Lobbying For Safety AZBN

The principles of patient safety that so many experienced nurses learned many years ago are now interfered with by AZBN as so much of their history is defining nurse discipline unrelated to clinical issues. Nurses who’ve had the unfortunate experience of dealing with domestic issues of a vindictive spouse and ex spouse that brings a complaint against the nurse’s certification can expect some action by the AZBN. The AZBN loves attaching itself to complaints as being a monitoring entity for safety. Under scrutiny many of these nurses become blocked from working in the field of their chosen profession. The continuation of disciplinary actions on nurses known to step on Banner money trains for patient safety issues, and the numbers of those nurses are not hidden here.  Overall the aspects of disciplinary actions that are corrupted by known criminal behavior of the AZBN and the Attorney General’s office flys in the wind and goes nowhere to help either the safety of the general public or the nurses.  In general terms the effect of nurses to express themselves here is relatively useless in terms of cause for successful actions in stopping this behavior of rule violations well established by those in the center of this sterile abscess. This Board does not follow the laws and rules passed by this administration. We all know that its business as usual and any attempt at justice in the courts is a laughing matter for the Board. The options from that point is to certainly approach the problem at its weakest point which is their open meetings so the students can be shown what they might expect when they decide that being blind robots for profit is uncomfortable for them. The presentations for this may sound improbable especially when these ‘Dudley DoRight’ meetings standout in the form of the smoothest silver tongued devils the public has seen but make no mistake,  a thief of justice is basically a coward at heart and will be exposed as such. The names of the victims of this Board represent patients as well as nurses. The most explosive event will always be the most unpredictable in timing.

Peary Brown retired R.N.