Crime Begets Crime AZBN

Its likely that criminal behavior gives rise to secondary criminal behavior as one illegal activity that is criminalized is looking for regulation. The case for criminalization by law makers often just creates other avenues for criminals to pursue as the first order of the initial crime is surrounded by regulation bound to eventually expose criminal activity. There is reams of studies on this which has kept lawmakers busy for years. Trying to stop anti social behavior is one of governments’ major functions. However, these studies and statistical results are measured not from our law abiding citizens but from anti social personnel. How does exposing crime end up being a crime? This comes from the rule that society is being ruled by criminals. Joe Arpaio, one of many. So when a nurse answers to false complaints that the AZBN has lead the witness’s tongue down a lying path the crime begets the witness to commit another crime. When this happens you have a series of crimes created by one crime. To ultimately get patched to Adm Law Judge D.Milhaskey, and one needs not be a licensed attorney to stay on the trail. Of course this crime is not reported as a crime as nobody in the attorney’s general office would ever commit a crime. At this point it isn’t probative to repeat past crimes of the AZBN or the attorney general’s office only to make note that it is springboard for more crime to cover the first crime. Or in happier times find a new crime to destroy nursing and protect the adm/hospital/physician. It becomes curious to discover a governmental motive which is actually fairly simple. No good deed goes unpunished in the adm we now have. Can’t have nurses reporting crime. Its bad for business. So the hidden chamber to the entire circle of criminology revolves around that first layer of crimes, to protect the pocketbooks. 

The crimes committed upon nurses to hide crimes is very real, documented, well known, and their reports of criminal activity are also treated as criminal activity. This is the world some nurses have discovered The escalation from perjury, amongst other crimes, to more serious crime may take place at an unpredictable point in the future? The way of anti social behavior may escalate within the ranks of legal government by the victims whose victimization by said legal government didn’t commit murder but some of the ones I’ve interviewed were sure dead in their hearts. It is at that point that the individual discovers the crime begets crime theory. Is it possible not to notice that another crime is just around the corner? Is it possible for that victim not to be afraid to die…as some have already done that.

Peary Brown Retired R.N.