Documentation of Permanency AZBN

Continually posting here at this page does get the attention of many that stumble upon it and perhaps plant seeds of curiosity amongst  influential viewers. Keyword would be ‘perhaps’. Many of us, the damaged set, only have a vision of hope that someday truth will be found and that nurses will find justice. The conflicts demonstrated here with the AZBN and its ancillary departments is, in many cases, very clear and leaves little room for doubt that the AZBN is nothing more than a political arm of corporate owned health care. I would say that there are a substantial number of nurses disciplined for stealing and abusing drugs giving Board righteous images of public protection. There are nurses today, this minute, using drugs stolen that are not disciplined out of political inconvenience. Somewhere in the U.S. today a nurse will die of a drug overdose from drugs stolen from the workplace. They are not disciplined because they’re dead; that data remains locked up in police reports. End of story. The evidence in the Radonda Vaught case of Tennessee and Vanderbilt hospital is the foundation of known uselessness and political highlights of nursing boards where and individual can kill a patient out of sheer neglect and be cleared by a Nursing Board as the truth is bad for business. There are many stories of patient abuse and errors reported by nurses only to end up in disciplining actions against the nurse. Many of those are listed here on http://www. although some are aliases out of fear of retaliations. Their stories represent the back room activities of the AZBN. Many nurses are wrongfully disciplined trying to protect patients and or being human in a domestic dispute totally unrelated to nursing. All of this is not new to this site. This information is in this moment a passing knowledge which truly isn’t a part of nursing history. Although many cases are in court documents these documents are generally entered into governmental databanks by nursing boards themselves. Shoring up the statement that the definition of justice is seldom connected to any part of the justice systems. This page will often carry a completely different version of the same case. Giving this information validity will require more than the internet can provide. It is long lasting but still is basically temporary. The need to make nursing board activities a permanent part of nursing histories that can be assessed 25 years from now lies, at this point, with the international standard of book numerations which will allow a constant published account of say the actions and definitions of corruption. Therefore those actions such as Diane Mihalsky and Beth A. Campbell can easily be found with their own ISBN, at a glance 25 years from now. This is as critical to patient safety as Nightingale’s basic nursing works. As easily as these individuals tarnished the reputations of many nurses they themselves can have that behavior of corruption and perjury identified in a permanent and easily accessible databank. These events must be known for patient safety reporting to be effective.

Peary Brown retired R.N.