Review Legal Assessment AZBN

The run of the mill expressions here have brought a good amount of views throughout the state, and nationally, which has informed many nurses from all specialties. Comments have a wide range of sources that can be character assassinations to accurate probative evidence defining names, dates and locations of incidences of violations by AZBN. It would be a higher focus to call many definitions declarations of crimes. As this information has filtered throughout the internet much might be described as anonymous as names were vacant. In the past 2-3 months I have placed my name on posts that can be directly linked to me which has brought to me people and groups who want to move with the numbers of nurses that have been abused by this Board with issues ranging from false witnessing, posting at the national council site hearsay statements not to mention a mountain of violations by Beth A, Campbell, the AAG, of intentional ignoring of state statutes. We’ve been over this territory many times. There are groups of attorneys and nurses now making moves for review through the legislative process to address these issues and we need as many nurses whose civil rights have been violated to have this Board, and their constituents brought to accountability. Without going into specific detail I would say that the review is not for a while so we have got time to organize the evidence and prepare presentations for each nurse. The time to face your fears is soon, these bulls of abuse are in our cross-hairs and your input can guaranty relief from the illegal damage they’ve done to you and your family. The requirement of coming out of the shadows is a must and without sunshine on their evil deeds more and more nurses and patients will become victims. and are the contacts. Stand up and face the demons.

Peary Brown retired R.N.