Doug Doucey Questions

The average nurse can make between 40-125 thousand a year. From that, state tax gets a least 10,000.00 and some would claim more, but the point here is nursing makes up the largest and most financially prolific profession in the world. Arizona claims better than 70,000 nurses live and work in Arizona. If that figure is confirmed by the AZBN you can forget that. They have dead nurses as active licences. If they claim otherwise they’re lying as usual.

If you are so concerned about doing good business as all your warm & fuzzy newsletter claim you’d be diligent to a fault in keeping nurses working. As the nursing shortage continues to grow the need to promote employment retainers becomes imperative. Instead, nurse retainer ship, is non existent. This evidence can be noted through the costly use of nurse travel agencies which has skyrocketed in recent years. The cost for one experienced nurse is about 1000.00 per shift whose own take home from that is less than half.

Maintaining the mission of the AZBN as the governing body of nursing could not be any further away from what the modern nursing founders had created these agencies for in the first place. Nursing doesn’t need to be governed and monitored by people who hate nursing and nurses. Most have obviously never learned to eat, and they’re judging those who frequently do not have enough time for lunch.

The motive for felonious criminal activity by the AZBN has been such a mystery to determine. The first thought is the AZBN is doing the right thing. Right. Then you’ve got 20 plus nurses who were illegally prosecuted by Beth A. Campbell with all kinds of evidence to conclusively determine the complete process is a violation of more than ethical standards but criminal activity as well. Although it matters little to the adm. that new laws and bills are ignored causing many disruptions in nursing. What is the motive. its GLORY. We are the almighty and are never wrong and we get all the licenses revoked we need to define our roles and we are very important. You’re dangerous criminals is who you really are.

Its bad business what this board is doing and will reflect this in state’s coffers. This page has better than 65,000 views and is responsible for depicting the attorney general’s office and AZBN as lying corrupt bastards. Which they are, bound for Glory. Although Arizona isn’t the only trash heap in Nursing Boards, Its the only one with a well circulated page as this. Working in Arizona as a nurse is way less attractive partly because of the information provided through this page than say, Rhode Island. For every nurse whose license goes south the state tosses away at least 10,000.00 year. Does the governor actually believe his regulatory agencies promote public safety and great job creation is Arizona’s future? I’ve seen Governor’s return letters about the AZBN complaints, you can not take these pecker-heads court. The courts are more corrupt than the Board. The only people who need this Board are the ones who work there. What an incredible waste of tax payers resources.

The perfect crime is possible when law enforcement commits the perfect crime.

Peary Brown retired R.N.



10 thoughts on “Doug Doucey Questions

  1. from very reliable source : “The cases would never go the way they are going if Fran Roberts were still in charge ! ” Lots of no good statements about “joey ” Including “she’s STILL THERE ! (hugh sigh) with wrinkled up nose, shaking head, in distaste . “Fran was great and fair , not at all like Ridenour” . (and she was there for both) SO there ya go folks time for DUcey to CLEAN HOUSE , terminal clean, not one speck of bacteria from the punitive mean girls ; stupid r us club . Yep and always Ridenour has a “sick em ” go ahead for investigators . And , (this we did know ) she will dump on the Board members in a heart beat ! Only selectively picking and choosing a target , and then ‘sounds like they are ALL OVER THE PLACE ” . Investigator who worked where , all investigators are former state police . Not at all like the clucks , who are their now .


  2. So many states are horrified to learn how AZ is running it’s board of nursing, but then they don’t know JOKE Ridenour, and Rap Randy Quinn. and the whimpy women who go along . That would be actually providing safe nurses in the field if State Police men were doing the investigations . Not some off the street , game players, LA sheriff dept flunky butts, and pompous MSN . each case that is handed out to investigators, especially when one of the hospitals is involved, is given to the ones who will play in the dirt . take anyone of these cases and have it reviewed by a real auditor (not the ones who cover for the board ) and you will see what is pointed out , is so much out of the realm of any kind of ‘investigation ” of a nurse .×900


  3. In the news is a AZ Assessor, PETERSEN , who brought over pregnant women from the Marshall Islands, sold their babies, they did not know they were giving up for adoption permanently. Petersen, who did a mormon mission in the marshall islands , got connections with a woman who is from there and helping him . Although makes statements similar to the board of nursing , “we’re just trying to help YOU.” Petersen got these women on the state’s free insurance , ripping off vulnerable children in AZ .from money for office visits, and health care. Questions are raised , why did the L&D nurses who reported this few years ago, not investigated ? Are the CPS workers, (remember board member Cecelia Andersen , worked ! ) DES workers protecting other mormons. ? And how it is they got on the ACCESS insurance , who’s addresses were they using ? Do you really think Petersen’s wife did not know about any of this ? It is well known that women do not or are not allowed to hold higher offices and generally are looked at as basically breeders, so did Petersen ‘s upbringing make him do this /? When it becomes very public , they will separate from him. like Jeff’s . This is not the rare bird at all, they can be quit the wicked bunch. Of course many nurses, like 1 of my good co workers feel victim to the evil , I would have never believed it but most certainly do.


  4. Did you see the nurse who was grayed out facial , on tv who reported this to her nursing supervisor and mgt. ? (who apparently did nothing or did not report , but must have known what was going on . Because this nurse said, “after i reported this , not one more pregnant women from the Marshall Islands came back again ” . So the real question is , if these mgrs are found out to not report, will the board of nursing file charges on them ? ( or will they turn a blind eye , as they have on certain ones? ) With so many watching this and so much going to unravel, well , can’t give them much credit for being credible !


  5. Its very likely that nursing needs will change drastically in the not too distant future, a recent retiree had said so much had changed in her later career in that nurses were now needed to be corporate machines. The Medical Mafia rides again in the ultimate control by numbers in staffing allowed. Never a union person but with big corps and corrupted Bds you need UNIONS.


  6. The issue with bad and illegal evidence doesn’t play out with the defendant’s history of anything of a positive note. There are cases with evidence, of a non-violation nature, being presented that is 30 years old. When I discovered this I was stunned to see stacks of paperwork on these claims, and by people that had been dead for many years. This board is insane!!
    Its possible to be a Mother Teresa and be beheaded by this illegal organization.


  7. When you nurses got a nursing license did you ever dream in your wildest dreams that those who control your future, whether or not you make a living, would behave like this crew ? Where does it say they are suppose to play politics? Or can do the enormous unethical things they do ? Now I see Sen Barto, is getting a nursing hero award from the AZNA. Endorsement . with creeps such as randy quinn in the picture ! WTF does he have anything to do with this? So he’s a AZNA member, so what ?. NOTHING he says or does makes any sense at all , he is just getting his mug in the photo looking at more political future . Quinn has basically Fked too many nurses over to ever hold his head high , ever again. Him at Paul Petersen , peas of the same pod . Finished , washed up done with , go away , just remember the dark cloud , the voodoo , vibes coming your way. Go ahead tell your new found friends, (since you got on the board) they are just angry cause they got caught, I had to discipline them, or what ever excuse you dream up, to justify your dirty corrupt ways . Barto will lose votes over posing for a picture with that dirty sickening creep !


  8. Oh and what a bunch of lies , are you reading this crazy nonsense . the AZNA represents 90k nurses in AZ ( since WHEN??? , this political hack group, is not something most nurses belong to and would support. !!) Bring on the unions !!
    “””The AzNA is an organization representing Arizona’s 90,000 registered nurses that works to advance the nursing profession and promote a healthy Arizona””” what a line of bs ! AZNA is not for safe staffing ratios for one thing. (they word it like they are concerned but want the hospitals to have FLEXIBLITY) (yea i know sickening ) the AZNA and the AZBN and hospitals are all working together in one big MONEY GREED . They have a few cronies who follow their bull sh*t , who think they are chosen ones who will suck up to those who will help them . “advance the profession” is really a big joke? By acting like unprofessional’s ??


  9. Where is the President of the AZNA , not in the picture ? what’s randy dandy looking for another photo op. Must be trying to get into some type of ‘notice me ” area.
    A complete failure as a human being. Trying to weasel his way in to other areas. I guess if he impresses people like Lori Gutierrez , the “dumber than a box of rocks “queen . Another termed out , and looks like the board terms really took a beating on her , why do they keep OLD pictures up, so people won’t recognize them on the street! !


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