The Criminal Mirror AZBN

Most of the comments here are the responses from experienced nurses who’ve been through the disciplinary process of the AZBN. The volume of circulation of views isn’t posted but is about 10x more than when the page started 4 years ago. What this means electronically is that the page ranking is elevated enough to produce more search returns on words and or names on this page. Therefore when posters use names like Ridenour, Campbell, Milhasky, Greabell, Sutter and the list goes on forever, the search engines returns this location, and often on the first page. The recent post about horrible state integrity, probably involving propublica at some point, defines Arizona as  a total failure in state government integrity. The investigators have been informed, with collaboration, of the crimal activities of Beth A. Campbell, Diane Milhasky and J. Ridenour, just to name a few.

The criminal behavior of state’s regulartory agencies is well known and reflective in the study. The Radonda Vaught case, the BSN nurse at Vanderbilt’s Hospital who gave a paralytic instead of versed and was cleared by the Tn Board, is the catalyst to move governmental unethical behaviors into the criminal environment. The fed easily figures and proves colusions to save hospital loses. A fact many Arizonains are well aware of.  Vaught is scheduled for jury trial in July. Her lawyer, at arraignment, was actually ignorant enough to declare her innocent as the Tn Board had cleared her of any wrong doing. The statesintegrity study declares just 11 states with passable grades. Although there are many states fighting to remain at the bottom of immoral governments lists Arizona is pure in its corruptional standards by allowing Assist Atty General Beth A. Campbell and judge Milhasky to do it repeatedly under oath. Their actions are the acts of unethical governmental officials but also are criminal.

Peary Brown, retired R.N.