Code Brown AZBN

If there is a single factor promoting nurses to advance on their education and get degrees after their names it would be for better pay with less work. The intensity of the workload in the clinical area has increased greatly in the past 25 years secondary to not only the increased acuity of the patients but the load of patients each nurse is assigned. The for profit industry has fought nurse patient ratio laws to keep profits up by reducing the availability of nurses. This view is not in dispute through out the real world of nursing. Many nurses who’ve moved on up to management and regulatory positions have avoided the horrors of code browns with the accompanying endless regulations created by those not tuned into code browns. I use this fecal festival event as not only first hand knowledge of this horror but the answers to interview questions that caused the nurse to further their education. So as odd as it may sound many nurses moved away from staffing positions and into management because their discomfort with cleaning and attending to patients. The very reasons they used to claim why they went into nursing. It would be a redundant topic for this page if there weren’t huge complaints about the present day nursing care that is commonly complained about by patients. Patients who’ve laid in feces for two days, even after the fecal festival was identified. Patients who never saw a wash rag or a basin of water through an entire admission. The list is lengthy of complaints that one would not have seen 25 years ago. Can an excessive amount of filthy patient complaints be placed in the lap of the AZBN?? The leaders got to be leaders because they mainly didn’t like patient care, it stands to reason when at a meeting you never hear a complaint of an extended fecal festival left unattended as our leaders aren’t concerned with nurse staff ratios and over working. Real nursing involves properly managering fecal festivals. And why is this never a topic, ever. Never addressing the increased infection rate? They’re controlled from the 40 billion dollar year for profit industry that wants that figure to remain as profitable as possible. Addressing the filth and increased infection rate costs money. 

The above opinions are based upon interviews with patients that were former nurses whom are known to make the worst pstients. Also the best assessors.

Peary Brown retired R.N. 

16 thoughts on “Code Brown AZBN

  1. There are many cases of poor nursing care not only in Arizona but everywhere in the U.S. The inability to care for ones own self is on the rise as the age of our seniors rise as does their numbers. Its not rocket science to get interviews with former patients and their family members. There are a bizillion stories of bad care, fraud, and crooked attorneys that is never ever carried by the contemporary news. Do Not Get Sick In Arizona!!


  2. There issues noted in this post are well known to patients that have had horrible experiences in Arizona; the ones that I know of refuse to be treated in Az and go to Calif.. Is it any better there??


  3. Better in Calif , just ask anyone from Yuma , they pretty much will tell you head west on 8 to Palm Springs if you want real medical care. Some fair way better in Mexico. Politics have kept competition out of a second hospital . The staff is either related or transient help. Most nurses leave as soon as the 2 years contract is up, Drs are in and out. Of course Krishna ‘s father staff Dr got on medical board ; which raises questions , how those Drs fair at the board . Still on staff ? dismiss, Protect the medical center. Even if is appears to be an over size morgue at times.


  4. Requiring nurses to get a BSN is pretty crazy. They do it to suck them in, got 6 years invested, hard to just move to a real profession , where you are treated well. Some of the ‘write ups ” are really crazy. People who move to any type of mgt , you cannot trust . They either speak the money saying nonsense or they do not have a job. They do not help because they do not know anything. They have to ask their stool pigeons questions before they can act . Meeting , feeding their faces, and blah blah blah , Always ‘idea of the month ” . It is isn’t how to give report , or aidet, or telling patients how to mark how ‘satisfied they are . Your right about the bed baths .Come in to work, how many patients are discharged the toothbrush not unwrapped, nothing used, 3-10 days. basic care is gone. New grads on phone flirting around playing ER drama queens bitching about patients attitudes while sending photos of their newest tat to everyone on the floor , and playing guessing game on a patients BAC. results . Everyone wears gloves for the entire 12 hour shift . who teaches them THAT ??


  5. When these board members meet up in their green jello meetings, snitch over heard randy Quinn (WRAP IT UP RANDY ) telling Paul Boyer , why don’t you have your wife apply to be on the board. Oh yea, a shitty nurse , whacked out thought process as Randy Quinn, time after time, needs to have his own type on their to protect his license and those who work in the same outfit. It is actually a pretty good deal for the temple heads. take someone like idiot quinn pay for his schooling grad by 25, work til 65 so you got 40 years of 10% of what he makes , then add 10% of wifee wages , who got her bsn at a byu funded school where mccormies runs her mouth, pretty good set up this business of promising an island, of course they never have to prove it the after life . pipe dream . Literally makes one wonder what makes these people tick supporting and paying money for what ? And if they don’t pay up , stay away until you do so, because you are not worthy . But to nurses you have stolen their careers from you aren’t worth sh*t anyways.


  6. here is what a citizen thinks of the OAH , just change the name or occupation to NURSE / NP and it is all right there , and SPOT ON !!! Instead of cabinets , the customer doesn’t like where the IV is, and you lost your job reported to BON , a witch cunt pursues , and lose your license .
    place at the ROC for their twisted ego’s!! Destroying lives DAILY!!
    And if you ask for a hearing…You have just wasted your time (and money if you hire an attorney!!) The hearing offices Judges are a complete joke and do whatever the ROC wants 100%, like a bunch puppets that they are!!
    If you are considering getting a contractors license in Arizona! Do yourself a huge favor and move on to the next state or do not bother!!
    They are as bad and crooked as it gets!!
    Example: Imagine remodeling an entire kitchen with everything brand new…including cabinets, sink, counter top, new microwave, new refrigerator, new dish washer, etc…
    And the customer does not like the color of the counter top! Files a complaint with the ROC! And the ROC along with the Hearing Offices makes you give ALL THE MONEY back to the customer for the entire job…INCLUDING the brand new refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, microwave, and cabinets!!
    Yes! You are reading right!! This is how crooked and incompetent the ARIZONA REGISTRAR OF CONTRACTOR and THE HEARING OFFICE IS!!
    But, it is time that they are exposed for what they really are!!


    1. Right on and guess who worked as alj for ROC ? Mike Douglas , the byu graduate , corrupt as the board of nursing . Dirty , and evil , do oaths mean anything ? taught they are the only “true’ ones , true to what thievery , lying , dirty tricks . Yes they are true, to themselves !


  7. This is a great description of how they do their corrupt acts, one NP observations. ::::: t doesn’t matter how good your records are. Mine were exemplary. Once you are targeted they will create the crime, get people to perjure themselves against you, even break the law themselves to create their case. And the worse thing we have against us is purely the propaganda that the government has created that sets up the following:
    1. Any nurse/np with a board complaint is ‘bad” .
    2. Any Nurse who goes on probation is a druggie, or made a huge patient error .
    3. Must have done something wrong, or the board would not ‘act” .
    We all know this is NOT true even in the slightest .
    It is just hard to believe that an agency that is all about caring for others are such wicked turncoats just plain EVIL.


  8. No nurse or nurse practioner who became a target of the so called investigators and then board , and those who work in any area in working to find ANYTHING daming to harrass the nurse to beat them down should 1 ever give up fighting 2 exposing their pattern of bullying 3 illegal overstretch 4 keep going writing letters using social media. Especially the ones who surrendered or are revoked , the wicked mentioned above have no control over you!! use your rights to warn others . If you do not what is your reason ? They have gotten away withtheir antics for too long , they,d love to discipline you, but they cannot do anymore damage so why aren,t you telling others ..?.?


  9. Lots of nurses are well aware of how this board acted with amanda trujillo . A perfect example of corruption . Retaliation. This is what separates the culture of Take the nurse down, save the dr and hospital , from other boards. Politics should not come
    Into play. Sometimes it backfires .


  10. comment on site by david M. : wow someone not connected with nursing at all seems to know what’s up and what is going on, too bad his advice didn’t come sooner for some nurses who have lost it all !! QUOTE “””” I see/hear that crap all the time. I haven’t been able to figure out when “minorities/immigrants” are trying to change in this country, other than perhaps the percentage of white faces. There appears to be a belief held by a significant sector of the populace that “Father Knows Best” was a documentary and that everything was perfect in the United States until 1960. I don’t get it. But if you are not blonde-haired and blue-eyed, you might want to avoid practicing nursing in the state of Arizona. Let the state reap as it seems determined to sow.”””””unquote


  11. SOME people know what is going on , while others watch it go by and wonder what happened . Not to discourage any of the ones trying, but this criminal case is spot on to the AZ BOARD OF NURSING !! Thank you for your kind words but it doesn’t work like that in the real world. My innocence is well documented all the way to the United States Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals to US Senators a few Governor’s etc…. The issue is what do we do when we are denied our Constitutional rights by the same people who swore oaths to uphold the Constitution and laws. In this day in age you have a much better chance of winning the lottery then a innocent American citizen getting the justice he/she deserves. So when Judges turn a blind eye to crimes being committed by Officers of the Court there is no Constitutional protection and remember this, it happened to me, why can’t it happen to you or someone you love?


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