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The time frame this page has covered is about 3.5 years and roughly 50-60,000 views, or more. Comments are not deleted for bad language or character assassination, or even opinions that seem not within the page administrator’s realm of reasonable. All comments have importance. The comments are definitive in many cases to give evidence of facts that can be crossed referenced into specific data bases as accurate. The responses this page projects, if untrue, should silicate actions from civil approaches which none has occurred. The fact that many cases define criminal and unethical behavior transcribed here which go nowhere means that the statements are true. I, Peary Brown, do not need Willie Mangum or Amanda Trujillo to shore up the validity of this page. I have myself. If a known incompetent physician and unethical nurse and lying assistant attorney general lawyer falsify evidence while motioning illegally then I openly call them Isaac Thapedi, Therese Rowan and Beth A. Campbell. Many of my colleagues have more. The administrative law court doesn’t count because they do not even know the law. The many issues for the public nursing community to be aware of focuses on the ability of the nurse to give quality care within a safe environment that has a reasonable cost effectiveness application. This is not happening. The community is hoodwinked by the appearance of the AZBN to be honest and fair and protecting the public. I can prove all kinds of illegal & unethical behaviors except the most suspected one which is bribery. Meaning what possible reason would an AAG attorney knowingly falsify evidence and suborn perjury? I am not a forensic accountant but do know the hardest money to track is cash. I can think of no other reasonable explanation for this illegal behavior.

Years of not many ago I could track a leopold in a rain storm and draw him out of his cave. Today I can’t get a couple of low level rats to snitch at unbaited cheese in the middle of the desert. What am I missing?

Peary Brown, retired R.N.

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  1. the agency of board of nursing is az is stacked with those who are brain washed , cold calculated ax swingers. the AAG I assume you are talking about is ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL . A total waste of taxpayers time. “tip jar ” is always present. Very few would take the job, she is doing it takes a real dirty bastard personality . hard wired . Call the ones who are part of the problem on it every time . with views like this team up with nurses take DC . Who do what they do because the ANA SUCKS for nurses ! Like Ducey who sends out a message on MLK day (a joke really cause AZ was the last state to make it a holiday , blacks , children and woman low on the totem pole) Then douchy , quotes MLK , “I Have Dream ” . Well douch bag , you are a Dream Stealer, a thief , just like those at the bon and AG office who are working in collusion.


  2. post on DUCEY IS DICEY , AZ GOV has a LOT of NERVE ! Posting on MLK day the quote I HAVE A DREAM . Well douch bag , nurses had a life long dream of working as a nurse, taking care of people , and having a career and you stole that dream . THAT is worse than any amount of money you cost the nurses ,NP , CNA’S is to take away their identity , their goal and destroy their life long dream . Shame on you , posting this BS !! you , OAH Sham bias unfair, court, AG and the board of nursing all working in collusion destroying lives and good nurses . So you all can make a pay check while stealing houses, cars, paychecks ,putting people out of work in many areas, and now a person’s life long dream . This is not something someone forgets over night ,long after your term is up , you will be remembered . Along with your partners in crime. “””” Today, we recommit to advancing the ideals for which Dr. King fought — justice, peace, fairness and equality for all. And may we work every day with his same passion and vision to carry on his legacy and make his dream our reality.”””””
    Thank you,

    Doug Ducey


  3. no one should censor anyone’s comments . Then your acting like the anal retentive board staff. When they go after Amanda for posting ” i have to go to the AZBON to get spanked ” , they hold it against her? wow stooping to petty , small minded little girls gossip , while Valerie Smith paid big bucks to read her fb pages . Like snooping in someone’s diary . the board sure does not like anyone stating anything against them and cannot take constructive critic can they ? as long as the board has been in operation they sure make A LOT of mistakes. Big mistakes . Still can’t get the phones to work or the mics , like amateurs running a government agency . If nurses made 10% the errors they do , they would be written up and fired over and over. Oh that is what PETER found with Willie, fired but able to return , how many times was Peter complained of at work that would get a nurse fired, but not a cty mounty . well can’t be too bad. Nurses over years get fired for anything , ANYTHING . So what ? Means nothing, anyone over 40 has been harassed to quit , a Dr complain she educating my patient !! fired ! How many were fired when a certain hospital ran credit scores, before allowing rehire ? LOTS . Never see AZBON look in areas they are the most guilty ! oh no . !


  4. Does your hospital say they are non profit ? Here is the truth what that means . How nonprofit hospitals get away with the biggest rip off in America

    Marni Jameson Carey

    January 17, 2020

    Med News

    All across the nation, cities big and small are having their pockets picked and their communities decimated by their local nonprofit hospitals.

    How so? Nearly two-thirds of our nation’s 5,000 hospitals, or around 3,900, call themselves nonprofit, a designation that allows them to avoid paying taxes. Unlike for-profit companies, including for-profit hospitals, nonprofit hospitals pay no taxes. They pay no property tax, no state or federal income tax, and no sales tax.

    In exchange, these charitable organizations are supposed to plough what they would have paid in taxes back into the community, largely by way of lowering healthcare costs or providing free care for those who can’t otherwise afford it.

    But that’s not what happens.

    Instead, those would-be tax dollars go into seven-figure executive salaries, boondoggle retreats, extravagant galas, private jets, billboard ads, skyboxes, offshore bank accounts, and to fund special interest lobbyists whose job it is to make sure Congress keeps the sweet deal the way it is.

    Meanwhile, these same “charitable” institutions send patients struggling to pay high medical bills to collections and put liens on their houses.

    America, we are being scammed.

    “It’s the biggest abuse of the U.S. tax code by far,” said Tom Thomas, a Florida CPA, and founder of the Association of Independent Doctors, a national trade association working to stop the injustice.

    According to the IRS, to qualify as a tax exempt 501(c)(3), organizations must meet these criteria:

    · No part of their net earnings is allowed to inure to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual. (This specifically includes earnings by way of profit distribution or excessive salaries.)

    · No substantial part of their activities can consist of carrying on propaganda or otherwise attempting to influence legislation.

    Yet, nearly half of the CEOs of America’s leading nonprofit health systems last year had salaries that exceeded $2.5 million. The highest paid, the top executive at Banner Health, in Phoenix, received $21.6 million. In St. Louis, the chief at Ascension Health made $13.6 million; and $10.6 million went to the top paid executive of Northwestern Memorial HealthCare in Chicago. Those salaries sure seem excessive in a country where medical bills are the leading cause of bankruptcy.

    Meanwhile, Atrium Health Foundation, the allegedly charitable arm of the tax-exempt Atrium Health System, in Charlotte, NC, had so much spare change, they parked $52 million of it in the Cayman Islands, according to the nonprofit’s 2017 990. See page 31 of this report.

    To keep the money flowing their way, last year the American Hospital Association, historically one of the top five spenders in Washington, paid $24 million to lobby Congress. Over the last 10 years, the AHA has spent almost $400 million on lobbying, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. So much for not using money to influence legislation.

    Now let’s imagine if all the money that has gone to excess compensation, offshore accounts, executive perks, and currying political favor actually went to lowering healthcare costs and helping the poor with their medical bills.

    A study by researchers at Yale, University of Pennsylvania, Carnegie Mellon and the London School of Economics looked at how nonprofits charge, and found they don’t price any less aggressively than for-profits, a finding that prompted study co-author Zack Cooper, of Yale, to write: “We subsidize not-for-profits to the tune of $30 billion annually, in the form of tax exemptions, and we have to ask what that money is getting us?”

    Not much.

    But it could. A few year ago a business columnist at the Orlando Sentinel looked into what Advent Health (formerly Florida Hospital) and Orlando Health, another nonprofit hospital in the same community, would pay in property taxes in just five Central Florida counties. The reporter found that if these institutions paid property taxes alone, the community would net an additional $45 million a year.

    In a mid-sized metro like Orlando, $45 million would pay for a lot of schoolteachers, police officers, and, yes, community health care and financial aid for those who need it.

    But instead the community has seen medical costs go up, property taxes increase, health systems get bigger, and healthcare executives get richer.

    Nonprofit hospitals also use their tax-free surplus in more insidious ways. They use it to buy up independent medical practices in their communities, and turn independent doctors into employed physicians. This consolidation decreases market competition and increases the hospitals’ market power, meaning they can negotiate higher payments from insurers. It also allows them to layer in facility fees, which independent doctors don’t charge. These added fees cause costs to increase three to five times. Oh, and the taxes those previously independent medical practices used to pay into the community? They all come off the tax rolls.

    We pick up the slack.

    One way nonprofits hospitals get away with this is by using Chargemaster prices when filling out the charitable contribution section on their 990-tax forms. These are made up prices that nobody actually pays that are many times higher than what commercial insurance or Medicare would pay for the same service or procedure. Because nonprofits can make this number up, they can inflate how much they “give back” to the community as much as they want. This would be like you getting to invent what you paid in mortgage interest and making the number so high it zeroed out your income tax.

    And by the way, for-profit hospitals provide charitable care to the community and pay taxes.

    Ostensibly, the IRS is beginning to crack down and enforce the laws that exist to prevent just this kind of abuse. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), chair of the Senate Finance Committee, has allegedly written the IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig and asked him to step it up.

    He’d better because we can’t count on Congress to fix this. They are bought and paid for. Getting the IRS to better enforce its own tax code and to make nonprofit hospitals that behave like for profits to either pay taxes, or provide true (not inflated) charitable care to its community is a critical next step.

    In addition, American patients need to wake up to what’s happening, get angry, and demand that the nonprofit hospitals that profess to be charitable institutions stop paying their executives outsized compensation packages, and start giving back to the communities they take from. Either that or pay taxes like the rest of us. Eliminating the abuses of the tax-exempt status would help take the financial burden of healthcare off the backs of U.S. workers and employers. It would also pour needed healthcare dollars back into communities that sorely need the relief, the very ones that were ripped off in the first place.


  5. looky here Campbell /Krishna /Reine/Smith ! and this was over a prison , took the nurse down too, unlike AZ . A jail/ prison nurse in AZ gets away with murder , literally . (to protect another state agency NOT THE PUBLIC SAFETY baloney they fling around )
    Judge orders sanctions against state attorney, DOC in prisoner litigation The Court fears that no amount of judicial action can fully mitigate the harm done when defense counsel treats opposing pro se parties as second-class litigants or when counsel so ignores the standard of review on summary judgment as to demonstrate complete disrespect for the Court’s and opposing party’s time,” the chief judge wrote . “This Order and the sanctions issued in it are a small but hopefully meaningful step toward halting this practice by deterring counsel litigating against pro se from proceeding down the same ill-advised path.”
    chief judge also imposed sanctions in the same case against attorney and his client, Pamela Hagemeier, a DOC nurse. Hagemeier was the subject of a show cause hearing in January 2019, when the court questioned her about allegedly submitting false statements regarding her interaction.
    ANOTHER LYING NURSE , abusive , willing to lie . In AZ she’ would be promoted. And the Judge would be lying their ‘due process butt ‘ off too !
    Board of nursing AZ has former prison nurses on their panel of liars and thieves ,they learned how to go along with the corruption very well, they were ‘trained ‘ in prison .


  6. NURSES DO NOT SURRENDER YOUR LICENSE !! Do not let this BOARD off the hook go to court and make a record. (this advise is not for those who have done damage intentional, or those who are a real threat to the public ) Mainly it is nurses who get tired and stressed at the board ‘s constant badgering , harassment . You may regret it down the road . One nurse , her husband could not contract to do repairs in a facility that accepts medicare money. Does the AZBON tell you this ! oh hell no, no disclosure from them , even attys do not advise their clients ! Many healthcare professionals are unaware of the negative long-term effects that discipline could have on their medical license.  This includes submitting a voluntary relinquishment of the license while there is an open investigation or pending charges.

    A voluntary relinquishment of the license after notice of an investigation or while a charge is pending is treated the same as a disciplinary revocation of the license.  In some cases, this scenario is worse for the provider if the agreement to voluntarily relinquish also includes an agreement to never apply for another license again. Most people don’t realize what else can happen as a result of  discipline, revocation or even voluntary relinquishment (under these circumstances).

    Reports to Other National Organizations on Provider Discipline.

    It’s important to know that the discipline (including voluntary relinquishment) will now be public record.  It will also be reported out to national reporting agencies, including the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB).

    As a result, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will most likely start action to exclude the disciplined provider from the Medicare Program. This means he or she will also be placed on the OIG’s List of Excluded Individual’s and Entities (LEIE).  This will bar a provider from the Medicare Program or working for or contracting with anyone else who does (including insurer’s medical clinics and most health care providers).  This by itself will also have many negative consequences.

    For example, if you are excluded from the Medicare Program you are automatically placed on the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) “debarred” list.  You are automatically excluded from working for or contracting with, in any capacity, any organization, individual or agency that has any government contracts or accepts any federal funding.  This act can bar you from working for a public school, working as a real estate agent, or many other jobs.

    Consequences of Revocation or Other Discipline on Your License.

    To summarize, the most serious adverse problems that may be caused as a result of discipline on your license may include the following:

    1.  May cause discipline to be commenced against any other health professional license you have, such as a nurse, acupuncture physician, chiropractic assistant, nurse’s aide, home health assistant, etc.

    2.  Will prevent you from obtaining any health professional license in the future.

    3.  May cause discipline to be commenced against any massage therapy establishment license for a massage therapy establishment you own in whole or in part.

     4.  Any other states or jurisdictions in which you have a license will also initiate action against him or her in that jurisdiction.

    5.  Mandatory report to the National Practitioner Data Base (NPDB), which remains there for 50 years.

    6.  The OIG will take action to exclude the provider from the Medicare Program.  If this occurs, (and most of these offenses require mandatory exclusion) the provider will be placed on the List of Excluded Individuals and Entities (LEIE) maintained by the OIG HHS.

    7.  If the above occurs, the provider is also automatically “debarred” or prohibited from participating in any capacity in any federal contracting and is placed on the U.S. General Services Administration’s (GSA’s) debarment list.

    8.  Third-party payors (health insurance companies, HMOs, etc.) will terminate the professional’s contract or panel membership with that organization.

    9.  Regardless of any of the above, any facility licensed by AHCA (hospitals, skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), public health clinics, group homes for the developmentally disabled, etc.) that are required to perform background screenings on their employees will result in AHCA notifying the facility and the professional that he or she is disqualified from employment.


  7. nurses be aware of the abused women who belong to these secret societies hiding under ‘religion “. There is a pattern , watch for them if they come in to Er, or urgent care . While the public talks about what “good ‘ wholesome people they are . BTW JANA MACHESKY board member (who did NOT want to be on the board anymore, now wants to !) She can’t waddle out of those meetings fast enough, ) Just what nurses do not need a board member who is wishy washy , a political plug, keep the vote numbers against the targeted ones. A 9 month tech school, who judges nurses with 10 times her education and ability . MACHESKY is from Lancaster Penn , guess this is all normal for her.
    The Amish Keep to Themselves. And They’re Hiding a Horrifying Secret
    A year of reporting by Cosmo and Type Investigations reveals a culture of incest, rape, and abuse.
    By Sarah McClure
    The memories come to her in fragments. The bed creaking late at night after one of her brothers snuck into her room and pulled her to the edge of her mattress. Her underwear shoved to the side as his body hovered over hers, one of his feet still on the floor.
    Her ripped dresses, the clothespins that bent apart on her apron as another brother grabbed her at dusk by the hogpen after they finished feeding the pigs. Sometimes she’d pry herself free and sprint toward the house, but “they were bigger and stronger,” she says. They usually got what they wanted.
    As a child, Sadie* was carefully shielded from outside influences, never allowed to watch TV or listen to pop music or get her learner’s permit. Instead, she attended a one-room Amish schoolhouse and rode a horse and buggy to church—a life designed to be humble and disciplined and godly.
    By age 9, she says, she’d been raped by one of her older brothers. By 12, she’d been abused by her father, Abner*, a chiropractor who penetrated her with his fingers on the same table where he saw patients, telling her he was “flipping her uterus” to ensure her fertility. By 14, she says, three more brothers had raped her and she was being attacked in the hayloft or in her own bed multiple times a week. She would roll over afterward, ashamed and confused. The sisters who shared Sadie’s room (and even her bed) never woke up—or if they did, never said anything, although some later confided that they were being raped too.
    Sadie’s small world was built around adherence to rules—and keeping quiet was one of them. “There was no love or support,” she says. “We didn’t feel that we had anywhere to go to say anything.”
    So she didn’t.
    Even on the day the police showed up on her doorstep to question then-12-year-old Sadie’s father about his alleged abuse of his daughters.
    Even on the day when, almost two years later, Abner was sentenced by a circuit court judge to just five years’ probation.
    And even on the day when, at 14, she says she was cornered in the pantry by one of her brothers and raped on the sink, and then felt a gush and saw blood running down her leg, and cleaned up alone while he walked away, and gingerly placed her underwear in a bucket of cold water before going back to her chores. A friend helped her realize years later: While being raped, she had probably suffered a miscarriage.
    It wasn’t until now that Sadie decided to speak up, to reveal the darkness beneath the bucolic surface of her childhood. She’s tired of keeping quiet.
    Over the past year, I’ve interviewed nearly three dozen Amish people, in addition to law enforcement, judges, attorneys, outreach workers, and scholars. I’ve learned that sexual abuse in their communities is an open secret spanning generations. Victims told me stories of inappropriate touching, groping, fondling, exposure to genitals, digital penetration, coerced oral sex, anal sex, and rape, all at the hands of their own family members, neighbors, and church leaders.
    The Amish, who number roughly 342,000 in North America, are dispersed across rural areas of states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, New York, Michigan, and Wisconsin, according to the Young Center for Anabaptist and Pietist Studies at Elizabethtown College, a leading authority on Amish life. Because of their high birth rate—and because few members ever leave—they’re one of the fastest-growing religious groups in America. Lacking one centralized leader, they live in local congregations or “church districts,” each made up of 20 to 40 families. But the stories I heard were not confined to any one place.
    In my reporting, I identified 52 official cases of Amish child sexual assault in seven states over the past two decades. Chillingly, this number doesn’t begin to capture the full picture. Virtually every Amish victim I spoke to—mostly women but also several men—told me they were dissuaded by their family or church leaders from reporting their abuse to police or had been conditioned not to seek outside help (as Sadie put it, she knew she’d just be “mocked or blamed”). Some victims said they were intimidated and threatened with excommunication. Their stories describe a widespread, decentralized cover-up of child sexual abuse by Amish clergy.
    “We’re told that it’s not Christlike to report,” explains Esther*, an Amish woman who says she was abused by her brother and a neighbor boy at age 9. “It’s so ingrained. There are so many people who go to church and just endure.”
    And yet, as #MeToo has rocked mainstream culture, Amish women have instigated their own female-driven movement. “It’s much slower and less highly visible,” says Linda Crockett, founder and director of Safe Communities, an organization that works to prevent child sexual abuse. “But I have seen a real uptick over the past 10 years in Amish women coming forward. They hear about each other—not on Twitter or Facebook, but there’s a strong communication system within these communities. They draw courage and strength from each other.”
    “I get phone calls now….There’s a bunch of Amish who have my cell phone number, and they use it. The men call on behalf of the women,” says Judge Craig Stedman, former district attorney of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania—home to nearly 40,000 Amish—who has served on a task force that connects the Amish to law enforcement and social services. (Although most don’t have cell phones, the Amish might use pay phones or call from “English” neighbors’ homes.)
    Some victims, like Sadie, have long since left the church and the Amish way of life, but others, including Esther, are still on the inside, sending out an alarm to the world they’ve been taught to reject. “They want to talk,” explains Crockett, “so they’re turning outside.”
    There’s no one reason for the sexual abuse crisis in Amish Country. Instead, there’s a perfect storm of factors: a patriarchal and isolated lifestyle in which victims have little exposure to police, coaches, or anyone else who might help them; an education system that ends at eighth grade and fails to teach children about sex or their bodies; a culture of victim shaming and blaming; little access to the technology that enables communication or broader social awareness; and a religion that prioritizes repentance and forgiveness over actual punishment or rehabilitation. Amish leaders also tend to be wary of law enforcement, preferring to handle disputes on their own.
    As a child, Sadie was up before dawn every morning to milk her family’s cows, wearing a pleated head covering and long dress, her shoes and socks a dull black, as her local church rules, or Ordnung, required. “If you didn’t work as hard as you possibly could, you were considered lazy,” she says. She never turned on a light switch or shopped for clothes in a store. She didn’t speak English at home—just Pennsylvania Dutch, the only language she knew until first grade. And she never revealed her abuse to anyone, except a cousin and her father himself, when he asked her, point blank, if her brothers were touching her. (The next time he asked, she lied, fearful he would beat the boys, as he often did.)
    But what was happening in her house was a poorly kept secret, according to several of Sadie’s relatives. One of them reported Abner, who has since died, to local church leaders—Sadie remembers her father being “shunned” for six weeks, a common form of discipline in which the accused is socially ostracized and forbidden from eating at the same table as church members. After a shunning, the person confesses in church and the community is strongly compelled to forgive and forget that the “sin” ever happened. In Sadie’s house, she recalls, everything went back to normal—or at least, to how it had been before.
    When the police and social workers later showed up on her doorstep, most likely after being tipped off by a local non-Amish person, Abner told authorities that “things which we were speaking about had been brought up and dealt with in the church,” according to a police detective’s notes. He also silenced his daughters. “You say nothing,” Sadie and another relative remember him demanding.
    Authorities returned a second time, asking him “specific questions about having sexual intercourse with his daughters,” according to the case file. Now Abner confessed to having “sex with two of them,” insisting “he made love to them at least three times each but didn’t hurt them.” Sadie, who had heard from a cousin that her dad was also abusing her sisters, didn’t dare breathe a word in their defense.
    A relative recalls that Sadie’s mother told social workers “to do whatever they could to keep him from going to jail.”
    It worked. A grainy VHS recording from 2001 shows a gray-bearded Abner standing with his hat hanging between his hands before a judge, as an attorney explains that he is pleading guilty to a reduced charge of sexual abuse in the first degree, and not incest, because “the family is not desiring that he be incarcerated.” Instead of serving a sentence that might have been five years or more, Abner got probation.
    Sadie says her father abused her for five more years. When I reached out to her brothers, two confirmed that Abner had touched Sadie; one of them also said he himself “messed around” with her when they were young but that he did not rape her; the other denied raping her. A third brother did not respond to a request for comment.
    Some victims aren’t just silenced—they suffer something worse. Lizzie Hershberger was 14 when she went to work as a “maude,” or hired girl, for a 27-year- old Amish man named Chriss Stutzman and his wife, taking care of their four children and helping Stutzman in the barn. One night after they had milked the cows, he pinned her against a wall and kissed her, then pushed her onto the feed bags. Because it was a frigid winter in Minnesota, Lizzie wore pants under her dress, which Stutzman removed while she tried in vain to fight him off. “Relax,” he whispered into her ear as he raped her.


  8. Just when there were hopes of cleaning up the crud from the BON, news that carolyn Mccormies is back on the board. Hardly seems the slightest legal, she was on the board once , went to education , just couldnt keep her nose out of things. Then back within 4 years. Certainly with over 100k Rn’s plus midwives, cna’s Np the state of az has something better than this to re run . Fresh faces , not this argumentive , has to be right, warped upbringing , and mind set , they are the only ones. That constant BS ‘protect the public” then her flowery rendition of ‘we all have a variety of backgrounds and that is what makes us so unique ” . See it on the floors, woman who ‘s husband is the ruler at home the one who is the boss, the 2nd class female has to be in charge outside those prison doors . Has to have authority over others, intimidate others, and act like the authority figure . You just know the type, at work , they are called BITCH , behind their backs and they are. Guessing , no knew it first meeting but a co worker who stayed at her house says “the husband a cop runs the household” . yep , we already knew. I really don’t think anyone would be glad to see her and her mouth back , just as know it all as ever. But needs a lot of correcting. And when you do tell her what the real answer is, she still argues ! BITCH , yep fitting . Oh and no the students know what you did with another student . You should have been fired !


  9. LOL , remember her stating some BS and saying her ‘father is a lawyer !! What did he do pass it on ? and how did he PASS IT ON !! atty’s and cops . Students figured her out, only thing saving her is the boss is a byu, same as the school. Typical Safford, mentality , small town big man on campus , when at the board , after seeing her twice you see a real bag of wind ! NOTHING more.


  10. Bad Board helper in crime weekly highlight list : This week ‘s focus is DANEE GARONE , AZ Ombudsman office . He cannot and will not look at violations , many violations . just last week told him the Board using “legal advise ” to talk about everything but. the board rigging the minutes . The board not having a timed case at the time listed . MANY violations. and what does this over paid , do nothing , That is what he does, nothing. Is this his job to turn a blind eye , and protect state agencies no matter what . Well Garone , you have failed , in regards to the agency nursing board. He call’s himself Citizen’s aide. The only one he is aiding is his wallet. You should know the laws, you want everyone else to do your work , and they rag on about how many complaints you have . No one cares DANEE boy.


  11. MORE THREATS BY THE BOARD OF NURSING , guess they are not too proud of their “investigative ” report , that is chuck full of lies . Anyone who believes this nonsense , the controlling power hungry board. Tell them to take a hike , it is UNprofessional to tell nurses this ! A person who obtains information from the board pursuant to this section may not release it to any other person or entity or use it in any proceeding or action except in connection with the board’s review of the investigation, the disciplinary interview and any administrative proceedings or appeals related to the disciplinary interview or hearing. A person who violates this subsection commits an act of unprofessional conduct.


  12. yes , the hidden secret society is hiding many things, kind of wave over anything points to a mistake by them, but them many mistakes are bigger than others. A CNA prevailed in court over them, a pay out of 45k partial payment. And she never even worked in AZ ! Imagine what a RN with 10 years case is worth. She applied for certificate and was denied . Wrongly , But because the board and investigators , like bonnie are liars, she went after them for false statements . Bonnie the unprofessional conduct queen. While the aag ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL, and SUNITA KRISHNA sat on their twats and let it happen . Randy Quinn , oh my , now you have to disclose this on YOUR record the rest of your life and the other corrupt board members. This is an act of unprofessional conduct , when a person tells you , it is lies don’t tell them they are liars . “you wont be the first nurse to sit in that chair and lie to us ” . every one is liar but you Randy Quinn, did we get that right ? or is that the way you were raised , you are the only true one , which you interpret as truth one. in your mindless head only . Looks like Carrie Smith took this case., and the bon lost . How many atty’s does the corrupt az board of nursing need to defend their corruption !! Another excuse to ‘go for legal advise ” and excuse it was !! it had already been signed , more violations of the open meeting information act . Bonnie and Quinn must share the same gene pool LOL !


  13. Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, possible text that says ‘Is Your Doctor a Frankendoctor? Frankendoctors are licensed by boards of nursing, not boards of medicine. They are not supervised by a physician, may have an online doctorate degree, and do as little as 500 hours of clinical training. Scary!
    that is their biggest mistake being licensed by the bon, you can be a PA and be under the medical board, And not be treated like a disposable nurse, throw away, what is the big deal , who cares about a nurses career .
    Nurses fired, for the most minor things , but mostly in back wards ‘southern states’ ,


  14. Much has been said about people in the healthcare field and horizontal violence . While a fair number who hear about cases of nurses reporting someone to the board, for retaliation , or something so minor it is not even worth anyone’s time , and should make the reporter subject of a ‘what makes you tick ” evaluation . With a full physical to see if they are hard wired and actually human. Or just basically, a mind set , if I can make you look bad, I look good grade school mentality . But they are out there . Big mistake with most licensed nurses is that the board of nursing will be aware or know that this is fake news false reporting and trust that those put in charge will have ‘common sense’ . Do not over estimate a board of nursing , especially in AZ . Oh they know this happens , but don’t care , they will go with it anyways. Job security , plus they get paid for these cases. And it is the taxpayers money they are spending so do an investigation that is more costly and time consuming than catching a terrorist. In an industry that revolves around serving others, nurses and other health professionals sometimes find that they are the ones being pushed toward a treatment program. According to a recent study, physician wellness and quality of patient care go hand-in-hand. Long hours, heavy work loads and stress among health care professionals can sometimes lead to unsafe, unprofessional behavior and impairment allegations. And that is what it generally is false allegations , nothing but someone’s hateful , dream up , how can I get this person in trouble. ? Whether is it a neighbor , jealous relative, and ex spouse wanting to make you sweat . Send a nurse for some counseling, sounds pretty benign, until you look at the lengthy and domino effect it has for life. Instead of a board, looking at them as troublemakers they use them to lie their heads off coach them what to say and even give them ‘pointers ” or added ideas. Both parties are evil.


  15. I am leaving a second message on this feed. Please I need nurses who have been treated with disdain and unfairness to contact me. I am not an Arizona State Board of Nursing employee or affiliated with them. We need to bring these concerns to the legislature and we have started the process. Please contact me as we need everyone to join or no progress will be made. There is strength in numbers.

    Please contact me at Even if you are retired or no longer practice nursing…..we need you. Peace be with you all 😊


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