Lobbying For Nurses

In my experience there is probably 10-20% of all nurses doing 90% of the work in the clinical arena which becomes much more vulnerable to criticism since the direct connection with people not feeling overly pleasant. I have made many contacts with nurses who’ve been on the recipient end of these complaints although surprisingly direct patient complaints touching disciplinary action is uniquely uncommon. Meaning many nurses that have gone through the AZBN disciplinary process seldom have clinical patient complaints. If their social behavior is askew it shouldn’t be treated with a mountain of unrealistic stipulations. Although there are some that do connect to patient issues it is the purpose of this post and page to identify the suborning perjurer, the alcoholic psychologist, the demented surgeon, the lying board investigator, the blind and probably bribed ombudsmen, the do nothing governor, the crooked assistant attorneys, the destroyed nurse victim, the state statute violations, and the uninformed public. Therefore I know from many interviews that there are many former nurses who’ve simply ran afoul of maintaining their licences as they turned stubborn against false witnessing. 

Many have moved to different careers, although there have been some to die out of depression, there are still issues that the Az administration has allotted large grants in pursuit of public non profit groups to combat these violations. There are so many of us that know that pursuing truth with in the sterile abscess of the AZBN is a quick route to suicide. Many of you know it is one twist of the truth and one lie after another, and a false report that crosses state boundaries when one tries to search for relief in not only our own defense but more importantly, the identification of clinical safety of that 10-20% group of working nurses but also for many patient safety issues.

I know there are plenty of you whose career was destroyed for all the wrong reasons. What I am asking is for you to remain as passionate, as I know you are and keep an open mind about your ability to work in a group that effectively can get this governmental abscess to drain its pus into the gutter where it belongs. There are many state law violations that can be brought forward much more effectively to be noticed by those that would be forced to address it. The page remains as a contact to volunteer. 

As experienced nurses are more of personality evaluations simply because in most training programs assessments are done by visual and verbal communications. My training stressed not making a value judgement on the interview evidence but describe it for treatment purposes. The reality of not making a value judgement, at least to your inner self, is an unrealistic option. So I would add that we need a union to defend against this Board I would also add a value judgement that I saw in Joey Ridenour to recognize in person at Board meetings. Now I see a woman stand out against all colleagues with Jet Black Hair, and a woman of her age, a thousand dollar Jet Black Dress, enough facial make up for early Goth embarrassment to which in all my travels I was never more shocked than seeing tiger testicles for sale in Bangkok. Hanging onto yesterday forgets tomorrow. Self Will run riot and this person must be stopped from destroying the nursing profession in Arizona.  pearyb@yahoo.com

Peary Brown retired R.N.