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If you are considering rejecting probation, counseling or whatever this Board is offering to close your case you can refuse to sign the consent agreement and have your license revoked. That is what they’ll do.  There is no legal due process, and this Board does NOT follow the state laws. Sign this petition and help stop the insanity.

If there is doubt to the cause of the now present day shortage of nurses maybe the following will help clear the fog on that. There is some degree of exits of nurses directly related to the baby boomers retiring: some degree, but there are other reasons. There has been a major exodus of experienced nurses leaving the bedside as bedside nursing is now dead and considered a profession nearly impossible to do what the training called for. At any given time an expedition through most clinical areas be it critical care, long term or even day surgery you’ll find a majority of nurses tied to a computer cow demanding they satisfy program after program designed by the knee jerk responses of a government and a nursing board, such as the AZBN, who’ve got no idea of the log jams needed to be busted to get by just to get to the bedside. How many ex nurses have gone into a hospital, as a patient, and come out shocked at the care they didn’t get?? I dare you to ask one, a real nurse that is.

As the numbers of total working nurses dives to record lows the answers to promote patient safety are blocked by the overload of regulations created by people who have little knowledge of what nursing is about.  You walk onto a busy Med/Surg floor and you see nurses saddled to computers and patients about to do swan dives as you walk by.

So with all this time away from the bedside the suffering goes to the patient, and to the advantage of the immoral nurse who wants to have his way with a vulnerable patient that can not speak. Think back, how is it possible for a nurse to have enough time to impregnate someone without anybody noticing. Simple, he knows precisely the times many other nurses will be wasting time on the computer cow. This is a one time thing?? Better think again.

Nurses need bedside time to be nurses and promote good care and safety, since they’re not getting that time, and that is what they signed up for, they are leaving nursing. They do not want any part of covering for Mr. Penis. And who plays a major role in creating patient safety protocols?? You got three guesses, the first 2 don’t count. AZBN, that is who.

Its unusual for most attorneys to refuse to represent a client in a case, and as one attorney said upon refusal, “This board is a monster, a waste of time and money in search of justice.” Wish I could identify that attorney. The AZBN is a well established and powerful criminal organization masquerading as a protecting agency for the public. They DO NOT abide by state laws, and do service for hospitals and powerful physicians needing cover ups. Sharing your story here helps keep these illegal activities in the public eye. There will be no white knight to save you, we recommend anonymously posted stories otherwise the black knight may visit you.

Joseph Flaherty of the Phoenix New Times asked an experienced nurse their opinion of the AZBN? This is the answer he got. he’s the journalist covering the GC University issues.  Arizona Nursing Board is known throughout the land as a corrupted & captured agency. Typically they take leads from hospitals & physicians to promote a safe haven for themselves; In a now world of the worst health care system in the industrialized world the AZBN will normally blame the nurse, or anybody in the low bid range. Gov. Doucey has publicly reprimanded them many times over recent times. If it wasn’t such a headache I am sure he’d fired them all, but he still may. AZBN does NOT follow state laws.

I would remind posters that traffic here is high. Think twice before posting facts under your real name. 

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  1. How many boards ambush nurses with their staff , security guards , police, attack secretaries, courts, to intimidate and make them out to be dangerous? Like a sorority of young men raping a women, as a group , they think they have no responsibility , they just blend in, with the gang. Well joe did it first, and i wasn’t the only one. Then they are singled out, one at a time are asked questions. What was your role in this? From Preston whispering to a newbie and pointing people out to pit them against that person, to the out of control guard who went the extra mile. Not the first time they starting dropping their fabricated and trumped up rumors, to control the other persons mind. Which seemed pretty easy to do for Preston, as the ear she banged gave looks of immediate disapproval . So sickening to watch someone with a job as important as deciding others career fate could suck it in AND ACT on it. Shame to both of you gossiping wenches. UNPROFESSIONAL CONDUCT BOARD OF NURSING, and STAFF .


  2. Its a must know that the Hacienda event isn’t directly related to the Board, but indirectly I am sure they can take a hit that their present day regulation is part of that failure: has to be.


  3. AZ board only ‘acted’ for political reasons . And probably nudging from Gov. saw many posts what is the licensing board doing. When they acted , which if the man is guilty would be considered emergency , the board waiting until their regular meeting , and the man was already in custody and was not getting out until arranged so it was a publicity stunt only. Then the main idiot wrap it up randy quinn, mr disrespectful to women himself. made the statement ” he will never practice nursing in this state again” and of course everyone is relieved and glad . ignorant to facts the moron cannot make those statements, his time on the board is short, and he cannot speak for future board members and he cannot speak for the entire board . a true blue big A hole all around. Suspect the same old tribe will be in charge , Smith from Grd Canyon. Malloch Assoc Dir , like GO AWAY , you were pres and on the board way too long and now back ! UH , Surely idiot quinn will slip in there somewhere he thinks he has to run the place , he’s done enough damage ! that is one thing for sure !


  4. So this board says they are for public service , the only board who renews every four years, one other every 3 . the rest every 2 or annually. Lazy Az . When nurses renew they have to answer questions, actively working , how many hours ? And declare CEU”S . OH but lazy Az does not require them ! We all know that the speeding ticket you can take a class and when anyone does it makes them renew their privilege to drive and are more careful. When you work as a traveler every time you take an assignment you are required to take med tests skills tests , rcardiac strips (for every dept even ob ) a few days worth of testing. It refreshes your memory and keep you up to date and renew things learned back in the day. But az is so lazy and unorganized , you can skate along for 4 years and not have any questions , not have any evaluations, any renewal to fill out, if someone did not report an arrest this is when they find it. AZ board of nursing is NOT protecting anyone but their paychecks, retirement and jobs, make sure they take a lunch , come in to the office or not . get paid to sit in court as a lying witness. They themselves are not required to do any CEU;s and it SHOWS !!


  5. To be clear sign the petition , do not sign the consent agreement . I regret it everyday . You are letting this evil agency off the hook. the set up is strange . a crooked judge , then it goes back to the board who are suppose to be a jury of your peers , they are not. Not even close, they are as crooked as the judge and the DA , who job it seems is to lie . You will suffer for ever their dastardly decision, so decide to expose them for what they are and be in it for long haul.

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  6. I ‘d like to add to your tips for new victims of this evil board of nursing az. If you ever get a complaint and get a letter of no concern or dismiss , get the h*ll out of dodge . Do not ever work another day in AZ . Move . Some states actually have mature professional boards.
    Another thing is do not ever contact this corrupt board of nursing on the phone , ever . Send emails , if they don’t answer send to a second person. Keep the emails and record . They tend to lie A LOT , twist things around do not trust them to twist around your conversation . Misquote , no it is deliberate. A big game , a big ha ha.


  7. IF anyone thinks what this corrupt board of nursing and staff write in their summary on nurses is a work of non fiction , you need to talk to the number of nurses who will beg to differ.
    A real sick minded devilish one. Sit there and read comments pick out ones you can use partial sentences, leave out anything that shows the nurse did right . Just write comments , distort facts eliminate facts, then submit to the corrupt judge who is willing to sign what ever the corrupt board wants, after all it is the board who is paying them and the DA $75 hour. Together they aren’t worth 2 cents !


    1. deleting comments that show the person hasn’t a real clue , is just chicken sh*t . in fact deleting both because you don’t agree with it. True Chicken Sh*t . best and most honest post of all , WTF , It will show up on another blog that doesn’t play moderator .


  8. If anyone wonders why kathy malloch is back at the board, the informant says “RANDY QUINN NEEDED HELP , oh yea I can see that , he has been over his head, stupid comments, appears that he hasn’t learned anything in 8 years, struggling and just not living up to the potential. BIG disappointment that a BON would allow this bag of wind to run his mouth and created legal implications due to stupidity.


  9. Tip # 4 , the lying az board of nursing will tell you to gather your medical records, if they supeona them it will make you look like your uncooperative, so if you just give them to us, it will look like your cooperative”
    Lies rolled right off the tongue of the lying board members . There are only so many instances where they CAN obtain medical records, and when they use this sneeky tactic , it is probably not one of them.


  10. out of control, controlling corrupt board of nursing cannot separate themselves from warped upbringing . Things the Church has Controlled:
    • My body
    • My hair
    • My piercings
    • My clothing
    • My underwear
    • My thoughts
    • My words
    • My friends
    • My free time
    • My Sundays
    • My reading choices
    • My movie choices
    • My music choices
    • My TV choices
    • My food
    • My drink
    • My body image
    • My sexuality
    • My choices of husband
    • My wedding
    • My marriage guests
    • My marriage
    • My self-esteem
    • My self-worth
    • My money
    • My career (or lack thereof)
    • My children
    • My autonomy
    • My morality
    • My conscience
    • My time
    • My life
    • My love
    But tell me again how it was Satan’s plan to control us.


  11. see it all the time , randy would be kicked out if not for their love of money. and that is all it is .
    love to get into positions to control things, but are so wishy washy they fall on their face , quickly look at flakey .


  12. You know this corrupt board of nursing has counselors in outlying areas , group meetings. Now when i look up who will be the counselor ; her name is Tina Snow. imagine that , think SNOWflake, FLAKE, SNOWLOW , and CHAD SNOW all r/t by a similar thread. If that is not some crazy sh*t in itself , she is marriage and family counselor. TOTALLY not qualified but neither is Randy Quinn, so their you go ! But hey with a last name like Snow she most likely will do what ever the AZ bd wants. No wonder a nurse from Yuma “shooter ” made it through her probation !! A political name on the legislature (before he did his crazy stuff ) and a relative . Make sure she keeps her license. Still think this board is about public safety ?? Or taking care of ‘friends’ with strange beliefs? Put nothing past this corrupt AZ board of nursing and staff !


  13. The AZ Corrupt board of nursing, doesn’t have the money to replace retired investigators , my my. sad isn’t it. when every two months for the board meetings you see some of the investigators have no cases one or two. So for 8 weeks, 40 hours a week, this is all they do ! Very surprised Ridenour hasn’t said hey lets change the renewal date (AGAIN ) remember the license renewed in June and this corrupt board ran out of money and changed it with noone’s input to April ! Or they would operate in the red. Ridenour has a hard time balancing her budget, but when you put an attorney on staff kinda eats up the money. Why was a full time atty needed by a Board of Nursing Agency, ? Are they doing things they should not be doing ? hmmm, Is the atty doing things she should not be doing ? Something to think about.


  14. just part of the complaint , directed towards Emma Mamaluy , who seems to stir things up to create a bigger problem , to justify her being on staff , which certainly looks to be illegal ! Of course Ridenour isn’t exactly following any legality in much of what she does. So nurses , this is why your renewal fee is so high ! high paid trouble maker . this is what CEo Mueller thinks of Emma mama lay , between her and eliz campbell , not sure who can tell the biggest tall tales !

    “While we appreciate the support that the staff at the Arizona Board of Nursing has provided the College
    of Nursing under Dr. Malloch?s leadership, we remain extremely concerned about the overall political
    environment that seems to dominate the Board?s actions. We are perplexed at the significant
    involvement, at the last minute, of the Board?s in~house counsel, who seems to regularly interrupt our
    otherwise productive working relationship, particularly in light of A.R.S. 41-192 D which prohibits
    Arizona state agencies from employing their own legal counsel. 1 am attaching a copy of this statute to
    this letter so that you are aware that the advice the Board is relying upon by its in-house counsel is not
    proper under Arizona law.”


  15. Guess Malloch is cleaning up randy’s mess. that will take YEARS to undo ! Students deserve FULL DISCLOSURE , when they attend a school for nursing . In AZ they need to know the Board of nursing is corrupt , and will steal you license using state money to do so !


  16. haha look like GCU got the jump on the corrupt board of nursing, putting them in a bad light , wonder if board members are reprimanding GCu for facebook comments, calling their ex spouses , and taking them down retaliating like they do nurses ? Sure looks like EMMA MAMALUY troublemaker stuck her tail between her legs whimpering away from that one. So you decide not to file charges because they threatened to sue !! Now that is public protection , or POLITICS ! Misplaced prorities. They were going to file more sanctions when they saw the resistance they cowed down. Maybe more nurses should use THIS approach instead of trying to suck up . since this corrupt board is black and while one man band show hard headed dummy male in the middle , more stupid than stubborn raised to think he is the word, above all females, he thinks he knows it all . Irresponsible misfit . Who would let this creep ever be there crna ! ??


  17. Here is a Bill that needs to be written ,pull AZ out of the dark ages. IF not Bill then union is the only answer !
    FOURTEEN YEARS OLD: Is Patient Safety Reporting and Non Retaliatory Policies: Article 11/ARS36-450 relevant in 2017???

    The Arizona Nurses Association recently sent out a newsletter to thousands of nurses all over the state, and normally I wouldnt care. But I take exception with a section of this newsletter entitled “Executive Director’s Report: Nurses+Policy=Healthy Arizonans.” Veteran nurse Robin Schaeffer, the author of this piece, is also the Executive Director of the organization. In this article she briefly discusses the importance of nurses taking part in the legislative process to improve practice issues that affect our profession and patient care all over the state. She asked a pretty good question too: How many of you consider advocating for our profession and the health of the state of Arizona a part of your skill set as nurses?

    That’s an easy answer, based on my own experience trying to get nurses to come forward and engage without being scared to death to do so, worried that they will be targeted as a troublemaker, a changer, a nurse who challenges the status quo instead of just going with the flow. Because lets face it, THAT IS, and ALWAYS WILL BE a major barrier to improved participation in the legislative process —- in a right to work state, nurses have told me time and again they dont wish to be identified by coworkers who may start rumors or be targeted in their workplaces if they are caught trying to engage other nurses in change.

    I cant stay I blame them. Now, on to what I perceive to be some pretty important points: Leading by example. Being forthright. Providing the most accurate information to our state’s nurse workforce so that they feel confident that they are up to date with policy that affects their everyday practice. After all, the AZNA newsletters are the closest a majority of them will ever come to the State Capitol or to one of the State Legislators. So, they trust that the information is timely, relevant, and reliable. They trust that they can feel confident in the information provided to them as they go about their day.

    That being said, I took note of a glaring problem in Robin Schaeffer’s piece. She takes a retrospective look at what the Arizona Nurses Association has “accomplished” for the nursing workforce and for patient care, the “wins” if you will. The “home runs.” The big advancements the AZNA has made. While its always great to celebrate a battle won, those moments we take a giant leap forward by improving our patient care environments or in advocating for our profession—its also important to make sure the nursing workforce is not misled in anyway and provided information that gives them a false sense of confidence, comfort, or security.

    My problem lies with the bold heading titled: “Whistleblower Protection For Nurses.” In this part of the article Robin champions the efforts of the AZNA: “Arizona nurses spoke out and were successful in passing the Patient Safety Reporting and Non Retaliatory Policies Act….some refer to it as the whistleblower protection bill.”

    THIS is grossly misleading. The “Act” Robin Refers to in the article is a vague three paragraphs of legal wording (also known as ARS 36450) that do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to protect nurses from retaliation for coming forward to report patient safety concerns or medical/surgical error…..FURTHERMORE—there is not a single place the word “whistleblower” is specifically defined, nor is the term used within the three paragraphs. How one can refer to it as a whistleblower protection bill without even using the term in the title or in the body of the statutes is perplexing…..this is a major misstep, because it is giving nurses false information.

    Robin also floats in one of those inspirational nursing quotes we see everywhere on social media but rarely have the time, or support, to act on: “A wise nurse once said that unless we are making progress in our nursing every year, every month, every week….Take my word for it, we are going backward.”

    Wellllllll. since we are talking about making progress in the profession and being diligent in making strides–perhaps it would behoove us to note that the statutes Robin is referring to, ARS 36450, was initially endorsed by the Arizona Nurses Association and passed by the state legislature in 2003, 14 YEARS AGO. (September 18, 2003) The healthcare system has changed a whole lot since then, the issues affecting our practice have changed even more. And like cancer spreads quickly, over the past few years nurses all over the country have been increasingly retaliated against for reporting patient safety violations and medical/surgical errors. Many nurses have experienced this very pitfall in Arizona too. If we are to be making progress shouldn’t we be re examining and consider the revision of legislation that was sponsored and passed 14 YEARS AGO?

    We’ve all heard the saying “keep your eyes on the prize.” We’ve all gotten excited about hurrying to that finish line (whatever that may be for you) so we can say “we did it!” Unfortunately, on the way to that finish line we may forget to do some important stuff before we get there…, tie our shoes so we don’t trip and fall. In my opinion, as a former bedside nurse,…… a graduate level nursing education behind me, it appears that the AZNA got excited about the title of the “ACT” and didn’t completely stop to read and UNDERSTAND that the words within the ACT do nothing to protect nurses and patients”

    ARS36450 DOES NOT: Clearly define who and what a whistleblower is.

    ARS36450 DOES NOT: Clearly define who gets to make the decision about who a whistleblower is or is not.

    ARS 36450 DOES NOT: Hold anyone, or any healthcare agency/entity legally accountable (penalties) for retaliating against a healthcare worker/nurse whistleblower

    ARS6450 DOES NOT: Define types of retaliation.

    ARS36450 DOES NOT: Specifically define types of reporting that are covered by statutes

    ARS36450 DOES NOT: Provide a specific timeline that is inclusive of when the report is made, how long the healthcare agency has to address the problem, and the time period that a whistleblower cannot be retaliated against for reprting.

    ARS26450 DOES NOT: FORCE any healthcare agency/entity to adhere to the “anti retaliation policy” the state of Arizona “requests” them to…. “Each healthcare institution licensed pursuant to this chapter shall adopt a policy that prohibits retaliatory against a health professional who makes a good faith report…”

    ARS36450 DOES NOT: Specify any monetary penalties for not enforcing their own policies. In fact—-private healthcare corporations DO NOT, DO. NOT. HAVE TO follow their own non retaliation policy. They may set one in place that looks legit, but in reality, they do not have to enforce a policy such as this if they do not wish to do so. And the state cannot do a thing about it because there is no law saying they have to.

    Our nursing workforce, our chronically short nursing workforce…..the students who will soon be nurses……DESERVE TO BE PROPERLY INFORMED of what they are protected from and what they are not protected from because providing misleading information creates a lax culture that stagnates in the status quo, it hinders the process of asking “what can we be doing better?” “What do we need to change?” If leadership figures within our profession publish a piece that says something has been done, then point to a link where nurses can read it and examine it themselves instead of leaving readers assuming they are legally protected from the worst case scenario: losing their licenses, identities, and livelihoods doing what they took an oath to do on graduation day: The right thing.


    Returning to the title of Robin’s article: NURSES+POLICY= HEALTHY ARIZONANS? Perhaps….. but only if nurses feel SAFE and PROTECTED enough to come out and engage in creating the policy that has the potential to make a “Healthier Arizona.”

    If youre a registered nurse in Arizona, there is no better time to start learning how to advocate for your profession and your patients than NOW.

    Its simple: When you protect your profession your protect your patients.


  18. It is also important to take advantage of the holes in these organizations; as you have done, getting this info out to the students can also be done at Board meetings during public call. Somebody is going to have to present these ambiguous facts to the many students that make up Board mtgs.


  19. oh this corrupt board of nursing wants no one to know the truth about them. Put on a show , you have to read between the lines to really see what is going on . nursing students attending on live show , and after weird randy, “what did you like best ” HAHA. ‘what questions do you have for the board members?” “we dont talk about individual cases because it is not fair to the nurse ?” (NOW THAT one will make you fall off your chair laughing ! , AZBN and Fairness ? (only a pathological liar can state that with a straight face ) .


  20. wow when one of their own (GCU) ! turns on them, got to be $$$ involved. Randy’s career climbing days are OVER! made such a fool of himself, a disgrace to nurses . He will have to keep his nose stuck in ‘running ‘ things and Ridenour will let it happen, afraid of newbies might turn on her. He will get in education or some area like sister mccormies, can’t keep her mouth shut or her fingers out of the mix. Malloch too. Guess when you are part of this sinister group, getting out and trying to fit in to a society that does not applaud witch hunters , makes them go back to their safety net in wicked ways AZBN. I am quit sure the RV ‘ers group is giving Valerie some sideways glances, like wow she sounds like a prison escapee . Do on to others before they do onto you.


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