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Its probably been two weeks since  a poster asked what we know about attorneys who represent nurses and AZBN investigators. In general terms I only know of two attorneys that represent nurses at the Bd. T.Sanzio, who is also a nurse I’ve spoken to on several issues and have seen her representing a nurse. I thought she would give as good as representation as any other, including K.Macdonald, but as she once told me, “This is a ‘monster Board’ and by the time I get it its already been decided.” Although there are some cases where an attorney can help I only know of one, which was a positive drug screen on a random test. The nurse had to submit evidence of random weekly clean drug screens for 2 months and present this to the Bd via an attorney. Costs were over five thousand because somebody smoked a joint at a party and forgot about it. However, the Bd commits so many violations of law and a good attorney might make a difference.  T. Scott King of Bowwlaw works both sides of the isle for big bucks who does pimpish chores for Campbell to harass nurses. I strongly suspect the cash flows well between these two. 

Investigators I’ve had five different ones. Only one was a nurse who didn’t stay long at that job which seems to be normal. All reports were inaccurate, some were statements from police reports that were not ever presented in the jurisdiction court they were written in. This automatically classifys them as hearsay and in the real legal world can not not be used in another court. Some were 35 years old and in cases where I was never arrested or charged. All of this remains in the unethical circle until the investigator sends it to Beth A. Campbell who adds her own twist at the convenience timing of a witness for perjury with absolutely no collaborative evidence. By the time you’re sitting in Adm Law Court mail fraud has already been committed as the Assist Attorney General has already put a U.S. Stamp on these false documents and mailed it to you. The investigators like Linda Monas will burn in hell for false testimonies. 

The advice seen frequently here that you asked for is don’t sign anything and say nothing. Many nurses are not guilty of anything except being hard nurses whose history does not reflect Board complaints. There are many. many violations of law this Board commits, but they get away with it. A nurse I know well received  a Banner complaint, went to Board meeting, called them crazy, was escorted out, packed their bags that afternoon. went back to their home state, worked for two years before having to answer to that complaint. Stuck to the crazies and received nonrestrictive probation from the home state and kept on working. Most cases the Board hears are well determined by robotics before you show up. If the evidence changes in your favor, you can not convince them as their minds are already made up. The outcome would seem to depend on the case, but don’t count on that. The best defense is to immediately leave Arizona and do not sign anything or speak to an investigator about anything. It will catch up with you but you stand a better chance away from these crooked creeps. And generally if you’re a decent nurse you’ll still be able to work through it.

If your case involves pt. safety or administrational complaints which relate to physician producing income you need to avoid being tossed under the bus and get out of Arizona ASAP! Do not sign anything or speak to anybody.

Sign overhead AZBN, “Please Do Not Confuse Us With Facts, Our Minds Are Already Made Up.”

“When a witness falsely testifys, they commit to that lie as there is no incentive not to.” Peter Neufeld American Attorney.

Peary Brown retired R.N.


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  1. Please if you cant post without cursing or calling people whores and cunts and talk about female Jews and rugs….DON’T POST…you not only cheapen this website, but also make yourself out to be a fool, cheap and extremely unprofessional…making most people think you are a nut case that probably should not have ever been licensed to begin with, and most deserving of whatever you got.

    1. This makes me wonder why people like the assistant d a ‘s still have a license or how they got one, daddy paid tuition , and bought a career .

    2. The Identifying marks and scars of unjust and illegalization of a victim is that victim is angry. This page was created for that very reason, amongst other reasons. It is not a good thing for abusive and vile language but its cause is no mystery here. This page allows everything and if there are issues then let the Fed deal with it.

  2. Lawyers are all crooked and money hungry…don’t waste your money..leave Arizona. I wish I could’ve known and understood all of this information at the time my witchhunt started. I learned of this site years after my experience, which is why this group is trying to inform nurses before ever becoming nurses or considering nursing in Arizona.
    I started out angry, then sad, now with little feelings about it as I see this as God calling me back to walk close with Him again. I’ve learned that if I want God to forgive me for my wrongdoings, I must forgive those who have wronged me. Additionally, God sees all, knows all and will deal with the wrongdoings for me. Also, people reap what they sow. This lifetime is just a speck of sand in all of eternity and upon our death and life review with God , we will know and see immediately why this had to happen in our lives. There is tremendous power in remaining positive and finding a new normal. You are worthy. Needed, and loved… not let these people have you thinking any other way.

  3. Certain lawyers seem to have more favorable decisions. Which shows you how corrupt this board is. Greg Harris , taking clients to the Bon gets his way, as former lobbyist , whose main goal is to influence legislatures . Can’t be too hard , when the men’s prayer group turns into bills for the BON and against nurses . It appear Kelly McDonald exited from representing nurses at the BON, and for good reason. Can’t work both sides and expect to gain any followers. Robert Chelle who calls himself “rob ” , . seems like he is not really into defending. . He openly tells the board they are more punitive than most boards, (which proves our point ) . Non Aggressive . In fact none of them are . Sangio is probably the most, and will get complimented on her ‘good argument” that is just before the punch in the gut coming , usually from mcCormies who thinks she is an atty by blood lust , but is really a joke. Then there is Williams , David who will meet with nurses , listen for about 2 1/2 mins then tell the nurse, it will cost 10k. Basically you are buying a mormon who get favorable verdicts because of his association. Then Klink , another one who gets’ his way, another one who in a free consultation can tell you all about your matter in < 1 min, but when reviewing it hourly it will take a whole lot longer. Kinda Kinky Klink , just an observation with no basis , hunch like Quinn would do at the BON . A Scottsdale firm who 's description of what they do and how aggressive they are, sounds like a politicians dream sheet, but then the reviews are the pits .
    In stead of leaving the state I encourage all nurses , nursing students to never buy a license in AZ. Never ! If you have one, put it into retirement status stat ! And either go back to school for another profession or work in another state. Don't even work under compact, the AZ BON likes to call other boards and get them in "mind think alike " . And some are dumb enough to buy the it.

  4. Well Poo Poo, you must be an azbn lover. The only ones who should not have been licensed is that sow jockey and her pungent face husband. If you have any education and especially in mental health you would know its a normal response to fight back when shoved into a corner, lied on, and have your livelihood stole. What is not normal is to run when you have been wrongly accused with no evidence. Satans dimensions from the azbn have take the food off our tables, clothes off our backs and roofs from over our heads, as well our kids have had these things taken from them too. AZBN sits on their fat asses in chairs throwing their cow sized heads back and laughing after they do this to us. Speaking of Jews, a true Jew full of their faith and goodness does not do to others what the cow campbell does, I know, and you cannot tell me any different. These sadist creatures from the azbn like jockey are so full of self hate they think by playing others against one another they can maintain control, divide and conquer. They just did not bank on Amanda T, this site, or AM, and others who are fighting them, those of us who fight back are the ones AZBN hates the most.
    Any nurse with a long HX in the profession has had the opportunity to care for many, many faiths, many beliefs and many backgrounds, traditions, and heritage of people. We know all those we care for we learn from every minute we serve them. Its slim filled creatures like Sunita, campbell, and jockey who have no idea what it’s like to learn from those we care for or defend.
    Sunita, campbell, and jockey have abused the PATRIOT ACT by subpoenaing our emails, our bank accounts, and so much more. I full support anyone who fights back and if they call one of those creatures from hell a name, so be it.
    But I cannot support those who use their religion, their faith, their tradition, nor their race to harm others and innocent.
    So suck it up, fighting back is normal, even when words are used.

  5. Sure seems normal to want to tell everyone what these nerds did to good nurses. They have sent out supeona’s on the email carrier. This is what they do, call and tell you there is a complaint at the board of nursing and “they can send it by email if you want it now .” so you give email address to them , and they supeona, all of your records.
    I don’t see a comment by poo poo . miss something . ? nice to be able to write something as a nurse and not be reprimanded or censored. Need more legal does and doesn’t so keep posting .
    !)get board complaint
    2) Do NOT call and say what is the about! They record and any swear words are brought up later .
    3) etc !

  6. Give em hell, eventually a honest judge may just pop out of the wood work . Keep fighting and showing the world what kind of dishonest nurses there are in one spot . did i miss a comment by poo poo ? hmm try to find it

    1. Lars, I was referring to the first post about telling us to stop calling names by “just saying says”.

  7. A site with First Amendment Rights, maybe the AZ board of nursing and gang can learn a few things.

    Another tip for nursing students , do not contact the AZBON and put in a complaint on the board site, about the nursing instructor. The board is so spooky they collect IP addresses , (and WHY?) good question ! For a fact , the AZBON will contact that instructor and tell them ” we’ve got another complaint about you, and read it to the instructor !! Some get calls every 3-4 months. (NOW if this bd is for public safety why are they reporting the reporter and not investigating the complaint !! ) How many nursing students were retaliated by bad instructors who found out illegally . How many did their grades suffer, they were attacked and fabricated things in clinical. Some of these instructors will attack anyone who makes them look bad. And a lot are guilty of treating students differently and not fair . And based on their cult attendance . In fact in smaller schools who worry about having enough for a class , like Safford , surely they recruit from the areas they hang out 95% of their lives with their own kind . Is it any wonder the instructors act like partners with the board ? The AZBON certainly does not want any instructors telling students anything bad about them, in fact they make it mandatory for them to attend the meetings .

  8. It is completely normal for someone to be furious, be in shock and disbelief the actions of what is SUPPOSE to be a professional board and agency , to speak up for ones self . Look at the so called frumpy butt “experts” who are low lives , sociopaths with an ink pen , screwing the nurse over with words like , ‘somewhat defensive ” . who would not be?. or “defensiveness” , guess the nurse is wasting their time to explain what really happened to these over paid kooks, with initials. All hand selected and partners in crime with a dirty director ! Don’t go to one of these kooks either . Just another ‘law ” on the books that that AZNA came to bat for the bad board. While nurses who think it will never happen to them aren’t paying attention !

  9. There are a few of the lawyers who come to the board on occasional basis, they see that no matter what they say,it won’t make a difference. exact words of one. And why is that ? Is it because it is all predetermined what will take place at the board ? That the legal malpractice advise has already been determined. Maybe educated attorneys, won’t bother, they won’t suck up and do what is expected of them , bow down to a bunch of old hens who just like to hear themselves talk . While nothing is coming out , and do not listen when someone tries telling them information, usually something positive about the nurse. They just sit there thinking of something to counteract you statement with . Basically too stupid to educate. While abusing human rights .

  10. Wth? Who said being angry is wrong or unacceptable? NOBODY…and nobody said stop warning others or fighting…….but let me repeat myselfagain…..filthy dirty name calling and talking about womens pubic hair as carpet…that’s not only disgusting and unprofessional but downright just portrays you as a special kind of stupid.

    Be angry, fight back, warn others …but for God’s sake do it with tact and class!

    Everyone responds to life experiences differently..not one better than another.

    Anger and bitterness that continues over years not only sets a person up for lifelong unhappiness, it is the very food that grows cancer. .

    as I have progressed thru this journey, not only have I been told by friends, family, clergy, and counselors ” to get over this”….and believe me…getting over this does not mean I wont think about it every single day until I means I have learned things along the way like how else to view this, other perspectives..only trying to offer something other than anger, hatred, rage and bitterness to the next victim of this azbon.

  11. We all see on tv , these nurses who are going to “help out another state”. Is that their motive , or just their excuse. ? First of all they are NOT volunteers, the majority of them if any going to make money . They are getting paid 10k a week . They know they have to work 21 days / 13 -16 hrs day, straight, Any nurses knows this is not safe especially under the conditions of worried about catching the virus, leaving children at home, being in a different location, not knowing who you are working with or for, sleeping in strange places, jet lag, and shortage of ppe ++. And the fact that cheapo save a buck hospitals are calling them off in AZ, based strictly on census not acuity , encouraging them to take vacation pay and stay home, cancelling them. So work dried up in AZ , they go to NY make big bucks, so when they come back after being on an air plane and around the sickest of the sickest are they really going to quarantine for full 14 days, how much stress are their children under with them being gone and when they come back are they going to get a quarantine hotel room, and protect their children , talk to them through glass ? And if not , is this unprofessional conduct. If they come down with virus will AZ hospitals tell them you got it in NY ? we’re not paying . What kind of mind frame will someone be in who is with a team who tells them which one lives and which one we won’t get a vent to, and watching the numbers of deaths and body bags going out with young , old patients and former co workers . The news is buffaloed into calling them hero’s . Hero’s or martyrs ? Is this really the best decision for their lives right now, and the citizens of AZ , who have no control over these people bringing virus’s back to them , Go back to work in a hospital setting where fresh surgeries are opening up . hero’s , enjoy the fame , it is always short lived for nurses.

  12. Nurse in Kansas dies from Corona Virus. She was due to retire in one week. So where is the parade of cars , the public standing on the side of road saluting her, the fallen nurses fund, the caps for causes for nurses , police escort , the nurses who lost a fallen nurse, the governor ordering flags half staff, the tv showing her picture every half hour and the “mother of two, ” “grandmother of 4 ” . her husband getting her pension for life as well as benevolent fund . Taps playing while “last shift 4/23/2020 RIP” .
    OH excuse me,….. i was comparing her to what they do for cops , military of course nurses will never be the hero’s here, or the ones who put their lives on the line or dedication to the profession. A thankless profession, and then you have the AZ Board of Nursing corruption who has no oversight , are there to given them one good swift kick out the door. No one cares about nurses, it is generally a female profession and they do not count , unimportant , disposable , write them up , fire them , keep a steady supply of those who will take their place . No breaks , get blames for everything . Do not speak up.


  14. Not sure real friends would tell a person to “get over it” . Like your career, your reputation, just take it. Basically the victim nurses of the dirty board and investigators , discusses their matter out of disbelief that this is how the ‘system ‘ works . Discussing with a real friend is a form of counseling. Since you probably don’t trust real (aka hold a license /counselors) after being screwed over by a “expert ” , your true friends or someone who has been through it can help you realize , this is the boards way. Bringing the diseased minds to light will destroy the bacteria festering. “get over it means they tire of hearing about it, realize they can only listen to the same thing over and over so much . Find like victims and share what you know.

  15. The AZBN needs to suck it up, because we Nurses who have been wronged the their political collusion, their abuse of power, their destruction of lives, and their federal crimes needs to be paid restitution.
    Suck it up AZBN we are going to fight and you cannot shut us up. ridenour, krishna, campbell, you are straight out of hell and will have to return to hell.
    Oh yeah, I saw a post about that skank Phil Lett and if I remember correctly did not his wife work at the AZBN for years, while they demanded nurses see him for counselling. Talk about complete corruption…I believe the scum Lett should have to pay nurses he saw who were referred to him restitution too. I believe Lett just love the cunt Hurtado.

  16. A list of who is on the board’s “approved ‘ list , so everyone can see who is on the latest round of the dollars for diagnosis. Lett wasn’t good for Amanda, of course that call before she went to the appt from Valerie (witch) Smith , did not help her . I am wondering if Rollins from Prescott is getting lots of referrals? New victims . It is unprofessional to lie to someone cindy the SIN DEE. Loser , who cannot do an honest days work . There was one by Tucson who is creepy too. Then a list of worst investigators . Let’s show them the ‘love”. Don’t forget Bob Bohanske is in on it too. He is counting on the board clearing him with any southwest behavioral complaints. Jennifer Michaelson , is to the beh bd as hurtado is to the bon. Phillip Lett is known by several agencies as the go to doc for what ever the agency wants he will do it . For the love of money . Seems to really hate women. A nurse who worked with him said she did not think “too much ” of him at all . Surely she has a story to tell.

  17. FEAR-OR-FAITH Now is the time for all “GOOD” judges prosecutors & other lawyers to come to the aid of We The People (is there such a thing , yes good for nothing)

  18. RED FOR ED is celebrating 2 years and still going strong. Nurses need to join forces with them . Nurses are teachers too . They can show AZ how to have some guts and determination , and stop being such chicken shits ! And DO not allow AZNA in, they are looking to infiltrate other groups then take over and run things. NO thanks, keep your political endeavors that go against nurses to your shrinking selves !

    Happy Anniversary!! Two years ago, today, we walked out of our classrooms and stood together to fight for the schools and funding our students deserve!
    Raised fist

    THIS is what POWER looks like.

    THIS is what ORGANIZING looks like.

    THIS is what SOLIDARITY feels like.
    OH yea , nurses and hospitals we’re fighting back , what you have done in collusion with the board of nazi nursing , will bring in UNIONS. and we know what cult is against that !! You asked for it with your out of control abuse . They do not want to lose control over dictatorship of nurses . !

  19. I am always amazed at someone stating they had 2 – 3 investigators . Now one nurse has FIVE . No wonder nothing gets done.! JOKE Ridenour is responsible for the entire mess ! She is a mess. I’d like to see her on tv everyday like haggard looking DOH dir is . ok no, she’s more like paul peterson collect the pay check while hiding in shadows and doing dirty work on the side. Ducey’s off says board has given her more duties authority to act with out them (God save us !) if something needs to be addressed during this corana virus pandemic . Don’t think for a minute that if she makes a decision that turns out to be disaster (highly likely) she will direct the blame on the board ! Even the board members cannot trust her !

  20. Any insight on why if you have a nursing license you are not suppose to have any disputes, no disagreement with neighbors, no family matter disputes , which are very common. No discussion with your landlord, or hoa, or any argument with anyone who wants to give you a hard time. Can anyone explain why nurses dare not speak about any problems going on in a relationship with someone who does not want to break up . Why things you said in a text in a personal message are BON headlines, yesterdays, grudge holders , nasty neighbors who want to give report to BON in anticipation to make you ‘get in trouble ” like they are some kind of disciplinary nun with a ruler . Seems like they are dictating you entire life, sticking their nosey ways into areas that are quit frankly none of their business. A dui is not part of nursing , but is a poor decision. So is not managing your money. How many board members/ nurses have bankrupt on their record, gambling addiction , porn watching, bounce checks , pay bills late unresponsible , smoke cigarettes, go to bed with Drs who are married , have sex with someone other than their spouse, Why are these habits off duty not patrolled by the board of nursing . Are they ok , not as bad? This is focused witch hunting, nothing to do with public safety so stop repeating mamaluys standard fall back answer to everything, you sound like idiots !

  21. here is what a real psychologist says , about narcissist’s , if this isn’t how the az bon members and the entire agency who joins in, and da’s . This may answer some questions but certainly others need to chime in. Don’t take time away from your cases , just a quick comment what you can do to help this person discover what makes them tick, they are literally crazy . This is so ‘right on the mark” to how the azbon operates. 2 can play the game. Just do it for public to see, like they do .
    WHAT UPSETS A NARCISSIST ? Losing control. You can find this out for yourself the second you take control away from a narcissist. You will be astonished at the underhanded cruelty they will employ in attempt to get you back under control (or discredit you completely if control isn’t possible). If they can’t control you, they will usually try to control what others think of you. The narcissist’s extreme behavior at this stage usually reveals how disordered he really is – normal people would cringe to air their dirty laundry in public and feel very uncomfortable “taking down” a fellow human. Not the narcissist and his flying monkeys (the people he manipulates to maintain under his control and attack the victim).

    This is a pain for a narcissist because, depending on the behavior of the victim and the integrity of others having knowledge of the situation, his mask will start to slip. It is very difficult for him to keep his story straight, and neutral parties will definitely notice that his approach to the situation with the victim is not normal. Therefore, losing control of the victim, followed by the inevitable smear campaign and gaslighting, creates a potential for the narcissist’s mask to come off and his carefully constructed world to come crashing down. {This is why the azbon has tried everything they can to stop the spread of truthful news, reports, why they have sent ‘insiders’ to infiltrate this group . Be very careful giving any information, anything ! and those who post adding words like “we” . There is no ‘we” , there are plenty of nurses have been done dirty , go find them , you won’t convince this one, you have any good intentions at all, and who can spot a snake a mile away}

  22. Hurtado at AZBON cannot manage her money, bankruptcy, house foreclosed on and divorces. Sliming up in the bed with who knows spreading diseases. No education and so full of self hate she projects her hatred onto those of us who get degrees and work for something….now hurtado is one crazy sow.

  23. Hurtado, name has come up many times from various nurses. When a person calls with a complaint , that does not rise to a complaint , Hurtado seems to pull things out, that aren’t there, puts thoughts and ideas in the persons mind . And gets them to dramatize. it . That description of narcs is Emma the ring leader, is right on the mark. While hurtado is more rabble-rouser . she has been there so long she knows EXACTLY what Ridenour expects of her and it is nothing that someone of high standards would put up with for a minute. I am guessing she gets a nice Christmas bonus and presents, to keep her silence what really goes on. And one of her relatives does the house cleaning . Wonder how many work at the board of nursing will be one of Emma Mamaluy’s workers , ? listen her her lies , trying to get her comrades to join in her bulling people ? Can they be that stupid not to see through her knee high deep stool from the back end of a bull.

  24. voting for the right person, don’t care what party they are in but never for a mormon, they are too brain washed to only take care of themselves , only. Which is why they are a cult . While Sinema is a ‘former” mormon, and “got the hell out ” and is an atheist like many who have been damaged being in. She is still looking for that ‘vote” encouraging supporting a nursing association ??? who are political side of the azbon, and chamber of commerce?? We know who likes to run every aspect of someone’s life , yep from senate, legislature , agencies, courts, got their plugs in every area , position themselves to protect another one, just like the BON does . (and if you don’t like faith farting on them too bad start your own blog ) Here is Sinema’s idea of the week ! Sinema Urges Congressional Leaders to Allow Nursing Associations, Tourism Boards, & Other Trade Organizations to Access Economic Assistance

  25. The sign at the bon cannot say “we have our minds made up” because they are the work of mindless , low lives , cows following each other through the pasture, no one knows where they are going, but are following who has the biggest bell.
    Can’t wait to have more get together’s with nurse travelers and tell them what really up . those who have no clue , even those with a license , and stating “i haven’t had a problem ” . Too selfish princess type , you will never get through to them , cause it is all about them .
    Not really looking for any in next world , it will happen in your lifetime . Send off letters just see what happens . never know election year.

  26. Hurtado, has no degree no formal education and has a low rating for credit supposedly. But yet she is a senior investigator ? Intake triage , laughable really .! Any decent hospital system would never hire her . Mayo won’t hire anyone with bankruptcy. And for good reason. Gutierrez has bankruptcy and not years ago either . Anyone who cannot manage their money, or has problem paying bills, what is the reason do they have addictions ? gambling , drinking, what are they spending it on , supporting a dead beat man, who knows ? Filing also erases the debt so that is stealing in a way. You won’t borrow again for a long time. Anyone who is around patients needs to be looked at , they will steal from the patient . Make themselves beneficiary . Especially home health. and it has happened. If Hurtado is dragging statements out of someone on the phone, or putting key words into their mouths or just making stuff up , she is stealing licenses . And how does she get rewarded for this ? promotions and well possibly some ‘tip jar money . Better be putting that in your financial report Robert, you have the initials that can put you away. Robert also appears to be willing to please in many ways, doing things outside his job description, and putting his butt on the line. He knows .

  27. Intake triage ? Ever work where non nursing is doing triage ? A real cluster let me tell you . Or even new grad. It is a very important position , life or death. How can a non nurse nobody be doing intake triage for a nursing board ? Just shows you how crooked they are. I am betting half of the calls or complaints they are waiting for . Already been discussed how they will handle it . Whether or not to take a complaint is up to Delores Hurtado ? And putting an urgency on it ?? wow ! She is making the same as the rest of the senior (haha) investigators and will have a pension from the state , don’t care how long she’s been there, she is NOT experienced for the job she does not have the education . Although not written in her job description, she is doing some out of the box tricks for sure and most likely coached by the queen of deceit bahama mama – luy ! which is spelled mama leery .

    1. Hurtado picks and chooses who she turns into the and once that nurses has been so bad that they must be sanctioned. I have a long list of the ones that were sanctioned but were never reported to these two agencies…..more federal violations, corruption, prejudice, and biased. Oh and let me guess these were computer glitches, paperwork errors. Hurtado you cannot lie to everyone, picking and choosing who you report to federal agencies when the law is established is a violation and a crime.

  28. don’t forget that SUCHER , psy is bff’s with the bahamba bubble butt mama lay . SO for that reason proceed with extreme caution. birds of a feather , and the bird tail feathers tell a tale . All information shared , just adds to the facts , and may help someone along with way. Some poor nurse who is been put out of work by this corrupt az board and co conspirators .

  29. The corrupt board of nursing and staff have a plan and got this on the books, in order to appeal a board decision (that the da told them what to vote on ) you must apply for a rehearing and time frame it is short. Most nurses are not lawyers, and do not realize the requirements , it does not matter because no matter when you say, what your well thought out argument is , the decision is in. Rehearing , denied , not happening to them . Basically this requirement is there to give the board heads up you may be headed for appeals court . (a step you must take which was put into law by none other than the dirty board and attorneys ) It is like telling a hospital you are going to put in a complaint on them . Some one will come out and give you a free lunch pass in the cafeteria while the back room is makes big changes to the record. “doctoring them up ” . So it is merely a heads up to the BON, and of course they add more BS to the record, and write a huge tainted version of the truth and post under your name . It is a wicked women behind this I can tell you that much.

  30. A small group of people can make a huge dent. When you read a comment by nurses , “what is going on in Arizona with nursing ” , you know you made a difference .
    “”for evil to prevail, good people need not do anything.””
    Don’t let the unscrupulous continue , place a light in their shadows they lurk in . (and their cohorts)

  31. Well it is that time of year again, when Nursing students get their degree , Applied Science in Nursing, some will go on , and get more initials , not “higher up ” in nursing, sometimes it equates with lowering themselves. BSN, hospitals are requiring in some areas, get you really in debt and they got ya. I hope others who have been victims of the corrupt AZBON will give a few words of wisdom to the new grads. No money in the card, just , some sound advise for anyone thinking about buying a license in az . Here is my advise to the new grads.
    Congratulations . It is not easy and is something you will guard is your nursing license. A huge number of nurses worked for many years then became targets of the corrupt board of nursing . The very best Grad gift , I can give you is to tell you to not get a license in AZ , and if you do not listen, 1) buy license protection immediately lots of it dont let it lapse 2)read up on what the AZBON is doing and how you can make changes in laws to benefit you on this site . (lots of reading) 3)azna is not for nurses better to start your own real association for nurses . This is the truth, and again best graduation present you ever got ! <1% of nurses know how the bon operates , listen to those who know. Not your instructors who are being licensed by the board, so they can avoid bedside and first hand knowledge 4) NP is flooded and they get BD sanctions too, 5) If you do ignore what we learned first hand, and decide to do it anyways , because you are careful, your mother was a nurse and she didn't have problem, the BD told you we are rebels, you have to find out for yourself. Please work on a second career, do not allow yourself to be set up to lose it all and cause yourself to have a lifetime of lies by the board of defaming character . This is the best graduation present anyone can give you , don't take it lightly .

  32. Good and TRUE ! ,
    on 4/30/20 Juan Martinez Supreme ct ruled against. advice for Krishna and Kampbell gemini twins in crime, watch yourselves before you get your tits in the wringer (literally) . County Atty Office showboat get nailed . On Thursday, the Arizona Supreme Court handed down their opinion regarding the case involving former Maricopa County Prosecutor Juan Martinez.

    The court’s opinion states that Martinez “committed professional misconduct by violating ER 8.4(d)” after review of multiple cases, including his involvement in the infamous Jodi Arias case.

    A “sanction of reprimand” is being imposed on Martinez as part of the opinion, according to documents.

    1. I wonder how many women that heinous repulsive slim raped? As bold and in your face with his sexual predatory activity, and his attitude, “I CAN DO WHAT I WANT AND NO ONE CAN MESS WITH ME”, I guess he thought he was untouchable. But look, it took those women from the Maricopa county attorney’s office sticking together that brought that slimy MF’er down. I wonder how many so called Christians boys at the Maricopa county attorney’s office watched that predator commit these crimes against women and laughed about it or wish they were him so they could get away with what he was doing too. Every dog has their day, and that two bit MF’er Martinez got his. I cannot wait to see what that slim ball snatch Paul Peterson gets from ARKANSAS. News reports have said AZ & UT are going to cut him a deal, but ARKANSAS don’t slim balls like Peterson. Kirshna & Campbell your day is around the corner.

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