The Flip Side of Bad AZBN

About 20 years ago I was working the med surg unit in a small community hospital in New England and sharing the lunch room table in the break room with a traveler from Arizona. On the T.V. was a sheriff interviewing a prison inmate whose complete interviewing clearly was designed to humiliate the young prisoner and to demonstrate how he, as wayward young man, had destroyed his life and disrupted the lives of innocent civilians. This was on the then Court TV Channel and the sheriff’s demeanor seemed he was enjoying this interview. The nurse I was sitting with was a Latino from Arizona and I said to her, “Why is this sheriff allowed to do this, and on national TV?” 

She said, “Thats Broadway Joe Arpaio, he promotes himself in the media by using prisoners, mostly Hispanics whose life he says has caused damage to the community.”

I could tell from her tone the Latino nurse was not impressed and further went on to say, “I get pulled over in Phoenix probably 5 times a year and harrassed about nothing. I know other Latinos who’ve been robbed by the Arpaio posses.”

“Doesn’t the administration there know this and step in?” I said in emotional disbelief.

She calmly said, “Of course, they allow it.”

By the time I traveled to Arizona to work as an R.N. I was a seasoned clinician whose immediate assessment of desert nursing was they needed help, and lots of it. A long time went by and I reached full retirement and decided it was a good time to open up a quack or two. I had heard about the Medical Mafia whose own laws of Mormon Delight wrap themselves as Angels of Rightenous and burn everybody in their way of making $. The Navy way is what I did.

Of the many interviews this page and group has done very few allow their real names used. However, all were asked tell us something good they’ve done that the AZBN’s disciplinary account of them did not mention. One nurse had worked 72 hrs straight in the middle of 911. Another had delivered a baby in a remote camp during a blizzard by candle light, and all was well. Another, whom I know personally, dragged a 200lb marine from a burning building while under enemy fire. All were experienced R.N.s who never saw the AZBN coming. Why oh Why are their names unknown?? The fear of an administration that would allow dickheads like Broadway Joe to get away with murder makes these quality nurses hide. Nurses should avoid Arizona as there is no law this corrupt board aheres to.

Correction= Better Than 65,000 Views

Peary Brown retired R.N.

12 thoughts on “The Flip Side of Bad AZBN

  1. It will be interesting for sure. The Cult is very evident in AZ . People do not realize this until they are caught up in some kind of weird legal battle . They have their “plants ” posted everywhere . The Board of Nursing agency is no different. Line them up , and when another mission creep comes before them , they vote to give them a ‘pass” . Now anyone who has been in this outfit headed by polygamist, adultery, thief and finally hung Joseph Smith (the one they honor and have a statue of like he is something special) knows that blacks are shunned . They believe that blacks did something wrong in an earlier life and God made them black to punish them . So Ridenour bringing the small tokens will not work, they stick out like the ONE on the mormon tabernacle choir . It is no wonder Randy Quinn was talking the members out of voting in Mekoba- Hill.


  2. The sooner people figure this common thread out the better. It will help with the confusion, the tears , the heartache. A female before a male mormon will lose every time. While they try to pull off how “GOOD” they are , we see daily the dirt bags they really are. How many people do not know Jeff Flake is mormon? lots . A frequent visitor to the Marshall Islands. These creeps love to ‘judge ‘others , get into positions of authority of making decisions and protecting another brethren . While citing some bs about treating others fairly . Organized mafia . Organized crime . Sad part is the females helping the males , and never disagree with them . How sickening to be under the cult’s weird teachings when you are not even in it . Running a business, their love of money , and taking over government all masquerading around as a ‘religion”.


  3. The above is not in all states so nurses from other states will have a hard time grasping this concept. It takes some reading, observation, and knowledge to address this issue , discover the underlying motives and try to educate others . In states like Utah Idaho and AZ , it is most prevalent . Yes they are all over , and dropping like flies so the 3rd world countries they still look ‘successful ” and something to join to over come poverty . But it certainly comes with a price. A mafia they have been called, and rightly so. While they “look ‘ like little house on the prairie , and discourage certain traits . Those who have decided it wasn’t for them, will tell you otherwise. and that is putting it VERY politely . You wonder how they can be so fooled .some members are not but can’t get out for financial reasons. When you are political you are not serving anyone but yourself.


  4. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to go with this. It’s a war on multiple fronts. A nurse who went through the same schooling , as you is referring you to the docs “on the list ” which is pretty much the state of Arizona’s ‘shit list”. and is either knowingly or wantonly misdiagnosing nurses and doing immeasurable harm., to stay on “the list”. A nurse who was sexually assaulted by a colleague loses her job and her career after she filed a complaint. Another is diagnosed with paranoid delusions and suddenly he is paranoid with good reason. Then there is the bullying and ganging up, something that’s always been part of the work force but now can lead to destroyed careers and lives. A nurse with one DUI, tells honestly in evaluation about her sexual assault and now the board wants to ‘fix ‘ that . Another trait of this type is anything sexual they perk up their ears, like perverts . This gets around , about her past and it because the main focus , therefore it encourages nurses to lie ,so a very private past wont be the topic of discussion at the board meeting . Lie like the board members do . What is in THEIR past they haven’t had counseling for ? who has had a tragic event in their past, should we make sure they get mandatory counseling , see how they like it. And while they are doing that of course probation of THEIR license.

    What bugs me the most is that my mind cannot grasp why someone who’s supposedly dedicated his life to a helping profession would turn on others with such mindless viciousness. This is to me a new breed—not the ignorant, incompetent, self centered or arrogant types that exist in every profession—rather, these are colleagues steeped in schadenfreude, callousness and pettiness who betray the very values we all should stand for. These are evil people. They’re probably pretty ordinary on the outside and can get by , but psychiatrically unstable with hatred. If their mental madness could bleed it would be gushers. I don’t know how or why they become so mindlessly corrupt.


  5. Is there any other logical explaination to such behavior besides sociopathy gone undetected or rather recognized and promoted by a like minded person in power? A sociopath couldn’t have cared any less about any oath, the law, rules, general norms or anyone but themselves . Look at Paul Petersen, that is a real brazen thing to do , not only selling babies, using women as breeders, but not showing up for work, and thinking he is entitled to still get paid and act as if , what do you mean arrest me, what did I do wrong ? In my opinion, the issue is that the Governor’s office do not seem to care about keeping the public safe from the practicing sociopaths. Shouldn’t that be more of a concern for them? If power protects power, then the best we can do is to gain equal and opposite power. How? I don’t know as they destroy anyone who tries. But then how many are really trying ? And have loser attitudes , waste my time”. they just let them go about their corrupt ways . I will try again when I’ve regained my strength . .


  6. Board of Nursing and Prosecutor : You are too dangerous to practice nursing .
    Nurse : Based on what ?
    BON and A G Prostitutes : something we and our liars made up , we’re good at that .
    But sign this paper releasing us and you are free to work .
    Nurse : why would I sign that it isn’t true ?
    BON and AG Prostitutes : It is mandatory, how else will we get off the hook . Then we gotcha for as long as we want and wear you out ordering more psych evals , skills evals, refresher courses, keep restrictions on your license , we got you on a dog leach . you sign it and we can tack on a number of things , extend probation for years , all while contacting any place you work and telling them inflated stories and get you fired , and just before you sign , we will add that you can’t sue us , for when you figure out this is all illegal, abuse of system. THEN when we go back to court we can really show the judge what an incompetent nurse you are and “”‘we really tried working with him/her. ” “”And look at all of the hoops they did not jump for us , most of which are impossible . We are here to protect the public judge and this is how they act , ”
    Once you become a ‘target’ of this gangster mafia mob you they won’t let up until they kill your very soul , so might as well fight back , nothing you can do will satisfy them, they know you are weak . Like a wounded chicken they will peck until they kill it.


  7. Yes I think their ‘gig” is up . like playing cards, “CALL” time to show your hands what you really have . Oops , it’s all bullsh*t cards. Nurses when this corrupt board of nursing in az tells you , don’t talk about your case it is unprofessional . HAHA Just laugh at them right in the face Of course they want you to be quiet. Ridenour counted on that , she ‘s really upset up social media so this is the brain washing they spout out to the nursing students . Like it is a ‘bad ” thing. to have a voice to express your opinion. They’d love to control everyone’s speech . Is that part of ‘protecting the public” . they really go out of their realm don’t they . Wake up has been , never was we’re calling your cards and you don’t have nothing , absolutely nothing ! The board acts like a private prison they have beds and programs to fill , get those numbers up there !

    But there is something more beyond the above. You are dealing with psychopathic individuals at the hospital, board and Atty General level. Folks that actually enjoy torturing you. They get off on the power to break you – but it’s “”for your own good “”according to them.They like to operate like reeducation centers. You admit you are an addict even if you have never used drugs or alcohol . They encourage you to lie, like they do . “for your own good ” . We’re just trying to help you . Now sign here .


  8. Most clever people who do law work, will find loop holes or bending the rules, or rigging, abusing, cheating, milking, playing, cheating the system, working the system, or breaking the system) can be defined as using the rules and procedures meant to protect a system to, instead, manipulate the system for a desired outcome. But this board and it’s gang members (the attorney general office, the OAH, and the despicable judges there , the investigators , do their malpractice, very openly and no one is paying attention or brings it to anyone’s attention that can act on it. If anyone were paying attention, auditing the board meetings , sitting in or reading closed meetings they would have sh*t canned Randy Quinn LONG ago. To allow this legal nightmare to sit and run his ill informed mouth,and when he is informed to ignore advice is just unspeakable. In just one law suit with Timothy Miller suing the board, Quinn’s stupidity and statement was quoted . Not the first time this moron has said some really crazy statements (the kind that make attorneys who defend him , shrink in their seats , and try to make eye contact like , hey dummy , stfu ! The kind of statements that make the opposing team smile and say “oh yea dum dum spill it , cause you don’t have the brains to STFU ! ” ANd guess who they allowed to run their mouth the most at the board meetings . GO AWAY QUINN you are a mess !! Good thing he doesn’t have the same patients over and over , they would say keep that A*SHOLE away from me !


  9. YOU CAN NEVER TRULY GET OUT OF NURSING IT IS LIKE THE MAFIA YOU KNOW TOO MUCH ! And when it comes to state agencies , like this corrupt one, we know way more than they THINK we know.


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