Investigators/Attorneys AZBN

Its probably been two weeks since  a poster asked what we know about attorneys who represent nurses and AZBN investigators. In general terms I only know of two attorneys that represent nurses at the Bd. T.Sanzio, who is also a nurse I’ve spoken to on several issues and have seen her representing a nurse. I thought she would give as good as representation as any other, including K.Macdonald, but as she once told me, “This is a ‘monster Board’ and by the time I get it its already been decided.” Although there are some cases where an attorney can help I only know of one, which was a positive drug screen on a random test. The nurse had to submit evidence of random weekly clean drug screens for 2 months and present this to the Bd via an attorney. Costs were over five thousand because somebody smoked a joint at a party and forgot about it. However, the Bd commits so many violations of law and a good attorney might make a difference.  T. Scott King of Bowwlaw works both sides of the isle for big bucks who does pimpish chores for Campbell to harass nurses. I strongly suspect the cash flows well between these two. 

Investigators I’ve had five different ones. Only one was a nurse who didn’t stay long at that job which seems to be normal. All reports were inaccurate, some were statements from police reports that were not ever presented in the jurisdiction court they were written in. This automatically classifys them as hearsay and in the real legal world can not not be used in another court. Some were 35 years old and in cases where I was never arrested or charged. All of this remains in the unethical circle until the investigator sends it to Beth A. Campbell who adds her own twist at the convenience timing of a witness for perjury with absolutely no collaborative evidence. By the time you’re sitting in Adm Law Court mail fraud has already been committed as the Assist Attorney General has already put a U.S. Stamp on these false documents and mailed it to you. The investigators like Linda Monas will burn in hell for false testimonies. 

The advice seen frequently here that you asked for is don’t sign anything and say nothing. Many nurses are not guilty of anything except being hard nurses whose history does not reflect Board complaints. There are many. many violations of law this Board commits, but they get away with it. A nurse I know well received  a Banner complaint, went to Board meeting, called them crazy, was escorted out, packed their bags that afternoon. went back to their home state, worked for two years before having to answer to that complaint. Stuck to the crazies and received nonrestrictive probation from the home state and kept on working. Most cases the Board hears are well determined by robotics before you show up. If the evidence changes in your favor, you can not convince them as their minds are already made up. The outcome would seem to depend on the case, but don’t count on that. The best defense is to immediately leave Arizona and do not sign anything or speak to an investigator about anything. It will catch up with you but you stand a better chance away from these crooked creeps. And generally if you’re a decent nurse you’ll still be able to work through it.

If your case involves pt. safety or administrational complaints which relate to physician producing income you need to avoid being tossed under the bus and get out of Arizona ASAP! Do not sign anything or speak to anybody.

Sign overhead AZBN, “Please Do Not Confuse Us With Facts, Our Minds Are Already Made Up.”

“When a witness falsely testifys, they commit to that lie as there is no incentive not to.” Peter Neufeld American Attorney.

Peary Brown retired R.N.