Sultans of Defamation & Quackery AZBN

There are many articles and comments on this page that give evidence to the  regulatory agency known as the AZBN which clearly defines them as anything but honest. This article is just another.

The public information that is transcribed from the AZBN to the National Counsel of Nurses is in many cases fraudulent. By wire transfer and USPS mail. What makes it fraudulent is that much of that information is not public information. When a complaint is filed with any law enforcement that does not make it into that county court then that information is not public and has no legal business being published by either the AZBN of the Nation Council of Nurses. Many nurses have been unable to be hired for work, of any kind, as employers could search these databases and come up with non public information. This has been going on for some time. The amount of files is absolutely huge.

On board meeting days when all those shiny faced students sit there in awe of the white shirts and those with their special underwear on, are blind to the back room activities of this board. When a physician testifys against a nurse at an administrative law court hearing that testimony is NOT in the transcript. When false information is heard at one of these hearings that information is transcribed. Happens ALL….THE….Time.

The hope of the future of nursing and the safety of patients and our families, at least in Arizona, now lies in the hands of the students. The present AZBN agency is a branch of Mormon Totalitarianism which controls much of the government in Arizona. They own the courts, lawyers and the governor’s office. Many of us here who fell prey are of no help to you. Other than the fact you now know what to expect if you convince a patient that they are being used. Our ranks, of experienced nurses, are  filled with nurses with cult corrupted tattoos for life. You the student must stop them. Since we all know you can not, as do they, you should leave Arizona and never come back. Good Luck.

“My influence and decisions have power but can not compare to the sunlight on infectious corruption that the general population can do.” Louis Brandeis, Sumpreme Court Justice 1918.

Peary Brown retired R.N.

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  1. The dirty dogs at the az bon have changed transcripts , board minutes , and recordings . all illegal and shows they are hiding lots and getting the ‘records ‘ to tell the story their way . Amazing nurses who think because they have 10 years in nursing and no problems , that they won’t . The majority won’t because it would be too obvious, and an uproar . Why nurses do not get upset at one nurse being screwed by this corrupt board . selfish ? AZNA got to them with their own sets of lies . A nursing association should be ‘for ‘ nurses not political hacks such as Robin Schaefer is .


  2. There are plenty of cases just as shocking as this in AZ and some are still practicing today . Don’t think they are not , protection of the nurses , selectively !! A Fruitport woman has had her nursing license suspended on an “emergency” basis after a drug diversion incident prompted six years of drug testing she consistently skipped, state records show.

    Nancy Ann Umphrey, 57, had her registered nurse license suspended in October 2019 after years of noncompliance with state efforts to help her keep it, according to records obtained by MLive/Muskegon Chronicle through Michigan’s Freedom of Information Act.

    Her troubles began with a 2013 drunk driving crash and the 2014 diversion of opioids from her employer that prompted a three-year state monitoring agreement requiring drug and alcohol screens, according to the records.

    Over the next several years, Umphrey failed to submit to 42 drug screens, either skipped or provided “diluted specimens” for another 13 drug screens and tested positive once for an opioid pain killer, records show.

    The state extended her monitoring agreement five times – for a total of another three years — before the “emergency” suspension, records show.

    Umphrey did not respond to attempts by MLive/Muskegon Chronicle to reach her for comment.

    An administrative complaint from the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs details the concerns regarding Umphrey that go back more than six years, including:

    – A 2013 vehicle crash in Fruitport Township after which Umphrey was found in possession of an open bottle of liquor and had a blood alcohol content of 0.262, more than three times the legal limit. She was convicted of drunk driving, but never informed the state as her R.N. license required.

    – The 2014 diversion of hydromorphone from Mercy Health Muskegon, for which she was working at the time. Umphrey was placed on a three-year monitoring agreement with the state requiring regular drug and alcohol testing and ordering her not to use alcohol or controlled or other “mood-altering” substances.

    – Failure to submit to 10 drug screens between October 2014 and March 2015, prompting a nine-month extension of her monitoring agreement.

    – A positive drug screen for tramadol in September 2015, which had followed four failures to submit to drug screens between May and August of 2015. As a result, her monitoring agreement was extended another six months.

    – Thirteen occasions between October 2015 and October 2016 when Umphrey either didn’t show up for drug screens or submitted “diluted urine specimens.” She also didn’t submit required paperwork about sponsor reports and self-help logs. As a result, her monitoring agreement was extended another 15 months.

    – Failure to submit to seven drug screens between February and June 2017. She also didn’t submit the required sponsor reports and self-help logs. Her monitoring agreement was extended another three months.

    – Failure to submit to six drug screens between September 2018 and March 2019 and failure to provide sponsor reports, worksite monitoring reports, therapist/addictionist reports and self-help logs. Her monitoring agreement was extended another three months.

    – Failure to submit to 15 drug screens between April and September 2019, and an August 2019 screen that was positive for alcohol.

    At that point, Umphrey was determined “noncompliant” and her case was forwarded to the disciplinary subcommittee for the state board of nursing. A notice of “summary suspension” of her license was issued Oct. 23 by the enforcement division director for the bureau of professional licensing.

    In it, the director notes that “public health, safety, or welfare requires emergency action.”

    Umphrey’s case remains open and her license is currently suspended, according to state records.


  3. Lot’s of things can be passed on to new victims. do not sign that consent agreement, the illegal activites of the board, how the sham court OAH is run,what lawyers are violating BAR rules and to avoid. Do not allow your atty to talk to any member of the board or staff w/o you on the phone or by email only . They act like prosecutors plea deals BS !! if you have done nothing wrong , except get a license in az under this corrupt board , do not keep feeding the giant werewolves , fight back . (comment , but not here ) cause snoop dogs like mamaluy , dahn, pete , olsen , elson,mand , and more , get paid to read fb, wordpress. Lots more , lots mum is word. first make sure is not a snoop dog , sneek , and can’t be trusted infiltrate like an icu who contacted, dont be fooled. Soon to list the dirty dining atty’s to avoid . watch for it.


    1. The AZBN staff is also sending out subpoenas stating they need information on us for a criminal investigation. Yes, AZBN staff and AZAG staff you are doing this and why are you submitting the subpoenas under criminal investigation to companies like credit card companies, homeowners association,our phone companies, etc.. under criminal investigation, because by law these companies are not obligated to notify us if the subpoena is for a criminal investigation. RIGHT AZBN and AZAG staff you are doing this and I have copies as proof, and let me guess that criminal subpoena was a clerical ERROR, Yeah sure!

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      1. Well good, if the investigators have a thimble full of integrity more then the employees and board members , They are the ones who will be charged. Criminal what they have done to many many Rn Cna’s NP . just criminal .


      2. AZBON use of spies to attack honest good nurses and spread propaganda to harass citizens . Just another notch for the belt. As usual , some kind of sneaky ideas, thought up and drummed up by their own nasty wicked one.


  4. Board of nursing can turn ANYTHING into ‘a threat ” . they can try . A judge would have to sign this , (of course their are mormon judges will sign anything , when it comes to money ! ) not buying the BS , more scare tactics. This is how the BD operates , so lot’s of turn coats . Nice try. We’ll get subpoenas for this nurse who had stg 4 ovarian cancer and they board would not allow her to die w/o messing with her . Sad. Telling her to surrender . DO NOT SURRENDER, YOUR LICENSE ! there are other consequences. ! ” atty chelle requested that the BD allow his patient to die without going thru ‘notice of charges’ a nurse Nicole , is stg 4 ovarian cancer, she is on borrowed time now, the BD had a letter from her Dr. The BD refused to budge. When the bd asked why she didn,t just turn her license in, the atty said it was a pride thing. that is true , Carol Schaeffer just want to have her license ‘in good standing ‘ before she dies. ” Of course this was nasty randy quinn and his doings, a real sociopath personality monster. He’s another one , who will take it in the arce, metaphorically speaking , of course, as someone suggested for campbell and mamaluy .


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