Crime Begets Crime AZBN

Its likely that criminal behavior gives rise to secondary criminal behavior as one illegal activity that is criminalized is looking for regulation. The case for criminalization by law makers often just creates other avenues for criminals to pursue as the first order of the initial crime is surrounded by regulation bound to eventually expose criminal activity. There is reams of studies on this which has kept lawmakers busy for years. Trying to stop anti social behavior is one of governments’ major functions. However, these studies and statistical results are measured not from our law abiding citizens but from anti social personnel. How does exposing crime end up being a crime? This comes from the rule that society is being ruled by criminals. Joe Arpaio, one of many. So when a nurse answers to false complaints that the AZBN has lead the witness’s tongue down a lying path the crime begets the witness to commit another crime. When this happens you have a series of crimes created by one crime. To ultimately get patched to Adm Law Judge D.Milhaskey, and one needs not be a licensed attorney to stay on the trail. Of course this crime is not reported as a crime as nobody in the attorney’s general office would ever commit a crime. At this point it isn’t probative to repeat past crimes of the AZBN or the attorney general’s office only to make note that it is springboard for more crime to cover the first crime. Or in happier times find a new crime to destroy nursing and protect the adm/hospital/physician. It becomes curious to discover a governmental motive which is actually fairly simple. No good deed goes unpunished in the adm we now have. Can’t have nurses reporting crime. Its bad for business. So the hidden chamber to the entire circle of criminology revolves around that first layer of crimes, to protect the pocketbooks. 

The crimes committed upon nurses to hide crimes is very real, documented, well known, and their reports of criminal activity are also treated as criminal activity. This is the world some nurses have discovered The escalation from perjury, amongst other crimes, to more serious crime may take place at an unpredictable point in the future? The way of anti social behavior may escalate within the ranks of legal government by the victims whose victimization by said legal government didn’t commit murder but some of the ones I’ve interviewed were sure dead in their hearts. It is at that point that the individual discovers the crime begets crime theory. Is it possible not to notice that another crime is just around the corner? Is it possible for that victim not to be afraid to die…as some have already done that.

Peary Brown Retired R.N.

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  1. Nursing is especially a mess in AZ , the AZBON has made it that way. here is on take on how they operate : Had to fight for 2 years to get nursing license (in AZ) due to disclosed incident that had happened over 15 years previously. The Board definitely has it’s issues . But yet with felonies they go back THREE years. And the AZBON has made some major mistakes, but they are still “practicing ” . and that is just what it is they do .


    1. your license has property rights, think about this , how the law is written , Sec. 9.41. PROTECTION OF ONE’S OWN PROPERTY. (a) A person in lawful possession of land or tangible, movable property is justified in using force against another when and to the degree the actor reasonably believes the force is immediately necessary to prevent or terminate the other’s trespass on the land or unlawful interference with the property.
      Think about it. Trespassers , unlawful interference .


  2. With many prosecutors being sentenced, for many reasons which fall under prosecutorial misconduct , the board may not have the allies they have had in the past. Times are changing.
    Prosecutorial misconduct, either through deliberate Brady violations or the knowing use of perjured testimony or inflammatory arguments before a jury, (or a board) is designed to deprive a defendant of a fair and impartial trial, and this unethical, even criminal, behavior must be understood by the general public.
    Is this why Carrie Smith , is over seeing the two amateurs ? and lets not forget mamaluy former AAG, so that’s 3 . Tired of cleaning up their messes, time for a spanking .


  3. Hey Pam Millbern , why are you telling others to ‘point her out to me “. Do you have some interest? Or just another gossiping hen . Bonnie likes to give dirty looks with a wrinkled up nose , guess no wonder she never made it as a msw. A social worker taunting people , behavioral health nightmare , Then a stare down., she thinks ! are you going to join her in that too ? Bonnie tugging on your shirt sleeve, and pointing people out . IS this part of your job description? OR stir trouble like peter eater ? Heard the gossip in the break room and want to spread gossip even further . Only someone who believes the little gossiping gaslighter’s are that stupid. And Cindy Mand, another one who can give the dirty looks, hey low life you just got a 30k a year raise, what is your excuse for leaning over informing JR ‘ a member of the public is attending the meeting ? Been gossiping the in break room ? Of course peter banging in your ear , then immediate dirty look at another respondent . Are you suppose to be talking smack about attendees in a public meeting or are you SUPPOSE to be professionals . Really want to be snoop dogs read the transcript (for the first time, none of the bd members did ) not what Valerie Smith wrote for the judge to sign. Corrupt judge at that , dirty player . NO wonder no one answers the phone the cases are way behind, and mistakes are made . A bunch of gullible defamers , will end up like Bonnie . And how do you get rewarded for your spy work ? Pam, Bonnie, Cindy, et alever hear of the 10 commandments ?


  4. Are some board members/ employees really clueless ? hmm well look at it this way . Bernie Madoff fooled almost everyone for a long time.
    I personally believe that many Board members are too busy to realize they are being fooled by lies and deception and plausible but distorted stories.
    It cannot hurt to persist at trying to inform those who somehow are being deceived. I doubt they know they are violating civil rights routinely- I actually had an ex-president of an agency tell me that “if that were true, the individual could go to court and deal with it.” = CLUELESS to the end.
    The conversation of some Board members actually suggests they think they are “doing good”, and that they (lying) lawyers are “so helpful”. Thus many may be “just following orders” of lawyers who know what they can get away with because they will have quasi immunity for violations..(times a changing) The Thanking the Assistant Atty Gen , ‘for all their hard work ” is laughable. I guess in a way it is hard work , let lies go into print, then have to check all angles to see if it can been pierced. Looking over their shoulders to see if any ambush by a nurse who calls them on it with proof. OR an atty who doesn’t care if the board likes them go for the jugular .


  5. a reply that indirectly is caused by the az board of nursing and investigators , the azna seems to be pretty upset with this unorganized board too . Afraid to work in AZ

    There is a big shortage of nurses and doctors in this state, there is evilness here and should be voted

    out of their positions. No nurses want to work here and will go to other states where they are paid for

    their services and treated humanely. This is a terrible place to live if you have no doctors and less RN’s

    working. This state is the wild west and people have bad health care, on their own it is so sad. Please

    Vote out these folks/ Other than that, the people here are good honest nice folks who are suffering and

    deserve much better in terms of medical care. Many will go to Las Vegas or out of state like the MD’s

    already do.


  6. Hey guys I learned about this cool site, by this post someone wrote on line . wow, something seriously wrong with az brn !
    There’s a fucking website of shit like this! WTF Arizona!?

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  7. sometimes you just have to do the right thing , be honest for a change ! When a student ask best trait to be a good nurse and a board member says “integrity ” . maybe they should take their own medicine ! Malicious Prosecution Claims Under 42 U.S.C. § 1983
    To rise to a federal level, an allegedly malicious prosecution must have been
    conducted with the intent to deprive a person of a federal right. (Bretz v. Kelman
    (9th Cir. 1985) 773 F.2d 1026, 1031.) Such a federal-law plaintiff must show:
    The defendant prosecuted or caused the plaintiff to be prosecuted.
    No probable cause existed for the prosecution.
    while a number of nurses np cna before the board, ‘im so sorry “”it wont happen again” “my life is changed ” “I know i messed up ” but when you cannot point to anything that a person did to have a career taken a license taken , not a job a career , that is a PROBLEM .


    1. Some may argue the cases are not criminal , not by the defendants hands , they are by the prosecutors non actions. Unwilling to admit wrong doing, they know the law but break it all along ! NOTICE , you would have to have SOUND JUDGEMENT , which is pretty hard for AZBRN prosecutors when their minds are focused in a destroy at any cost , slam dunk , never admit wrong doing mindless set. In addition to the myriad ethical duties to which all lawyers are subject, Rule 3.8 is addressed specifically to prosecutors. The rule recognizes prosecutors’ unique function as a “minister of justice and not simply that of an advocate.” See Rule 3.8 Cmnt. [1]. In particular, the rule recognizes: “The prosecutor’s duty to seek justice has traditionally been understood to require the prosecutor to take precautions to avoid convicting innocent individuals, but also requires the prosecutor to take reasonable remedial measures when it appears likely that an innocent person was wrongly convicted.” Id., Cmnt. [6A].

      Rule 3.8(c) is one of the Rules that gives meaning to prosecutors’ duty to correct wrongful convictions. It requires a prosecutor who “knows of new, credible and material evidence creating a reasonable likelihood that a convicted defendant did not commit an offense of which the defendant was convicted” to take remedial measures. Remedial measures include disclosure to the court, the defendant, or another prosecutor’s office with jurisdiction over the conviction. Id. The rule sets an ethical floor, not a ceiling. See Rules, Scope [6]. Rule 3.8(c) supplements prosecutors’ legal obligations and does not tell a well-intentioned prosecutor what more to do as a matter of fair dealing and sound judgment.


  8. False complaints, false accusations, false charges, malicious prosecutions, BS probations , fabricated evidence, planting of evidence, failure to prove a case , coerced pleas, mock trials facilitated by judges, etc., … it’s all so corrupt and wrong!

    Hold even just a few of these criminals accountable with charges and prison time, and these crimes will come to a grinding halt.


  9. As a student , I was quite surprised , to have to attend this bd meeting , as a scare tactic by instructors , in fact twice . once where this bd was highly promoting the arizona nurse association, and telling people to join , when looking into it, they do nothing and very little unless adv practice then next meeting the director of az nurse association robin , schaeffer , who spelled her name because they misspelled it. which is weird the close connection. But then me as former vol police , thinks on purpose . She said the bd screwed up on addresses and a timed mag AZ Nurse , was sent out hundreds of copies to hospitals, lots of complaints. at a cost of around $33, 000. and she wants the bd to pay. The president of the board the only male, who both times seemed to run the entire board, domineering the board, of course tabled this . So the AZ board and the AZ nurse association who are fighting with each other , may go to court. Robin mentioned several screws ups by board personal , so the poster (i step) who says they are playing games like jr high girls , has good insight . I picked up on this in 2 meetings . It does sound like the BD is VERY disorganized because with her situation it happened twice . apparently some new bill passed so others say a union, or anyone else cannot obtain a list of nurses and send out mass mailing to nurses to inform them . sad really . But if it was Robin’s group who passed this bill, well it bit you back didn’t it . Controlling information , is communism .


  10. Sometimes when you try to help someone and tell them the attorneys are all corrupt and not the answer, and then you get this response ,””This is quite timely for me.
    I have caught the board confabulating and manufacturing a complaint.
    And my lawyers do not want to “agitate’ the board before our informal conference.
    “””No we are not kidding we have heard this on so many cases !! over and over the BRN are liars.
    it is like you want to say “told ya so ” but they are worried , not thinking rational . How many times the advise STOP SIGNING those consent agreements , once the board has their teeth into you and gets the taste of blood they won’t let go until they get ‘the kill ” , think not ? STOP going to those quacks on the brn ‘approved list” . STOP allowing the BRN to fax every lie to the psych, BRN investigators ‘steering them ‘ what they want . stop paying for this so the BRN , can get more info against you . the psychologists on the list are LIARS , manipulators . And yes the ones who use the BRN for their specialty and bread and butter , are not aggressive . Don’t are how much they bash the brn, in the office , the question is ARE THEY AT THE LEGISLATURE PASSING BILLS ??? if not they will take your money and move on to the next payment on their sports car their vacation to ALaska, while the nurse is hung out to dry. How many of these reports by psychologists have the words “proceed with caution ” , this is happening , and this vague non committal comment , is what the BRN focuses on !! zero in and focus, like hawks circling the sky, looking for prey and seeing you and make the dive , right into their fithy claws and small minds . ‘gotcha “


  11. Wonder why every nurse ,NP thinks they are “special’ and if they play the game, and suck up , they will be “ok ” and why has it come to this ? You cannot tell how ‘sorry” someone is by their words, their crying like many do before the board, they do cases based on the male biased sicko whack job, who is ruining a mostly female career , and why is that . The bad Board member who appears to have many problems of her own, ANDERSON ( she is a sheep, just answers how the first ones answer , ) doesn’t question anything , worked at DES , in mgt , has really no business judging these nurses /np’s in front of the board. SHAME ON YOU , Cecelia . Mean , acts like a dry drunk . and mistakenly thinks she is an ‘expert” . A political hack , state worker . Why is it men stick together but woman will stick with men, and go against women. Hard core, not at all wired as a nurse should be . Like a copy cat , vote how is ‘suggested ‘ by the whacko RANDY QUIIN


  12. This person has a lot of insight and knows what is going on ! living in a state that retaliates against those who speak truth to power and/or are whistleblowers. I’ve witnessed this pattern for years.

    Are you man enough to be a nurse? How Arizona is ahead of the curve
    See how males are faring in Arizona’s nursing profession.

    “Arizona ahead of the curve on male nurses to help shortage” – Phoenix Business Journal

    Those feeding you and the TV, the PR information they want the public to hear, are those in the “system”. There are many questions that demand answers or it is a pointless misleading article that causes potential risk and harm to those who go into the nursing profession and patients, without full disclosure of all sides.

    First of all, this is NOT a gender issue, but should be why they the problem. Being a nurse or teacher in Arizona are high risk professions, ripe for false allegations, for political and financial gain.

    Arizona has ruined many women’s nursing careers that they now need to attract men? As a woman and grandmother, I certainly wouldn’t want a male nurse. So why are they promoting this? Where are the women? Or have they gotten the word out?

    Points to be made in the articles on “shortage of nurses” in Arizona. The public needs to know.

    We would like to see you get to the root of why there is a shortage, and get answers from others than the Board of Nursing PR person.

    1. Nurses are at great risk for false allegations, that instantly lead to a lost job and profession. This needs to be written about. Males nurses would be very much at risk to be falsely accused for inappropriately “touching” a patient, putting the institution at risk for lawsuits, as we have seen the pattern over the decades.

    2. Nurses are at great risk for harm for losing jobs and their professions in the state of Arizona, with the filing of a complaint, that isn’t even about patient care, or if they complain or whistleblow.

    3. Nurses have NO safety net in Arizona and face the full power and all the resources of the state government coming at them if there is a complaint.

    4. When a complaint is filed, the nurses are controlled by the top prosecutor’s office the AG, which conducts a “kangaroo” court system with the full force of the state coming at them in what appears to look like a criminal court case, instead of a disciplinary hearing where the nurse stands alone, with or without an attorney, they cannot afford. The state will fight a case like this for years unless they coerce a “plea” from a naive nurse, who by nature is a “pleaser” and is not one to go up against authority.

    All the prosecutors have to do is to walk across the street for the Nursing Board hearings, in a setting that is not advantageous to the nurse. Set up like a “kangaroo court”.

    5. Who sits on the Board of Nursing? For how long? What is their experience? What are the standards to be on that board?

    6. Have noticed in Arizona, that a nurse who has practiced for years and is approaching retirement, all of a sudden ripe for a complaint, which would end their career. This demands tough questions and an investigation.

    This is entrenched power by those on a board who have sat there for years, unchallenged, which is suspect and raises questions.

    A board who determines who keeps their job and their professional careers or not. They have the power to black-ball a nurse for a non-patient issue, so they can never get a job nationally. I’ve met several and read many of their stories. The roster for disciplinary actions against nurses is long.

    Have witnessed several hearings over many years, of a nurse who chose to fight for her innocence, in a courtroom stacked on one side with all the state agencies, investigators, state expert, psychologist, prosecutor who dragged the time out, came unprepared – ALL at taxpayers expense, wasting how many millions? Designed to drown the nurse in unnecessary legal expenses?

    Arizona has a serious problem because they have destroyed many nurses lives and professions, their retirement and future. Until this sick game is exposed to the public, they will never attract knowledgeable nurses, who are needed for Arizona’s aging population. Knowing what I know today, I would never want my daughter to be a nurse in Arizona, nor any other young person wanting to go into the nursing profession.

    Why does Arizona treat the lawyers differently? Why are they protected when we know many, including prosecutors, who have destroyed thousands of lives with the daily mishandling of cases. Over 40,000 going through their courts in Maricopa County in a year. They deal with thousands of lives a year, where thousands of innocent lives are destroyed in Arizona’s criminal justice system.

    Lawyers standards should be raised to that of a nurse, who can lose their professional in a heartbeat with no presumption of innocence. Why are lawyers given special treatment. They collect huge, upfront fees and their clients get sent to prison (prosecutors brag about the 98% rate). Please give this article to the reporter who writes about the legal profession in the public interest.

    As long as Arizona treat nurses like disposable people, the informed will never be a nurse in this state. It’s a disservice to deceive the public like this is a gender issue. Get to the core of why nurses are leaving Arizona and how at risk they are for losing their careers.

    Arizona is ranked #1 corrupt state in the nation. So why would we think their Board of Nursing is operating any differently from the VA, the child protective services, prison privatized health care under Corizon (recent ACLU lawsuit), among others under scrutiny?



  13. As a wife of a CRNA, I am stay at home and used to watch the board meetings , on the computer , but they took them off “for hippa reasons” which of course is a lie, actually several nurses who refused to listen to the ‘male in the middle ‘ , who is a real jerk by those who know him. I believe that the nurses (mostly females ) who were verbally abused by this creep RANDY QUINN, some of them and I have seen attorneys (more toned down) give digs , and this is the reason they took it off the internet . So if this were to happen again the camera man could cut that part out . (let them get caught once doctoring any records ! ) . The state of AZ cannot get rid of this ‘know it all ” in his own simple mind., fast enough. But one thing my husband noticed as well , when Randy QUinn would step out on a case , the one name BERRIGAN , would do what he would have done . ( on all crna (unless they did something really bad, or were on probation from another state ) would always dismiss or loc . ) So what kind of a board member is this Berrigan , ? a lpn ! making motions of CRNA, willing to do what ever Quinn wants ? Quinn, then makes the comment , “i know how hard it was to get this degree” . But seems to just revoke order psych evals and probation on the woman , over and over , with whimsical delight . We are moving , and want people to know from those who know . I am kinda glad i can’t watch that incompetent corruption , legal nightmare, i would cry for the nurses that got screwed over by this very biased and dishonest , chauvinist pig who thinks that women are inferior or lesser than men . I hope things improve in AZ . My husband CRNA couldn’t take the clicky ways and was not willing to stay and take a chance on his career. I am not sure who this is but can’t take a chance of retribution so having a friend post this but believe me I want AZ nurses to know , it was like watching the a foreign country hard of woman .


  14. this is SO true . remember a nurse last name rhymes with “corn” , she went to nursing school , then board meeting applied for license was denied Quinns motion. “we’re “going to deny you. He even speaks for the rest , worse yet they allow it !! She had on sexy style dress and high heels, (the camera man put these in ! ) Randy Quinn (yea your right about him ) ! was nasty to her , talked like she was trash , my friend in another state watching said if he was her, he would have slapped his face a good one ! Well it turns out this nurse got a license ! So what happened behind the scenes ? hmmm . I dont even think they had it before the board again . AZ can’t get rid of this absolute , lifetime raised in a closet , biased turd quick enough!


    1. Of course Quinn had to be told they would not be denying license , think he would admit making mistake? (lol) It must have been those “porn shoulders” that day ! Yep a sharp tongued no body, heard him once, that was ENOUGH !


  15. Don’t forget Machesky , the “other ” 9 month nurse, the training is just over what a CNA is required . Machesky made the comment she was NOT interested in being on the BON again. Sure looks like someone talked her into staying , because she is one OF THEM .,and they need all the help they can get ! One who will do what she is told to do and vote , lazy style, like the one before her did . Now Machesky says she wants to be on the BON. Doesn’t that give you a vote of confidence having someone who is so wishy washy .


    1. Ya think it was Wrap It UP Randy Quinn, who banged in her ear ? He’s got to control everything , even when he is history . Machesky’s obedience while she was on the board , certainly spy for him. Notice how they got a new one who was on the Gov committee , ?? not on the board, but got her input in other areas., same type of ‘go along with what they want ” like ANdersen , and who goes to these committee meetings , Mamaluy , did she recruit her ? Certainly know each other .


  16. And why was this former state agency (Cecilia Andersen ) person put on the board of another state agency ? like she is going to stick up for any nurses , who are trying their best to work front line . she cannot identify. She can be mean , the state paying her pension, money talks . A bump on the log. just a plug to make sure the vote goes around like the person who motions. Always let the first one motion, then they all jump at seconding it, like they are involved but can’t make a decision. And play they game of voting and votes fails , like they really tried , and doing a second vote . ALL rehearsed .


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