Defendant Integrity & AZBN

Many defendants, and not the chosen AZBN word of respondent, is defined for those whose careers are on the chopping block as defending yourself is what you end up trying to do. There is an advantage that every defendant has and that is you are probably the only one who knows what the truth is. You know whose lying but generally are clueless as to why until one day it dawns on you that the AZBN needs you so they can get paid a salary with benefits. The image that they are protecting the public is plainly a joke. How could they actually convince the present day public that their mission is to protect the public when so many. many nurses are aware of their deceitful practices of intimidation, posting inaccurate non-public documents, suborning perjury, perjury tampering with evidence and just being an obnoxious and expensive government waste? The only person who can protect the public is the nurse in the field. The nurse at the bedside knows the truth and the AZBN knows politics, money and job security. Without that nurse to discipline they are nothing. They go through better than 5 million dollars a year clobbering nurses that half the time are merely humans trying to protect the public. Arizona nursing care is doomed if this organization is allowed to continue to break states laws and violate civil rights. Horrible just plain horrible.

Anybody who lies about a nurse or lies to a nurse is a fool. We see right through you. Unite and for the truth in nursing!

Peary Brown retired R.N.