Sterile Abscess AZBN

Views as of 26 Dec 2019…Right off the chart!

If the last noteworthy comment by the governor about his inability to terminate AZBN members is to be believed one can only assume that their governor’s appointments to that position is just plain queer. The recent racist revelations comments by newly appointed board member Lajuana Gillette got the governor’s dander up enough for him to openly claim legislation was needed for him to legally terminate her; we here would say nothing new. The AZBN, attorney general’s crew, and the administrative law court are  sterile abscesses in the soul of the governor’s administration. A sterile abscess is an infection of rotten bugs surrounded by an impervious wall that nothing can penetrate. They all do not follow the states laws and do whatever they want. Open meetings are a sham of righteous appearances to define their roles as public protectors. They are not. They are now well established and documented abusers of the system and cost the state a fortune in salaries and resources and the now well documented horrible patient care seen by so many causing emergence of economic and emotional pain to nurses and patients as well. Like all sterile abscesses they must rot from the inside out, and Lajuana Gillette is fresh breeze of putrefied bacteria to help the community see what these abscesses are made of. Leave her right where she is Mr. Governor, she is perfect. The passion felt in comments comes from real nurses that are not the ordinary drones who do everyting they’re told to do. 


Peary Brown, Retired R.N.