even thinking of that question makes one wonder , why is she completely changing the subject? Why is the focus on what Calif will do . What if he moves from Calif to Wash, what will happen then? .Talk about OVER REACH and trying to control someone the minute they get a license for life . Unprofessional conduct wasting people’s time, you should pay his lawyers fee cause they charge by the minute , and the question was OFF THE WALL STUPID ! Lisa Smith (uh another f ing SMITH ! ) you should have spent time doing nursing instead of putting initials behind your name !

      1. Whoa this is so true . !!! That atty from atty gen office SUNITA , asked nosey questions about PENNSYLVNIA . i told her it is none of your business, miss. Well she sat their running her trap to the BON , he said” it is none of the boards business ” Yea that’s right some things re NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS . As much as you want to strip nurses down naked and check every orifice. The fact you cannot send supeona’s out of state is intructive to you that it is NONE of your business . DiG DIG DIG , dirty board .
        OVER REACH of authority . Nurses do not tell them what they ask, find out if they can ask, then tell them you’ll have to explain your reason and show me the statue that gives your ass the authority to check my underwear size.
        No other board is as crazy as Arizona , CRAZY !!!

    3. Diane Milhaskey (retired July 1, 2020) . Now she can have time to reflect on her time as a ALJ. Maybe this is the reason she ruled in favor of a nurse, she knew she was heading out the door . Or do one honest case . MSN Nurse never licensed in AZ , another case of “just keep the fking money and I don’t want the az license , not if your going to treat me like that and destroy a life that is turned around , and a career that mucho money spent on ” Board over reach, but they haven’t learned their lesson , rt willie? , some things are just none of their business .
      And that substandard, person in charge of the courts Janeen Dahn . another joke .

    4. Never , NEVER answer anonymous/ or any questions.
      or questions .
      The board of nursing operates with no questions,
      but someday they will have to answer. !
      So someone is reading and wondering, let them wonder. Guess What they can’t figure out is going to eat at them.
      Those who question are not on your side . Besides the leak will get fired , pronto . when ya got a canary singing you don’t expose them . It is the SOB’s on the board and agency that need EXPOSING .
      Got some good stuff.
      EXPOSE THOSE dirty dogs ! J R thinks that this will blow over and she will go out with a special dinner like she gave randy the idiot quinn, haha , she may go with handcuffs and come back with ankle monitor .

  4. Ԍrеat articⅼe! That is the kind of information that ɑre meant to
    be shared across the internet. Shame on the seek еngines for now not
    positioning this post higher! Come on over and visit my site .
    Thanks =)

  5. Hey guys , how does a case get from complaint to the investigator ,to the board, to the courts, and DISMISSED !! From Sept to June in the courts . So there was not enough evidence to get a loc , is janeen dahn smokin crack, is mamalie, doin doobies . How does a case get notice of charges , and board so off the mark it doesn’t even rise to LOC !!! When Michelle Dils beat out ELIZABETH (RUG ) Campbell in court without a lawyer .!! HAHAHAHAHA Campbell is a fool . A LOSER ! All of that personnel who was involved and taxpayers money wasted on BS , and dismissed . What a CLUSTER FK at the BON ! Not to mention JOKE RIDENOUR !

    1. don’t put porn on this site. the biggest users of porn is mormon’s. Oh yea, they talk so much against it , I think they are promoting it ! They sure are crooked dirty players , and this board is the epitome of corrupt mormon’s !
      Biggest liars , money lovers. wake up people get rid of this sickening crew who holds your career in their sick minds !
      very biased.
      Hopefully Makoba- hill will be back and get rid of the one who is very brainwashed mormon’s cult card carrying member .

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  8. ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL AKA “BETH ” CAMPBELL, is what brings this to our attention . She works for the a g office in Phoenix , so any kind of corruption or illegal activities goes to our in box. check this out , and thank corrupt Campbell for giving us the alerts box for this agency ! “The old saying, its always the cover-up that causes careers to dissolve.
    DES Investigator Autumn Maya was arrested with her husband Phoenix Police Detective Mike Maya for various theft offenses related to pawning state own firearms. A closer look at the timeline points to a much more serious problem stemming from Autumn Maya’s previous employer, the Arizona Attorney General’s Office.
    The Arizona Attorney General’s Office has a permanent seat on the AZPOST Board. Paul Ahler is not only the Criminal Division Chief prosecutor but also a AZPOST Board member and has been for a couple years. Paul Ahler most certainly knows the AZPOST rules for reporting integrity issues since he sits on a Board where these rules are explained and enforced on a regular basis and has been a prosecutor in Arizona for many years. Being an experienced prosecutor Ahler is far too familiar the reporting of bad cops. Ahler only has a single vote of a twelve-member board who votes to strip bad cops of police officer certifications. The question still exists why Ahler, the Chief Prosecutor at the Arizona Attorney General’s Office would allow erroneous information to be entered into AZPOST permanent records and not notify DES of a police officer with “integrity issues” and under investigation. The answer may be rooted in that Ahler also has a duty to report integrity and chain of custody issues to perhaps several hundred criminal defendants and their attorneys under the Brady Giglio rule that requires criminal prosecutors to notify defense attorneys of any integrity issues relating to the potential witnesses or evidence of their cases. With Maya being the evidence custodian and having access to all the evidence and evidence records for the AG’s Office, this could jeopardize several hundred cases spanning back years.


    1. Elizabeth Campbell LOST A CASE , she goes in way ahead of the game being a state agency , not a fair fight so losing is a big deal . There is no case never was, why isn’t she telling this board I’m not prosecuting this nurse you don’t have case! Cause she is gutless! Her reputation is circling the drain real fast. She’s unhinged for sure . S he acts like a CRIMINAL prosecutor . If the nurse doesn’t take the consent agreement the “lost ones ” on the board who haven’t got a brain dreamed up, then they want to punish for taking them to court . Kudos to a nurse for sticking up for the truth , even though the board and agents for them cannot do the same . How many ‘cases ” there is NO CASE , but rather retaliation by someone . I almost every case it is retaliation on the nurse . When is this agency going to stop playing , ‘you speak up nurse you must be punished, where is that dunking tank ? , “

      1. ELIZABETH A “BETH” CAMPBELL is a dirty lawyer, she attacks people s personal lives . and knows these judges won’t tell her to SFU. Gutless judges. Campbell brings in unrelated nonsense . Runs a case by humiliating, embarrassing, and bringing up distractions . This is not clever in any shape or form, this is just looking for anyone who will talk trash and bring them in as a “witness” . She relates to TRASHY LIARS , her type of acquaintances . Trailer trash types , like Campbell. And tells board members what to do with her scrunched up face, is that a legal advise to make faces at the board ? Why is she coaching these liars when speaking, she’s a better liar , giving them the answers, why don’t THEY KNOW THE ANSWERS ??? OR coaching them when they change their stories because when making up wild stories it ‘s hard to get your STORY straight !. Queen of the turds. you’ve heard of life coach well campbell is LIAR COACH

  9. Don’t forget this part watchdogs !! I found this thanks for heads up ! ! There’s more ! Guess oh BETHY should have reported integrity issues, but she’s too busy lying her head off ! Trying to humiliate the defendant, with UNRELATED personal stuff . DO NOT WORK AS A NURSE IN AZ !! And if the Board members dont like their stuff in print, YOU STARTED IT , you are a part of it being on the board ! Figure it out ! It is not normal behavior it is childish low life scum sucking ways . “”In other media reports Ryan Anderson from the Arizona Attorney General’s office told reporters that Maya had “integrity issues” while employed at the AG’s office and another investigation were underway on Maya including the familiar pawning of state owned weapons. When asked why the AG’s office had not reported this to AZPOST as required by law, Anderson would not comment. Neither DES or the Attorney General’s Office would elaborate further or produce requested public documents.

    The AG’s office is in very rough spot. With Anderson’s zeal to dirty Maya, he may have exposed the AG’s office to severe evidentiary issues they desperately wanted to keep under the rug. Autumn Maya was the evidence custodian for the AG’s office and controlled all the evidence statewide for many years for all the criminal cases the AG’s Special Agents have investigated. This mudslinging effort gets much messier and Ryan is probably wishing he wasn’t so quick to dirty Maya.

    The Arizona Attorney General’s Office has a permanent seat on the AZPOST Board. Paul Ahler is not only the Criminal Division Chief prosecutor but also a AZPOST Board member and has been for a couple years. Paul Ahler most certainly knows the AZPOST rules for reporting integrity issues since he sits on a Board where these rules are explained and enforced on a regular basis and has been a prosecutor in Arizona for many years. Being an experienced prosecutor Ahler is far too familiar the reporting of bad cops. Ahler only has a single vote of a twelve-member board who votes to strip bad cops of police officer certifications. The question still exists why Ahler, the Chief Prosecutor at the Arizona Attorney General’s Office would allow erroneous information to be entered into AZPOST permanent records and not notify DES of a police officer with “integrity issues” and under investigation. The answer may be rooted in that Ahler also has a duty to report integrity and chain of custody issues to perhaps several hundred criminal defendants and their attorneys under the Brady Giglio rule that requires criminal prosecutors to notify defense attorneys of any integrity issues relating to the potential witnesses or evidence of their cases. With Maya being the evidence custodian and having access to all the evidence and evidence records for the AG’s Office, this could jeopardize several hundred cases spanning back many years.

    Ryan Anderson may soon have that “got a minute” talk with Mark Brnovich about his quick willingness to dirty an already exposed bad cop and to publicly push blame to another governmental agency for her actions when the AG’s office could have stopped it a year ago. Governor Ducey can only blame the AG’s Office for not notifying AZPOST and DES of a bad cop and not following the existing law all while criminal defense attorneys quickly review cases from the AG’s office for appeals based on the discovery of new evidence and possible prosecutorial misconduct. The old saying, its always the cover-up that causes careers to dissolve.”””

    too many ANDERSON NAMES FLOATING AROUND !! DES / anderson/ new investigator / anderson/ ryan anderson /

  10. Rigһt heгe is the right blog for anyοne wһo hopes to understand this topic.
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  11. Throughout this awesome design of things you actually secure a B+ with regard to effort. Exactly where you actually misplaced me was on all the particulars. You know, people say, details make or break the argument.. And it could not be more true here. Having said that, permit me inform you what exactly did give good results. Your article (parts of it) can be pretty persuasive and this is most likely the reason why I am taking an effort to opine. I do not make it a regular habit of doing that. 2nd, even though I can certainly notice the jumps in reasoning you make, I am not necessarily certain of just how you seem to connect the ideas which inturn make the final result. For now I will yield to your point but hope in the foreseeable future you actually link the dots much better.

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    1. i think someone dropped “beth” Boyer on her head. And to think she is taking care of young children, not really taking care of them just ‘judging ” others and orientating them . like a resource person . no different than old days when they would put the new grad in charge. IT always ended up bad. But Banner is a political pac too. If being on the board makes your employer happy or gets you a job , hope it’s worth the permanent record of public evaluation .
      Whats really down right sickening is allowing the vp to be her mentor . EWWWW Like a gang of thugs sticking together no matter what . backing up each other , sad , no self thinkers . easily persuaded and change their focus . down right dangerous .

  13. A nurse who attended the board meeting and hearing of another nurse recently recalled how Elizabeth RUG Campbell, told the BD , “and he was posting things about me on his site ” (HILARIOUS ! ) really Campbell, your whining to the BON because nurses you have Fked over big time are telling the TRUTH about you and your ways. !!! Too funny ! . Everyone involved and doing stupid stuff will have their turn to put on the DUNCE HAT ! If you want to be a part of a systemic abuse of nurses, with no common sense , then you will be exposed. What kind of moron can’t read what is pre printed and loaded in your computer ? Then look up the “formula” for what kind of punishment was dished out in the past. And how stupid is that . All dreamed up in randy village idiot mind what to motion and the harem of hateful women all like that dog in the back of cars that is a bobbing head , nodding in agreement. Because they cannot think or reason anything out . Bubble heads all of them .

    1. Graham County Undersheriff Carl “Jeff” McCormies told The Republic he could not discuss the case due to potential litigation related to the notice of claim. Safford police Captain Brian Avila also declined to comment for the story citing “litigation.” (you think he can shut his mouth ? if he’s anything like carolyn NO!!
      CARL McCormies , a prisoner sexually assaulted then ends up dead. ! These non mormon women aren’t going to take this like sister wives club, Jorden Simms accused 2 officers of sexual assault. Then she died in police custody
      Chelsea Curtis
      Arizona Republic
      Jorden Marie Simms spent last Christmas — her favorite holiday — behind bars. During a trip to the hospital the next day, she slipped out of several restraints and fell from a moving Graham County Sheriff’s Office vehicle. The 28-year-old laid shoeless in the middle of a Safford road with a puddle of blood around her half-shaved, half bleach-blonde head.

  14. those mormon’s are a bunch of old white men who want to fk little girls, they think woman are for their games and enjoyment . Just knowing how they are in their lives , this woman sexually assaulted, will be shamed and blamed, but hey i can believe EVERY WORD OF IT. they think they can say what ever and no one will believe her . run this cult out of this state and stop voting for these dirty dogs ! (and guess what the prosecutor is ??? dirty cops all of them

  15. I wonder what ole morris k udall would approve of what this sham oah court using his name (uh and udall is very cult carrying name ) . notice every case has this in it, and the BON pretty much puts his name in DARK BLACK Large letters. Like they are proud of this, he shames the entire due process scene , time to throw them all out. Such a mess in AZ that the corrupt money hungry , power hungry mormons have caused and some will not notice until they look around at the crazy things this board does and wonder what is going on !! (this is what they put on every “opinion” it is not a ruling but just someone’s opinion, the morons on the board do the ruling, which is really scary ! “1. “A preponderance of the evidence is such proof as convinces the trier of fact that the contention is more probably true than not.” MORRIS K. UDALL, ARIZONA LAW OF EVIDENCE § 5 (1960). A preponderance of the evidence is “evidence which is of greater weight or more convincing than evidence which is offered in opposition to it; that is, evidence which as a whole shows that the fact sought to be proved is more probable than not.” BLACK’S LAW DICTIONARY 1120 (8th ed. 2004). ” Just a bunch of words , mean nothing , there is no evidence , and nurses are not heard, the decision is in before the case is filed. Sickening putting garbage like this is a case, when it is all horse shit.

  16. FIRST EVER RN UNION CONTRACT IN THE STATE !! (ARIZONA if you can believe it ! !!)

    RNs at St. Mary’s and St. Joseph’s hospitals in Tucson make history for their patients

    In a historic move, registered nurses at St. Mary’s Hospital and St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tucson, Ariz. voted overwhelmingly to approve their first contract with the National Nurses Organizing Committee/National Nurses United (NNOC/NNU)—which also happens to be the first contract ever for registered nurses in the state of Arizona.

    “This contract is a culmination of all the collective actions and the union strength of our nurses. What we have achieved here will give nurses at St. Joseph’s and St. Mary’s a voice in patient care and working conditions moving forward,” said Christine Valenzuela, an ICU registered nurse at St. Mary’s.

    The three-year contract runs through May 31, 2023. Nurses say that in addition to being proud to vote yes on the first-ever RN contract in the state, they feel good about negotiating the important safe patient care protections during COVID-19.

    Contract features include:

    A voice for nurses on personal protective equipment (PPE), optimal patient handling, lift equipment, and communicable disease issues, helping them advocate for their patients.

    A Professional Practice Committee (PPC) made up of bedside nurses from units throughout the hospital who meet monthly to discuss optimal patient care and nursing practice.

    Rest between shifts of at least eight hours to ensure nurses are able to give high quality care.

    Ensures nurses only work in units of their clinical competence.

    Establishes a fair and transparent wage increase and wage scales for new hires to ensure recruitment and retention of experienced nurses. Nurses will receive increases of two percent a year for the next two years on top of any increases already received earlier this year.

    Staffing protections to ensure the hospital is in compliance with its staffing matrix.

    “We are excited to be able to achieve the things we did in the first RN contract in Arizona. Our NNOC/NNU agreement will help us recruit and retain qualified nurses and be able provide optimal patient care. Having this agreement now is even more important for nurses during this pandemic; we have the protections and the ability to voice our concerns when it comes to patient care,” said Fawn Slade, a registered nurse in the orthopedic unit at St. Joseph’s.

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