Hell’S Angels AZBN

Many years ago my Dad gave me a book about a motorcycle club as he knew I loved motorcycles. He said it was a very interesting story mainly because it was penned in the first person. The writer was actually a member whose descriptions of events were seen by him. My father called it credulous as the writer stood behind his stories. Although Hell’s Angels, A Terrible Saga, doesn’t equate to nursing it sheds enormous light on first hand knowledge carried beyond the shield that the public can not see. 

Nursing must not be afraid of management and the governmental regulatory agencies which I do believe they are; so demonstrated by many interviews of nurses who were so free to tell me stories but not willing to be published. Why? One can only take phone calls and deflect bizarre communications that go down the road to destruction. The underground network connects to the courts where you can easily end up in handcuffs and behind bars if you cross any line they tell you not to. Patient safety DOES NOT MATTER. The first amendment is bought and paid for and not on a nurse’s salary. The nurse who discovers that the standard of care is egregiously violated and reports it, it had better be upon another nurse and not a physician, or hospital. If you decide to do that, as a nurse, you better have your affairs in order as your career as a nurse is over. Many of us here can support that this statement exists in Arizona. Without a doubt. I must say it was quite the Hell’s Angels’s ride through liars and corruption where you learn that the love of money is the root of all evil and the road to incompetence is paved with incompetence. The following article was the gold standard definition of incompetence by Lisa Wynn, former director of the medical board and the AZBN. All of the facts were documented and in evidence eight months before the unnecessary  death of 38 y.o. Elisa R. the mother of two and a husband. When incompetence goes unaddressed it reoccurs. 


Peary Brown retired R.N.