In Search of A Lie AZBN

For those who’ve gone through the AZBN disciplinary process, and have done nothing wrong, at least clinically, the knowledge of open lies is remarkably common. Many nurse interviews reveal a very common thread that runs through many cases in spite of their varying degrees of complexities. That would be the level of lies told by AZBN staff as well the plaintiffs. I can not count the number of times I’ve heard phrases like, “It didn’t happen that way, ‘actually I was never in that O.R. suite at all, period’, five bags of marijuana? there was only one’, ‘ coming in late is a sign of drug abuse?’ actually I was an inpatient and scheduled drug screening was canceled for that reason,’ the surgeon couldn’t remember the name of the nurse he filed a complaint against,’The psychologist cleared me of abuse, but he smelled of alcohol.” The list of lies and chaotic institutional behaviors is well known through out Arizona, and since the social media explosion the rest of the country is aware. The interesting and most disturbing issue is that the tyranny is untouchable. Suing this agency is impossible as rigged as the AZBN is well known to be, the local courts are just as bad. So how does one find the truth in search of the lies? It takes some planning. A lie will come back on itself, like the Kevin Bacon death scene in ‘Sleepers’; you just never know when somebody will wake up and find the truth. A scary thought when you are a governmental liar.

“A lie goes half way around the world before the truth can gets its boots on.” Anonymous